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I'm not going to lie and say this is the most original or interesting post I've ever written, but I have always been a nosy parker interested in reading these types of posts; there's something so strange and almost intruding about seeing the contents' of a handbag. I've already briefly been through what I carry around on a daily basis in a video I made months ago, but this is what I now haul around with me to Uni, etc.

To some people, this is a basic bag, and to others I'm sure it looks like I carry a lot around with me. I always tend to opt for oversized handbags, even if I'm not carrying anything major. At the moment I've been wearing my Luella leather tote style bag: it is quite big, and fits A4 notebooks/folders in along with the rest of my belongings, so is perfect for Uni. You can read more about my bag here.

Annoyingly, I don't use a seperate notebook for each unit (NTS: must start using seperate ones in 3rd year!) and I just divided my notebook into 5 sections in first semester. Ran out of space, and now I have to carry two so I can refer back to my other notes. Excellent! The A4 pink notebook is from Tesco, and the smaller notebook is from Paperchase. My diary is also from Paperchase! Also have all of this semester's assignment briefs in there... Depressing thought.

I also always carry a highlighter and freebie Biro around with me. I haven't bought a Biro in years hahaha! I have my travelcard holder and travelcards with me at all times, last year I had a bit of a thing about just hopping on a train, no bags, no suitcase, and going home randomly aha.

& the Other Items: USB from Uni, MAC lipstick in Hue, hot pink polka dot umbrella, coin purse from Accessorize, keys, iPod Touch (she's called Bella) and my dodgy broken earphones, Blackberry Curve 8520, Chanel glasses case.

What are your handbag must-haves?


  1. I love these kind of posts!

    Lauren from Lauren Loves...

  2. These types of posts are some of my favorites, too, as overdone as they might be. I also buy big bags, too! Mmmm, I wish I had Chanel glasses.

  3. do i spy a golden snitch key ring aha? :')
    love it!

  4. I love these posts! I'm the same. even when i'm having a day where i'm not taking much (which isn't often i have to admit) I'll still bring a big bag! And i always bring things thati probably wont need but hay ho..I MIGHT DO! like rubbers and weird little nick nacks..I might try one of these posts I don\t think I've done one before! or maybe thats what my video could be about! i wish i had a blackberry your very lucky!! xx

  5. ooooh i love these posts cause im quite a nosy norman too. your bag is lush and yay for freebie biros ^_^ i always carry sweets haha xx

  6. I, also, love posts like this :) my ipod also has a name... :L xx

  7. liking the paperchase ;) the majority of my stationary is from there, it's a little pricey but definitely worth it!

  8. I love "what's in my bag"s! Been wanting to do one for so long but it's just so much easier (and more fun) looking at other peoples than doing your own! Can I recommend ? Genuinely one of my favourite websites. Who knew something so simple could be so interesting!
    Your umbrella is so cute but I don't know if I could be a restrained as you with the make-up! I'm always throwing things in for "just in case" (it never gets used) x

  9. I love these posts :) I might have to an updated one soon x

  10. Always love to read these posts, simple but interesting, i ended up selling my Luella bag - totally regret it now though, but oh well!

    Stacey xx

  11. Wow you manage to fit a lot in!

    I have very similar things to you - the same Blackberry with the same case, the same iPod & earphones, a biro, a highlighter and my pen drive! Oh, and my MAC lipstick!

  12. I love 'what's in my bag' posts! Maybe I'm just nosy.
    That's a gorgeous bag anyhoo!!

  13. I love being nosey and seeing what's in peoples bags! That's a lovely bag you know, and you carry around essentials, lovely! xx

  14. yesss i love these posts too. it always seems like i have loads of stuff but it's not really, they're essentials! xo

  15. I love these kind of posts as well. I know I've said this before, but your Luella handbag is gorgeous! x

  16. ah, i love these kinds of posts!
    (my bag has empty cris bags and general bag filth though! haha)


  17. Always love reading these posts! I think every girl is a bit nosey & enjoys seeing what's in other ladies' bags :) It seems like you carry around just the right amount of things! xo

  18. You diary is so cute, I could spend hours in paperchase ahha:D

  19. Lauren: Me too, I'm forever going to be a nosy one!

    Alyse: I love looking at the photos of them, I always get so jealous of what bags/purses and other little things people have. I only took the plunge and got Chanel glasses because I wear them 24/7 and am terrified of laser-eye surgery aha ;)

    Laura: Yes, yes you do! My Auntie brought it back for me from Canada when I was about 9 and I've had it ever since! My friends enjoy laughing at me for it though! xx

    Hollow Bones: Thank you sweet (:

    Rose: Me too, I'm way too nosey for my own good >.< I don't really know what it is with me and big bags, I guess a "just in case" because I'm forever taking cardigans/scarves off halfway through the day. Ooh you should definitely post a Whats In My Bag vid, Rose (: xxx

    Lucy: Thank you! Oh I've stopped carrying food around with me now. Bad idea ): xx

    Ellie: High five for naming our iPods aha, my Blackberry, laptop and camera all have names as well... I need a life... xx

    Lulu: Cheeyurs sweet ;) I think its worth it! May as well spend the extra pennies for a pretty cover in lectures and all that! xxx

    Jade: Me too! Oh you should post one Jade! Have just followed that Tumblr *stalks* so many pretty photos of bags/their contents :O I never really top up my make-up other than powder and lipstick, so I don't bother taking it out aha. xx

    Bows and Butterflies: I hadn't updated mine in a year so thought I'd better whack one out! x

    Stacey: Mm indeed (: Aaah did you?! I now have two Luellas and I'd never dream of selling them now that Luella is no more. I really wish I'd got round to buying a purse too though. xx

    Rachel: Haha I do like to carry lots around. Ooh snap ;) x

    Raffles Bizarre: I think I am as well! Thank you dear! xx

    Courtney: Thanks lovely!

    KLEE: I think mine are the essentials too! Although I did edit out most of the old receipts, sweets wrappers, scrap bits of paper, Post-It notes... ;)

    Vicky: Me too (: N'awh thank you, I'm still jealous of your Alexa in all honesty! xx

    Morven: Haha oh don't you worry Morven, my bedroom floor is currently home to the crap I "edited out" for this post ;) Oversize bags = great place to hide rubbish. xxx

    Laura: Seeing what's in people's bags is usually a huge taboo, not something you'd do "in real life" so I can definitely see why it's such a huge Internet craze at the moment (: Thanks for your lovely comment. xx

  20. Your diaries and notebooks are so cute!

  21. I love these posts! Your diary is so cute - I have one from the same range at Paperchase :) x

  22. Ahh i love these types of posts! They are so overdone but so interesting! I actually think writing all your notes in one notebook was a good idea because at least now you have them all with you although you've run out of space! I used to forget notebooks and sketchpads constantly! xx

  23. i love these kinds of posts! hehe i think it's fun peering into people's lives through what they carry in their bags! i love your notebooks! they're so cute!

  24. Much, much more organised then my uni bag ever was!

  25. Cherry: Thank you! I love pretty stationery (:

    Lily: Thanks Lily (:

    Charlene: Thank you! Mm I know, very overdone but I'll always read these posts without a shadow of a doubt! True, it's annoying when I run out of pages for one section (I divide them up manually!) and still have pages to fill for another though. xx

    Alyssa: Thank you Alyssa! xx

  26. Yess I love these kind of posts too, cause I love being nosey!! Your notepads are so cute, I'm def a big bag kind of girl, even if I'm barely carrying anything

    L x

  27. I pretty much have the same as you minus the notebooks.
    my organiser
    makeup bag/women's toiletries
    phone with headphones
    spare carrier bag (just in case)
    and I usually have some kind of snack bar in there too.

  28. Your notebook and diary are so cute! Lovely post, thank you for the tumblr follow <3

    Love Ellen

  29. I have everything but the kitchen sink in mine. I also use oversize bags although the one i'm using at the moment is smaller but the inside is like a 'Mary Poppins' bag.

  30. Laura: Thank you! I don't really know why I always carry them aha, they're quite space-consuming on buses/tubes etc.! xxx

    Helen: Carrying a snack bar and spare carrier bag is such a good idea actually, I might take a leaf out of your book. xx

    Ellen: Thanks lovely! And you're welcome (:

    Amey: Me too usually, especially on day trips, shopping trips etc.! This Luella is like that: its even bigger inside!

  31. I love paperchase, they have some lovely things! Love seeing whats in people's bags!

  32. I love 'Whats in my bag' posts and videos, I'm not too sure why either, probably just out of pure curiousity! Your polka dotted umbrella is so cute, and the bag is gorgeous xx

  33. StyleFrost: Me too (:

    Nicki: Haha yeah, I think its because it isn't something you see in everyday life, pretty much just online! Thank you lovely :D xx

  34. heh we're all so nosy, i love these too! thinking of doing one one day, its weird cos its really not that interesting but then again.. IT IS! i adore your bag too
    ]Scrapbook de la Emma

  35. I am a nosy parker too! I do believe you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their handbag :) your bag is goooorgeous too.

  36. Emma: Ooh you should, creepy as it sounds, I'd love to see what you carry around (: You lead a far more interesting life than mine! xxx

    Helen: Yes definitely, lifestyle, careers and interests, and all! (: Thanks lovely. xx

  37. Love these posts :).

    Sadie x

  38. Your bag is gorgeous. I'm desperate for a leather oversized bag but i can't find the perfect one.

    Love the post

    NEW FOLLOWER :) xx

  39. Just thought I'd say hi!

    I have the exact Chanel glasses case in white (well, used to be white).


  40. Sadie: Thanks lovely!

    Jenny: Thank you! I want another one but I'm not spending anything in Feb, so I'm going to wait until my birthday! Thanks so much for following Jenny (:

    The Faux Fashionista: Ooh really? I love my Chanel glasses! xx

  41. i love love love your bag sweetie! where did you get it from and what brand is it? :)

  42. Lucy: Thank you, it's a Luella bag, I bought it at London Fashion Weekend about three seasons ago (:


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