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What colours and styles are 'in' next season?

For the first "fashion season" in forever, I can't actually seem to pinpoint specific colours that are on-trend for S/S 2011. Personally, I struggle with shopping for the spring and summer, I always opt for loose fitting basics, in the same colours, but this year I am really interested in exploring new colours, tones, patterns and fabrics. If you read my blog regularly, you will know that is actually a pretty big deal: I've such a basics and neutrals person during the colder months!
London Fashion Week in September feels like many lightyears ago now in the fast-moving world of fashion, particularly as a high street consumer, it can be difficult to remember exactly what the designers have proposed to be "in" for S/S 2011. One of my all-time favourite designers is Marc Jacobs, known for his easy to wear RTW collections, in flattering, loose cuts and on-trend colour palettes. Spring/Summer 2011 sees Eastern influences, muted tones of dramatic, bright colours and a spin on that incessant floral trend.
In a huge contrast, another outstanding catwalk show was Burberry's, keeping with my favourite neutral wardrobe, but with exciting pops of neons, which unexpectedly worked really well. I liked that Christopher Bailey stuck to his guns with his iconic military influences, with tight, tough pieces when every other runway showed loose-fitting, whimsical garments synonymously associated with Spring/Summer.

Personally, I will be looking to sheer garments and fabrics this season. Risque as some people may find it, if you select the right pattern, colour, cut and length, sheer pieces can be really flattering, and is something I see as a "grown-up" take on the overdone floral trend. Additionally, as seen on the Marc Jacobs They're whimsical, fresh and add a whole new spin on floral!

I like to wear my sheer pieces with a plain bra (nude or black, no crazy patterns!) or lace bralet underneath for a bit of an edge, although obviously this isn't a look favoured by everyone! For curvier girls who are worried about flashing the flesh, as I've had mentioned in my comments, I would recommend a darker sheer piece, like this piece from Next (first in collage). With the understated print, and flattering sleeve length, this is perfect for the upcoming season.
In terms of colour, I don't think that there is a limit to what you "should be wearing" at all! I will probably be looking at an eggshell blue, coral orange and pink, nude pink and teal green palette, teamed with creams, nudes, and textures of lace, chiffon and some soft leather to toughen it all up.

Keep your Fashion Q&A's coming over Formspring, and I will pick out the best questions to feature on my blog next week!


  1. I've given up on trends, truly! I honestly thing that they hardly exist, as we can see with all the beautiful things that these designers came up with - I mean, there really aren't many similarities. I believe trends are mostly found in stores - because as seasons go on, most stores do often stock the same sort of style.

    Great post, I completely agree with there not being limits on what to wear!

  2. Ahh so nice, I want t own all those Marc Jacobs looks, though I'm pretty fond of the Burberry ones too! :D

  3. I agree with you completely, there just seems to be a lot of things that are new and accessible, of different colours and styles etc. I think that it is a good idea because then more people can get clothes that will suit them :)
    Lovely post lovely xxx

  4. you obviously put so much time into this post and it really shows :) i love that blouse youve picked its gorgeous x

  5. This post is lovely and so very interesting! Can see you put a lot of time and effort in to this, which shows because it really is a spectacular post! You've picked a lovely selection of pieces to show whats in next season too! xx

  6. I really enjoyed this post! I think I'll be wearing a lot of sheer pieces, blouses in particular, this season too. I absolutely love florals too, although most people seem to be sick of them by now! ;) xx

  7. this post is just too much amazingness in one.
    I LOVE EVERYTHING from marc and burberry.
    ahhh so adorable.<3

  8. i love this post! they layout and everything is gorgeous, you really should write a magazine or something xx

  9. i love the colour palettes you choose -- especially since i have been enamoured with eggshell blue right now.. i am going to the store to buy some eggshell blue spray paint soon! <3

  10. Marc Jacobs stuff looks really nice! I also really like the sheer blouses!

  11. i am SOOO excited to start shopping for summer! def going to have to be following some trends this yr... el ay wont be forgiving! haha xoxo avs

  12. Just love how you have presented this post. I am your newest follower :) x

  13. I absolutely love these posts that you do, I find them so helpful. You're very inspiring! :)
    I particularly love the blouses you've picked out, I'm loving blouses at the moment, I find them so versatile. xo

  14. love this thanks for that round up x

  15. I love the little images you put together for this post! They are so cute. Really liking Marc Jacobs! xoxo

  16. Michelle: Mm me too, I always watch the runway shows (mostly because they're beautiful to watch, and a great production!) but find it hard to identify and relate to specific trends. My own style is totally "eclectic" anyway (: Thank you for your comment <3

    Jess: I just adore Marc Jacobs! The colours and textures were all so fresh for this season, quite excited to experiment once the Spring weather arrives! x

    Patsoir: I like the wide range, hopefully it'll allow for some more diversity in the streets! Thank you sweet (: xxx

    Lydia-Lee: N'awh thank you so much! xx

    Courtney: Thank you! I always like to put a bit more effort into these, mainly because the questions are from my readers! Eeep thanks lovely! xxx

    Charlene: Oh I'm glad you liked it Charlene (: I'm a bit hit-and-miss with floral at the moment, more into my Eastern-inspired prints with birds and foliage etc. but I'm sure floral will make its' merry little way into my wardrobe soon! xx

    Julianne: Thanks Julianne! Wanted to show two completely different collections, designers and takes on the new season (:

    Belle: Thank you darl <3 Oh well that is my eventual aim I think! Still can't decide what I want to do in life, heeey failure! xxxx

    Kat: Mmm I really like eggshell blue! I want eggshell blue nail varnish :3

    Devs: I adore Marc Jacobs, he's one of my favourite designers!

    Alana: Oh indeed, gotta be a latte clutching, designer bag toting gal out there! Please pack me in your suitcase (; xxxx

    Tess: Thanks so much Tess! Just seen your blog & its lovely! x

    Jess: Thank you! *blushes* Blimmin' heck, to be described as inspiring is such a compliment! Me tooo, I like them with leggings at the moment, nice and comfy but not too casual either (:

    Kirsty: You're very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it lovely! xx

    Dee: N'awh thank you sweet! xxx

  17. i love all the sheer shirts that are around at the minute, they all look so lovely

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  18. I love how you displayed these! Very cool.

  19. Hannah: Me too, hoping to invest in some more for the summer (:

    Isabella: Thanks lovely!


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