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Just a simple outfit to share today, featuring new garments that I bought while at home! I've been back down South for my last few days of University since Sunday night now, so apologies for being a bit quiet.  I'm hoping to get another few posts on FTG this week too! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, I couldn't even eat my adorable Easter "egg" because of how bad my throat is at the moment!

(Top, Uniqlo;
Skirt, Topshop;
Cameo necklace, via Vicky's giveaway;
Tights, Primark;
Shoes, Primark.)

I pretty much bought or acquired every item in this outfit while at home for the past month. I've been feeling guilty every time I look down at my outfit, but I keep forgetting that I did in fact earn the money rather than sponge it from my loan, therefore I shouldn't have such buyer's remorse! I've got a feeling I won't be spending much over the Summer if this is my current mindset. I really like this top, despite it being something my sister says I'll wear once and never touch again. I can tell she has her eye on it already! Uniqlo have some really nice collections of these T-shirts at the moment in hundreds of designs, I wanted more but they didn't have my size in most of the designs! Two for £19.99 if you're a Uniqlo fan! And the men's section have Naruto and Dragonball Z designs if you're a fellow anime and manga fan!

Apologies for wearing this skirt yet again! I promise not to wear it again for at least a week, although I'm doing laundry tomorrow...! I spied the raspberry, cornflower blue and black versions in Topshop earlier and seriously want them all, bit of an expensive habit, this 'buy-things-in-every-colour' thing! I popped out for lunch with Leanne, Emily and Lauren today. We went to Pret A Manger as always, and had a lovely, girly gossip and catch-up after almost four weeks of being apart! Leanne bought this beautiful fringed top from Topshop. So much want, even though it wouldn't suit me!

I might take a break from Ways to Wear this week, as I have a Royal-themed post coming up on either Thursday or Friday. I'm attempting to be more organised with posting this week, seeing as I have a mere two hours of Uni this week. I might even be going to a street party on Friday if no other plans crop up! On a side note, before I wrap this post up, have you all watched this week's Gossip Girl yet?! What did you think?


  1. i've had my eye on the minnie mouse t shirt from uniqlo, hoping to go and get it when i'm in london friday! x

  2. How can you not wear the skirt?! It's so gorgeous :) and looks wonderful teamed with your amazing tee!
    Hope your throat feels better soon,

    Rosie x

  3. Dragonball and Naruto? I'm already hunting them down! The boy with LOVE them! Thanks for the heads up.
    Lovely outfit lady and the park looks lovely :)

    L x

  4. There are so many lovely shirts in there Elise! Hope you manage to find one lovely! x

    Haha I knowww Rosie, I've worn it in my last three outfit posts though! It's so easy to wear and really comfy as well, although it creases so much! Thank you sweet! xx

    Yes indeed! I knew you'd enjoy that Laura ;) Free DVD as well, although it's just episodes 1-5 of Naruto Unleashed, nothing spesh! Thanks so much honey, hope you're well! x

  5. ahhh you look amazing,love the tee :)

    kate xo

  6. cute outfit! i got a disney @ uniqlo top the other day too! have already wore and posted so cute!

    that easter 'egg' is the cutest thing ever!


  7. Love the blog title! Hehe. Lovely outside pictures! I always want to buy things in every colour, bought 4 dresses from HnM once xxx

  8. Very much looking forward to the royal themed post. Your skin is so flawless, I'm very envious!!xx

  9. Jealous of you getting the hello kitty "egg"! I'm 25 but I loooove hello kitty...
    Gorgeous skirt - love the colour xx

  10. I love that skirt, I think I might have to go and have a look at some myself c;
    Also, I hope your throat gets better as soon as possible so you can enjoy your super cute easter egg!xx

  11. love the skirt looks perfect on you.
    OMG I just watched GG, kinda hate want blair and dan to be a thing

  12. Love the outfit!!! The T-Shirt is super cute and I am in love with the necklace. Totally jealous of your bag, hopefully come graduation I shall also be a Mulberry owner!!

    Love the HP reference too! :) xxx

  13. Thank you Stephanie! xx

    Aw thank you Kate! xo

    Aaah I'll have to go and have a read of that in a minute Beth (: I loved their whole range of tops, really wanted a Minnie Mouse one but they didn't have my size! xx

    Me too ;) Been rereading the Deathly Hallows in the sun all day so I thought it was apt. Aw thanks Gem, I enlisted the help of my friend to snap these! Sick of the walls in my room and flat! Hahaha 4?! Oh Gem, I am proud of you/slightly worried ;) xxxxx

    Eeep, I'm excited to get it on here! I think I'm just really lucky with my skin, Emily, but thank you all the same! xx

    Haha oh my Mama bought me and the sister (5 years younger than me!!) the same eggs, not ashamed at all! Thank you Sophie! Hope you're well! xx

    Thank you Sian! I'd definitely recommend it, only cost £26 (slightly less with student discount!) which is so good for Topshop. Aw thanks lovely, it's been getting progressively worse so I'm staying off sugary food and all that jazz ;) xx

    Thanks Hula! Mm me too, I thought GG was a bit blah and slow this week? But I definitely want a Dair pairing, just to annoy S! I want her to end up with Chuck ultimately though (: xo

    Thank you Lucy! I love the T-shirt too, am currently wearing it with leggings (just had dinner :-P) and it's so comfy as well. Eeep fingers crossed for you lovely! xxx

  14. the skirt is too lovely not to wear lots ;) And the Mulberry is still looking good (better than good!) xx

  15. ah do feel better, lovely! that outfit is just gorgeous :) and i can't wait to watch the new gossip girl~ i hope she picks chuck! x

  16. Gorgeous outfit!


  17. Thank you Rachel!

    Eep thanks Hannah, I hope so too, so sick of this cough! xx

    Thank you Sarah (: x

  18. Love your skirt babe :) the whole outfit is lovely xo

  19. i adore this outfit - kinda preppy and cute. you work so hard for your money - you deserve to spent without feeling guilty lady xxx

  20. i love love love that skirt! you should definitely wear it more! the color is also perfect for spring/summer! :)

  21. love your blog cant wait till your next post

  22. Your outfit is adorable! Hope you get better soon so you can eat the Hello Kitty egg ;)

    Although I feel GG has been going kinda downhill in the past two seasons, Blair/Dan has brought it up for me and I'm hoping the writers won't let them down!

  23. Ohhh so pretty!
    I love the color of that skirt on you:)

  24. That skirt is such a pretty color and so flattering! I don't fault you at all for wearing it so much! :) Now just make sure you take care of your throat, hope you feel better quickly!

  25. This outfit is super cute. Looooving your bag as well x

  26. This outfit is so nice! I get buyers remorse to. When i realise how much money I spend on clothes I instantly feel guilty! Can't wait to read the Royal themed post xoxo

  27. I love these topshop skirts and this colour suits you so well. One in every colour would be expensive but worth it I think!
    Looking forward to the royal wedding themed post.

  28. Love your tshirt, off to check out their website now, thanks!


  29. I looove the skirt so much - i'd definitely be wearing it just as much as you if i had it! Sad to hear about your throat - hope it's better soon, and you can dive into that adorable easter egg! x

  30. super pretty!

  31. Love the outdoor pictures, I do love me some greenery! Love that skirt :) You can wear it as often as you like, I think its gorgeous! :D xx

  32. I love your outfit, you look so sweet! :D xxx

  33. Thank you Steph! xo

    Aw thanks Ella (: I thought it was too, wish I'd remembered my Converse to bring to Uni, would have been perfect for this outfit. We should spend our well-earned pennies over the Summer on coffees and gossips. xxxx

    Thank you Leigh! I can't stop wearing it, must start wearing my other skirts again! xx

    Thanks Shannan, so glad you enjoy reading my blog! x

    Thank you Jane! Oh I hope so too, I miss eating chocolate ): Yeah i though it was a bit blah last night, every season seems to reuse the same storylines with a different set of characters. I'm pushing for Dair, and then Chair to finish the season! xxx

    Thanks Jaz! xo

    Aw thanks Ann! Gosh I hope my throat gets better soon too, sleepless nights are not fun! xx

    Thanks so much Daniela! (:

    Thank you! Oh yeah, that's me all over! Will be a good mindset to have in the Summer though, I really want to save for a new camera (: Hope you're well Steph! x

    Thank you Mo! At the moment I've limited myself to just the one! x

    Thank you Jodie! xo

    Haha I've worn nothing else all week! Eeep, thanks Danni!

    Thanks Florence (:

    Aw thanks Sarah! It's a bit too green in my opinion haha! xx

    Thank you so much Patsy, you are too lovely! xxx

  34. your outfit is really pretty. i love your bag! xx

  35. I love that top! It's so perfect for you, for a second I thought it actually said daisy butter! :) It goes beautifully with that skirt too. Which I am now seriously tempted by. Love the colour and the length is perfecto.

    Pretty lady!!!

  36. Thank you Jessica!

    Ooh really, Sarah?! That's made me feel much better about the purchase, my Mum was convinced I wouldn't ever wear it etc. but I really like it and it apparently~* suits me! Haha oh wouldn't that be amazing in an I-love-myself way?! Thanks lovely! xxx

  37. That top is too adorable :3 I'm definitely going to check out that range!

    And please stop being so pretty, it's unfair on the rest of us!

  38. hehe loving your cute xxx

  39. You look super cute and HELLO ALEXA! :) Gossip Girl was a bit meh, I dunno, I just thought it would be a bit better. Hate how Serena made it all about her though ¬¬

    Maria xxx

  40. Can't blame you for wearing that skirt alot - its so pretty, love the shape & colour!

    I'm still catching up on Gossip Girl ahh :(

  41. Thank you Alex! You definitely should, I want so so much from Uniqlo at the moment, can't wait to finish Uni and get home for the Summer so I can waste all of my money in London again! Haha oh don't be silly Alex, I look positively horrific and annoyed at passers-by in these photos! xxx

    Aw thank you Kirsty! xxx

    Thank you Maria! Haha I didn't want to constantly whack out my Alexa in all of my posts, but there was nowhere to put it down ): Blah I thought the same, Serena ruins my life at the moment, and her cousin! Hopefully next week's improves! xxx

    Thanks Carina! Ooh let me know what you think once you've caught up! xo


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