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Good evening lovelies! Hope you're all well? We're halfway through the week, although it doesn't feel like that to me at all, I'm heading home again tomorrow! As I mentioned before, I am replacing this month's Wednesday Wants feature with something new, so as not to tempt myself and any others to break our Frugal Feb 'vow'. I'm already planning another new feature for the blog, as I would quite like to incorporate more of my writing and possibly reduce the amount of outfits I post? Anyway, my new feature comes about because a lot of people comment me daily, mentioning how they like the way I restyle pieces in my wardrobe over and over again. Of course, I have no idea what you have in your wardrobes, I'm just suggesting some possible "new" ways to rework staple pieces, kicking off this week with the black vest top!

A black vest top is something that I'm sure 99.9% of my readers already own: they're so handy to slip under a top that could otherwise be inappropriate, just worn with jeans for a casual look, or even as part of an evening look! I also just want to add that for these looks, pretty much any black vest will do, I know that Topshop have hundreds of interpretations of them! ;)

Look One is seriously summer inspired, a pair of cut-off shorts with a black vest either tucked in, left loose outside the waistband or even knotted at the waist is so chic and comfy-casual. I decided to include this adorable Miu Miu-esque punchout belt because the colour is a great nod to many trends seen on the SS11 runway, and helps to cinch in the waist. I'm currently loving loafers and mocassins and general old-people shoes! They add a vintage dimension to the outfit, and I'm sure you'd be able to pick up a cheap pair in a charity shop as opposed to forking out £35 for the pair I picked out! Finally, a floppy summer hat will finish this look off perfectly, the colour is just lovely and adds something more to the look than a straw hat or black fedora would.

The second Look is inspired by my own wardrobe. My floral culottes from Topshop have featured in so many of my outfit posts, and I'm always receiving compliments on them (you guys are too nice to me!). Unfortunately, I bought mine a good two or three years ago now, but after some online research *ahemonlineshopping* I found this pair for almost half the price from! I just had to add the Little Fille headband after seeing them worn by Emma and Lily, they add a cute "little doll" touch to the outfit. A Little Fille piece is my most coveted at the moment, I'm probably going to order one after my birthday in March!

Finally, I thought I'd include a dressed down kind of outfit, and one that would allow for some warmth, because we all know how temperamental the British summertime weather can be! I absolutely adore this Pointelle knit cardigan from my beloved Topshop, and at a hefty £38 for the high street, I probably would still consider purchasing this! I just love carrying a piece of knitwear as opposed to jacket in the Spring/Summer, which I can throw on top of a dress. Cable knit leggings will probably be the love-hate piece of this week's feature: I personally love them, but would really recommend you wear a longer vest if opting for this ;) Camel toes are not a good look! You could even wear your black vest knotted at the hip for a jersey, almost sporty look. I also looked to Forever 21 to accessorise this look, I find F21 a bit hit-and-miss with their clothing, but can hardly fault their jewellery range! The bracelet reminded me of Abby right away, and the subtle pattern jazzes the look up perfectly.


I hope you liked this feature! It isn't anything particularly innovative, I know, but I promise I have lots more lined up for the blog soon. If you have any particular requests for a Ways to Wear post, please don't be shy in emailing or Formspring-ing me!


  1. Look one is definitely my favourite but all three are great. There's something so cool about Levi shorts and that hat, well that's going on my want list, but it will be a long time before anything gets bought off that after recent purchases!
    I really like this new feature. Wardrobe staples can get a bit stale, nice to think of different ways to jazz them up a bit!

  2. ah sucha good post! has inspired me on what o wear tomorrow ;) may try the last look as i have a cardigan similar! and i'm feeling the whole comfy clothes thing for tomorrow. THANKYOU for this brilliant post michelle :D

  3. Really like this idea for a post- I always end up wearing my clothes in the same way so this feature will provide me with some inspiration to mix it up a bit. I haven't worn culottes since Brownies- think I'm still a bit traumatised by them! Clearly have to rectify that judging on how cute those floral ones are!xx

  4. Love this post :) Thank you for my header once again :) it makes my blog!!

  5. i think look one is my favourite....or three.....I LOVE OF ALL THE LOOKS. the giraffe bracelet is seriously awesome.
    I really really like this post michelleee. You are such a dedicated blogger!! :] xx

  6. this looks are amazing! I love all of them, especially the first one! That floppy hat is gorgeous! I love this post! Xx

  7. I absolutely love this post! It's amazing how something so simple can be styled in different ways to make gorgeous outfits :) I particularly love the first one!

    Looking forward to seeing more of these posts! :D xo

  8. There are just too many ways to wear this amazing basic! I personally don't know where I'd be without my plain black top.
    Great post and lovely styling ideas! x

  9. I like these outfits, very well put together and i am a fan of all three :) Can also see that you put time & effort into these, definately pays off, great looks! Well done with sticking with your Frugal Feb vow too! xx

  10. this is such a good idea for a post (: can't wait to see others you come up with! i'd love to read more of your writing xo

  11. Great post! I love the belt in look one.
    I have in fact lost my black vest which is very annoying...

  12. Ooo I love this idea, I always reach for a black top, it's my go-to when I can't be bothered... but then because I've been lazy with the top I end up being lazy with the whole outfit >< Great feature idea, looking forward to seeing more. :)

    L x

  13. I loved this post, absolutely love the pointelle cardigan... hopping over to Topshop right now... :) xx

  14. Really enjoyed reading this! Definitely something a bit different x

  15. Love this new feature! I always look for help when trying to decide how to style my outfits.
    The third outfit is my favourite, it's basically what I've been living in for the past two weeks - I got a copy of that cardi from asda for £12.50 but in a more slate colour xxx

  16. I adore the first outfit. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to not wear tights and sunny enough to warrant super wide hats.


  17. I love this feature! Such a great idea. I really like the first look, so simple yet so nice :) xx

  18. i just bought a hat very similar to the asos floppy one, from forever21 but it's black. i can't wait to rock it! thanks for the inspiring outfit ideas! love them.

  19. love this post :) really like all three looks, the first one makes me ready for summer! and i love the knitted leggings xxx

  20. This is such an amazing post!! I'm in love with all, but think look 1 is my fave, wow can't wait for these each week, thanks lover xxxx

  21. This is such a great post!! Definately gives me that much needed nudge to make the most of my wardrobe! I love look 2 and will prob try it out soon!!

  22. This is such an amazing post! :) I love every one of the outfits, but I'm a sucker for shorts so I'd probably wear #1 the most!

    You can pick up a cheap pair of loafers, very like the ones in #1, in Primark at the moment :)

  23. Kayl: I really want a pair of Levi's, going to scour the charity shops in the city first though, I'm sure I'd find something similar despite me not being a charity shop girl at all! Thank you sweet, I'm always reworking old pieces, I can't afford to splash out on new outfits every week haha!

    Rose: Thank you! Oh I know which cardigan you mean, I've wanted that forevz! You are most welcome Rose, I do try ;)

    Emily: Thanks Emily (: I'm a bit overwhelmed by everyone's great feedback, I might continue this after Feb because I've got quite a few ideas in mind for future posts now. Oh I was never a Brownie... I feel like I seriously missed in my childhood!

    Corrie: Thank you! You're welcome my sweet, I'm so glad you liked them! xx

    Lucy: I really like Look One as well, I just wish hats suited me! Thank you hun (: Haha dedicated blogger/constantly procrastinating from Uni work! I just go to more extreme lengths!

    Cintia: Thank you sweet (:

    Jess: Thank you! Thought kickstarting the series off with a black vest was a bit of a no brainer really, I might update this when it gets a bit warmer (: Thanks for the lovely feedback Jess <3

    Michelle: I have about 4 plain black tops hahaha~ Not quite sure why I managed to do that, I'm such a shopping addict. Thanks lovely (:

    Courtney: Thank you! I'd been brainstorming ideas all day and finally managed to get them all down properly! Haha thank you, I'm surprised I've managed to keep to it actually. xx

    KLEE: Thank you (: I'm planning more of these, and a possible fortnightly column which will divert away from fashion a bit and focus more on lifestyle/new/topical issues/culture and all that jazz! Excited to put thoughts into action though!

    Sophie: Thanks lovely, Topshop have some amazing belts in at the moment!

    Laura: I'm more often than not in a black vest and shorts/leggings on my days-off from outfit posts, especially on Sundays and in the evening! Thank you Laura <3

    Connie: Thank you! I'm totally in lust with the cardigan, I may pop it on my birthday list because I can't spend for another two and a half weeks >.< xx

    Vicky: Thanks Vicky! x

    Heather-Lou: Yaaay I'm so glad you liked it (: OH MY. I may have to accompany Mumma on a foodshop and persuade her to go to Asda as opposed to Sainsbury's in search of this, surely if she buys it for me, I'm not breaking FF?! xxx

    Claire: Look One is my favourite too (: Roll on the summer and pretty outfits!

    Dan: Thanks sweety! x

    Adrienne: Ooh did you? I so wish hats suited me ): You are most welcome Adrienne, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. x

    Ellie: Thank you! I want to wear Look One riiiight now aha! x

    Gem: N'awh thanxxx Gem! Got lots of ideas planned for future W2W features ;) xx

    Ash: Thank you sweet! (: x

  24. Michelle, I absolutely love this feature! Such a good idea, and really great to do it with such a staple item everyone will have :) Thanks for the inspiration, beautiful styling, as always ;) xoxo

  25. really nice looks! look #2 being my fav :)


  26. aw I really love this post :)
    all outfits are great! Love vest tops, easy to wear with anything, and there's always a colour that will match.
    Love the top outfit, however it makes me want to be on holiday rather a lot x

  27. Alex: Thanks lovely! Ooh really?! I haven't looked in any shops since the beginning of the month, hopefully they're still there in March, I'll probably be picking a pair up! ;) xxx

    Katie: Thank you! (:

    Laura: Thanks sweet! I really like the headband and sandals in Look Two! x

  28. i love look one! this is such a lovely feature, especially for frugal feb! x

  29. Love all of them! I would wear them exactly the same! Fab :)

  30. this is such a great post, i love it, really inspiring to reuse bits in the wardrobe rather than buy anything new.

    look 3 is GORGE. love it, might recreate tomorrow!

    great post xxxx

  31. Love this feature! Especially think look 2 is gorgeous, can't wait to see more of these posts :-) x x

  32. i would wear all three outfits, can you come round my house please and actually sort out some outfits for me? lol i have such a mish mash of clothes that i cant put together ;/ these posts are afab idea!!

    i swear the 'vest' is my best ever buy!! xxxx

  33. I've recently started following your blog and I really wish I'd found it sooner!
    This is great post, remixing my outfits is the only way I'm getting through Frugal Feb :)I love the last look, so perfect for Spring in England (which as you said can be pretty temperamental at times lol)

    Keep up the great work!

  34. Have you looked on there are tonnes of pairs of Levi shorts on there, there is a great vintage shop back home that sells them too but I must resist until I can justify spending again! Haha

  35. look one is my fav - really well put together . id take it all !

  36. Steph: Thank you cupcake! I have an embarassing amount of vest tops, from my days of layering them and throwing a pair of jeans on to see friends "after school", but I never get much wear out of them. I figured this was a good way to show how things can be worn differently! Oh + I'm so with you on the holiday front! xx

    Hannah: Thanks lovely (: Planning a DIY one soon if I get the time to get crafty and take photos! x

    Amy: Thank you! I want all of the jewellery I've picked out haha, may have to start rethinking these outfit collages already (:

    LC: Thank you! Ooh you should, let me know how it goes! xxx

    Phoebe: Thanks sweety (: Look 2 is something I'm always wearing, nice and casual with a pair of flats instead of sandals! xx

    Sarah: Thanks love! Owwwh I totally would, I believe that would fit the description of my future job ;) I have WAY too many vests, it's slightly embarassing considering I only wear them around the flat at the moment! xxxx

    Small Town Girl: Awh thank you so much for following <3 Haha me too, although I haven't been into town to really allow myself to be tempted! Hope you're coping okay with Frugal Feb ;) xx

    Kayl: Ooh I hadn't actually, I've been to the store in London before but didn't realise they had a website too! Thanks for the link (:

    Sara: Thanks lovely, Look 1 is defs my favourite too! I'm really tempted to recreate the look once our summer finally rears its' sometimes-sunny head ;) x


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