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I'm going to put my hands up and admit that I'm an online boutique shopaholic. Despite being on the tightest student budget you could imagine, I'm forever lurking on online shops, making the odd sneaky purchase here and there! Aside from my usual favourite haunts (i.e. Topshop, H&M, Zara, Miss Selfridge, Dixi and countless jewellery stores!), one of my current favourites is

Although I'm not a huge vintage expert, I've always admired bloggers like Ella, Kavita and Bekah from afar, who seem to find the best bargains around. What I love the most about Yayer is that for the less thrift-savvy like myself, Yayer is the perfect place to buy both vintage and brand new pieces. Nothing is overstyled, and there is a perfect collection of both vintage and new garments. Unlike many "boutiques" who overcrowd their shops with rather questionable pieces, Yayer sell only the best of the best.

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4.

If I were to have a no-limits spending spree at Yayer, I'd definitely pick the Mocha Floral Playsuit. The muted heather-purple-grey tones are perfect to be paired with a bright cardigan, floppy hat and sandals for the British summer. It could also be worn with low-denier, sheer black tights and some sky-high platform heels or block wedges with some gold toned jewellery for a night out - you all know how big I am on restyling items at the moment!

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I'm sure you'll all sick of me and my obsession for sheer, collared shirts at the moment. I just love how whimsical and flattering sheer garments can be! This Sidewalker Sheer Dress is so perfect in my eyes, I'm seriously having to resist clicking that 'Buy' button as I hide behind my online persona! I'd definitely wear a little slip underneath this, and pop a pair of those primary-school-esque lace ankle socks and brogues on! I'd also knot a tan belt round the waist to break up the long-ness of this piece!

Get the look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Something a lot of my friends, and readers actually, pick up on is the lack of colour in my wardrobe! I always seem to opt for neutral colours, a LOT of black and the same few colours over and over again. I'm quite surprised that I've fallen so in love with this Burnt Gold Oversized Shirt to be honest - I think the loose-fit shape drew me to it first. Doesn't it just look like the cosiest, perfectly deconstructed piece ever? I'd pair this with a pair of my trusty denim cut-offs, patterned tights and lace-up boots for a laidback Summer look!

How would you style these pieces for the Summer? What are your favourites from Yayer this season?
In case you hadn't realised, this was my entry for Yayer's Blogging/Styling competition! The prize sounds absolutely amazing and would be a dream for me, cheesy as that sounds! And I also thought I'd challenge myself to write a focused blog post about a brand, and I've surprisingly really enjoyed it, so let me know if you'd like to see more of these types of posts once in a while!

You can find Yayer here on their SHOP/FACEBOOK/TWITTER.


  1. I like these kinds of posts! Educates readers on different stores/boutiques they may not have heard of before.

    Great entry!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  2. awh love all the looks!! Amazing!



  3. I've heard really good things about Yayer, and that shirt dress is lovely.

  4. Thank you Grace! I'm always finding new stores online so I like the idea of spreading the word a bit too! Thanks lovely, I've got everything crossed to win, although my chances are slim at best! (: x

    Thanks Gia! xo

    Me too, their customer service is amazing. I want so much from their store Sarah! x

  5. Really amazing post, you're robbed if you dont win!

  6. lovely styling there honey, good luck :) xoxo

  7. Ahh reading your post makes me want summer to come quicker even more! I especially love the playsuit ^-^

  8. I'm in love with all things sheer at the moment too, I really need a nice shirt/blouse to go with my denims for the summer, I just wish I had a tan! Thanks for letting me know about that great vintage/modern online store, beautiful.

    Katie. x

  9. Oh, you have to do more posts featuring some of the places you shop online! Im running out of places to browse, ahaha. :)
    I adore the yellow shirt, such a beautiful colour!

  10. I love Yayer! Great post.
    Sami xx

  11. love these kind of posts!
    i love all 3 outfits, cant even pick a fav!
    Krissy xoxo

  12. Aah Michelle this is so good! I've written a post for their comp too, but I'm so nervous to put it up - there's something really unnerving about putting something out there to be judged. This however is a fab way to show off all their lovely clothes- your way-to-wear posts are always fab :) x

  13. The playsuit, oversized shirt, jean shorts and jewelry are just soo pretty !!

  14. Thanks Morven! I doubt I'll win to be honest, there's so many other entries! Fingers crossed though ;) x

    Eeep, thanks Alana, I really want to win haha! Such an amazing prize! xo

    Aw same. The weather is slowly getting nicer though, can't wait until I can just stop wearing coats all the time. Thank you Anna! x

    You're welcome Katie! x

    I think I probably will, maybe a monthly post or something? The burnt gold shirt is just gorgeous, Alex, I really want it! xxx

    Thanks Sami! xx

    Thank you Krissy! I think my favourite is the third one, I literally need that shirt in my life! xo

    Aw thank you Danni, it was so much fun to write, a nice little distraction from Uni work ;) Oh you should! Good luck with your entry sweet! x

    Thanks Ifee! Really want the shirt and playsuit! xx

  15. Great post! Love the playsuit!

  16. I really like how Yayer provides both modern and vintage pieces. The fabrics look so delicate and beautiful. Good luck sweetie! You definitely deserve to win Mish :)

  17. I'm really glad I've stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and followed. It seems like you sure are a vintage expert :D I really enjoy reading your blog & thanks for introducing to me to yayer!
    Cheers Deb.

  18. I want those rings!!! I love them!!

  19. Thanks Beth! x

    Thank you Bee! I literally love so much of their pieces, my bank account is going to take a hammering once I've got back into work, haha! xxx

    Aw thanks Deborah, I'm glad you enjoy my blog and this post! x

    So gorgeous aren't they, Central Fashion?! Forever 21 have some really nice jewellery! x

  20. i would so wear every single outfit and how you put them together great job x

  21. ohh i love the bag in the first one but the last look is definitely my fave. nice work hun

  22. Thank you for the recommendation, they've got some lovely stuff!

  23. that third outfit looks nice for spring :) i can imagine wearing that, taking a trip up in the fields watching the sunset eating jam butties on a picnic blanket with friends. and having a fire at the night-time then walking back home with no shoes on through the cold grass.

    :) i love summer/spring/warm weather - hurry up!

  24. i ADORE the color and cut of that shirtdress- it's absolutely perfect for summer! lovely feature, as always :) x

  25. Aw thank you Lolita! x

    Thank you Emma! I literally want everything from their store, I really want to win haha, think of all the outfit posts I could do from them! ;) xx

    You're welcome Sophie! I hadn't taken a proper look before, but its my new obsession! x

    Yeah totally! Sounds like my idea of a perfect summer night to be honest, Fiona! x

    Me too, mustard yellow/burnt gold is such a beautiful colour! Thanks Hannah (:

    It's lovely Jazzy!

  26. thanks for the mention lovely! i always look on yayer, love the vintage and modern mix! xx


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