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My Taylor Swift inspired outfit • Curled my hair for the wedding on Tuesday • Cakepop lovin' at the O2 in London • CREME BRULEE <3 • My current BB wallpaper (: • Was shortlisted into the Top 5 of Yayer's Blogging Competition: I seriously would love to win and help style their Summer lookbook so keep your fingers crossed for me? • Posted what was possibly my most commented outfit post ever • "Believe in better" at the bar, backstage of Taylor Swift • Some photos from the concert • I wore jeans on Saturday. And a blazer. And wedges. Would you like to see this properly, in outfit post form? ;)


  1. would love love love to see your blazer/jean/wedges combo in an outfit post! love the look from the wee picture :) looks like you had a very exciting week, being at home seems to agree with you! xx

  2. Good luck with the competition! I like the look of that last outfit, post it!

    and the cake pop loosk delicious.

  3. Your hair looks really nice curled.

  4. That jeans and blazer outfit looks very cute and kind of casual-chic, I'd love to see a full outfit post of it. Ah I bet the concert was amazing, I'm very jealous! Good luck with the Yayer competition, fingers crossed! xxx

  5. im so happy for you re/ the yayer comp, your post has such an element of actual styling to it which i think worked super well. congrats chick xo

  6. Oooh best of luck with the competition lovely! Hope you win! Wow, cake on stick, genius ;) Hope you had a fab time at the concert. And that dress is super lovely! Off to have a lookie at the post on it :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. Congratulations on getting to the top five of the competition, I knew you could do it as soon as I read your entry.


  8. Wow Michelle, congrats on getting to the top 5! That sounds like an amazing opportunity. You should be so proud of yourself! Aww, such a little fangirl post ;) Glad you had an amazing time though sweetie.

  9. Would LOVE to see full jeans/blazer outfit, and congratulations on the shortlisting for the competition. Well done you. Everything crossed for you.

    Sounds like a good week, hope you enjoyed.

  10. oh i do love taylor swift x

  11. looks like you had an amazing week! i'm loving the look of the blazer/jeans outfit, i'd like to see a post on it! x

  12. Looks like you had a great week Michelle! I love Taylor Swifts music, she's got such a stunning voice, mega jealous you got to see her! That pink dress your wearing. WOW. beautiful! Best of luck with the competition too!xxx

  13. Congratulations on making it into the top five my love!x

  14. So jealous you got to go and see Taylow Swift, I have a serious soft spot for her! Love you in the pink dress, hello fittie! Lots of luck for the competition :) xxx

  15. Looks like you had a brilliant week! :) Love the outfits!

  16. Ah congrats on the Yayer thing! Your hair looks nice in the 2nd picture :) x

  17. I think I'll recreate the outfit and post it during the week, in that case! It only took me about 3 minutes to whack that all on hahaha (: Thanks Kat, I love being home! xo

    Aw thanks so much Jane! It would mean the world to me to win the competition but I don't want to get my hopes up. The cakepop was so nice, you should definitely try one! x

    Thanks Mandy <3

    Thank you Hannah! I think I've only featured jeans on my blog once before, and I wear them once in a blue moon aha (: It was such a good night at the concert! And thanks honey, I'm keeping everything crossed, the prize is amazing and I want to be a stylist when I graduate, so its an amazing opportunity! xxx

    Aaah thank you Emma <3 I was so shocked when I read the blogpost! I hadn't expected to get through to the Top 5 at all, so I'm beyond happy (: xo

    Aw thanks Aysh! I don't want to get my hopes up though aha! Thank you for all your lovely comments! xo

    Thank you Vicki! I was so surprised to see my name and post up there, there's been so many entries on my dashboard recently! xo

    Eeep thank you Bee, the prize sounds so good, I'd absolutely love to style for lookbooks in the future, so styling for Yayer's would be perfect! Haha as could only be expected ;) Couldn't help myself! xo

    I think I'll post one next week Chloe (: Might snap photos tomorrow morning before work! Thanks so much lovely, your comment means the world <3

    Haha I'm such a fangirl, I can't help it Kirsty! :-P x

    It was a lovely week thank you sweet! Think I shall post the jeans outfit during the week Elise, everyone wants to see me in jeans hahaha! xxx

    Thank you Courtney <3 Was such a nice week, blimmin' loving being home! xxx

    Thank you Jessika! So exciting!

    I'm such a fangirl hahaha, I always buy tickets for her concerts, and have started saving for next tour's ones! Thank you Emily, I've got everything crossed! xxx

    Omnom indeed, Sarah!

    Thanks Hayley!

  18. Love that outfit, would love to see a post! Looks like you had an amazing time @ taylor swift, she is so beautiful + talented! Good luck with the YAYER blog thing!xxx

  19. Thank you Emma! (: x

    It was so so amazing haha, never had a cakepop before Cherry, I'm 99.9% sure that Southampton's Starbucks don't sell them! x

    Thanks Molly! Taylor Swift was amazing aha (; xx

  20. Love these photos! and it's the most commented outfit post because you look SO stunning! I want to go to a wedding :( so i can dress up hahah. So jealous you went too see taylor swift! and i really like your outfit in the last picture! you suit jeans xxxx

  21. Ahh a girl after mu own heart, words cannot describe how much I love creme brulee.
    Really like the jeans and blazer outfit too!
    congrats on the competition!

  22. ooh congrats with the competition! :) I really hope you win :)
    love all the outfits you've included :) that pink dress is just flippin gorge! xxx

  23. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep I've just read this, I want you to win, I want you to win, I want you to win!!!

    YEY for taylor and you look as scrumptious as the choccy!! xxxxxx

  24. Ahhhhhh, congratulations for being shortlisted in the Yayer competition! That's amazing! :D Good luck with it.

  25. I saw the marshmallows and was already envious of you! xoxo

  26. Thank you Rose! I just wanted some opinions on the dress, so glad people enjoyed it though! Nice to have a different location for photos too I suppose (: So good to be home! Aw thanks sweet, probs going to post a "proper" outfit of it tomorrow if I get up early enough! xx

    OMNOM. Creme brulee is too good for words! Might have to take up exercise of some sort if this food obsession at home continues! Thank you Ash (: xx

    Aw thank you Patsy! I've got my fingers crossed, but who knows what'll happen?! Thanks honey, the pink dress is one of my favourites ever! xxx

    Thank you Gem Gem <3 Would be a dream to win and style Yayer's lookbook! N'awh thanks doll, I've been such an obsessive fangirl this week - oops! xxxxxx

    Thanks Alex! xxx

    N'awh, the cakepop was so good aha! Thanks for your comment Olivia (:

  27. got my fingers crossed for you for yayer! looks like you have had another great week, wish i was back in stevenage right now. xx
    p.s. i love your hair curly!

  28. yummm, cakepop! Would love to see an oufit post. xo

  29. outfit*, hate typos. make me feel so awk.

  30. Wow thanks so much for featuring me on your recommended blog of the week! I'm really flattered <3

  31. Congratulations on winning the blogging competition! Also, well jealous you got to see TSwift! xo love zsara

  32. I've really been enjoying your blog! I have a question though...I also have a blog on blogger but I don't know how to post on any of my other pages I created except my home page.

    Thanks, Much Love, Lizzy x

  33. Jeans! I am quite excited to see an outfit post with jeans in them! I wear jeans sometimes on lazy days but always find them so hard to style into something pretty.

  34. Can't wait till Taylor comes till Australia! I just realised you and I are so similar. Both journalism students, fashion bloggers, Harry Potter and Taylor Swift lovers haha, soo strange!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  35. These are lovely pics :) I especially love that coral dress,very pretty!

    Hope you have a good week xx

  36. Thanks Ella! Eep, can't wait til you and Millie are back so we can go for a gossip, tea and cakes! Sound good?! Thanks lovely, I've been wearing it curly/wavy a lot recently! xx

    Posted one today Devea, thanks so much sweet! xo

    You're welcome Jane, you have such a pretty blog! <3

    It's far from perfect Jazzy :O But thank you, you're so kind! x

    I was only shortlisted for the Top 5 aha. Taylor Swift was amazing, Zsara (:

    Aw thanks Lizzy! Just going to reply to your email now, it's really simple to make other pages! x

    Mm, me too Helen! I feel really manly?! and underdressed whenever I wear jeans, I just much prefer a pretty skirt, dress or shorts (: x

    Thank you Maddalena!

    Aaah I'm excited for you Grace! I'm secretly hoping that she comes back to England, like she did on her Fearless Tour, because apparently she's adding to the setlist for the next leg of the tour! Eep we're two peas in a pod! <3

    Aww thank you Carla ^____^ Hope you're well, lovely (: xo


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