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I'm 99.9% sure that I speak for the majority of girls, when I say that following a new purchase, I like to wear the said purchase as soon as possible. There's something really refreshing and happy-endorphin-inducing about wearing a new addition to your wardrobe! I'm not even sure if I'll be leaving the flat today, but I was determined not to have another pyjama day, and its so nice and sunny outside that I felt a suitable outfit had to be worn to match.

(Sheer romantic print dress, Peacocks;
Cycling shorts for safety, Sanrio store in Osaka, Japan;
Cable knit tights, H&M;
Oversized daisy ring, Primark;
Owl ring, H&M;
China doll necklace, Accessorize.)

When I bought this dress on Friday, I tried it on with denim shorts underneath, and a pair of sheer tights, so I hadn't accounted for a 'what if' situation of wearing it sans shorts. Let me just say, it isn't possible! I'm on the look-out for a jersey type slip dress or long vest to wear underneath pieces like this and my lace tunic, but haven't yet found one. For now, I've settled for relatively opaque, knitted tights and a pair of cycling shorts! I really like the navy blue against the cream colour in this outfit, it looks surprisingly appropriate for the spring in my opinion. Isn't it funny, too, how I said only on Friday that I felt dresses weren't very 'me' at the moment, only to have purchased two new dresses this weekend?!

My university work is absolutely shattering me! On Saturday, I shut myself away in my room, and with the promise of Co-op Triple Choc Cookies "on the other side", managed to get my 2000-word feature article written. Weekly deadlines will most certainly be the death of me! It was all worth it though, I spent Saturday evening watching Lucy finally nab a date on Take Me Out (slightly trashy dating TV show, for all you non-UK-ers!) and catch up on some blog reading.

Check out my newly spruced up heater! My friend Heather got me these fridge poetry magnets, and I took to decorating my heater last night, by way of writing inspiration.

I mentioned briefly on Twitter yesterday, that I was attempting beachy waves for today. As you can see, er, this didn't work out. Short of popping my hair into two buns on either side of my head, in the style of Leia from Star Wars, I don't know how to make my hair wavy at all. Sigh. Guess I'd better get back to trawling Youtube for tutorials! Any tips for mid-length hair curls?

PS. Bonus points if you know which song my post title alludes to.
PPS. I copied almost everyone else on here, and added a Reactions button!


  1. Haha, you're totally right! I love to wear my new purchases asap. I guess it's a common girl thing, lol! Btw, I love your dress :)

  2. Yep, I always wear new purchases asap! Infact, if I don't, I know it's a buyers remorse case and it can go back from whence it came!
    I love this dress- yay for Peacocks! I'll have to keep an eye out for this in my local one.

    xxx Maddie

  3. The dress looks really cute. H & M do great long vests that can be worn as slips, I have about 4 of them as they're so useful!

    Penny x

  4. You look lovely in that dress Michelle! the jewellery goes really well with it.

  5. Exactly! Then I feel like I need to buy more aha, my life is pretty much Confessions of a Shopaholic! Thank you Julie (:

    Haha that's so true Maddie ;) Although I hardly ever return things that I buy! I've gotten really good at making a proper decision before I actually buy now. Its lovely isn't it?! Such a surprise find in Peacocks, although they're definitely getting better for collections.

    Thanks Penny. Ooh I surprisingly hadn't thought of my beloved H&M, I have a lot of basics from there, definitely going to have a look in there this week! x

    Thanks Jade! x

  6. Yeah, so often I rush to wear something I have just got!

  7. that's one amazing buy and i do feel the same way when i buy new clothes..haha i cant help but wear it instantly.

  8. I love the dress! Although it's different on to how I imagined it to be, hmm. Weird when that happens!
    So happy Lucy finally got a date, can't wait to see how it turns out. I love her, she's adorable.

    Just keep plodding on with the uni work lovely, it'll all pay off :) xxx

  9. Gorgeous dress, it looks really lovely on you!
    I always use L'Oreal Professionnel Play Ball Beach Fizz spray, it's fab on my hair! It's in like a little round green bottle, it's a little expensive for the amount you get though I think. I just rub my hair dry with a towel a bit, spray it on and scrunch it and let it dry. And my hair goes practically curly!

    Hope this helps :) xo

  10. that's lovely!! never under estimate peacocks! they have some gems now and then.

  11. Haha i do love how most of your blog titles are Taylor Swift songs! What can I say though, that girl is just relevant in every aspect of life!
    It'll be lovely when it's warm enough for you to wear this dress out! The sunshine is so misleading to the bitter cold!
    Oh and absolutely hating these weekly deadlines. And then getting our work ripped to shreds ha! xx

  12. oh lovely new dress, the colours really suit you x

  13. I love new-clothes feeling too Rachel, I either wear them immediately, or save them for a special occasion hahaha! Such a clothes nerd!

    Thanks Ching (:

    Oh I know just what you mean Heather, this looked so different on the hanger to when I tried it on. The fit is absolutely huge! Awh I know, definitely watching next week to see how she got on, she was close to tears! Thanks hun, its so hard to motivate myself lately! xxx

    Thank you Jess! Ooh thanks for the recommendation, might have a look in Boots during the week! xo

    I'd never really had a proper look in Peacocks before, but this was such a sweet little dress. Thanks Gem (:

    Haha well you know me ;) Probs need to stop being such a massive fangirl... UGH I KNOW. Although apparently its warm as well as sunny today. I wouldn't know because I'm currently hibernating as per usual! Hope you're having a nice time home Victoria!

  14. It's Miss Swift baby!! How do you find such amazing things in Peacocks? I literally never find anything in the one by me. It's beaut. I saw long jersey tops in HnM and they were long on me so they will be long on you haha. Xxxx

  15. That is a gorgeous dress! Peacocks?? NO WAY!!

  16. this nis gorgeous i love that dress xxx

  17. I use hair rollers to curl my hair. In fairness my hair is practically down to my knees but it still works on my layers. I use small sized ones and use them straight after drying my hair. Gives hair volume and makes it all wavy :) xx

  18. is that the shirt that you posted about a few days ago? it looks gorgeous!

    xoxo monika

  19. Such a great Peacocks find, the print is fabulous!
    From your pictures it looks like I have the same hair type as you. I tend to wash my hair in the evening and then tie it in a topknot, sleep with it wet, then wake up in the morning, towel dry it, then tie it in a topknot again with mousse and blow dry the topknot. Once it's all dry I just try to scrunch it all up with hairspray. It's a long method but usually works, if not I try my straighteners to curl it and then brush it through.
    I do feel your pain about your hair, mine's poker straight without me doing anything to it :( Hope I helped a little!

  20. Thank you Jasmin! (:

    Of course it is Gem, no outfit post would be complete without a bit of the Swift ;) I think we must be really lucky with our store, its a two-floor one and everything! They have a few nice blouses in at the moment too (: Thanks for the tip haha, I'm sure it will be long on me! xxxxx

    Mm I know! They have some nice picks in at the moment!

    Thanks Steffani! xxx

    Owwwh I don't have hair rollers ): Thank you for the tip anyway Jenny! xx

    Yep, the very same one Monika! I really like it, despite it feeling huge on me! xxx

    Thank you Ria! Oh gosh I'm awful with my hair, its so straight usually! Just started following your blog sweet, didn't realise you were in Southampton as well! xx

  21. The dress is so lovely, i should look in peacocks more! x

  22. Amazing dress and I love it with the tights, white/cream tights are my favourite item I love working them into outfits.
    For your hair have you tried, lots of plaits whilst you slept then when you wake up putting it in all up in a topknot. I do this, then do some defining with a straightner and is the only thing that works.

  23. I was on the hunt for a vest dress to go under things like this the other day (plus my friend swear by hers!) so i picked a black one up for 10 euros in h&M and it works a treat! Not too short. I keep thinking of more things I can wear it with, so I would recommend giving them a look in h&m.
    Helloooo Taylor Swift lyrics! Currently have the album on repeat haha. xxx

  24. Yay reaction buttons! Michelle, you have THE cutest wardrobe on the face of the earth. I honestly think it's impossible for you to ever look bad! Have you tried a curling iron for loose waves? I like to wrap my hair around the barrel but not for too long, and I don't use the clamp! I don't like intense curls. But it's good for some texture and little waves! Good luck. And good luck with your college work! I'm also struggling with that. Gah! Happy monday..


  25. Your dress and ring were made for each other! Love how you've styled this outfit :)

    I have a hard time getting curls too :( Please do a tutorial if you find a method that works for you!

  26. LOVE the dress! Looks amazing on you :)
    Have you tried sleeping in a few damp plaits? Always works for me :)

  27. Thank you Kate! They have some really nice things in at the moment, lots of cute dresses, blouses, shoes and jackets! (:

    Aw thanks Chlo. I'm really into cream tights at the moment too! Oh that sounds like it might actually work, I usually find plaiting it makes my hair look greasy where it has no volume at the roots, but the topknot tip sounds genius aha (:

    I've heard a lot of people recommend H&M, will have to have a proper look in there during the week. Oh me too Hannah, I'm seeing her in concert again at the end of the month!

    Oh thank you Aimee :D I have a ridiculously stuffed wardrobe at the moment. I don't have a curling iron or straighteners at the moment, which is why I'm looking for old school methods aha ;) Thanks sweety, have a lovely week!

    I believe they were indeed Alex! They totally matched! If I find the perfect method, I'll definitely make a tutorial or link to one that actually works :p

    Thanks Emma (: I have done, but I always find there isn't enough volume at the roots! One day I'll find the perfect combination ;)

  28. It looks so nice, so it's a shame it's so see-through. I like your choice of jewellery, it goes wonderfully with the dress.

  29. yay for lucy!
    and h&m for black plain long dress/vest x

  30. Such a cute look! I love that over sized daisy ring!
    And I can't believe I missed Lucy getting a date on Take Me Out! :')

  31. I tried beachy waves myself this morning and it was a big fat fail!

  32. Try parting your hair (damp hair works best) in four sections and braiding each section. Then sleep with it! Or even this sock method: though it is since easier with long hair, but it could work with medium length hair! Hope this helps :)

  33. Such a beautiful outfit. I would snap it up in a second if it wasn't sheer. xo

  34. i love wearing anything new in my wardrobe! its like i have to wear it as soon as i have it!
    beautiful dress!
    Krissy xoxo

  35. Oh I love your dress, It is so pretty. I am lovin' a bit of Peacocks at the moment too actually. I LOVE their Pearl Lowe collection it has the perfect old lady tea dresses, which is right up my street, also their footwear is fab too. I never used to venture into the store untill i discovered some of the bargins it had one day!
    Oh and a tip for getting your hair curly/wavy is- have you tried the Babylis curling wand, it is so great and would be fab for your lentgh of hair, Oh and also this thing which is kinda like a diffuser for the end of your hairdryer is amazing too, I have naturally big,curly hair but this makes the straightest of hairs go volumised and curly, Here is the link from where i bought mine-
    Hope it helps! Em x

  36. You look so lovely in this outfit, so springy, your like the epitome of sunshine, daffodils and lambs haha (what comes to mind when I think Spring! ha!)
    Know exactly what you mean about when you buy something new and HAVE to wear it even if your spending the day just inside your own house!
    Your hair does look more tousled, it looks nice, I always struggle to get any volume/waves with my hair, so if you do find any links will you let me know or post them so I can give it a try! :D

  37. i had this tunic in my last weekly style post but haven't seen it in real life yet, it looks so lovely on, the colour is beautiful! x

  38. Beautiful dress hun! Peacocks can really surprise ya every now again with the most gorguz things! Found a lovely chiffon black dress with red floral design, sounds gross but totally love the spanish-y feel to it! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  39. my wavy fur tip is to not comb or brush your hair when you've washed it, (sounds slightly skany but works).
    you can use a comb to find your part but dont pull through, just separate and leave to dry naturally! i also put it up in a bun for a couple of hours, release and then spray with fat hair spray.

    pretty pretty dressss! topshop had some lycra long vests in a while ago, maybe ebay?! x

  40. Thank you Jess. I like the sheer quality of it, makes a tiny bit difficult to wear though! It just requires an extra ten minutes of brainpower when getting ready!

    Thanks Lydia, will be popping into H&M during the week (: Aaah I was so happy for Lucy, she looked like she was going to cry!

    Thank you Charlotte! The ring is such a ridiculous size but I had to have it ;) Click the link and it'll take you to the repeat video on iPlayer sweet, was such a good episode!

    Blah, one day we'll master it Cherry ;)

    Ooh thanks Aly! I'll look a bit strange but it'll totally be worth it I think, I want Olsen hair!

    Thank you Jennie! It isn't too sheer, I have some ideas to style it as a jacket/top as well ;)

    Haha me too Krissy, its a strange sort of compulsion!

    Thank you Emma! Ooh me too, some of their floral is spot on at the moment. I saw a beautiful pair of little lace-up booties on Friday but there weren't any left in my size! Thanks for the advice and link sweet, I think I'll have to invest in a curling wand soon (:

    N'awh thank you Patsy! It was the perfect weather for this outfit today as well! Thanks lovely (: Will definitely keep you all updated regarding Olsen-esque tousles!

    It looks really different in real life than on photos! I'd recommend sizing down if you buy it though Elise!

    Thanks Aysh! Ooh red and black floral sounds like just my thing at the moment, sounds just lovely!

    Haha eep, I may try that later in the week when I have a morning to spare for mistakes! My hair is notoriously difficult to curl in any way ): Ooh. YES. Ebay is God at the moment haha! Thanks Emma :D x

  41. lovely dress :)

  42. you look gorgeous! i adore that dress :) and taylor swift, right? i love her new cd to pieces. x

  43. I might do a post on how to get beachy waves! Something I love doing for spring/summer! xo

  44. Thank you Anna!

    Aw thanks Hannah (: Yep, of course it's Taylor, I'm currently preparing my vocal chords *ahem*~ for the concert in a few weeks haha! My dorkiness amuses me greatly!

    That would be so good Devea, my hair is always so straight and boring!

  45. Yes I love wearing new clothes ASAP! It's a must! I have poker straight hair too and it never never holds curls. I had them curled by a hairdresser for my sisters wedding but by after the meal they just looked like waves haha.

  46. This is beautiful! I love wearing new stuff right away! It's a girl trait!

    The Flower Girl

  47. I love getting new purchases out of the bag and trying them on etc - such a great feeling :D
    And i think your hair looks lovely! x

  48. I love the feeling of having something new, it's a dangerous addiction Helen ;) Aaah that's exactly the same as me! My hair is quite thick, which is probably why curls drop so quickly.

    Thank you Becky! Oh definitely ;)

    Me too Danni, especially because I never usually try things on in-store! Thanks lovely!

  49. this is a lovely outfit, really suits you!my hair's similar to yours in that it's thick so I can't force it to be anything other than straight or curly(which is what is is naturally!)...there's no nice inbetween!i hope your uni work doesn't stress you out too much, it's always this time of year that's the hardest though!

    Emma x

  50. YOUR RING!!! oh my, i want it!
    You def do speak for most of us when you get something new, I practically come home and throw it on, then it'll stay on me for about a week and everyone is sick looking at it!!xx

  51. I agree with you! Whenever i get a new purchase its like 'oooh i need to wear you asap!' This is really pretty, very girly & looks major cute on you! Those magnetic words which are stuck on to your heater are adorable! Used to be obsessed with them when i was younger! xx

  52. Your ring is so adorable. So. Adorable.

  53. D'awww you look lovely :) and well done for getting your article written! the thought of writing 2000 words, now that I am not a student anymore, makes my brain hurt! :( haha. xx

  54. Thank you Emma! Oh gosh I so feel your pain, my hair was sprayed liberally with sea salt spray and pinned up in a topknot last night and my hair is ridiculously straight this morning!

    Haha it was such a good find, I think it cost me about £2! I'm glad I'm not the only one Ash, I'm already itching to wear the dress I bought on Sunday afternoon ;)

    I usually try to put it off Courtney, but it was too hard to resist! Thanks lovely (: They're more grown up that the kiddy alphabet ones that everyone seems to have at Uni!

    Thank you "Miss Vintage Vixen"! (:

    Eep thanks Ayden! It's awful, we have weekly copy deadlines at the moment and it's near impossible to keep up with, on top of my other modules, which are all written too! xx

  55. thank you so much for your advice darlin :)
    OH MY GOD. i watched take me out every week! and the only week i miss it lucy gets a date?!?!? whattttt! ill have to try find it on catch up! when jojo got a date i was like.. thats mint! (literally.. haha)
    i know what you mean about wearing something new.. its like.. you know its new. .so you feel all special and glowy in it! like.. yeee nobodys seen me in this before!
    enjoy the cookies and uni work.. hmm... atleast you have cookies :) xxxx

  56. aww is this the top that you got with the peacocks voucher I gave you?! It looks really nice =) see you do find the old cute thing in there ;) xxx

  57. I love the heater, such inspiring words. It must make you smile every time you turn the heat up. I love the top, you wouldn't think you'd find such a nice piece in Peacocks.

  58. Love the print! That's a super cute dress Michelle!

  59. Haha so true I always wear my new things first. The dress is absoluty lovely and so is your ring!

  60. You're welcome Jess! Hahaha I missed it the first time round but managed to catch it on ITV2+1 ;) So much entertainment from that show, I love it! YES that's exactly how I feel, people always think I'm weird when I say I feel "glowy" in something! xxxx

    Yep! Couldn't believe it, was only £13 and it looks like Topshop! Thanks for the voucher again Emily ;) xxx

    Thanks Vicki, it just inspires me with my Uni assignments at the moment! Writer's Block is not fun... Mm indeed, they have some seriously nice things in at the moment, well worth a look (:

    Thank you Connie!

    Aw thanks Miranda (: xx

  61. it looks gorgeous with that flower ring !

  62. That dress is so pretty.

    Your best bet hair wise is to run some mousse through damp hair, do a plait on each side and one at the back and sleep on it. You will look ridiculous :p but it should work! xx

  63. Love this blouse dress it massively suits you and the daisy ring is sooo cute too! Lovely :) x

  64. * Just read that post back and realised how poor my English is, sorry hehe. Basically what I mean is your new dress is really pretty and it really suits you. And yes, I always get that feeling when i buy something new I have to wear it the next day hehe x

  65. Thank you Sara!

    Aw thanks sweet. Eep, plaiting never seems to keep my curls in for longer than about two hours in the morning ): But I shall persevere and try it again with mousse Lauren! xx

    Hahaha <3 Thanks Helen! xx


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