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T G I F. Seriously. This week has been more exhausting than most, despite the fact that I haven't done anything of note other than a meal and some Uni work! This weekend I plan to work on my Fashion Styling portfolio, start reading some new books and recuperate a little. At some point, I'm going to have write a 2000-word feature which is due on Wednesday - a factually-based piece, complete with interviews and an investigative slant. I'm usually relatively good at finding feature ideas but my mind is a complete standstill at the moment!

(Peter pan collar dress, worn as top, Topshop;
Denim shorts, DIY;
Heart print tights, Primark,
Belt, Primark.)

I wore this to Uni today, in the hope that the long-sleeves would provide some warmth, and shorts usually warm me up, being so form-fitting, but to no avail. It's been unbearably cold all day in Southampton, yet because we have sun and blue skies, I saw a few brave girls in town with bare-legs and sandals on! I felt generally 'blah' in this outfit for some reason: I like the idea of wearing this dress tucked in, the colour palette is a cute and subtle nod to the 70's trend, but it felt a bit frumpy? I don't know... Perhaps I just didn't have enough sleep, everything is feeling blah today!

We select our final year options next week, which is probably an underlying reason to blame for why I feel stressed lately. Just as I'm sure a lot of people are experiencing, I'm constantly fretting over being able to get a job after Uni. Trying to decide what to select next year to build up my portfolio is near impossible, although at the moment, Trend Forecasting and Analysis is getting the winning vote! Where do you see yourself specialising in the next few years?

(Sheer romantic longline printed blouse, £22, Peacocks.)

I bought a little sheer, chiffon blouse/dress today at Peacocks. I don't tend to shop in Peacocks in all honesty, I think it's one of those stores that still holds the 'frumpy' stigma that Dorothy Perkins held up until a few years ago. However, my friend supplied me with a 40% discount voucher, and I spotted the last Size 8 of this blouse, and snapped it up in a heartbeat for £13.20, bargain! Another thing I'd like to mention is that the sizing in Peacocks isn't great, this hangs a tiny bit loose on me, so I'll probably wear a slip dress underneath when I wear it!

Anyway, enough of my senseless musings, I think I'm going to pop a DVD on and attempt to come up with some feature ideas (Read: eat myself into oblivion while watching Gossip Girl!). Hope you all have lovely weekends, and don't forget to pop over to my giveaway to win a beautiful summery playsuit!


  1. Love this outfit missyyy xxx

  2. Gorgeous blouse! Looks like you have an awesome view from your window too :) x

  3. your dress from peacocks is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Annabella: Thank you doll! xxx

    Harri: Thanks sweet (: We're on floor 12 so we have an amazing view aha x

    Meghan: Thanks lovely!

  5. Such a good idea! I must try wearing my green one as a top!

  6. I don't think it looks frumpy at all, maybe because the length of the shorts and those cute tights. I love to uses dresses as tops too for a slight change, looks great on you!

  7. Love this outfit on you, the dress looks perfect for Spring tucked in to shorts! :) And your new shirt is stunning x x

  8. That's a lovely blouse, I actually don't think I've ever been in Peacocks...
    Sorry you're so stressed out lovey, things always get really mad this time of year! Don't worry too much about your topic for next year - there's no wrong decision :) xx

  9. cute outfit love the tights :] xxx

  10. You don't look frumpy at all! But everything feels blah when work piles up. I was just wondering how much of your course is focused on styling? Is it just a term or is it a pathway or something? Thank you in advance :) Paula-Ellen xox

  11. I wore mine tucked in the other day, I really like them like that! I wish we could chose our modules, we might get a chance in 3rd yr, but next year we can't! xx

  12. i love your tights and that blouse is gorgeous!

    xoxo monika.

  13. i spotted girls in bournemouth today wearing flip flops too! what is wrong with people! my tiny toes get too chilly for any of that! that blouse is cute! i never go in peacocks either - can't say i've seen one in ages! hope your writers block lifts in time for your feature and that next week is less stressful for you

  14. Love the outfit!
    I need to get my hands on heart print tights aswell :]

  15. Michelle you look lovely as always, and your new buy looks gorgeous.
    Hope you had a good birthday x

  16. how do you manage not to rip your tights to shreds?? mine always fall to pieces the first time they're worn

  17. such a cute but simple outfit, the colour of the dress looks great on you, and that blouse! what a bargain! xxx

  18. lovely outfit!
    i was going to buy them heart print tights! but i didn't in the end! ):
    Krissy xoxo

  19. Pretty outfit :) You can see my block of flats from your view :) x

  20. Love how you've worn that Peterpan collar dress as a top, it looks really cute, love that rust colour! Such a cute spring-esque outfit! You look stunning!
    + i totally agree with you about Peacocks, they irritate me! xx

  21. I don't think this outfit is frumpy at all, I think it's great! :)

  22. I love those tights! Great outfit. Love the blouse too. x

  23. that's really cute!


  24. Choosing final year options is definitely stressful. Not helped by the fact that my department is offering pretty dire options all-round, so I think it'll be the case of picking the best of a bad bunch!
    I always find Peacocks' sixing a little funny so tend to avoid the store for that reason. Plus it's one of those annoying places that makes loads of things in non-specific sizes, like '8-10' or '12-14' etc. I don't want the item to cover a range of sizes, I would be happy with it just being one! (End mini-rant...)

  25. Love your outfit :) i no thank god its friday, this week iv been so busy!xx

  26. This outfit is really pretty and cute :) XXX

  27. love the colours in your outfit. great blouse too, hope you had a good birthday! x

  28. i adore the colour of your dress! i have the same one in black and i love it. good luck with your course selection-they sound so interesting! x

  29. Trend forecasting, omg we did not have that option it sounds like my ideal subject. Sounds soooo good. Also if you look the other way out your window I think you could see my house! ha.

    The outfit is lovely, such good colours and not a tiny bit frumpy.

  30. Love your outfit, shorts look cute on you, nice idea using dress as a top! x

  31. the colour of that top is lovely! looks so different from when you wear it as a dress, i like both options! its freeeezing in canterbury right now too xxx

  32. Good luck with choosing your options sweetie! You look beautiful here - totally not frumpy! That blouse is gorgeous. My friend gave me a 40% off voucher too so I went and bought some black brogues. Very nice - only £9!

  33. love this outfit especially the tights! and that peacocks blouse is just lovely! x

  34. Rachel: I know right! Adds a bit of extra warmth as well ;) I love the bottle green one, couldn't get my hands on one by the time I'd decided on it though.

    Jess: Aw thank you (: I usually pop a patterned pair of tights on to freshen up the look.

    Phoebe: Thanks sweety! I love my new shirt too, £13 was such a good price too!

    Heather-Louise: Thank you! I don't tend to go in there much, but seeing as I had a voucher, I thought I'd have a proper look around. Aw thanks for the advice, I'm a worrier when it comes to things like this, I don't want to make the "wrong" decision and end up wanting to switch! xxx

    Steffani-Louise: Thank you honey <3

    Paula-Ellen: Aw thanks sweet. Yeah I think that was the reason behind it all to be honest! Fashion and Styling is a pathway option for second and third year, it only makes up one unit out of the five that I currently study though! Hope this helps! xo

    Dan: Mm me too (: I'm more into tops/shorts/skirts at the moment than dresses for some reason. Oh really?! We've had the opportunity to choose one module to make up an overall five this year, and the same goes for next year! xx

    Monika: Thank you (:

    Emma: I know! I felt even colder just watching them walk down the street! Ooh I'd really recommend having a look, the prices are almost all under £20 and the newest pieces are really nice! Thanks honey. x

    Misha: Thank you!

    Steph: Thank you Steph <3 My birthday was lovely thanks (:

    Sophie: Oh I used to be awful for it, if you look back to some of my older outfit posts! I've gotten a lot better at it though, simply because it used to cost me so much to stock up on new pairs ;) x

    Lucy: Awh thanks lovely! Really like your blog by the way Lucy, just had a peek and followed you back! xxx

    Krissy: Thank you (: Oh you shoulddd, I wasn't sure about them at first, they look strange in the packet, but they're gorgeous! xx

    Corrie: Thanks babe! Aha really?! Where do ya live sweet? xx

    Courtney: Thanks lovely! Blahhh, gonna need a belt to cinch this badboy in, otherwise it'll be blown around everywhere when I eventually wear it out! xxx

    Charlotte: Aw thanks sweet!

    Lily: Thank you (: These are probs my favourite tights at the moment!

    Joanne: Thank you!

    Hannah: Oh no! Fingers crossed for your options too then lovely (: I'm worried I'll choose one and totally regret it because my career choices keep changing at the moment. Oh I don't like generic sizes either! Saw an adorable kimono jacket in Peacocks which was S-M and was pretty much a tent on me! xxx

    Suzin: Thank you! Mmm so glad it's the weekend now, hope you have a lovely one! xx

    Ellie: Thanks sweet (:

    Katie: Eeep thank you! My birthday was really nice thanks, had a 9am at Uni but then went for a Prezzo with the girls in the evening: Italian food + cupcakes = happy Mish ;) x

    Hannah: Thank you! I have the black as well, but I'm probably going to sell it on because I hardly wear it!

    Chlo: Haha they've changed the course structure this year! Slightly annoying because it isn't what we applied for two years ago, but trend forecasting and analysis is totally my kind of thing. Aah really?! Crazyyy (: Thanks lovely. xxx

    StyleFrost: Thank you!

    Belle: Mm I know (: Not really into dresses so much at the moment so I'm hoping my new blouse/dress will sort that problem out for me. Hope you're well sweetheart. xxx

    Bee: Thank you <3 I'm stressing over what is probably nothing in all honesty (: £9! Such a bargain! I bought my very first pair of brogues this week Bee, such a defining moment in my life aha!

    Kate: Thanks sweety (:

  35. Love this outfit on you, the shorts look so cute with the tights. Definitely not frumpy! It also doesn't look very warm, but I'm an old lady. :)

  36. I love your shorts, tights & tops combo! The tights are always gorgeous :)
    I find peacocks on & off, some time I love there stuff, other times not so much. Like Primark it's getting on the higher side of good for what it is though

  37. I ventured out to the shops today thinking it would be a nice warm day, but no, it was bloody freezing as usual!

  38. I cannot believe the belt and tights are from Primark! Need to get my hands on these quick! :)

    Thanks for sharing :)


  39. michelle you are my tights idol!
    im also picking options for 3rd year (dissertation hell is looming bah) but i think retail therapy is an excellent cure. would never expect a dress/tunic so nice to come from peacocks, good spot! x

  40. wowee how did you manage to turn the dress into a top and not look bulky? love it! your tights finish the look :)
    and i saw a girl go bare legged yesterday -,- seriously?
    and i think i see myself specialising in pharmacy. wish it wasnt that but yeah probably be will xx

  41. Cute outfit ! :)
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  42. That dress looks so lovely as a top :) I would never have thought to tuck it in!

  43. i love the blouse and the way you always wear cute tights x

  44. This outfit is cute. It's something I'd totally wear. Love the peter pan collar on that dress.
    All the best for that feature!

  45. wowww you look amazing in this outfit,deffo one of my faves :)


  46. Michelle, you look so cute (as always!)

    Best of luck with choosing option for uni - you'll do amazing no matter what! x

  47. Love this outfit! this color of orange is one of my favorites lately, and you truly can never go wrong with heart tights! You look amazing. thankyou so much for your super sweet comment on my vlog. I didnt find it creepy, dont worry!hehe, super flattered! xoxo

  48. Peacocks has some lovely stuff and some horrible stuff! But I always pop in because when you find something lovely it feels like striking gold hahah. Their sizing is always big though. The worse was a few years ago when all they used to do was a size 10-12. WAAAY too big.

  49. Sarah: Thank you! Oh gosh, it wasn't warm at all haha, I totally regretted wearing this out once I'd walked halfway to Uni! x

    Steph: Aw thanks Steph, its pretty much my signature look at the moment, but I'm hoping to sell lots of things on and revamp my wardrobe at some point during this month (: Mm I agree with you about Peacocks, there are some great things and others are so-so! x

    Cherry: Ugh I know! I'm half-dreading going out tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed that it'll warm up soon!

    Chuui: I know ;) You're welcome sweet! x

    Emma: Haha yay! Tights are probs part of my signature look. Aaah Emma, we can struggle through this hell together! I'm quite likely to get grey hairs after third year which will not be good! Good luck with options! xx

    Lucy: I know right! Whaaaa I know, I was cold in my winter coat! That sounds interesting though! Wouldn't be my kind of thing at all aha (: xx

    Cendritys: Thank you (:

    Alex: Thanks sweet! I do it with a lot of my dresses, makes them a bit warmer where your shorts are close-fitting to your body :p xxx

    Frilly Lace Knickers: Thanks sweet!

    Joey: Thank you! Its such a simple look, isn't it? And thanks hun, finally got that 2000-word piece written this afternoon - only took me a casual 3 hours aha. x

    Kate: Aw thanks lovely!

    Temporary Secretary: Thank you! Your shop is looking lovely as ever hun :D

    Kate: Mm mine too, such a nice burnt orange colour (: You're welcome hun, you're a natural in front of the camera! xxx


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