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1. Did a bit of work on my Styling notebook, which goes alongside my portfolio. At the moment I have tearsheets, mini moodboards, collages, inspiration, my own notes and amateur sketches in there. Probably one of the more fun parts of Uni this semester!

2. Wore this on Wednesday (9th Feb) to Uni. Just my polka dot peter pan collar tunic from Topshop, belted at the waist and with an added fabric bow brooch in the middle for a "new look". This is becoming my go-to piece to play around with!

3. Omnom, potato wedges! Casually made a bowl of wedges after Uni on Tuesday (8th Feb) "just because". Possibly one of the greatest forms of potato ever. Next to the potato smiley.

4. I took this last week when I was home for Chinese New Year (3rd Feb). My Mum customised these boxes and filled them with homemade cookies, chocolate and other bits for family, almost as a care package, because it is good luck to take gifts etc. round at New Year.

5. Mumma bought tulips and put the cutest red packet in them for Chinese New Year.

6. This was one of the dishes we had at our meal (: We went to the Imperial China, in Hertfordshire, which was so unbelievably good: haven't eaten food that good in a long time. This dish is Champagne Marinated Spare Ribs - omnom!

7. Received this gorgeous necklace from Sophie at Trinket Box. I love the little 'M' detail!

8. I got red packets yaaaay :D

9. My desk while I worked away at writing (and finishing, might I add!) a 1500-word review about the Future Beauty: 30 Years in Fashion exhibition that I saw last week. I didn't think it was possible to write SO much in a simple review! It was quite fun to write once I got my head down though!

10. I'm starting a Post-It note collection on my mirror of favourite quotes, all sweetly stolen from ;) Keep calm and produce a patronus charm, with my nooby drawing of a wand!

11 & 12. Georgie from Dreams That Glitter picked up some adorable Mulberry stickers for me! Thanks so so much Georgie, I'm head-over-heels in love with them, especially the little Tillie bag (: I can't decide what to use them on at the moment, but will probably end up watercolour painting them at some point.

13. Another customary ham and cheese toasted sandwich and coffee lunch :D

14. Dug out my Topshop rope 'Love' ring this week (: I snapped this while v. bored and minus my iPod headphones on my train journey home for the weekend.

15. Mumma made cappucino cupcakes with Baileys cream on top! <3 So very good.

16. My outfit today (Sunday). Obvz I whacked a cardigan and scarf and coat on! I like mixing prints (:

17. Coat and scarf as demonstrated before I left for a cheeky Nando's.

18. Ruffle tube scarf! The ends are open and you slide it on over your head, such a cute little piece.

19. Had a Nando's for lunch today :D Medium spice chicken burger with chips and Perinaise, beautiful! 

20. Adam Young from Owl City covered 'Enchanted' in reply to Taylor Swift for Valentine's Day. If you're a fan of either of them, or both, please listen to this and let me know what you think? (:


  1. Great post sweetheart :)

    I absolutely love the love ring from topshop, I picked up a similar one this week from accessorize but definitely not as pretty!

    Love love the topshop peter pan collar dress :) & the nandos looks very yummy


  2. Aw, i love your lai see packets! My mother insisted on giving me ones with the looney tunes on them. I felt that lessened their coolness slightly...
    Song = on repeat.


  3. I love those floral shorts!! Or is it a skirt? Either way it's really cute.
    Thanks for the mention again :D
    Mmmm nando's - love it. I'm gonna ask my friend if she fancies one this week - almost every time we go out for dinner, we go there! xx

  4. You weeks in pictures are always so amazing! Nom nom for yummy cupcakes, they look gorgeous! xo

  5. ahh note books! i love them, those floral topshop shorts look so nice on you <3

  6. great collection as always :)
    you have some lovely stationery and those potato wedges look so tasty!
    i tried listening to the song as i'm a taylor fan, but i'm sorry to say i just don't like his voice! x

  7. Those cupcakes look amazing! Where is your tube scarf from? x

  8. I love the cover!! The message to Taylor is so sweet as well!
    Oh God, Nandos! Going to have to pay them a visit soon x

  9. I have the Mastering Fashion Styling book, so good!! We all got red packets at work too :} (I work at a chinese restaurant) lovely photos

    Paula-Ellen xo

  10. Sinead: Thank you so much lovely! Ooh did you? I bought mine about a year or so ago for a mere £4, which is so good for Topshop, compared to today's prices! xxx

    Claire: (: I love the rabbit design ones, they were from my parents! Hahaha Looney Tunes ;) I usually get Hello Kitty ones, I was the tiniest bit disappointed when Mum said she hadn't bought any HK ones! xx

    Sophie: They're shorts! You're welcome sweet, I lovelove it ^___^ xx

    Jennie: N'awh thanks hun :D Think its a good way to show that I'm not just clothes crazy haha! Hope you're well Jennie <3

    Lily: Aha thanks sweet (: I'm a huge stationary nerd!

    Elise: Thank you! Oh gosh I do understand though, I think Adam Young's voice and style is an acquired taste ;) x

  11. TolerateThis: They were so nice! I think it could be from, my Mum ordered it along with some others but I didn't get to see the tags etc. before I wore it (: x

    Jade: Eeeep I know right! The ending of the song makes me sob every single time! x

    Paula-Ellen: Its so handy and fairly interesting, isn't it? Oh I didn't get one from work, didn't work over NY aha (:

  12. Great pics, I really love the outfit in the second pic!

  13. I was nodding and smiling all the way down this post, I LOVE your catch up's like this. Having a wee nosy into what you're upto from day to day :) You are always such a busy girl! xx

  14. Cherry: Thank you!

    Ayden: N'awh thanks Ayden <3 I feel like I already talk too much in the week, and for lazy Sundays, this is perfect to keep my blog ticking over into the next week (: xxxx

  15. Your potato wedges look so good! How did you make them? Mine never end up that nice!

  16. I always look forward to these photo posts of yours Michelle cos you never fail to post the most delicious looking food! Wish I had some ribs now tho! xx

  17. Aw looks like a great 2 weeks :) that necklace is really lovely too!! So pretty xx

  18. I love this post! ++ I love your outfit for today :) xxx

  19. the post it notes are so cute :) and.. so are you! even if these posts always makes me hungry haha xo

  20. Love that orange dress in number 2, love your daisy necklace and that cupcake looks yumm! Great pics :)

  21. The mood boards sound interesting, I love seeing inspiring collages that have been lovingly put together!

    Great outfit in the second pic, its a shame that colour wouldn't suit me well enough for me to pull it off like you do!

    The idea of the box being customised, your Mum did a great job! those cards look very sweet also, so different to what I normally see.

    That cupcake looks deslish! I've been wanting to make some for a while however I never get roudn to buying the ingrediants, my memory is very poor!

    Your weeks looks wonderful, seemed quite busy! look forward to your next post :)

    Katie. x

  22. Oooh your notebook looks cute. Gotta love wedges ;) They look sooo good. Ooofh, chinese food photos?! My favourite. Congrats on finishing your review! I love your little note by the way. Hope you have a lovely week.

  23. Oooo nandoooo's, could seriously eat there like everyday & its gotta be extra hot for me! And cappucino cupcakes with Bailey's Cream?!?! Why oh why have I never tried this combo?? ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  24. I love how your fantastic weekly photos are always peppered with food. My favorite part of them!

  25. those ribs look tasty!! cute dress btw!

  26. You're really making me want to start up my 'week in photos' posts again! I know i say this on every one of yours, but i really do enjoy these posts from you! Looks like it was a lovely two weeks :) Love that 'love' rope ring! xoxo

  27. Looks like you had great two weeks, all your food pics make me want to run into the kitchen and raid my cupboards :) xo

  28. You have nice photos!! I can definitely see some things that every asian has hehe.

    Following, x

  29. I love your tunic! I'm a sucker for anything polkadot, really. And those wedges look really good.

  30. I LOVE YOUR KEEP CALM POST IT NOTE! I'm a total Harry Potter freak, I'm off to find the image on weheartit.x

  31. Hayley: Thank you, they're just standard ones from M&S aha, I like to leave mine in for 5-7 minutes longer for crispyness and extra nomminess though ;)

    Caroline: Aha thanks lovely (: Trait of a typical Asian girl though, my whole family and I like to snap away at photos of food! xx

    Stefany: Thank you Stefany. xx

    Ellie: Thanks sweet (:

    Klee: Aha thank you, I've seen people do the same with Post-it notes all over the Internet so thought I'd join in, out of sheer boredom! xx

    Shameera: Thank you! The cupcake was so good! xx

    Katie: I really enjoy making moodboards and putting them all together, its such a good way to express your inspirations and stuff! Oh I think the colour is quite flattering for all skintones, IRL the dress is more of a burnt orange colour (: xx

    Bee: Thanks Bee, cost me a mere £2 and I re-used a mini shipping tag from Sarah for decoration ;) Thanks so much lovely, hope you had a wonderful anniversary with the boy. xx

    Aysh: Haha I adore Nando's, I could live in there! Omnom, you should try it as a treat, so very good! x

    Alyse: Thank youuu, such a "typical Asian", whipping my camera out at restaurants and stuff! x

    girlheartfood: It was possibly the nicest dish I've ever tasted! ;)

    Laura: Ooh you should sweet, I always enjoy seeing your photos! Thank you so much Laura <3

    Tatteredflorals: Thank you (: Aha I apologise xD I get that comment a lot after these posts!

    Baoto: Thank you!

    Jane: Thanks lovely, I'm so glad I bought the dress! x

  32. I always regret not buying that love ring when I had the chance!
    Love the heart print top as well.

  33. Jessika: Aha thanks ^____^

    Phoebe: My brother bought it for me as a random present when we were out! What a cutie aha! Thanks sweet (:

  34. Those wedges look seriously good!
    Ahhh I love having all of my favourite quotes written up around me to remind me of them :)
    Love your week in photos. Yours and Abby's are my favourites to read :) xxx

  35. such an insight into michelle :) hehe! love them all, adoring the mulbverry stickers
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  36. So hungry, yet again. Ah the things you do to me!
    Lovely pictures as always, seeing your uni work always makes me feel so inspired to do stuff! xxx

  37. Really enjoyed looking at these photos :) x

  38. Hannah: They were beyond beautiful haha! Aw thank you so much for saying that (: Abby's are definitely my favourite, that's where I pinched the idea from ;) xxx

    Emma: Gosh I love my Mulberry stickers, can't decide where to use them though! x

    Yona: Thank you!

    Heather-Lou: Aha you should know by now ;) Best read accompanied by a snack and hot beverage! Thank you, seeing my Uni work makes me verge on suicidal at times though hahaha! x

    Victoria: Thank you lovely (:

    Amelia: Oh thank you sweet! I really like your blog by the way (: xx

  39. Bloody love the keep calm and produce a patronus charm! haha! Happy belated gung hay fat choi! xx

  40. Love this post!! I thought the ruffle scarf thing was a clutch bag at first, oops!!!

  41. Viv: Me too ;) Going to add some good ol' Dumbledore quotes to my mirror this week! You too, hope you had a good NY! xx

    Lavel: Thanks lovely (:

    Sarah: Thank you! Aha I guess it could be easy to mistake, its such a pretty scarf though! xo

  42. lovely pictures, as always! your mirror is too adorable x

  43. Wow, these posts always make me super hungry!
    You eat some damn good food,

    Rosie x

  44. Looks like you have had a wonderful week!! :) xxx

  45. Hannah: Thank you! My photos are getting awful because of my stupid camera though ):

    Rosie: Haha goood ;) I just love food a tiny bit too much! x

    Fashion Fantasist: It was just lovely thank you (:

    Kirsty: Potato wedges are greater than life! xxx

  46. lovely post!! i am following you and that ring is gorgeous.

    xoxo monika.

  47. Aw I recognise that little tag on your heartbook! I love your week in photos posts. That chinese food sounds incredible, champagne marinated?? I'm seeking out that restaurant!

  48. Notebook, even - I was thinking of hearts obviously! ♥

  49. omggg. i have like, the hello kitty notebook, but the minna no tabo version. i remember i was dithering between the two in hk hahaha. just thought i'd let you know ;p

  50. Monika: Thank you!

    Sarah: Haha did a bit of recycling and all that ;) Champagne marinated indeed, I could probs find the address for you if I tried hard enough y'know... xxx

    Sharon: Lulz <3 I bought the Kuromi one and a Pochacco one too! Nice and appropriate for Uni work ;)

  51. Belated kung hei fat choi, Michelle. Lots of red packets, i see! I've spent all my red packet money already! eeeek!


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