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1. Threw myself back into the days of MySpace with a mirror snapshot for the purposes of showing off my hair which looked nicely tousled when I got up on Monday morning to meet Alana for a coffee date ;)

2. The first of many chocolate bars this week! I've had a huge craving for anything sweet this week and er, I totally realise this week's Frugal Feb has gone out of the window, but chocolate was definitely an essential to get through an incredibly boring Fashion and Cultural Influences leccy on a grim Tuesday afternoon.

3. Wearing my new Primark loafers in! This was paired with my outfit on Tuesday.

4. On my stroll through town to get home via our Lush store! I love little accents like these in Southampton, parts of the City can be really cute and quaint. FYI, I ended up buying a Magic Mushroom bubble bar and a Space Girl bath ballistic (my favourite) for the weekend.

5. An unhealthy lunch on Tuesday afternoon. Promptly followed by that Twirl bar above. I managed to make this while on the phone to my little sister - gal's got skillz(!) ;)

6. This week saw the return of my awful sleeping pattern, accompanied by The Sims 3. I stayed up until 4.30am, for a 9am start on one occasion, which was horrendous!

7. Hated weather like this - blah!

8. Finished a large bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk within about 4 hours on Thursday. Promptly passed out that evening for no apparent reason, although I'm feeling much better now.

9. Hopped on a train to visit the family for my pre-birthday weekend. HAI BAG O' CREME EGGS!

10. Extravagently priced train tickets, my railcard, slowly swelling thumb (I slammed it in a door by accident about two hours after waking up from fainting - F M L). Nails are Barry M Bright Pink and inspired by my five-year-old self.

11. Been wearing this bad boy all weekend! This was one of my presents for last year's birthday (:

12. My Pollo Pancetta pizza at Pizza Express on Saturday afternoon! Such a yummy birthday lunch, I'm so fussy with pizzas usually, but this was possibly the nicest one I've even tasted!

13. Shared a tub of limited edition Haagen Dazs Choc Choc Chip ice-cream with my little sister on Saturday night, while watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Perfect night in (:

14. My sister's current obsession. As IF they have their own book out now!


  1. LV ring is soooo amazing. Ah want :') x

  2. I really want some cute loafas like yours!

  3. Wow, you sure like sweets! YUMMY YUMMY ONOMNOMNOMN

  4. I know you said it wasn't really interesting but it is what life is like, and I love seeing yours through your lense! :D

  5. Mmmmm that pizza express looks so tasty, possibly my favourite place ever! They do the nicest banoffee pie!
    I love your little loafers, it seems like despite the weather and bad sleeping you've had a nice week :) xxx

  6. those loafers are adorable, heading to primark asap x

  7. That's it... next time I go to Game, I'm GETTING THE SIMS 3. I miss it so much! x

  8. yum I'm craving pizza express right now!

  9. I was worried when you said you had fainted on twitter, hope it doesn't happen again!

    Your LV bracelet is to die for! I want!

    Btw i'm loving your new blog layout :)

  10. Sounds like you had a good week Michelle! Its worrying that you fainted, hope your okay! That LV piece is absolutely amazing, so's that pizza too actually! I love marghertia pizza, it's my fav! You also love sims 3, YES! I'm constantly playing it on my xbox haha! xx

  11. I love Sims! And those eggs looked deliciouss


  12. Aw sounds like you had a lovely week! especially being home for pre birthday celebrations! Chocoaltes always an essential in a girls life hahaha! Love those loafers! Such a good primark bargain, they look like topshop shoes! sims really is good but in somes ways bad! I get so addicted it's un real. Glad your feeling better now! It's horrible passing out :( oh wow Haagen-dazs is always a great way to spend a saturday night! xxx

  13. Your week sounds pretty much perfect! Amy,x

  14. Aw lovely stuff! My boyfriend lives in Southampton, next time I'm over we should grab coffee! x

  15. Eggs on toast is my fave lunch. Yum. I hope you're feeling better!

  16. love the new loook for the blog, daisys are by far my fav flower so this is gorgeous!!
    haagen dazs <3

  17. Mmm Cadburry chocolate and eggs on toast. Diet of champions. Yum!!!

  18. love this post! so much chocolatey goodness! doesn't sound good about you passing out though :S hope you are feeling better now

  19. Yay for Sims! And that is a really, really pretty ring!

  20. Keyta: It's a bangle (: My parents bought it as a 19th birthday gift for me last year!

    Cherry: They're absolutely everywhere at the moment, but I'd totally recommend the Primark ones, so comfy and reasonably priced (:

    Alyse: Haha I know, I go through phases where all I'll eat is chocolate!

    Elodie: Awh thanks sweet!

    Heather-Lou: Mm it was beautiful, I totally want another one now! Its been okay, hoping next week is a lot better!

    Michelle: Haha YUS converted once again ;) I'm seriously so addicted, I do nothing else but eat, sleep and play the Sims in my evenings at the moment. x

    Helen: Me too despite only having had it yesterday!

    Vicky: Thanks sweet! Feeling much better now, so fingers crossed it doesn't happen again anytime soon! xxx

    Courtney: I'm fine now I think, not really sure what caused it but I'm feeling a lot better (: Haha amazing! I have it on my laptop so I can technically play it wherever I wish.

    Breanna: They were indeed!

    Rose: Its been a lot better since I've been home ^_^ Thanks sweet, they look just like the Urban Outfitters pair that I almost ordered haha, I'm so glad I braved the craziness of Primark for them. xxx

    Claire: Aaah does he? Yess that would be lovely sweet! (: x

    Scarlet Owl: Mine too at the moment!

    Ash: Awh thank you lovely, still making a few tweaks to it but I really like the new look too (:

    Kuleigh: Haha I should absolutely be clinically obese in theory, I eat so so much crap!

    The Style Box: Thanks honey <3

    Rachel: Thank you! (:

  21. ooh now I have pizza cravings!!!

  22. yum at your pizza express din dins! those loafers look cuter everytime i see them, im def on the lookout for those. hope you are having fun at home xx

  23. Ah, The Sims 3 <3
    We've been having a love affair since I was about 11, ahaha.

    Have you seen The Sims Medieval that's coming out soon?

  24. Does I show my age if I have no idea who as if are?!?! lol

  25. Well done with the chocolate my lovely...well done! :) Your post delightfully reminded moi of the box of Werther's choccies currently being neglected in the cupboard...well no longer! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  26. ok now i NEED chocolate :( eep. xo

  27. The Sims! I love it so much, seriously need a long session soon.

    It's exciting seeing photos of Southampton - I live in Salisbury so not too far away at all!

    Also I am now craving chocolate :)

  28. Ah, gotta love choc. Thanks for your lovely comment by the way sweetie (: It means the world to me to know that people like my blog. When things in reality get too much it's definitely the best escape for me (: Oofh, I could spend hours on The Sims. I really could. I need to go out and purchase the new ones, pronto. That pizza looks soo good right now! Hope you've had a lovely weekend with your fam.

  29. I love living in southampton- and that Lush is my favourite- far better than the bournemouth one if you ask me!

  30. I want sims 3 so bad!! But my boyfriend isn't sure it will run on my computer :( Maybe it's for the best, I can't imagine I'd get anything done ever!

  31. a bag of creme eggs?! how is it possible i've never seen them before! looks like you had a great week and lots of yummy food xx

  32. Cute post. Will definately be following <3

  33. Haha, I can't believe One Direction (or should I say 1D!) have a book. Mental!

    Fried egg on toast, squirt of ketchup- best Saturday morning brunch ever!xx

  34. looks so nice! ah that pizza looks so good.. X

  35. These are definitely my favourite posts that you do! I had so much chocolate this week too, and my first bag (!) of Mini Eggs - best time of year for chocolate! Ha. How do you get your eggs so perfect?! Mine are always rubbish, I'll do your nails if you cook my eggs for me? Deal?

  36. Jasmin: Oh trust me, so do I! God knows where these cravings are coming from, I just had a huge homecooked dinner at my Gran's house!

    Belle: Omnom, love Pizza Express! I'd forgotten how much of a bad idea it was to attempt to find a parking spot down the Old Town high street on a Saturday! Thanks sweet, hope you're feeling better now (:

    Alex: Haha I didn't "discover" the Sims until I was 15 or 16 but have definitely been addicted ever since. Something so compelling about controlling people's lives! Eep, I heard a little bit about it actually, not sure if I'll buy into it though.

    Rachael: The book is One Direction's! They were contestants on the X Factor in England last year aha.

    Aysh: Haha I can't believe how much sugar I've consumed this week!

    KLEE: Sorrry aha! I have SUCH a sweet tooth at the moment (:

    Beth: Mm I'm trying to refrain from it to make the most of my weekend home! Awh really? I still don't know how I feel about Southampton, I'm a little bored of it now.

    Bee: You're very welcome lovely, I honestly really look forward to your features each week, knowing there'll be a specified post full of happy things, What If's to ponder over etc.! I know just how you feel, writing is always a form of escapism for me (: Thanks sweet, hope you had a nice weekend with the boy!

    Claudia: (: I've not been to the one in Bournemouth, the last time I went to B'mouth involved a trip to the beach, copious amounts of ice-cream, getting lost and an Irish pub hahaha!

    Sophie: It is quite laggy on certain computers, seems fine on my laptop, yet it didn't agree with our household computer! Haha I know just what you mean, I'm going to have to hide the disc in order to get any more of my Uni work completed!

    Charlene: Indeed! Bought them in WHSmith for £1, for my train journey ;)

    Mel: Thanks for following lovely <3

    Emily: I know right?! They haven't even released any music yet! My sister is the hugest fangirl of theirs, so I had a quick peek in the book, which is just full of their thoughts of the X Factor experience haha, slightly boring!

    Soph: Thanks sweet, the pizza was amazing haha!

  37. oh gosh michelle every one of these you do makes me stomach growl!

  38. Lovely lot of images! As soon as I saw the twirl I was like 'Ooooh.. she has good taste in chocolate!' haha. Also is that cadburys nibbles I see? of the greats!

    Your shoes are lovely too by the way! I have some similar from new look however yours seem a much nicer colour.

    Katie. x

  39. The bracelet is so cute and that pizza looks so yummy! xo

  40. LOVE these posts, and even tho I dont always have the time to comment, I always read them :)

  41. i love your shoes and that toast looks deelish!

    xoxo monika

  42. Pizza and chocolate is my perfect week, encouraged me to have pizza and cookies for dinner today.
    i miss the sims, never had the 3rd one but I always play the second one when I go home for holidays addictive.
    I wish I had some creme eggs too, got malteasers from the train station yesterday morning and they were 75p which is mental, should have gone for the £1 creme eggs.

  43. every time i read your week in photos posts, i wish i could be orginised enough to try something simelar on my blog, haha.
    but my 365 project is already about 3 weeks behind, so i'm not sure i could manage. XD

    your alice in wonderland mug is super cute, btw, hehe. xx

  44. that pizza looks seriously good! I wish I could eat that much chocolate and look like you! xx

  45. Big love for Cadbury's! Your railcard photo is so nice!! My passport and driving licence photos actually look like those artist's impressions of murderers :/
    Aahh One Direction ♥ Harry and Zayn should just have their own book to be honest!! x

  46. We have the same laptop lol! Randomly noticed that, and nice 2see some1 else shares my chocolate addiction :P xx

  47. Thanks for all your lovely comments, fellow choc-addicts ;) <3

  48. I'm Renee and a new follower of your blog! Just thought I'd say hello, rather than be one of those creepy people that lurks around on your page haha

    anyhoot, i love what you've got going here, very cute!

    Feel free to take a look at mine [you know, just so you know who's reading yours :)]

    Renee xo


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