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If by now you aren't already aware of, admittedly excited for, curious, etc. about the Royal Wedding that is to take place tomorrow, then quite frankly: where have you been?! The world has been waiting not-so-patiently in the wings for this event, and more importantly, what Kate will be wearing. Much the topic of my flat's conversations for the past week, I predict a classic, fitted dress with a ridiculously long train to keep with Royal traditions. What do you think the blushing bride will be wearing?

The wonderful Sarah at City Girl's Fashion Box managed to *coughcough* nab me an invite to the wedding, so of course I'll be sharing my wedding-inspired outfits with you all. As well as myself, Sarah, Lucy, Lucy, Hannah, Emma, Gem and Hannah have also created wedding-inspired outfits and posts, so make sure you check out their take on the occasion.

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Showcasing my affinity for Topshop once again with my High Street look. I don't know how much of a no-no it is to wear brights to a wedding, or anything cream/white/ivory! But hey, I've gone out and done it anyway ;) I opted for this adorable sundress from Topshop, because it is sweet, prim and proper with a lovely cut-out effect at the waist which would look nice against a tan. (I can keep dreaming!) I couldn't decide between the cut-out waist dress, or this beautiful Peter Pan dress by one of Topshop's concessions. Oh lordy. It's so perfect. I chose bright accessories to liven the look up: the wedge heels are so beautiful and possibly even easy to walk in, and adding a clutch with scalloped details makes the look a bit more expensive and 'Chloe'. I couldn't not include a floppy hat, just for the lolz if anything!

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

When Sarah asked us to also style a designer look for the wedding, to keep up with the crowd and all, I immediately scoured Net-A-Porter for a fitting British designed dress, but true to my own tastes, I ended up selecting a Chloe piece. Much as it would be expected to turn up in an organza dress, frills and all, I think this shirt dress is perfect for the Royal Wedding and is still 'young' enough for a 20-year-old. Seeing as the Posh one herself should be in attendance of the wedding, I selected this clutch by Victoria Beckham for a pop of colour, complimented by similarly toned jewellery. I couldn't decide between these two pairs of heels: the Valentino pair are exclusive to Net-A-Porter, and are the most perfect pair of shoes I've seen all year.

What are your favourite pieces from these looks? I'm tempted to have a mini dress-up while I watch the wedding tomorrow morning, but we all know that all of us will be in our pyjamas, lounging around with a tear in eye, waiting to see Kate's dress. I hope you enjoyed this variation of W2W, especially if you are off to a wedding soon! Don't forget to have a read of the other girls' posts, I've linked them all below!

(the two Sarah's, Lucy's and Hannah's aren't typos, strangely enough!)


  1. Ahh, I love your picks, I've actually got my eye on that topshop dress too! Love the crochet insert x

  2. That Victoria Beckham clutch is absolutely gorgeous! xx

  3. The Victoria Beckham clutch is so, so lovely, as are the Valentino heels - to die for! xx

  4. what a great idea by Sarah!

  5. Thank you Nicola! The dress is adorable, I really liked the skirt version of it too but it was a bit risque when I tried it on hahaha! xx

    It's so beautiful, isn't it Lucy?! The perfect coral colour! xx

  6. Valentino shoes are gorgeous! :)

    Love your choices!


  7. Really want the Valentino heels hahaha, casual £500 spare anyone?! Thanks Lucy, loved your post and outfits! xx

    I know, so fitting for the occasion and fun to get everyone involved! Thanks Susanne (:

    Gosh I know, I literally need the shoes nooow, Sarah! Thanks sweet! xx

  8. Great post! I love the first outfit.

  9. i love how elegantly british the first look is x

  10. I'm thinking of wearing the floral version of the first dress to one of the weddings I'm going to this summer!
    I'll be wearing my work uniform tomorrow :( x

  11. I absolutely adore the first dress, the valentinos and the VB clutch! This was such a cute idea!:) Hope you have a lovely weekend Michelle:)xxx

  12. Love love love the designer,ah rain xxxx

  13. I really love the topshop dress. It´s the cutest thing i´ve seen in ages. I actually feel a bit sad that I haven´t come across it sooner as I could imagine it as my Big Day dress....:(

  14. Thank you Cherry! Such a great idea of Sarah's, it's fun to feature a bit of designer on here for once! Thanks lovely, I'd love to wear the first outfit somewhere! xx

    Thank you Kia!

    Aw thanks Alisson (:

    Oh I've seen the floral one in store and it's absolutely beautiful! You'll look lovely at the wedding Sophie! Aw, sucksss, so strange that some places are opening as usual haha. I'll be donning my pyjamas until I venture out for a street party! x

    Thank you Hannah! The Valentino shoes are so blimmin' beautiful! xxx

    Me too, wishing for a lucky streak over the weekend Gem ;) xxxx

    Me too! Haha aw, you could still wear it somewhere Daniela! xo

  15. love love the first dress so adorable!!!! :)

    xo Emma

  16. Really like the first high street look, the pop of colour with those shoes would be so striking!

  17. egads that high street outfit is adorable! i adore the hat :) x

  18. I have WANTED a floppy hat just like that since seeing britney wear one on glee, it's beautiful!
    2moro i'm having a bbq and watching it all with friends and family, hope you have fun - whatever you're doing! x

  19. Thank you Emma! I can't stop looking at it every time I go in-store, which happens to be a lot at the moment ;) Hope you are well! xo

    Aw thanks Katie! I like the pops of colour too, subtle nod to the colourblock trend but keeping it quite toned down where the dress is/should be the focal point! xx

    Thanks Hannah! <3

    Me too! I physically cannot pull off the floppy hat look though, fashion blogger fail ): Aw that sounds so lovely Danni, I think I'm watching the wedding at home or at the pub with the girls, then going to a student-organised street party which should be interesting to say the least! Hope you have fun too lovely! xo

  20. Love the high street outfit, I remember seeing that scallop bag when I was looking around, so cute!! See you at the wedding =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  21. Firstly i am LOVING your bright accessories, those pink wedges are bloody amazing!

    But my heart belongs to the designer version, i'm so glad we both picked VB clutches, what a conversation starter with her eh? I also NEED that ring and valentino heels in my life asap!!

    thank you for taking part my lovely :) xxxxxxxxx

  22. I'm loving the heels in the first picture. These outfits would go perfect! xo

  23. oooh i love the topshop dress xxxx

  24. I love your picks, the designer outfit in particular is lovely x

  25. love the outfits!
    Kate's dress was absolutely gorgeous with the huge train! ahhh!
    really love the first outfit and the shoes! ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  26. that first dress is stunning!!!


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