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Reached 1234 followers on Google Friend Connect last night, I love interesting numbers like these • Tried on a pair of tapered trousers/peg legs in Topshop, which I'll probably buy over Easter • Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face. Gosh I adore Audrey Hepburn • Wrote a Sports feature for my Uni feature portfolio • Indulged in a facemask that Mandy kindly gave me for Christmas! • Finalised my third year Uni options and dissertation - eek! • Me yesterday • It was lovely and sunny on Saturday • I've eaten too many Twirls this week! • #supermoon hype • Been getting into this chick-lit • A toasted waffle with banana slices and maple syrup for Sunday morning breakfast

SO excited that my next installment of Week in Photos will be posted from home! Expect more food, snaps with my sister and other bits and bobs!


  1. Love how you made your picture! Congrats for having so many followers! :) Totally deserve it xx

  2. congrats on the 1234 followers! yay!
    love breakfast at tinffany's!
    and your breakfast looks yummmm
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the followers lovey! You're breakfast looks so yummy. We couldn't see the moon from our flat, it was gutting :( and I really do love those trousers xxx

  4. haha totally random but they had this thing recently on one of the good radio stations here in australia where they had an 'odometer party' for some girl who reached a certain number of k's in her car, anyway they were talking after about reaching interesting number in life and how we should always celebrate them :) and yay for you for reaching this. xo

  5. I know this version of the procrastinating student life far too well...

    : ) xx

  6. Oh, looks to me like you had a great week lovely! Congrats on reaching 1234 followers, :) Oooh, trousers really suit you, i'm a fan of them! Nothing wrong with eating too many twirls, there so yummy! Oh, the moon, it looked so beautiful,was crazy! + that Sunday Morning breakfast looks delicious, just perfect infact.Have a good week lovely xx

  7. It seems that it is was very lovely and sunny yesterday all over the UK! So nice to feel like it's sort of Summer for a change. I didn't get to see the supermoon though and the next one is supposed to be in 2016! Goddamn clouds... The tapered trousers really suit you! Definitely get them :) x

  8. Thank you Holly! I used to use full size photos but this is much neater and more organised in my opinion! And thanks lovely, it's crazy to think so many people read/have read my blog! xx

    Thanks Krissy! Breakfast at Tiffany's is definitely one of my favourite films! xo

    Aw thanks Heather! Totally making chilli following your recipe tonight by the way, I've been craving it since I read your post. Oh that's a shame you missed the Moon, there are so many nicer photos and views on the ol' Google though! xxx

    Haha that's amazing! I'm definitely like that, I remember throwing double-digits parties with the best girls when we were turning 10 ;) Thank you Emma! x

    Oh gosh, tell me about Jess...(!) xx

    Omnom, I love Twirls, Jazzy! x

    It was pretty good aside from constant Uni related stress haha! I'm so taken aback by all the lovely feedback regarding me in trousers, it's totally encouraged me to buy a pair! Hope you're well Courtney! xx

    It was lovely wasn't it?! Haha oh gosh, a long wait then Jade ;) x

  9. oh lady im so envious that you will be at home next week. i will still have two weeks before i can go home. we MUST grab a coffee sometime soon. your modules sound so interesting, you can tell me all about it! xx

  10. Congrats on all the followers! The waffle looks delicious, yummm :)

  11. Those trousers are lovely. I've wanted a pair of tapered trousers for a while and I'm loving the browns/burnt orange colours.


  12. I love those trousers on you they look great,especially with the bright orange top :)

    kate xo

  13. buythetrousersbuythetrousersbuythetrousers! They're gorgeous!

    I ate too many Milky Way's this week whilst studying and revising. Caffeine and Sugar are my major food groups, supplemented by an unhealthy addiction to apples, lettuce with malt vinegar and Angel Delight.

  14. Congrats on the 1234 followers! Such a funny number to spot hehe ^_^ You deff deserve it, i lovee reading ur posts =]

    Aw supermoon?! Did it really happen?

    Yum i love waffles!! <3

    Gd luck with all ur uni work!!


  15. can a week of procrastinating be any better? ^^
    congrats on the new followers!!
    & the trousers look amazing ^^
    @chicklit; any recommendations? I've tried numerous times to get into it & failed xD

  16. Love your photos, your outfits are cute :), missed out the supermoon because it was cloudy were i live :(

  17. I had to comment as when I first saw your '#supermoon hype' I sat in awe thinking 'she's talking about me?! I'm confused as to why' then realised 'oh you mean the big moon last night'. This may seem odd and random, but it made me chuckle; my last name being Moon an old nickname was supermoon, so yes this odd little coincidence is clarified.
    Hope you have another twirl filled month :)

  18. Lovely post! Didn't have a chance to see the moon last night, booo :/ Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic - absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn as well! Love that outfit girly, so cute :) xo

  19. Congratulations on all the followers, you definitely deserve it! :')

  20. Ugh, I've been wanting to get Funny Face for the longest time, but I seem to forget or never have time to drive to Barnes & Noble!

    (And congrats on the 1234!)

  21. i used that exact same mask yesterday.
    yay for 1234 followers :] xx

  22. Grats on the followrs! :D Those trousers look very nice on you by the way, the colour is beautiful! Very summery. The moon was amazing yesterday, so bright and beautiful.

    Also.. one word... TWIRL!

    Katie. x

  23. That waffle looks delish! :D

  24. Those tapered trousers look amazing! Love waffles! x

  25. love the 1234 followers! & i really want a twirl now, haha x

  26. I'm procrastinating by reading this, haha dissertation can so wait.
    Waffle looks so yummy. Wish I got to see the moon but it was hidden on the other side of my house.
    Breakfast at Tiffany's is soooo good, need to watch it again soon.

  27. Oh gosh, I think Solent just like to make things difficult for us, we started back on the 4th or 5th of January, so we get an earlier Easter and earlier Summer break, so I end up missing people on their return from Uni! Yes we must Ella, a whole month of being home definitely means coffee and a good ol' gossip! xx

    Thanks Sophie! They were a pound for four waffles at the Co-op, couldn't pass up the offer really! x

    Aw thank you Tesh. That's my favourite colour palette at the moment, I'd quite like navy tapered trousers too though, perfect for the Spring/Summer, seeing as it's unlikely to be warm ;) x

    Thank you Kate! I'd never have thought to buy anything bright orange, its actually for my photoshoot, but I was wearing a dress on the day and could hardly snap photos of myself topless hahaha! xo

    Oh Chloe! Being a blogger is turning out to be expensive business with enablers like you ;) Aaah you sound exactly like me: caffeine and sugar are great help with assignments! I haven't had Angel Delight in yeaaars!

    Thanks Wei-Han, I guess I'm a bit weird like that! Yeah, the moon was huge last night! Thanks sweet! xx

    Indeed ;) Although I did get a surprising amount of work done inbetween, Misha! I'd recommend the one I featured, it's a nice, easy read (: I'm more of a classics gal myself, but I'm loving Love in a Warm Climate, and A Vintage Affair is one of my favourites! xx

    Thank you TaMii (: x

    Haha awh that's amazing Lyndsey! I kept typing 'Sailormoon' (one of my favourite animes) instead of 'supermoon' in my texts last night, and confusing everyone :-P x

    Thanks Laura! Hope you had the best birthday! I think I'm going to watch Sabrina tonight, I'm on such an Audrey hype at the moment! xxxx

    Thank you Alex <3

    I have it in my Audrey Hepburn DVD boxset, Jessica! (: You should totally buy one haha, they're cheaper on and Amazon too! Thanks sweet! x

    I didn't notice any whitening Lucy ): Gonna do another one tonight! Thanks honey. xx

    N'awh thank you Katie! I really want the trousers >.< Hope you've had a lovely weekend! x

    It was so yummy, Sarah! x

    Thanks StyleFrost! x

  28. Thank you Elise! x

    Haha excellent ;) When is your dissertation due?! Oh no, my flat in Mercury Point has the hugest windows so we couldn't miss it really aha! Hope you've had a nice weekend Chlo! xx

  29. WOW!!! that is an amazing number!!! congratulations you definitely deserve it dear..even though I haven't used GFC in my end...I always bookmark and update my links via my favorite blog links...

    and I am adding site!!!!


  30. lovely photos, I love your minnie mouse top, where did you get it from? xx

  31. Crimes of fashion sounds a pretty good module! You always have so much good food in these posts, waffles with bananas looks lush.

    Big congratulations on the 1234 (or 1241 now I should say!), you seriously deserve every one Michelle xxx

  32. Mmmmmm waffles!!! So happy for you about the followers!!! xxxx

  33. congrats on 1234 followers!

    i really enjoy your photos of the weeks posts, the food you eat always looks so nice!


  34. aww this is a really cute collection of photos, there's nothing better than an audrey hepburn marathon! x

  35. Nom! Your waffle looks delish!
    I loved the supermoon hype xD
    and congrats on the much deserved number of followers! :) xxx

  36. i love your little collages.

  37. Congrats on 1234 followers :)

    I love these posts...those waffles look so good! I really want some myself now!

    I need to invest in some more chic-lit! They're great for reading on holidays!


  38. I really like your Minnie Mouse shirt you have under the knit cardigan :) It is very vintage! And the waffle with banana looks delish! Great " Week in Photos" - they are really cool pictures.

  39. woah that photo of the moon over southampton looks amazing!

  40. Such a cute little number isn't it, Sweet?! Thanks lovely, I'm glad you enjoy my blog! x

    Thank you Dollyfaces (: My Minnie Mouse top was from New Look, but I bought it two or three years ago! xx

    It sounds absolutely hilarious Emily, hahaha! Apparently that's our Fashion Law module, but obviously, I'm at Solent and we do things in a different way ;) Mmm breakfast was beautiful this morning indeed! Thank you lovely, that means a lot! <3

    NOM ;) Thanks Gem, I just thought it was a really sweet number! xxxx

    Thank you Beth! I definitely don't eat by typical student standards haha, I'd rather spend my money on nicer food than on alcohol at the moment! xx

    Aw thanks Jasmin (:

    It was so good! I didn't even realise it was supermoon night until I Tweeted about the abnormally big moon, and everyone replied telling me about it! Must. Start. Reading. The News. ;) Hope you're well Vicky! xxx

    Thanks Julianne! <3

    Thank you Sarah! They were £1 for a pack of 4 at the Co-op, so if you have a store nearby - GOGOGO! Oh I know, I needed a nice light read as a break from Uni work and reading about the history of the magazine industry haha! xx

    Thanks Lucy! xx

    It looked so lovely last night Helen, such a shame my camera didn't capture it properly really! xx

  41. Congratulations on the followers lovely, you deserve it! :) Those trousers look fab on you too :) I cannot believe I've never seen an Audrey Hepburn movie- it's shameful!

    Maria xxx

  42. 1234 im not suprised! your uttterly fabulousssss :)
    did you see the moon last night? it was the biggest it will ever be in the next 100 years. it was a big mama moon!
    your waffle looks yummy.. but im sooo bad with breakfast. i have jordans crunchy oats every single day without fail. lameee!

  43. Eeep, 1234 followers!! Well done m'dear, I'm predicting it will only get bigger and bigger, although that means no more cool number - boo!

    Definitely go for the trousers, they're such a great colour :) Oh, and you can never ever have too many twirls ;)

  44. p.s thanks for the nice comment about my nose! its a bit of an odd thing to be self concious about.. but im gunna get over it soon :)!

  45. Love the sunny picture from Saturday. The weather in Southampton's been so lush the past few days, well apart from Friday =| stupid rain.

    Well done on your follower count, totally deserve it! And have fun back at home :)

  46. sounds like u had a great week x

  47. Defo buy those peg legs - nicee! && im currently wishin that waffle was right here (minus the banana lol) x

  48. wow! i'm here for the first time and i must say w o w ! really good and interesting blog! you are cute! :) i'll following you.

    come to me and follow me too if you want. :*


  49. Thanks Joana, just been on your blog and it's lovely, just followed you (:

    N'awh thank you! I didn't think trousers would ever suit me but I'm a little more encouraged now! Oh gosh, Maria you have to watch one, go for Funny Face, such an amazing film! xxx

    Eeep thanks Jess ^____^ Yeah I did, couldn't take any decent photos though, damn my crap camera! I hardly ever eat breakfast actually, I only seem to eat it at weekends! xxxx

    I know! I guess the next cool number would be 2011 or 2345?! Thanks Danni, going to persuade the mother to buy me a pair haha! The money situation is dire at the moment! xx

    Mm it's been lovely Ria! My flatmate said it's because of the supermoon?! I'm not complaining though, I think today might even be a dress, tights and cardy day! Thank you lovely, hope you're well! xo

    It was just lovely thanks Kirsty <3

    Oh Sherelle, I totes would if I had any money! Hahaha! x

    Aw thanks Anna (:


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