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It's been quite some time, hasn't it guys and girls?! Thank you so much for your lovely messages on Thursday, I had a lovely Chinese New Year and weekend home; it was a very loud and food-filled affair, and I might share some of the photos on here over the weekend! It feels so good to be back and writing on my little ol' blog, I'm such an Internet addict, I don't quite know how I managed almost a week without my laptop. Currently trying to catch up on all of the posts I missed over the weekend, and catching up with comment replies: I haven't forgotten you and I'm not ignoring you, I promise!

While we're on the subject of blogging and the Internet world, I just have to say a ridiculously huge thank you to all of you lot, my uh-may-zhing readers. I logged into Blogger to approve comments on Friday morning before I went to see my Granny for New Year, to see that I'd reached 1000 readers! asdfghjkl; I'm still in a state of disbelief, amazement and overwhelming gratitude, because I never really set out to gain followers, just to write something relatively light-hearted and materialistic as a breakaway from Uni assignments. It has definitely made me consider and look at buying a much-better camera to improve my blog a little further. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means so much that you like reading my posts, or seeing my foodie photos, or whatever else made you subscribe!

It was such a struggle to get up and get myself into Uni this morning. It was so foggy again when I got up (at a casual 8am...) that I couldn't be bothered at all. But somehow, during my Feature Writing lecture, the fog cleared up and it was such a nice day outside. I spent a good 40 minutes or so just standing outside and enjoying a gossip and catch-up with two of the girls, Emily and Lucy (go read their blogs!), basking in real sunlight! I'm not a fan of summer, but I'm slowly getting excited for sunny days, not wearing a bulky coat and mostly, BBQs in the park again.

(Pale green lace tunic, Topshop;
Black flared skirt, Zara;
Tights, either Tesco or Miss Selfridge!
Rings, LR: H&M, Topshop and Primark.)

Frugal February is well underway now, and I'm quite happily on Day 8! *pats self on back* I think I'll be able to continue this throughout the year on a slightly looser rein, and it has really made me think about budgeting on my essentials as well. The more money saved, the better! This tunic was from Topshop about a year ago, and cost me next to nothing compared to today's TS prices; I hardly ever wear lace pieces because they don't suit me at all, but this is a nice understated way to wear it. I'm not sure why I'm constantly wearing sheer pieces with just underwear underneath at the moment, but I don't think it looks "trashy" when worn with the right things, and never with a garish coloured/patterned bra! Also, I'm sorry if you're sick of seeing this skirt on my blog, I do just adore it, and my bodycon is still at home... Oops!

I'm hopefully going to post my new Wednesday feature tomorrow, but I'm currently trying to catch up on Uni work that I missed from last Friday, some homework (don't you hate that word when you're at Uni?!) type pieces, and other bits and bobs, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to write it. I don't want to disappoint and not post again, but I'm actually off home again this Thursday and I need more hours in my life! Ah well, I'm going to finish my v. sweet coffee >.< and watch another (likely-to-be-bland) episode of Pretty Little Liars ;) I hope you are all well on this fine sunny Tuesday!


  1. Adorable, adorable outfit! I love how casual and comfortable it looks, and I have to say, I am so IN LOVE with that adorable little rose ring! It's just the thing I'm looking for.
    Congrats on reaching 1000 followers, too! You deserve it, I really love reading your blog and you always come up with the cutest outfits.

  2. holy amazing rings.
    i really love your skirt.
    the top goes perfectly.<3

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Chinese new year :)
    A huge well done on your followers, you deserve them. You & your blog are just gorgeous and lovely.
    Love the outfit- I'm just addicted to that skirt! ha!
    happy non-spending this month

  4. Congrats on the followers, you deserve them! ♥

    I think this is one of my favourite outfits I've seen you post! I'm loving sheer tops aswell at the moment and definitely not think they're trashy if styled well!

    I wish Summer would hurry up, it's suddenly got REALLY COLD again here and there's even snow on the ground. :(

  5. thank-you so much for your comment, it definitely helps for people to understand. i know what you mean, i credit when the pictures are from the original source because i think thats useful and i would want to be credited if people used my own pictures <33

  6. Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers! I see it's now over that :) That's amazing, but you deserve it! Love your blog <3
    I love that lace tunic, and I do think it suits you! I agree, it doesn't look trashy just with a plain black bra, and it does well with the skirt!

  7. Michelle: Thanks lovely! Comfort is always the key in my outfits haha, if I could live in pyjamas, I definitely would (: Thanks so much Michelle, I'm so proud of my blog now, 1000 is a crazy number! xxx

    Julianne: Thank you! <3 I love my lil owl ring (:

    Steph: Awh thanks Steph! Hope you've had a good weekend lovely, I haven't had a chance to speak to you at all! I think... you should invest in this skirt ;) Just because I'm not spending, doesn't mean you can't! /badinfluence xxx

    Charlene: Thanks Charlene :D Its so crazy to imagine 1000 people! N'awh thank you, big fan of simple, sheer pieces at the moment, and I've got my eye on a few bits to buy after Frugal Feb already ;) Oh no, snow again?! It's been lovely and sunny and even mildly warm in Southy! xxx

    Lily: You're welcome sweet! If its an inspiration image, most of the original sources are long lost anyway, so I'd take the crediting issue with a pinch of salt in that area (: xx

    Sophie: Thank you <3 I thought if I wore a camisole underneath, it might look a bit granny and blah with a longish full skirt (: Also, I can't thank you enough for my necklace, it is SO adorable, I'll be wearing it a LOT this week, the M stamp is so pretty! xxx

  8. looking delightful as always Michelle! lovely outfit, the skirt is perfect on you.
    Congratulations on your readers count too - you truly deserve the readership as your blog is pretty fab :) xxx

  9. I love how simple this outfit is, but still really beautiful :)
    And dont even get me started on that owl's too adorable for words!

  10. Ox) great ring))) and the flower is so huge!
    I really like your skirt:)

  11. I love your flower ring! It reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.

  12. Huge congrats on the 1000+ followers, each one is truly deserved! :)

    Love the outfit! xx

  13. I'm glad you had a lovely CNY, I love the whole atmosphere around that time, food, family, lai see XD

    Congrats on reaching 1000+ followers, totally deserved and only the start i'm sure! :)

    Pretty outfit, I'm loving the golden snitch necklace (can't stop wearing mine :P)skirt is gorge, you keep rocking it! lol.

    I'm into the 5th day of my Frugal Feb challenge, beside buying a gift I've been good! Hope I can go on for another 25ish days! xxx

  14. Milly: Eeep thanks cutie (: So excited to have reached 1000, I can't quite believe it, my Mumma thinks its creepy hahaha! xxx

    Alex: Thank you, simple is the key with my wardrobe! xxx

    Viktoria: Thank you! Haha I know, its huge, thought it was very fitting to my blog though (:

    Sophie: Thanks sweet. Daisy is one of my favourite perfumes! x

    Felicity: Thank you so much lovely <3

    Vicky: Haha oh yes, you can't forget lai see ;) Hope you had a nice CNY too! Thank you, I'm more than happy with 1000 at the moment, can't quite believe it. Oh goood, I'll be proud of you if you stick to Frugal Feb aha ;) xxx

  15. Gorgeous outfit, the lace tunic is really pretty :) Glad you had a good Chinese New Year, we were telling the kids at school about it and they found it hilarious to find out their sister/mum or Dad were the year of the pig :P They can be so mean. Glad frugal feb is going well :)

    L x

  16. Big congrats on the followers sweet, you deserve them all and many more!
    Gorgeous outfit, that skirt is so cute! xo

  17. firstly- love the skirt
    secondly- WOOO on the 1000 followers! you amazing girly! daisybutter. is such a lovely blog and you can tell its your baby so you deserve it :D
    xoxo alana

  18. ohhh i love this outfit! especially the top. And i am too not a massive fan of summer, i never really like the clothes i have in summer and i never have enough money due to not having a job so i don't get enough to buy new clothes :/ oh well! atleast i MIGHT get a tan xo

  19. Its good to have you back! Glad you had a lovely Chinese New Year. Such a cute little outfit and that massive ring from Primark is amazing xx

  20. Congrats sweetie!! You so deserve it and your blog is one of my faves by far!! :)
    Lovin the rings by the way ;) xxx

  21. yes to the owl ring! plus you are one of the only girl's ive seen that has worn a lace top without looking like a slut. the black skirt literally goes with everything doesnt it! x

  22. It's been lovely in southampton today! The fog was mental this morning though.
    That ring is huuuuge! Love it x

  23. Yey for the followers, you really truly deserve them, I've loved your blog since the very beginning and never ever got bored!! Looking forward to your new blog to feature :) Good luck with all your uni work. Looking forward to your food new year pics nom nom nom xxxxx

  24. Congratulations on the followers! I love this outfit, the skirt is so cute! xxx

  25. Laura: Thank you! I should probs start wearing tunics as they're "supposed" to be worn instead of tucking them in to all sorts of crazy seperates aha! Lol how sweet (: I loved celebrating CNY at primary school, it was much more fun than secondary school etc. when people are so rude and ignorant about it! xxx

    Jennie: Thanks chica <3

    Alana: Cheeeyurs sweet! Can't belieeeeve it, we must meet up to discuss... the meet up. What a great sentence right there aha! xxx

    Jazzy: Thank you lovely! (:

    Rose: Thank you Rose! Ooh me either, I only seem to buy new clothes if I'm going away and I "need" holiday bits ): I'm planning to work throughout the summer, I really want to buy a DSLR and make sure I have money to pay the rent for my new house! Hope you're well Rose, haven't spoken to you in ages! xxx

    Sam: N'awh thank you (: I missed blogging much more than I thought I would, it was weird to feel disconnected from it all! xx

    Claire: Hai pwetty new Blogger photo ;) Your hair is amazing <3 Thanks so much Claire, that means a lot coming from you, you were one of my first favourite blogs! xxx

    Katie: OWLSSS <3 Aha thanks lovely, I think that's the main reason I don't wear lace: I see so many girls look horrendous in black lace when out >.< x

    Hannah: Haha I know, I live on the 12th floor in my building and I couldn't see the ground, blimmin' terrifying! (:

    Gem: Thank you GemGem! I'm going to try and introduce another feature in March or whenever I get some more free time, I want to mix it up a bit more, reduce outfit posts a tiiiny bit and put more outfits on Tumblr instead (: I'm hungry just looking at photos from our CNY meal ;) xxxx

  26. Sophie: Thanks so much lovely! xxx

  27. love love love your outfit!

  28. Love that daisy ring, so so pretty.

  29. i love the effect the top has one the outfit and i am in need of that H&M ring :)

    Mollie from

  30. Lovely outfit, really like your top :)
    Glad you had a hood Chinese New Year, and well done with the followers! xx

  31. This outfit is gorgeous!
    You have such a cute style :)

    Laura x


  32. lace pieces don't suit you?? you look bloody great in that top! you've styled it perfectly. good job lady xo

  33. I loveeeeeee this outfit so much!
    And I wish you hadn't linked the skirt- I don't know how i'll stop myself buying it now :(

  34. Meghan: Thanks so much lovely (:

    Pink Flower: Thank you! Its absolutely huge haha, kept falling off today >:( x

    Mollie: Thank you (: The ring was only about £3, definitely buy it! xx

    Dan: Thank you! xx

    Laura: N'awh thanks lovely!

    KLEE: Aha thanks sweet, I just think I'm really fussy with lace? I don't know haha! xxx

    Lauren: Thank you! Oh you should buyyy it, such a great investment because it's really versatile! xx

  35. oh my goooooosh your style is adorable ! i wish i could rockkk clothes like thaT ! (: i love your blog really really much !! and youre super gorgeous ! (: cant wait to see more post from you!

    what are your favourite blogs? (::

  36. I love that top, it goes so well with the skirt!
    Love the rings too :)
    Well done on the 1000 followers! I can't imagine having that many, I feel like I have loads with 44 haha

  37. Glad you had a lovely Chinese New Year sweet! Congrats on finally reaching 1000 followers, your blog is an all-time fav of mine, so the fact you've reached 1000 followers doesn't suprise me in the slightest ):
    your outfits very nice, that skirts major cute! xx

  38. You look lovely! You may not think lace suits you, but it looks super pretty <3 Definitely not sick of seeing this skirt! And congrats on making it through the first 9 days of frugal February & reaching 1000 readers! :) xo

  39. congrats on the 1000! That's amazing. Love this, especailly that huge daisy ring from Primark! I need that in my life :p

  40. I love your lace top! Congrats on getting 1000 followers!

  41. Love everything! Such a cute outfit. Glad your day ended up well :) xx

  42. WOW at that flower ring! & I really love the skirt.

  43. Love the outfit! I don't think it looks trashy either I think you look lovely! xx

  44. oh my i need that skirt! you look fabulous as ever xxxx

  45. Heidi: Thank you lovely, and also, thanks for following me! My favourite blogs are listed in the Blog Roll page at the top, underneath my header (:

    Hayley: Thank you sweet! I can't believe it, I still remember the days when I had 4 followers for many weeks, I was so proud back then ;) xxx

    Courtney: Thank you (: Awh that means so much to hear that! I'm hopefully going to organise a giveaway and contest once Frugal Feb and my Uni workload is out of the way, 1000 is such a milestone. Thanks lovely! xx

    Laura: Eee thanks Laura <3 Gosh I'm proud that I've made it 9 days in, considering I have to walk through the city centre to get home ;) Hope you are well lovely. xx

    Rosie: Thanks sweet!

    Char: Thank you (:

    Angie: Thank you! I love your blog btw, your latest wishlist has seriously tested my Frugal Feb abilities! xx

    Kate: (:

    Steph: N'awh thanks!

    Sarah: Yes you do ;) Buyyy it! Even linked it to make it that bit easier aha! Thanks bubba xxxx

  46. that flower ring is amazing, I want!!
    Your blog is lovely,very down to earth, you def deserve all your followers!!xx

  47. Ash: Thank you! Awh thanks for saying that lovely, I'm not going to become someone I'm not anytime soon ;) x


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