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I love finding an old favourite clothing piece and finding out you still love it as much as when you first bought it. Despite having been paid at work, I'm still ever as reluctant to part ways with my money for new clothes! Am sure this will change on Thursday when I accompany the sister and Mama on a shopping trip though, don't you worry your pretty little selves.

(Burnout top, Urban Outfitters;
Heart print playsuit, Topshop;
Loafers, Primark;
Rings, Topshop and Miss Selfridge;
Golden Snitch necklace, Wallpaper Rose;
Mini satchel, Luella.)

Before I generously accidentally gave my sister custody of this top and playsuit, this was my default, go-to outfit when all else failed, I like that the colour palette of the outfit is so muted and neutral, it gives you so much scope to accessorise with pops of colour if you so wish. There's also a new addition to my outfit posts, if you hadn't noticed. I'm hoping it'll inspire me to use more colours in my outfits! Another thing I love about this outfit is its' loose fit, perfect for summer BBQs so you can fit in an extra few bites of food, or to lounge around in as well as wear 'out and about'. Added a sprinkle of brass toned jewellery to look authentic and vintage-inspired with my satchel bag too.

I'm currently spending all of my free time editing the final photos for my Fashion and Styling portfolio. If you remember, I was extremely stressed about the shoot but I ended up taking over 1000 photos on it! Big thanks to my lovely friend and model, Kerry (: So now I have the task of meticulously going through the photos, making contact sheets, selecting 5 photos to be included in my final fashion story and Photoshopping them for use in the final piece. My eyes are absolutely dying!

Just wanted to mention my new recommended blog this week! You can visit Alana by clicking in the sidebar, I absolutely love her blog and she Tweets some absolute gems too, so ya know, I'm sure it would make her day if you had a read. I also read a brilliant post by Tabitha this morning and agreed with every word she said about the issue of copycats in the blogosphere. I know it's something that is always happening, and an issue many of us have raised, but she makes some great points in her post!

I will see you all tomorrow for another Ways to Wear installment as requested by you guys! Love and hugs ♥


  1. Love this outfit! I can see myself wearing that. loving the loafers too ;) xxx

  2. Can't beat a comfy, slouchy top. Gorgeous! xx

  3. this outfit is fab! the luella satchel is lovely :)

  4. Ah these photos are just too cute!
    LOVE your shorts they look like they will be perfect paired with everything!

  5. Awww thanks for the mention :) I love your blog and religiously read your posts, so it meant a lot for you to take the time to read mine!

    Oh, and I love that top!

    T x

  6. I'm in love with that baaaaggggg! I also love the feeling you get when you rediscover a once-favourite piece. Cute outfit, it's simple but so effective in cuteness.
    And hopefully your work will all pay off soon! I'm sure it will, though. Just take care of those peepers! x

    x x Michelle

  7. I really love the top and the bag! You have such good style :) love the colour palette at the bottom too, such a good idea.
    I've been finding old clothes and wearing them while I've been at home too! I did an OOTD post about that earlier.
    I'll check out those blogs now :) xx

  8. Ooh I could see you in this outfit too actually Rose! Thanks sweet, have a lovely time in Southampz on Thursday, I'm so jel! I'm strangely missing that place! xo

    Aw thank you Heather <3

    Thanks so much Anna! My little satchel is one of my favourite bags, so easy to wear!

    Thank you Hannah (:

    Aw thanks Emma! <3

    You're welcome Tabitha! I could've sworn I already followed your blog aha, such a great post (: Thanks lovely! xx

  9. i've been looking for a golden snitch necklace!
    i'm also loving the outdoor settings for outfit photos, reminds me that summer is on the way! x

  10. Oh my goodness. your bag is cute but you are even cuter! :]
    i have that playsuit too! looking forward to a new ways to wear xx

  11. this outfit is lovely! i think you should un-donate it x

  12. great outfit!

    plus I really like how is everyone slowly moving outside from their bedroom and we all can see different photo backgrounds :)

  13. you have really good style! i love the whole outfit, especially the bag! and your necklace! :) you take really nice photo's too, you always look stunning in them!
    ps. loving the new 'daisybutter' header!

  14. Cute outfit! I love the bag!!!! Pretty ;) xo

  15. I love your outfit, can see why it would be a go-to! Also love your bag x

  16. Thank you Michelle! Such a shame that Luella is no more, her designs were so beautiful. Aw thanks lovely, I think I'm finished with the editing now! Fingers crossed anyway! xx

    Aw thanks Hayley! I kind of love having two wardrobes, means I can rediscover old pieces that I would have otherwise thrown out! x

    I'd been searching for ages! Worth emailing Wallpaper Rose about them getting new stock in, I did and the new pieces came in about a week after. I'm after a Deathly Hallows necklace next haha, don't care how geeky my Mum thinks I am! Aw thanks Elise! x

    Thank you Lucy! <3 We have the same wardrobe haha, super jealous of all your new rings by the way! xx

    Thanks Sophie! Oh gosh, I think my sister would have some words to say to me about that...! x

    Aaah thanks Susanne! I'm not a huge fan of outdoors shots, so self-conscious when I take them aha! The weather is just too nice not to though!

  17. Thank you Jessica! My photography is awful haha, I wish I had a boyfriend who was nifty with a camera! And thanks lovely, I quite fancied a change for the summer, I get so bored with my headers! xxx

    Thanks Taj! xo

    Thank you Nicola! I'm so lazy at the moment, I'm constantly in this, pyjamas or a huge top and leggings haha! x

  18. that is so cute:) you look great and the outfit is exactly to my liking. veeery nice x

  19. I love this :) the outside shots are great too!

  20. That satchel is to die for! I love the diffent layers here, I bought some looser t-shirts to layer up this summer today, you are definitely my style inspiration at the moment :)

    Maria xxx

  21. Love the playsuit worn like this. <3 the bag too xx

  22. I love grey, and love the slouchyness of it :)

  23. Adorable!
    Those shoes are the cutest! x

  24. I've been looking for loafers like that everywhere! They are perfect with this outfit c:
    I think I better go to Primark before they are all gone!x

  25. i really like the black/camel palette, i think it'sjust such a perfect combo; and i checked out tabithas post- it was spot on the whole 'copycat' issue. lovely post as always :) x

  26. Love the loafers! :)

  27. Love these outdoors photos, such a cute outfit! Love the way you've worn this playsuit and that bag is sososo nice, love it! Good luck finsihing off editing all your photos for Uni! xx

  28. The loafers are amazing! We sold out of them in work SO quickly. All my supervisors were like "omg, they're so ugly I don't understand." when they first came in and then when they all sold out I got to be really smug, ahaha.

    Lovely outfit as always :)

  29. Thank you Daniela! Such a dark outfit for the spring though hahaha! xo

    Aah thanks Steph! My neighbours must think I'm crazy aha! xo

    I lovelove loose fit clothes at the moment haha, 'sup ice-cream by the tub?! ;) Aw thank you Maria, that's so strange to think! <3 Loved your dress in your post today, makes me want to buy dresses by the truckload! xxx

    Thanks Maddalena!

    Thank you Katie! (: xx

    Thanks Beth <3

    Aw thank you Temp Sec!

    I'd been searching high and low but gave in and went for the Primark ones in the end! I bought them a while ago though so get in there quick Sian! xx

    Thank you Hannah! Camel/tan is so classic and versatile over the seasons. Putting this palette together did make me realise I need to inject a bitta colour into my wardrobe though! Thanks sweet! xxx

    Thank you Glamour Rouge!

    Eep thanks Courtney! Had to edit the photos because they were so oversaturated, no idea what's up with the lighting in my garden ;) Thank you lovely, got my photos sorted this evening, just gotta whack 'em into a magazine layout now! xx

    Thanks Alex! Yeah they were selling like hotcakes in my Primark, I nabbed the last pair in my size that weren't ripped to shreds aha! (: xxx

  30. Looking fly!! Good luck with your editing! I know exactly how stressful that is! xxxx

  31. Beautiful outfit and even more beautiful blog!

    Hugs from your fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  32. Love the whole thing! Can't wait for shorts!

  33. I love your outfit! The heart print is cute and the top gives it a really chilled-out look.

    Good luck with your portfolio!

  34. The design on that top is so lovely, reminds me of marble! I totally get what you mean about bbq's! I once wore a tight top/body and it was just uncomfortable when I felt bloated from eating too much ha! Your loafers are really nice too!

  35. Thanks Gem! I've finished editing the photos now, just need to crop them and add captions, credits, etc. now! My eyes were absolutely killing me last night after seeing so much blue (colour of my studio backdrops)! Hope you are well m'lover. xxxx

    Thank you Camille! xx

    Aw thanks Kelly!

    Thank you Jane (: Chilled out is absolutely me at the moment, I savour any moment that I don't spend at work! xo

    Thanks Katie! Oh gosh, loose fit is me all year round ;) I don't like to draw attention to my body, least of all my upper body haha, hai lack of boobage! Moving swiftly on... thank you lovely! xx

  36. I love your outfit you look super cute and your handbag is gorgeous hope you have a fun shopping trip xoxo

  37. Super cute outfit! Been wanting to get a top like that. Can't seem to find a perfect one in here! :(

  38. really love your Luella satchel, so cute!


  39. Thank you Giselle! Means so much coming from you, I love your blog (: Have a lovely week. xo

    Aw thanks Abbie! I think Urban Outfitters ship worldwide, they have a great range of basic jersey tops like mine! Good luck with finding one. x

    Thanks Alexandra! Hope you're well honey! xxx

  40. This is a really cute outfit. Love the loafers. Picked up a pair myself as well when I was last in Primark. Love them:)

  41. such a beautiful woman :]
    thanks for you lovely comment sweet xx

  42. Love this outfit, so sad you had to give it up! The top looks fab with the playsuit-as-shorts. That bag is gorgeous, too. I wish I'd been able to get a Luella before they went under.

  43. Thank you Daniela! They're so easy to wear aren't they?! x

    Thanks Jazzy! x

    Aw thank you Stef! You are very welcome, wish I could wear trousers as well as you do! xx

    Thank you Sarah! Haha, my sister and her demanding ways! Meant more room for new clothes that I can't bear to buy though (: Oh I'm so glad I managed to buy two Luella pieces before they closed, absolutely loved Luella's designs. xx


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