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Afternoon ladies, I hope you've all had lovely days enjoying the sun and (kind of) warmth! I've had a reasonably stressfree day today so all is good down my end. My presentation for Thursday is done and dusted, I've had my interactive feature looked at and it's all ready to be handed in, and I had a singular, albeit slightly boring, lecture about the catwalk as performance this afternoon. Popped out for lunch and gossip with Leanne, Emily, Lucy, Lauren and Kerry too, which was lovely and filled with conversations and laughs about odd-looking animals! Sometimes its nice to just have a break during the week and think about something other than work.

(Sheer blouson dress, Peacocks;
Shorts, George at Asda, cut off myself;
Polka dot tights, Primark,
Elephant necklace, Accessorize.)

Not sure if this dress really works tucked in but hey ho, I wore it anyway! Need to get myself another sheer blouse soon, I've been looking at this and this. I also attempted those elusive beachy waves again and got halfway to my desired look. Watch this space though, because home means curling tongs and straighteners, so I'll probably experiment in time for the wedding I'm going to on Tuesday.

Just two more days until Mama comes to pick my things up to take home. I think we'll probably go to get some food as well, but I've not worked the plans out yet, got a major Uni presentation to give on Thursday afternoon! This week is pretty packed for me, tomorrow I'll have my usual Ways to Wear post, but I probably won't post on Thursday or Friday, on account of a) having my Mama in Soton for the afternoon, and b) Friday is my photoshoot day, then I'm seeing my bestest gal before I go home! I hope you enjoyed reading my entry for Yayer's blogging competition yesterday too: I wrote it while browsing their shop and putting off writing this week's Mags & Markets feature, and it was surprisingly theraupetic and fun to write.

On Sunday, I decided to follow Heather's veggie based chilli recipe, after seeing the recipe on her blog. I can't even describe how good it tasted haha, totally making another in the week, probably tomorrow! Heather really does post some of the nicest recipes around, and I always look forward to reading her posts. What are some of your favourite recipe blogs? I'm starting to think I've outstayed my welcome, lurking on the BBC Good Food website!


  1. Love the dress, and I think you can totally pull it off tucked into shorts x

  2. I really like that tucked in, you can't tell its a dress! Nice one xx

  3. it looks great tucked in!
    love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. I had a nice day 2 and glad we finished our presentation! :) cant wait till its over!
    that animal was weird! :/ haha xxx

  5. The hair is coming along nicely! I've far too many beachy waves and would love straight hair like yours! It's funny how we always want what we can't have!x

  6. The dress looks lovely with the shorts- I just presumed it was a top so it tucks in really well :)
    I love going out with the girls and talking nonsense for a while- it always manages to put things back into perspective i find, and at least your reaching the end now - yay for easter breaks!
    The chilli looks divine, i have a sweet potato/lentil stew recipe somewhere which is another one of my veggie faves. YUM! x

  7. Honestly didn't realise it was a dress - all I was thinking was 'man I want that shirt!' :) lovely outfit x

  8. I love the dress, it looks great tucked into shorts! You've really inspired me to start doing that, by the way!

  9. I'm glad to hear your uni work isn't getting you down too much, you must be so excited to go home! Hope you have a lovely time :) it sounds like you've got some really nice plans.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me lovely :) So glad you loved the chilli, we basically live off it now! And good luck with the photoshoot xxx

  10. Loving the blouse tucked into shorts, it's got gorgeous cuffed sleeves too!

    Good luck with your mountain of work, and enjoy home, I can't wait to head home for my Easter break, even if there is Finals revision to contend with.

  11. I think the dress works really well tucked in!

  12. I think the oufit looks really cute :) the dress works well~ (^^)

  13. The top/dress is amazing! The sleeves are just so perfect.

    Looks stunning


  14. Ooh I really like it tucked in actually! Very nice with those tights!

  15. loving this! it looks great, you look great! <3

  16. As soon as I saw the pictures I thought how much I liked your hair in them- hello fittie!!xx

  17. yay another michelle way to re-style something! i must try this tucking a blouse into shorts/skirt thing! xxx

  18. Didn't realise that was a dress at first, really works well tucked into the denim shorts! That chillu looks delightful also! I have plenty of deadlines for uni soon too, stressful!

    Katie. x

  19. cute sheer shirt!

    check out my blog
    and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  20. Aw thank you Krissy! It felt a bit odd but it looked okay I guess! xo

    Me too, it was nice to be out for once and having a good gossip! Cannot wait for Thursday to be over and done with! Aw I thought it was sweet, ugly but it can't help how it looks Emily! xxx

    Slowly but surely, Grainne! I'm going to do the same method and top up with a curling tong next Tuesday for the wedding, Olsen hair will be mine! I've always wanted slightly wavy hair, ever since I was little! x

    Thanks Danni (: Yeah definitely, sitting in my room with all my work just makes me lose the will to live a little bit, so it was good to just have a burger, a drink and gossip with the girls. Heather's recipe has fast become my favourite haha, I want to make it again but I'm leaving soon ): x

    Aw thanks Dani! x

    It's such a simple way to get another outfit out of clothes you already have haha! Glad you like it Rachel xo

    I think all the hard work is finally paying off, which I'm so relieved about! You're welcome Heather, it's honestly one of my favourite meals at the moment, definitely going to making more of those bad boys! xxxx

    Thank you Chloe! It's so oversized and impractical, but the sleeves are lovely! Thanks sweet, good luck with the revision! xo

    Thanks Cherry! x

    Thanks Fiona ^_^

    I lovelove the sleeves too Jess, thanks sweet (:

    Aw thank you Jess! xo

    Thank you Jamie!

    Oh gosh, I put my hair in French plaits last night while my hair was damp, and sprayed it with sea salt spray, but the top parts of my plaits fell out while I slept ): Must. Try. Harder. But thank yaaa Emily! <3

    Haha I have no money for new clothes Ella ): It's really getting my brain in gear in the mornings though to create new outfits! xxx

    Thank you Katie! Good luck with your deadlines sweet! xx

    Thank you Ivy!

  21. ahh the dress looks great on you :) gorgeous outfit as usual

    kate xo

  22. Ah that dress looks so fab worn as a top too, It really is super pretty!
    Oh and i had a read of your last post too, Great entry for the comp! I'l keep my fingers crossed for you winning!

  23. I love this dress as a top :) Such lovely colours together!

    Maria xxx

  24. Ooh thanks for introducing me to heather's blog! It looks great :)

  25. I love that dress, it's so pretty and looks really cute tucked in!
    I can't wait for the Easter holidays although I'm only going home for a couple of days! x

  26. Ahhh, that blouse! *_* So, so pretty.
    Looks gorgeous styled like this :) I adore the little necklace.

  27. Love the dress/blouse with the shorts, looks so gorgeous on you. I have that necklace, I love it! It's so nice and solid.

  28. N'awh thanks Kate. It's so oversized, difficult to wear nicely haha! xo

    Thank you Emma! Eep I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really hope I win the competition but there'll be many entries! x

    Thanks Maria ^____^ xxx

    You're welcome Helen, I love Heather's posts and recipes! x

    Thank you Anna (:

    Aw thank you! Aaah, how come you're only going home for a few days Hayley?! x

    Thanks Alex! xxx

    Awh cheeyurs Sarah! Back in Herts-land now btw (: It's adorable isn't it?! One of my best friends bought me it as part of a Christmas present and I can't stop wearing it! x

    Thank you Jazzy! x


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