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Well hello March ;) I can hardly believe we're entering our third month of the year already, February was a whirlwind of events and feels like just a blur to me at the moment. From what I recall, this was my month in list-form:
  • Wore and posted some of my favourite outfits on here, including these: one, two, and three.
  • Reached a milestone of 1000+ beautiful readers.
  • Attended the Future Beauty: 30 Years in Fashion exhibition at the Barbican.
  • Enjoyed a fun, food-filled weekend at home for Chinese New Year, and a short break from blogging.
  • Got commissioned for some journalism/writing work!
  • Participated (mostly) in Frugal February, and introduced a new feature: Ways to Wear.
  • Had my London Fashion Week press pass accepted!
  • Went along to the Look Show courtesy of Lily, and got the chance to meet lots of fellow fashion-obsessed bloggers.
  • Struggled through with Uni work, and attained a First in one of my essays!
  • Posted a sample of my current Uni assignment work to some really lovely feedback.
  • Launched a giveaway with Shop Dixi.
  • Reached new all-time highs with daily page views.
All in all, it was a productive and fulfilling month for me. I feel like all of my hard work and persistence has started to pay off both at Uni and in the (very) early stages of my career. Attending London Fashion Week definitely confirmed that I want to be in the fashion industry in the future, no matter how many people warn me against it. I also spent more time at home than I did through my last semester of Uni, which has seen me appreciate my Mama more than ever, I'm so determined to do well at Uni and continue to make her proud!

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it really - it doesn't even feel like my birthday to be honest, I'm so caught up with Uni work at the moment as are all my friends, and I won't be home for it either. I've also got a 9am seminar to get up and into Uni for, which sucks but hey, gotta get on with it really! I've not had any presents or cards from my family either, and won't until I next go home, which is likely to be in April: this is pretty much just an all-round failure aha.

(Sheer kimono style top, Topshop;
High-waisted black shorts; River Island.)

Wore this for my birthday night out last night (: It was a pretty good night and I got tipsy but not drunk which worked out well for me! Apologies to anyone who received a "drunk" text or Tweet from me, I'm notorious for them! Not sure if I'll be blogging tomorrow, I'd like to think not, but I've not got any plans and will probably have a chilled day in with some DVDs and food, before popping out with my flatmates for a meal.

Plans and Goals for March 2011:
  • Continue to develop and explore my personal style and tastes.
  • Build up my styling portfolio and notebook.
  • Book more tutorials with lecturers to improve my work further.
  • Read at least one new book.
  • Stop napping incessantly.
  • Refine my wardrobe and general belongings - eBay and organise a blogsale!
How did your February shape up? What are your plans for the upcoming month?


  1. happy late birthday :D

    love the shirt,you look great
    I need to stop the napping too this month its getting out of hand :)


  2. Love the outfit! And glad to hear you had a nice night yesterday :)
    You've had a really productive month, I'm jealous!
    Hopefully march will be just as good for you - I just plan to plod along the way I have been aha! xxx

  3. Love your top!
    Hope you have a lovely, lovely March :) xxx

  4. Kate: Oh thank you! I can't help it, I'm always napping aha, I don't sleep at normal times at all!

    Heather-Lou: Thanks sweet, hadn't had a night out in forever so it was good just to do something for a change! Eep hopefully March will be good for both of us! I have so many deadlines coming up, scary!

  5. Your top is just so lovely! It sounds like you had a great feb! And Happy Birthday btw! Hope the up coming months are as good, or even better! x

  6. love that blouse is so nice on you too. Hope you had a good birthday outing and will have a good day tomorrow.

  7. I love the title of this post, I really can't believe it is now spring!

    It's officially time to start clothes shopping for summer :)

    The top looks lovely on you, hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow! xx

  8. Anna: Thank you sweet! I've wanted it for weeks (: Aaah thank you, I'm so excited for the next few months!

    Tat: (:

    Susanne: I know, it's crazy! Only been blogging for a year so its so crazy, really overwhelming!

    Chlo: Thanks honey <3

    Laura: I knowww, hopefully we get the weather to match soon ;)

  9. The "Ways To Wear" feature is great. Hope that March is just as fulfilling for you!

  10. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Sounds like this year is shaping up to be fab for you, I hope it all continues! :D

  11. you look lovely, wel done on 1000 followers!

  12. gorgeous :]
    well done with your blog too :] xxxx

  13. Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
    By the sounds of it you have been very busy...nothing wrong with napping by the way! I wish i could nap more lol


  14. Ooh that is such a beautiful top, such a lovely pattern on it! Have an amazing birthday when it comes!

  15. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Michelle!! Hope you have a fantastic chilled day and meal. I always have to wait a few weeks after my birthday for my cards/presents from my family so it sometimes feels like a bit of an anticlimax. Hope you spoil yourself extra to make up for it!
    Big congratulations on your success at uni and on your blog, you deserve all of your followers :) xxx

  16. That outfit is so cute! Hope you had a good birthday!


  17. I love this post and all the amazing things you did in february and all the amazing things you've got lined up! I'm 20 soon too eek! Love love love your outfit too. might copy it for uni ;) xx

  18. Sounds like you had a better February than me! It feels like nothing really happened..this month will be better. Hope you have a great day tomorrow! xx

  19. Thanks girls <33333333

    Alexandra: Eeep, exciting! Happy (early) birthday sweet (: Love youuu xx

  20. that top is so cute ihave it in the dark colour but really want this too x

  21. happy birthday for tomorrow x

  22. happy birthday for tomorrow! the twenties are definitely a fun decade in life (i'm 23 :))

    I like the idea of having new goals every month - helps keep life running how you want it :)

  23. Well that sounds like a productive month to me. Lets hope March is a fab month too!

  24. Aww happy birthday for tommorow- it's mine too! Hope you have a really lovely day, and month in fact- sound like things are on the up :Dxxx

  25. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Sounds like you've had a busy February :) xxx

  26. happy birthday, love! that is a gorgeous top and congrats on your fabulous february! x

  27. Happy birthday! I like blouse and your goals for the month, it's a really good idea maybe I should do the same!

  28. I hope you have a really wonderful birthday, minus the lecture. Your outfit is fab. You did really well in Feb and love your goals for march, love you xxx

  29. Happy birthday for tomorrow lovely!

  30. you look so lovely in these pictures, love your top - it's so pretty!! :) you really can be proud of yourself and what you achieved so far in your studies and i'm sure you will make your way in the fashion industry!!! happy march, sweety! & happy birthday ♥

  31. High fives for a great Febrauary and 1000 readers! Best wishes for your march goals as well.

  32. gorgeous top! i am in love with the print! xo

    check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle!

  33. Sounds to me like you had an amazing February, packed full of fun things, jealous! Absolutely love this outfit and i hope you had a lovely meal :) Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE! Have a great day xoxo

  34. Happy birthday lovely!! In a way if you don't get your presents until April you get two birthdays!

  35. hi there darling:) I like! happy birthday and you look gorgrous! great tuniq:)We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way! Come and take a look and join to win :)


  36. Gorgeous! have a happy birthday :)

  37. i love your shirt!
    It's really cute!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  38. Aaah thank you girlies, I had a lovely day filled with lots of food (obviously!) and cupcakes. xxx

  39. You look gorgeous - love the blouse! Such a simple but sophisticated outfit! And more importantly congrats on the followers! Very well deserved. And Happy Birthday for tomorrow - I hope you had an awesome day lovely :) x


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