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I can't believe it's already Thursday! Where are the weeks going?! Not that I'm complaining, I'm pretty much counting down the seconds til I'm home for the Easter, so I can get down to earning those precious pennies once more. I'm probably going to be a bit AWOL, so to speak, towards the end of the month, I've got a crazy amount planned (as per usual) but more on that later...

(Mint green crinkle lace top, Topshop 2010;
Chain detail bodycon skirt, H&M;
Tan plaited belt, Primark - as if I needed to say!
Polka dot tights, Primark;
Rings, all from Topshop;
Umbrella necklace, Accessorize;
Scrabble bracelet, VIPXO.)

I'm going to put my hands up and admit that this was somewhat of a cheat outfit, although I am currently wearing it. I slept in until 8.20am this morning, despite having slept at 10pm last night and needing to be out of the door for 8.35am at a push! I'm so tired recently! So when I left the flat this morning, I was in this top, layered over a H&M tunic, and a pair of leggings. It was the most uncomfortable outfit ever, so I took advantage of my two-hour break to change into something more "me" and snap some photos for you! Oh to be a student/fashion blogger(!) I'm really into clashing prints and patterns at the moment, whether subtly like in today's outfit, or all out clashing as I'm planning for my final portfolio shoot at Uni. It's a bit of a hit-and-miss trend, but is easily done!

It was ridiculously windy today. I had a middle partin' sitch going on for the majority of my four walks across Southy, to and from Uni! Not attractive on me in the slightest, especially because my hair needs a cut (I think). Cannot wait for nicer weather so I can just rock a default dress and cardy look everyday haha, although compiling yesterday's Ways to Wear really inspired me to try trousers at some point. Again, I just can't wait to get home for Easter and earn some money - hello new clothes!

Today I realised just how much I have again attempted to slot in for the month. As well as getting all my Uni work done (this involves a portfolio of eight features, a Styling portfolio and photoshoot, a fashion history presentation, a webpage and four written feature, an exhibition review and many evaluative blogs, I've got my work colleague's wedding to attend on the 29th, a Taylor Swift concert on the 30th, and a Writing Fashion and Culture social mixer on the 31st. I'm so excited for the mixer event though, we'll be meeting editors of ELLE, ASOS and Harper's Bazaar, eep!

Finally, I picked the winner of my playsuit giveaway with Dixi Fashion on Monday, and the winner was Charlene! Well done sweet, hope you enjoy your prize! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for reading and entering the contest (: Once again, this was a longer post than expected, so I'd better go and prepare my interview for a sports feature that I'm writing. (I know what you're thinking, a sports assignment on a fashion journalism course?!) Have a lovely Thursday!

PS. My nail varnish is Rain by Eyeko... Use my code (E10884) for a free gift with orders over £15 ;) I highly recommend Rain, Posh and Military polish, as well as Big Eyes mascara - my HG products!


  1. love your love ring! i've never seen it in my topshop :O lovely nail colour! im feeling blue too. and my hair got raped by the wind :( xx

  2. Can I ask where you got your glasses from? I'm looking for thick framed ones like these and love the frame shape!xx

  3. I love your outfit it really suits you! I know when you look outside it doesn't look to windy until you get out there. Trust me to wear my hair down today I'm being blown about every where! xoxo

  4. Ooooh I'll be at the mixer, such an exciting event. Can't believe how fast time flies at uni.

    I love clashing prints too, hope you get all the work done.

  5. I absolutely love the skirt! This is such a great look!

  6. I adore that Reindeer ring (is it a reindeer? lol). I got totally blown away by the wind today (no pun intended) and had to give up on my hair. It now looks like I have been dragged through a bush. Good luck at the mixer event! Sounds like it will be amazing! Also good luck with all the uni work! I have a ton on aswell, final year is never a laugh. xx

  7. cute outfit ! and i love the rigns <33

  8. Lovely outfit, far too chilly here for that - had some drizzles of snow today! I've said this a bazillion times but don't stress yourself out too much xxx

  9. Wow wow wow love that deer ring! Thanks for sharing :)


  10. You look lovely, I like the lace print with the print of the skirt - nice choice! It was windy here too, my hair was all over my face at one point... not a good look! It'll be good for you to get some pennies towards some new stuff, cant wait to see what you buy! and good luck with your university work, seems like a lot of work but also fun!

    Katie. x

  11. gorgeous outfit! I adore that skirt!

  12. i love the print on the skirt! i also love your rings (i think Ellen has the antler one), i tend to wear gold/brassy colours more than silver - they look cool :)

    Mollie from

  13. Ooh a sports feature- sounds intruiging!
    I really like the subtle clashes in this outfit, and it's not really cheating if you did actually wear it right?!
    Yay for easter hols. I literally can't wait any longer for mine.

  14. Beautiful outfit <3 I love how you've accessorized it too :) I really wanna try out some trousers just to see what they're like :/ Mmm. Corr, you'll be a bit of a busy bee ;) That'd be a good name for a feature don'tcha think?! Hahahaha. Aww congrats to Charlene! Lucky lady. Have a good end to the week sweetie.

  15. love this look, especially the skirt,
    cute details!
    Krissy xoxo

  16. Thanks Lucy! My brother actually bought me it aaages ago when he got paid (I think I later found out he'd creased my new magazine :p) so I'm not sure if it's still around! My nail colour is Eyeko's Rain, should probs pop that in my post... xx

    Aw thanks "Grainner2", my glasses are by Chanel aha (:

    Thank you Steph! I did pop a scarf, cardigan and coat on before I went back out ;) My hair was ridiculous looking hahaha! xxx

    Aaah I hadn't even thought about that! I will see you there Chlo ;) Thanks lovely, hope your last few bits of work are going well, such a stressful time at the moment! x

    Thank you Hayley! xo

    It's a little stag ring aha. LOLOLOL I know the feeling, I was physically being blown towards Uni this morning. Thank you Emily, hope your workload is okay too! xx

    Aw thanks Heidi!

    Oh gosh it was fuh-reezing here today Heather! I did put a scarf, cardigan and coat on before venturing out again! xxx

    Thanks Chuui!

    Aw thank you (: I adore this skirt, was only £3.99 as well! Thank you Katie, hope you're well! x

    Thanks "Hollow Bones" ^____^

    Thank you Soph (: I'm such a ring addict!

    Aw thanks Mollie! I go through phases at the moment, opted for silver yesterday but I like the brassy tones with green and black (:

    It's so hard! Obvz its so we have a well-rounded portfolio though ;) Thank you Danni! x

    Thanks Anna and Baoto!

    Eeep thanks Bee (: Mm me too, I need the first outfit that I featured yesterday! LOLOL I do love you Bee, y'know, I think I've seen someone use that feature name... ;) Hope you're okay lovely <3

    Thank you Krissy!

  17. sports feature?! haha! this post makes me miss being a student <3

  18. eeeee i want that skirt,gorgeous outfit girl :)

    much love
    kate xo

  19. I think this outfit is so cute :)
    and I love love LOVE all your rings!
    x x x

  20. A bit off topic, but I found your blog while I was looking some information on Eyeko and I spent the last hour or so looking through it. Absolutely brilliant blog!

    Your rings are amazing, especially the deer one. And good luck on your uni projects!

  21. Thanks Cherry!

    Haha yep, an in-depth, 800 word feature about a sport, Helen ;) Clearly my forte(!) xx

    Thanks Kate! Was only £3.99, I blimmin' love H&M!

    Thank you Ellie (:

    Aw thanks Amelia. I interned at Eyeko in the PR dept. last summer so know pretty much everything possible if you need any info! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, that means so so much! xx

  22. oh my gosh, I need that skirt in my life! It look great, I have a huge bodycon fetish, so this one would fit in amazingly.

  23. that is a lovely skirt! i have the same ring :)
    oh i do hope you feel less stressed out soon- on the plus side- taylor swift concert and harpers bazaar/asos convention? lucky ducky! x

  24. I nearly got knocked over by the wind today trying to get my train =| that's what I get for being 5 foot tall lol

    Your skirt's really pretty, I have thing for bodycon skirts at the moment. They look great and are so comfy!

  25. Aw your outfit is so cute :) Really lovely. I can't believe how busy your schedule is.. wow.. I'll be thinking twice before complaining about my workload. Luckily I've only got two more assignments (& two columns) left for this semester. Can't wait for summer to have a break from it all. That Writing Fashion and Culture social mixer sounds great too, you're so lucky getting to meet those people. How did you get involved in that? Good luck with everything and make sure you manage to still find some 'you' time amongst that workload xoxo

  26. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment but it'll be worth it in the end. The networking event sounds super useful!

    Liking the skirt and the belt and the stag ring is amazing!

  27. I love your rings :) I always have trouble finding good rings that I'll wear often! I usually wear them like twice and then stash them away somewhere :/

  28. That skirt is so lovely! Its the kind of thing Id never think to pick up in the store, but seeing dressed up as an outfit I've fallen in love :)

  29. i looveeee ur outfit & those rings... yummm :)


  30. Your rings are gorgeous! I want each and every one of them.

  31. i love that skirt, definitely going to keep my eye out for it! I can't believe how busy you are, wow! So exciting that you get to meet all of those editors though - sounds exciting!

    I'm so excited to receive the playsuit - thank you so much again xx

  32. love the skirt and all the rings


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