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I've spent a lot of my spare time mooching about the shops over this past week. I'm not a good sales shopper, I get a bit stressed out sifting through the often overloaded sales rail and find that January in particular is a difficult time for shopping. I know, what a burden and tragedy for us materialistic ones, eh?! However, I've found myself quite happily looking at pieces to start building my "spring and summer" wardrobe up, I just need the moneyzzz to do so!

I haven't yet bought into the double finger ring craze. I saw them as a bit of a novelty in the summer when I first saw one in River Island with my sister, if I'm honest! But lately, there have been some seriously sweet double finger rings on the high street, and I love this Secret Garden Key one! I've told myself a small shopping trip is permitted once my rent installment comes out this week (: Having said that, these two offerings from Topshop caught my eye on the website today: a Unicorn, and Bunny Ears, which are just so unique and fairytale-esque!

For the upcoming spring months, I can see myself in sheer materials and pretty prints. I say pretty, because they are just quite safe options, which I'd toughen up with my khaki green jacket. Currently dithering between the New Look chiffon shirt, and the Topshop version, I just can't decide if I want one to cover my derriere, to wear with my vintage drainpipe Chanel jeans, or leggings, or not! (Obviously if I chose the shorter shirt, I'd wear it with a skirt, haha!) I'm also a huge fan of the kimono style pieces all over the high street right now. Loose fitting garments are always a winner for the spring, nice and whimsical looking, and I'd imagine versatile?

Finally, my friend Kieran linked me to Wild & Wolf today, a website full of Scrabble offerings as well as other items! These scrabble fridge magnets would look so amazing on the fridge to spell messages out to the girls. Or is that just the boardgame geek in me?!


  1. I want to start rev-vamping my wardrobe too but I have £5 to my name. If only we weren't so skint, eh?! Lovely picks and really refreshing colours! I'm also in love with those Scrabble Fridge Magnets - what a sweet idea!

  2. Oo Nice wants, I'm going through a bit of a ring faze atm too, there are just so many cute ones around at the moment!! Loved the scrabble items on that site, especially the notebook :)

    L x

  3. the bunny ear ring is so adorable ^_^

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  5. Oooh I have the unicorn ring from Topshop, I love it! And I looove the bunny ears one too :)

    The shirts are gorgeous too!

    Hope you're having a fab week lovely xo

  6. Glad I put a smile on your face with the post :) Peter Griffin = GOD haha.
    I completely love the key ring. The Secret Garden was one of my favourite movies as a child. The Scrabble fridge magnets would also look wonderful in my imaginary future home!

    Rosie x

  7. Those rings are so cute! I love the new look shirt too :) Oh and there's nothing wrong with a bit of scrabble-related geekiness ;) hehe! xx

  8. i adore the bunny ears ring! i'm also planning on getting either the topshop or new look shirt! i do prefer the colour of the topshop one, but those extra pounds would be lovely if i got the new look one :) xo

  9. I don't think it's safe options to wear sheer materials or pretty prints during Spring. I think it's a natural reaction to the warm(ish) weather! Admittedly a lot of people do it but then a lot of people wear lots of things. I think it's about putting your own spin on what you wear. I'm a new follower to your blog and I look forward to seeing your spin on things in future! :]

  10. I went into new look to get that shirt today and they had sold out in the cream colour, only had blue left. I was so annoyed! I want it so bad, It's really great! i think you should get that one compared to the topshop one, but then again the topshop one is a lovely coral colour ;) a dilemma i am facing at the moment too! xx

  11. SCRABBLE FRIDGE MAGNETS!!!! GLEEEEEE!!! Yes, my life is indeed complete!

    xxx Maddie

  12. those magnets made me think of this:
    i don't know if it's just me but i don't know if i want to eat it or just look at it! i'm a huge scrabble geek - i hate two sets; one for playing and one for using the pieces for other means
    i'm really feeling for a shop soon too, although i have a bit of money set aside for clothes but our topshop has closed for 5 weeks (!!!) for refurbishment x

  13. I NEED the unicorn ring! I have become a little obsessed wityh rings at the moment, I have just filled my 'save for later' bag on ASOS with about 20 rings lol I have the New Look version of the shirt in the peach colour, not worn it yet tho :O but my sis has the blue version and it looks swueet! :)

  14. Bee: I so feel your pain! I'm currently in the process of eBaying my unwanted clothing, then opening a blog sale, and hopefully come Chinese New Year I'll get a bit of money (: I really like the colour of the Topshop shirt, so unique, I think that's why it caught my eye! xx

    Laura: I think rings are such a great, simple way to update a look and/or add a unique spin to things! I know, the notebook is great, I almost ordered the magnets and gift wrap earlier "by accident" ;) x

    Fern: I know! Really sweet and not trashy, which bunny ears tend to be! x

    Jess: Do you?! Aaah I want them so so much ): Wish I had a money tree or something haha! My week is going well thanks sweet, nice and relaxed! How's yours? xoxo

    Rosie: HAHA agreed! <3 Oh mine too, I really think I might try to find The Secret Garden on DVD, as I can't watch my tape of it anymore ): Aha, I maaay treat myself to them for my student house in July! We shall see! xx

    Jenny: The NL shirt was so lovely on, it came up a tiny bit too short though, so I'm shopping around first (: xx

    Jennie: Eeep, it's SO ridiculously adorable! Mmm exactly ;) The quality of the NL one is about the same as the TS one, but obviously the TS one is longer... Decisions decisions! xo

    Sharon: Thank you for following & for the lovely comment Sharon. There's something so classic, chic and whimsical about sheer garments in the spring I think (: I'm excited to shop around for some more unique prints as well, shame that the price tags of more unique things are hefty though! xx

    Rose: Oh no! My flatmate has it in navy, coral and white, bit obsessed! I really am contemplating purchasing it at the weekend though (: I've also just spied some seriously pretty ones in Miss Selfridge, aahhh! xxx

    Maddie: Haha ;) xxx

    Little Mittens: Aha! Nothing beats a good game of Scrabble in the evening in my opinion ;) Oh god, I physically couldn't live without TS, stupid as that sounds! x

    Heather: ME TOO! Forever 21 has the nicest selection of rings in at the moment sweet, take a look there as well ;) Oh my flatmate has the navy and coral versions, I want to nab the cream before she gets there first hahaha! xx

  15. My parents just decided to give me £100 a month for pocket money from now on, but I want to show them I can restrain from spending - not going to happen with that military shirt in my mind now! Absolutely gorgeous, the colour is just so cute <3

  16. i'm in on the key ring too! i think the bunny one might end up being a bit impractical! the shirts are lovely, but you might be able to find something similar in a charity shop if you're counting the pennies - i think mine was £2 :D

  17. Hi michelle, i picked up a couple of tops in new look including a similar style shirt, but its silky rather than chiffon.. I want to wear it with utility trousers now, and khaki shorts/denim shorts when it gets warmer, i just think they are so pretty and easy to wear.. xx

  18. Winny: Oh you lucky girl! I would put that towards one splurge then save the rest! x

    El: Oh I can see it being slightly impractical, can't be as bad as my stag ring though! Mm indeed, I just don't have the patience for charity shops, not very good at it! xx

    LC: Aaah really? Yeah I can imagine it would gorgeous with utility trousers! xx

  19. I love the key ring! Too cute. I don't have any double-finger rings, but I love the look of them. I've just been trying to find the right one. (:

  20. i love that sienna blouse, yummm
    i saw that in topshop today ;)

    ELiza xxxxx

  21. Scrabble magnets?! INCREDIBLE. I can get thrashed at it whiile I'm making dinner- amazing!


  22. I want to revamp my wardrobe so badly! But the funds for my DSLR are stopping me :-( Those topshop rings are so cute though! I may just splurge and break my ban because they are so cute! Here's me hoping they'll go into the sale. The sheer New Look top looks perfect! I may get that myself cause in comparison to the Topshop ones, it's a bargain! sdfjsifjsd I can't wait for summer!
    Hope you purchase some of these, so I can live vicariously through you!

  23. loving those blouses so much! fitting for any season really! Also I love double finger rings, so cute.

  24. love your blog!
    new post up let me know what you think :)

  25. Those rings are gorg! I need more gold rings in my collection. I'm really looking forward to gathering some cute clothes for spring/summer, but having no money is kind of a huge downer! Those scrabble pieces are so cute, I'm browsing the site right now... DID YOU SEE THE MUGS? Oh, crap! My money is going to be gone asap!


  26. I love those double finger rings! I need one lol

    Happy Wednesday!

  27. I've been lusting over that key ring for about a week now, it is beautiful. Loving the kimono trend to, I agree very versatile. I like light knit things, incase it's just a bit nippy, but then they never weigh down your bag when you get a bit warm. I had a really lovely cardi, and it fell off my bag on the way out of Waterstones in the summer, and when I went back it wasn't there, I was heartbroken. xx

  28. Aww I want those fridge magnets, such a cool idea. You should definitely get the secret garden key ring, its so pretty :D x

  29. I'm not sure about double rings, they look like they would be quite restrictive? Love the kimono cape top, such a pretty pattern :)

  30. I love Wild and Wolf! So much fun stuff on it!

    NEED to buy that unicorn ring... I love unicorn stuff! Thanks for linking to it. I bought that new look shirt the other day.. was a toss up between cream and blue and ended up getting the blue but don't think I'm gonna keep it. :( Just reminds me too much of stuff my Grn ued to wear. I know that's the whole point but I don't think I'd feel comfortable in it! I have seen a similar one in H&M which I might get instead.

  31. Casee Marie: Me too! I have my fingers crossed that Primark do a similar version of the Secret Garden Key ring though, would be so much cheaper!

    Eliza: It's so pretty! I saw it in Topshop yesterday too, really want to try it on though!

    Danni: INDEED. I'm sure there are many mini Scrabble-related games that could ensure from the magnets, a quickfire version while making a cuppa perhaps?! xxx

    Naomi: I'm STILL blimmin' dithering over a DSLR. Currently loaning one from Uni for the weekend ;) Haha, one small purchase won't hurt sweet! Since writing this post, I have realised I could size up a bit with the NL version and it would cover my bum no sweat! xx

    Emma: Yesss indeed (: Not my style really, but I want to explore new things this year!

    Aimee: (: Oh I have no money either... Relying on eBay at the moment! Yeah aha, I have a Scrabble mug, got it for Christmas. x

    Bree: There's some really cute double finger rings out there at the moment. x

    Gem: Me tooo! So cute and fairystory-esque! I tend to wear thinner materials in the spring/summer, and carry over my winter knits to throw on top for added warmth (: OH noooo, I'd be so gutted if that happened to me, I love cardys! xxx

    Caroline: Haha I know right!? Much classier/nicer than the kiddy alphabet ones ;) Eeep, I may just do that after the stress from the bank today! x

    Hayles: They're not too bad, I tried a few on yesterday, and they feel pretty standard! xx

    Alison: I know, the unicorn ring is so unique! Haven't seen anything like that on the high street before (: Oh really? I really like the cream one, might buy one a few sizes up for bum-covering points though! xx

  32. i have that camel shirt :) get it i promise its worth it!


  33. I want to revamp my wardrobe too ): I'm going to give thrifting a go, have a look in charity/vintage shops cos there's loads of amazeballs ones in Brummmm! :) Love everything you've included, you do know how to seduce me with your taste of clothing hahaha ;)

  34. you should definitely treat yourself to the double key ring! i saw a bunny ears ring in the miss selfridge sale this week so they might still have it! xx

  35. scrabble fridge magnets! NEED!

  36. Such a fab wednesday wants post!
    DEFO want scrabble fridge magnets! xx

  37. Lydia-Lee: Aaah do you? I might pop to town and try it on first to see which shirt I prefer more. A few people have told me to look at some other shops as well aha (: xxx

    Irene: Oh you lucky gal! I'm awful at charity store shopping, I need to rein in the assistance of Ella ( or Katie ( I think! Hahaha, loved the end of your comment ;) xxxx

    Emma: Eeep. A trip into town is most definitely required, as I'm home alone tomorrow! Thanks fo' the tip off! xx

    Helen: YES! So "quirky" and sweet (:

    Courtney: Thank you Courtney! Me tooo, going to pester the mother or daddddy to make an order for me though.. my money situation is just dire at the moment! xxx


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