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(cardigan, secondhand; t-shirt, london fashion week september 2009; necklace, jewellery shaped things; swallow brooch, primark!)

Good evening my lovelies! Was going to do an outfit post today, but the lighting is awful and no amount of Photoshop would correct the lighting and shadows in the photos I did take earlier. I also feel like I owe the blog a huge apology for being slack with posts recently: I usually/used to post daily, but it doesn't just slot into my routine at the moment, and I'm really trying to focus my efforts on Uni instead. The quality of my camera is also getting me down recently, and I'm desperately trying to save the pennies to go towards a new one, including an impromptu work shift over the weekend when I visited! I'm trying to look at it as a quality over quantity situation; I'd rather post a few quality posts as opposed to lots of haphazardly written and put-together posts! Having said that, I'm going to try and get an outfit post shot and posted on Thursday, possibly by loaning a Uni camera again.

My brain is currently overrun with feature ideas and little to-do's for Uni assignments, as well as a hundred other things, but I think (fingers crossed!) that I have a post lined up for tomorrow. Tomorrow also marks my food delivery - exciting! I haven't done a full shop in ages because of my weekends away, and I feel really confused, totally out of my usual system! Can't wait to rustle up something yummy for tomorrow's dinner though.

Tonight, I'm off to TGI Friday's to celebrate my first year flatmate's 20th birthday! I'm looking forward to it after two pointless lectures and two 15 minute walks to and from Uni in the pouring rain. Despite the awful weather, resulting in my current smudged make-up look, I'm excited to eat out and have a bit of a social evening, my only other dilemma is what to wear and what to eat! How have your Tuesdays been?

PS. The post title comes from the name of a song by Seungri that I've been playing alternately on repeat with Owl City's 'Enchanted' cover. My music collection and taste is quite eclectic. Any new K-pop recommendations for me girls? xo


  1. You look cute in your photo! Dont feel you have to apologize silly, we all know that education has to take priority, blogging can be done whenever, b ut you only get one shot at a good education. Hope you have a lovely evening, love TGI fridays, they do such good food! xx

  2. Thumbs up for having food in the house! ;) I hve to get me one of those swallow brooches to spruce u a dull handbag or few.

    Have an awesome night my dear! xxx

  3. Oooo yummy TGI's! Happy birthday to your flatmate :) Uni was so pointless today wasn't it!! Stupid light rain as well! Have a great night, xoxo

  4. I love all the full cupboards and meal opportunities when you've just got a massive food shop in, I'm actually quite jealous of your big delivery!! Hope you have a lovely evening xxx

  5. Oooh, hope you have a lovely evening!
    and no need to apologise! your work needs to come first :)! hope you manage to get yourself a camera, i have the same struggle with my camera, plus its been so overcast recently! rubbish! :(

  6. Ah TGI's! I wish i had one in my area. I hate not having food in my house either! Means i get veerryy lazy and am on a diet of instant noodles :S

  7. Lovely picture! It's better to have tons of ideas for Uni than none at all, so don't feel bad about 'neglecting' (which you're really not) the blog.
    Have a wonderful night, I'm sure you will :) xxx

  8. You look lovely :)
    Food deliveries are seriously the highlight of my weeks! I spent ages doing one today to be delivered in 2 weeks time. I just love my food! xx

  9. I love the photo *_*
    Michèle ♥

  10. You look lovely regardless!

  11. Courtney: Thank you! I was so moody today haha, thought I'd snap a quick webcam shot to accompany my post! Aw thanks for saying that, just feeling a little bit pressured to blog sometimes when I get such lovely comments and new followers, don't want to disappoint haha! Had a lovely time at TGI's thanks Courtney! Hope you had a good evening (: xx

    Abby: Oh Abby, you don't even understand my excitement hahaha! I physically cannot wait! Ooh I'm thinking of investing in a brooch for my blazer soon, they're so pretty! xxx

    Alana: TGI's was so good, had brownies and ice-cream and everything ;) Blahhh I know, I was in the worst mood known to man when I got in. xxx

    Emily: Hahaha me too :D It's such a good feeling knowing you don't have to eat cereal three meals a day! Thanks lovely, had a great time out! xxx

    Cherry: Thank you (:

    Patsy: Thanks chicaa! I probably won't be able to afford a new one until the Summer unfortunately, but tomorrow I'm going to hire out a Uni camera for both work and blog purposes! xxx

    Anna: I don't have one relatively close at home, but ours is a 15 minute walk away at Uni! I'm a failure in life... don't even have instant noodles in my flat atm >.<"

    Heidi: Thank you! <3

    Heather-Lou: Thanks poppet (: I just feel a bit out of the loop, where I'd completely immersed myself in the blogasphere before and I've dropped out of it a tiny bit recently haha! Had a lovely night, filled with good food! xxx

    Hayley: Thank you! I'd just woken up from an extremely long nap hahaha! Oh gosh, the life of a student eh?! My Tesco delivery honestly is the highlight of my week right now! xx

    Michele: Thanks lovely x

    Sarah: Awh thanks Sarah (: xo

  12. MMMM TGI's, they don't have them in Australia damn them :( Hope you have a great night, and don't feel neglectful - real life should always trump virtual life! Looking forward to these new features you speak of, though :)
    Baking and Brogues

  13. Beth-Charlotte: Aaah really?! ): I had a lovely night thanks sweet! xxx

  14. You're so gorgeous! You do look beautiful in that necklace too, a worthy model! :)


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