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Before I get started on this week's Ways to Wear feature, I just want to share my excitement (understatement of the century!) about finally having my London Fashion Week press pass application accepted. I've never been as "press" before, and certainly won't be passing up the opportunity to snap stylish Fashion Week-ers and people watch at such a big event. I haven't fully decided when I'll be around London yet, but by the time you read this, I'll most probably be poring over the schedules deciding where to be when. Who else will be in London?! Help me decide which days to go!

Anyway, onto this week's feature then. I dithered over which item to base this week's installment on for absolutely ages. I do tend to just restyle the same few items over and over! But after much thought and consideration, I have plumped for the humble denim shorts or cut-offs. I actually picked this item because it is so versatile, can be worn by lots of body shapes - believe it or not! - and can easily be DIY-ed from a pair of old, tattered jeans, like my pair.

To "DIY" your own pair, all you have to do put your jeans on, cringe at the hideous length or general fit of them, and grab a Sharpie. Mark on each leg where your ideal (shorts) leg length is and take off your jeans again. Bear in mind that your shorts may ride up when wearing them, and if you so wish, allow for extra inch as a turn-up hem, then snip away! You can be as messy or neat as you like. Also, for the purposes of this post, I am using this pair by H&M which are a mere £14.99!

Tip: Shorter lengths will flatter shorter and petite figures, while something slightly longer, perhaps mid-thigh suits curvier figures!

Look One is an outfit that I would probably never wear myself to be honest. The rock look doesn't suit me at all and wouldn't reflect my personality, so I don't tend to bother at all. I like the idea of a printed T-shirt paired with denim and leather all at once. I picked this T-shirt out from River Island, who by the way have seriously upped their game this season, but they are easily replicated as I showed in a tutorial way back when ;) I added the bright blue belt to inject some colour, as we are entering the summer months, and a pair of suspender tights that I have been in love with since Ella wore them on her blog.

Much as I claim to hate summer, there's something in me that keeps whipping out the super summery outfits on here. I really like the idea of wearing a girly, floaty, floral top with denim, paired with bare legs (if you dare!), little schoolgirl-esque lace top socks and a pair of brogues. This is just such an adorable look, fingers crossed we have the weather to match up, eh?!

My final Look this week takes inspiration from the ethnic and Navajo colours and prints that I've seen floating around, particularly in Morven's recent post. I was 99.9% sure that I'd seen the perfect top to pair with these shorts, but after much pondering and "research", I actually think that I dreamt the top up in my head. Anyone else get this? ... No? Just me in the crazy corner then! I did, however, find these cute tees in Urban Outfitters, which are a subtle nod to the Navajo trend, and spruced the look up with a selection of rings, which should ideally all be worn at once! Finished off nicely with a burnt orange velvet turban from Crown & Glory, and we're good to go!

Again, I really hope you enjoyed this week's Ways to Wear feature, and if you have any requests or suggestions, please just email or Formspring me, the information is in the sidebar!


  1. I love the Ways to Wear features! I'm so interested in other people's interpretations of classic items and style. I've been lusting after a Crown and Glory turban for a while now too :) Paula-Ellen xo

  2. I dreamt an entire NY Fashion show the other day! The shame..... x

  3. Press! Woah!! Can't wait to see the pictures that you take.

    I love alll the looks that you've put together and would wear them all!! I really need to buy a turban and see what it would look like on me.

    Great post xxx

  4. aw thanks for the mention michelle:) i love the tights so much, as soon as they are out if the wash they are back on again! i think i am becoming a tights fiend much like yourself ha. the last look is my fav, especially the crown and glory turban - the colour is beautiful xxx

  5. i love the second oneee <3 the floral printed top is soooooooooooo cute ! i want it haha :)

  6. Ooh yay for the press pass, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!!

    Absolutely love the way you've styled every outfit! Denim shorts don't suit me at all so I'll just have to admire everyone else's outfits hehe xo

  7. Paula-Ellen: Thanks sweet. I tend to just restyle the same things over and over at the moment! Ooh I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over turbans for ages, I just don't think they suit me and my head shape. xo

    Jasmin: Haha there's no shame in that ;) I'd love to go to New York Fashion Week one day!

    Naomi: Aaaah I'm so excited! Glad you enjoyed the post sweet. xxx

    Belle: You're most welcome! I seriously need a pair of those in my collection! xxx

    Heidi: Thank you (:

    Jennie: So so excited, I haven't spent any time properly in London since Christmas, so it'll make a nice few days! Thanks lovely, oh I'm sure you could find a pair to suit you? Or swap with navy blue city shorts! xx

  8. Aww lucky you! You must be well excited!!
    Lovely outfits, although I must admit I'm really not one for denim shorts - I always find that they either look too 'pretty' or too 'tough' on me, just can't find a happy medium. But I might try this summer :) love the tee in outfit one xxx

  9. I love the biker jacket, I'm so desperate to get one for spring!

    Penny x

  10. I love your "how to wear" posts. It really explores the different ways to style them. I love my denim shorts. So easy to team up and i don't have to be nervous that it would show my bottom, unlike skirts and dresses where i'm always slightly nervous that i might show too much due to it possibly riding up! x

  11. Thanks for the mention Michelle! Loving the last look :D xx

  12. i was JUST thinking about how i want to wear short shorts. then i saw your post & went all squee~

    also i am loving that eagle tee you picked out. too bad i dont see people selling navajo print tops here. maybe theyre not much of a hit here in asia - yet. (:

  13. love the 3rd look most! Theres something so simple about denim shorts and a tshirt, yet so nice :) xx

  14. This is fast becoming one of my fav feature posts cos EVERYONE can relate!!
    I practically live in denim shorts in the summer so its good to see ways to spice it up a little Will def be rocking the turban this year, A LOT!x

  15. keep these posts coming.their inspiring :)X

  16. I love this post idea. It's really helpful and makes me think about different ways I can work the things that I already have instead of buying new things (which I'm trying not to do!) I bought a turban a couple of weeks ago...but it really doesn't suit me! xxx

  17. Are you going to London fashion weekend or london fashion week? congratulationsx

  18. Great post, gonna get out the shorts soon! Love all the looks you've put together.
    I always think i've seen the perfect item of clothing but then can never find it again, crazy, glad I'm not the only one! xx

  19. I wish I was skinny enough to pull off this look - use to make me look real frumpy.

  20. Great post, I get really stuck when it comes to shorts!

  21. I love this feature. Looks 2 & 3 are def my favourites. I adore the bangles in look two! Oh, how I wish Spring would bloody hurry along. I wanna go for long walks in the sun with my boy <3 Have a loooovely time with your press pass!

  22. i adore these posts! the 2nd look is my favorite, those brogues are darling x

  23. ooh, I love look 2 and 3 :D lovely ideas:))

  24. I would so love it if you could do leather shorts!

  25. I love these posts!
    I've not worn my denim shorts in ages and this has inspired me to dig them out :) x

  26. Heather-Lou: I'm so excited, its unreal, I've always always wanted to go to London Fashion Week as press, hence me studying Journalism! Awh I really like pale denim for an in-between girly/tough look! xxx

    Penny: Me too, I've never owned a leather or faux leather jacket, but think it'd add a really sweet touch to an outfit! x

    Anna: Oh thanks so much love <3 That's exactly why I like mine! Much safer than dresses ;) And they're so easy to wear with absolutely anything! x

    Soph: You're welcome sweet! Can't stop dithering over your turban headbands haha, they'd make my head look massive though I think ): xxx

    Esther: Haha perfect timing! Hm I don't think I've ever seen ethnicy trends in Asia before actually, that's a really good point you've made! I might/need to write a feature or post about Asian fashion soon, most of my clothes are from HK when I visit family! xx

    Dan: Mmm exactly, making me excited for the summer! xx

    Ash: Awh thanks Ash, so glad you like them! I didn't want to keep posting things I want to buy but can't afford, it isn't realistic at all, especially when we're all struggling at the moment! (: xxx

    Joanne: Thank you!

    Hannah: Thank you! That's exactly what I'm trying to do at the moment, and its quite fun finding out what works and what doesn't! xxx

    Ichiban: London Fashion Week (: x

    Connie: Thanks hun! I think they're so versatile, I'm always wearing mine! xx

    Rachael: I really think a lot of shapes can wear this look, perhaps opt for a longer city short instead? (: xx

    Cherry: Thank you! x

    Bee: I really want to wear Look Two, much as I'd freeze to death ;) I'M SO EXCITED! I misss London, so it'll make a nice day or so out, depending on which days I decide to go to! xxx

    Hannah: Thank you (: I shamefully still haven't got round to buying a pair of brogues! x

    Patsy: Thanks lovely!

    Stacey: Thank you for the suggestion, have noted that down ^___^ x

    Charlene: Thank you! Oh you should, I practically live out of mine!

  27. All three looks are so well put together and I'd probably wear any of them given the chance. If I had to pick though, Im most drawn to #1 :) Leather jackets and the general "rock" look is more my style that the cute girly outfits and I adore the jacket you picked!

  28. You're really good at this sort of thing! I'd wear the last one in a heartbeat, it's making me long for summer :) thank you for the inspiration!

    xx Kim
    Paper Bird Love Songs

  29. Great posts! I love the items you've put together.



  30. Congratz on LFW press pass! How exciting! Do you know what you're going to wear yet? Can't wait for your update on that.

    I like look one as it's something I would wear (I even have very similar items save for the tights), but gotta wait for the weather to get warmer first.

  31. I really enjoyed this feature as I am always wondering what to wear with my denim shorts. I do love those H&M ones, I've seen them in there recently but I already have three or four pairs so I don't think I need any more!
    Well done on the Fashion Week pass, you must be SO excited!

  32. Casey: Thanks lovely (:

    Alex: Oh thank you! I really want to try the first Look, might make a nice change from what I usually wear, not that I even own any leathers... x

    Kim: Thanks Kim! xx

    Toya: Thank you!

    Joey: Eeep I'm so excited! I'll probably post on Saturday or whenever I'm next free about my outfit and all the events! I've never been as press so its really exciting (: Thank you! You could always double up tights or slip a plain black cardigan on for added warmth until the warmer months? x

    Rosie: Yaaay thanks sweet. I DIY-ed my pair, but may snap up a new pair of pale denim cut-offs soon. Oh gosh, like you wouldn't believe, its all I've been talking about to the girls this evening! xxx

  33. Thanks for the tip ;)
    I'm up north so it's still really cold here. I wore my tights out yesterday and nearly died. Doubling up sounds like a brilliant idea

  34. Loved this post, I have the urban outfitters eagle tee so I'm def gonna team it with my denims :) Congratz on LFW press pass too, that's so exciting x

  35. Hope you have fun at LFW! I adore the 3rd look with the denim shorts. The jewellery is all gorgeous and it's definitely a look I can see myself in this spring/summer. I love denim shorts!

    Jenny x

  36. Joey: You're welcome! Oh gosh I can imagine, it's freezing here today too!

    Stefany: Thank you (:

    Jenny: Eeep thanks, it was so much fun, debating going again this week! x

  37. I was just scrolling through your blog and realised I hadn't read this! I really love all 3 looks and would probably wear all of them.
    I have to say it's inspired me to get my frilly socks out and to buy a tribal print tee for the summer! They look fab, I'm looking forward to more of these kind of posts :) Xx

  38. Laura: Oh that's okay! So glad you enjoy them sweet (:


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