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Uni this week is a bit disjointed for me, which has totally thrown me off-course for doing work etc. I'm finally going home to visit for a weekend from Thursday, for Chinese New Year - so excited! I went in for a lecture today, which just outlined what we're doing in tomorrow's seminar, and a few points we already knew. Niceee. I came home early to get out of the cold because I've caught a bit of a cold: nothing major really, but I don't want to be ill over Chinese New Year, I'm sure my Mama and Gran will tell me there's some bad luck superstition associated with it all!

(Black panelled tunic dress, Miss Selfridge;
Floral insert cardigan, Bess Clothing;
15 denier black tights, Primark,
Patterned bow tights worn over other pair, New Look.)

I'm cheating today with my outfit, I wore this ages and ages ago when I first started my outfit posts! I figured that a lot of people won't have seen this though, so I'll pass it off as a new one for now ;) I still love this panelled tunic, it's so versatile as a LBD, and I've worn it countless times as both a day dress and evening outfit. I'm still wearing my doubled-up-sheer-tights combination, because it's just ridiculously cold outside, yet I refuse to give up my usual attire!

Thought I'd take this opportunity to mention that this month, along with Abby, Lauren and Alyse and some other bloggers, I'm taking part in Frugal February. Frugal Feb is a little project set up by Gemma, where you can't spend money on yourself and unnecessary items. I thought it sounded like such a good idea, especially because I'm on a budget anyway, and you can always do with reining in the spending after January and that initial impulse to splurge in the sales! Should be a pretty interesting month for me, so keep me motivated girls! Also, if you decide to join in on Frugal February, let me know in the comments.

Finally, just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has linked to my blog on theirs, if that makes sense. I do notice if you mention me etc. because I'm a serial blog reader, and I check my Stats regularly! It would take me forever to mention you all, but I do really appreciate it, and also a big thanks to Zoe, who mentioned me on her Someday Summary - Zoe's blog was honestly among the first I ever read, and is still a daily must-read/check for me!


  1. I love your outfit with every post you give me inspiration , will deff purchase the tights to give my outfits some cuteness,
    check my blog out, SeasonsChange/

  2. What a lovely outfit, that dress looks perfect for so many different occasions!
    Good luck with frugal feb :) I had to give it a miss what with the flat and everything going on this month xx

  3. You are adorable! Love your style & blog! I hope you feel better and have a wonderful Chinese New Year. x

  4. What a gorgeous outfit, that dress is majorly cute!
    Ooooh, good luck with Frugal February!

    Have a good Chinese New Year! xx

  5. Lovely outfit darl! I think frugal feb is such a great idea, I'd join but am having to pay for so many traveling things at the moment it wouldn't really make a difference. lol
    Hope uni is going okay and you have a lovely Chinese New Year :)

    L x

  6. I love the outfit, the cardi is really nice!

  7. I'm doing frugal Feb too! I also wrote a blog post about it!



  8. lovely cardigan :) good luck with frugal february! x

  9. I love the outfit...the tights are really pretty! :)

    Great blog by the way...have a good Chinese New Year! =] xx

  10. I love the tights, I might have to get some!! And I am doing Frugal Feb too!! Heres to saving money!!

    Kitty x

  11. I didn't even know that it was chinese new year this weekend! :S I make a bad asian haha! But it's not so much of a big deal for me now, and the fact i'm too old to recieve red pockets anymore makes me sad :P

    Happy chinese new year though! Hope you get to eat lots of delish food!

  12. You are actually really too fit for words. Please stop my vocab is limited ;) And I know what you mean about doubling up tights, yeah it's cold but I can't give up my skirts! Even I have a bad case of the sniffles!

    Oh and just to let you know I read your comment on my last post in class, I lolled so hard!love you lots!xxxx

  13. I never even thought about doubling up sheer tights! I never wear mine because my legs would freeze up and just fall off, also it would ake the holes which appear so regularly far less noticeable.
    You, my dear, are a genius!

  14. Great outfit :) The cardigan is gorgeous!
    Good luck with your Frugal Feb and hope you're feeling better soon!

  15. I do the same layering with sheer tights, i've learned the hard way not to go out with just one pair!
    Hope you have a good new year :)

  16. this is a really adorable outfit.<3

  17. Your outfit looks gorgeous, love how the cardigan looks layered and the patterned tights. Happy Chinese New Year :-D x

  18. I'm getting ready for Chinese New Year as well - have a good one :)

  19. I absolutely love your style blog :)

  20. I do like that cardi, its very sweet indeed.

  21. You look lovely :) Great cardigan - and lovely blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  22. Lucy: Thank you so much, that means a lot (: I'm totally addicted to wearing tights, my collection is huge at the moment! xx

    Heather-Lou: Thanks sweet! I don't usually distinguish between day/night outfits in all honesty, quite a casual one me! Eee, going to be such a challenge, I've already had to hide my purse to stop myself popping downstairs for an ice cream tonight. So happy for you with your new place though! xx

    Melanie: N'awh thank you! x

    Steffani: Thanks lovely (: Probably my favourite cardigan at the moment! xx

    Courtney: Thank you Courtney! So excited for CNY! xxx

    Laura: Awh that sucks ): I really need to sort out my budgeting anyway, so this will help me stick to it with the motivation of the other girls. The only things I'm spending on is my Uni trip to London and two train tickets home! x

    Hayley: Thanks Hayley!

    Camilla: Owwwh yay, must keep each other motivated sweet (:

    Hannah: Thank you! I'm going to do my best to stay away from everyone's wishlist posts etc. Hopefully that'll help a little bit! etc have all been removed from my Favourites bar too!

    Sarah: Thank you sweet! x

    Kitty: Ooh you should, I love a good pair of patterned tights! YAAAY, please help motivate me aha, almost caved twice today but I've now hidden my purse! x

    Anna: My Mama totally instilled it in me to make sure I go home for it! OH YAY, forgot about red pockets, I'm so excited! More excited for foood and seeing my family though, its been almost a month since I've seen them ): Hope you have a lovely CNY! xx

    Irene: I luffff reading ya comments Irene, they always make me smile! I might have to give in and wear leggings or my Chanel jeans tomoz, don't want to get even more ill ): Love you sweety. xxxx

    Sophie: Oh yes, they totally keep you warm and cover holes/ladders which kills two birds with one stone ;) Thanks lovely, can honestly say I've never been called that before! xxx

    Jess: Thank you so much lovely (: xx

    Phoebe: I usually opt for a knitted pair but it was relatively sunny today so I thought I might look a bit odd! Great minds and all that ;) Thanks Phoebe! xx

    Julianne: Thank you doll! <3

    Phoebe: Thanks so much lovely! Also, thank you for the follow, have been reading your blog on Bloglovin for ages (:

    Jane: Eee I'm excited for it! Hope you have a lovely CNY Jane! xxx

    Anne: Thank you :D

    Pink Flower: Thank you hun! xx

  23. love the tunic,and gotta love primark tights :)

    I hope feb is a good one,not long til S/S now


  24. Best of luck with frugal Feb- at least it's the shortest month! Sounds like it'll be win win- either could make you totally appreciate it when you can treat yourself in March, or promote a general saving habit so more pennies to save for holidays etc! Either way, going cold turkey on spending is so impressive!xx

  25. Becky-May: Thanks Becky! xxx

    Kate: Thank you (: Yusss, cannot wait for some non-cold weather in my life! xx

    Emily: Haha indeed! My birthday is at the very beginning of March so I hope I'll be well rewarded after, which will motivate me to save/budget even more. I might continue it for alternate months until I move into my next student house, just to be on the safe side (: xx

  26. Hope you get all your work done ready to celebrate CNY! I'll no doubt eat my weight in Chinese food. My fave! OMNOMZ! Good luck with Frugal Feb too.

  27. I am totally doing the Frugal Feb challenge! It'll certainly be a challenge for me! And, seriously, stop dressing so freaking cute! You're making the rest of us look terrible. Haha I'm kidding, of course! I love looking at your outfits as they're all so perfectly put together. I'm very envious of your tights and cardigan collections.


  28. Hope your cold clears up soon :( it's lovely getting links isn't it? Not sure I can manage frugal feb though, I always feel sad in feb so i reckon i need to take care and spoil myself a little around this time of year! Think I'll postpone my frugal feb until another month...

  29. Those tights are very cute! I like the idea of wearing two pairs, as it's so cold! I want to wear my new peter pan dress with tights like this but it too cold for me not to wear uggs! Hurry up summer!! Xx

  30. Bee: Mm me too (: Going to do some of it tomoz after Uni and hope that tides me over until I'm back in Southampz again! Although I'm going home again next week, which is slightly annoying haha. Thanks Bee (: xx

    Aimee: Ooh how exciting! I'm such an unnecessary spender, I buy things just for the sake of buying which isn't good for the pursestrings at all! Thank you lovely, I just whack things together from what's in my wardrobe in all honesty! x

    Ellio: Thank you sweet, I think it was a fever, but I've sorted that out now, just had a huge nap while wearing my oversize Uni hoody and now I just have a slight headache (: Haha, I'm determined to keep to mine, spending will feel better after a long period of not spending! xxx

  31. Emily: Thank you! Oh I know right, I don't even like summer but I'd give anything for some warmth to be honest! xx

  32. Such a cute outfit :) hope you feel better soon!x

  33. adorable outfit!!!!! i love the tights...and feel better! :)

  34. Love this outfit - that cardigan is so lovely! Best of luck with Frugal February, good thing it's the shortest month of the year, haha ;) xo

  35. Cute outfit :).

    Sadie x

  36. Love the outfit :). Maybe I should do frugal feb?

  37. Thanks for all your kind words girls! :D xxxx

  38. beautiful, great blog :)
    visit my and be my follower if you want :

  39. I love that dress...can't believe i am just now finding your blog!

  40. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls, means so much to log in and see them all! <3


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