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I hope you all had lovely New Years' and are suitably hungover to begin 2011! As per usual, NYE was totally overrated, and I didn't do anything particularly special to begin the year with, aside from sipping champagne in my pyjamas at home ;) I'm so sceptical with going out in my town, as the clubs and bars are always full of chavs - I'm sure you'll have heard this tale from Ella before! One of my New Year's resolutions is actually to give up alcohol aside from "special occasions", so having my plans cancelled was probably a blessing in disguise, start as you mean to go on etc etc!

I've never been one to have much willpower with my resolutions. Half of the problem is that I always aim too high, or I'm not realistic with what I want to achieve! Instead, I am taking a leaf out of Abby's book/blog, and writing a To Do in 2011 list (:

- Drink (much more) water.
- Pass my driving test. Damn you snow!
- Cut down on my unnecessary spending and budget.
- Go on a girly break away with the best friend in the Summer.
- Find a part-time job to fund my unnecessary spending, which will undoubtedly happen!
- Meet Abby!
- Buy a new camera, and pursue my newly-found interest in photography.
- Develop my own personal style a little further.
- Declutter my two wardrobes, two beauty stashes and two jewellery boxes.
- Nab myself a month long internship in styling and/or PR.
- Meet some bloggers, as weird an experience as it is!
- Save money towards "The Future".
- Refine my make-up and beauty product collection.
- Spend more time with the University girls.
- Learn something new; a language, a skill, etc.
- Maintain my grades at Uni. Be more organised: will help with dissertation and FMP!
- Work on improving Daisybutter! Get a dot com! (:

I think I'll be putting this into a tab on my blog, like Bee at Vivatramp, so I can keep track of how well, or not so well, I'm doing. I think I'm could be being slightly overambitious to be honest, I'm someone who much prefers to do one thing, and have it well done, as opposed to lots of things haphazardly started and half-finished! Most of my goals seem to be quite achievable with a bit of work from my part anyway (: I have high hopes for 2011!

In keeping with the 'New Year, New Start...' theme that the entire world, never mind blogasphere, has going on at the moment, you may have noticed I can technically already cross something off my 2011 To-Do List. Yep, I've only gone and gotten myself a dot com! I'm so excited for it to switch over properly, which I can only assume will take a bit of time, but YAAAY!

What are your New Year's resolutions, aims and goals?


  1. Congratz on getting a dot com! :)

  2. Wish you all the luck in the world for your to do list. I'm sure if you put your mind to it you can achieve a lot of them - if not everything! Happy New Year! x

  3. Happy New Year!
    You have some great goals for 2011, I'm sure you'll achieve them!
    Big congrats on the .dom :) xoxo

  4. Loved this chica, I'm sure you'll do very well!! Happy new Year, looking smoking in your photo! xxx

    I like the idea of goals for 2011 instead of resolutions. I think that's more achievable. I always try to be healthier in the New Year, but that's more because of the indulgence over Christmas and not just because it's a new year.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Good aims. Hope you stick them to them, they sound very do-able!
    Happy new year xx

  7. your new year resolutions are good. I think i might have to take some of them on board! happy new year!! and yaaay your a dot com now congrats! xxxx

  8. Happy new year darling. Firstly, congrats on the new .com...your little url in my browser bar looks fabulous, especially with the favicon. :) love.
    2010 was fabulous from a blogging point of view for me as i got to meet yoooou. :) Hopefully 2011 will bring about many more reunions.
    Have a lovely new year's day sweetie.
    Much love xx

  9. Joey: Thank you! I'd been planning to get one for NY's since about October, and finally did it this morning, I'm still so excited! (:

    Vicky: Thanks lovely (: I'm such a determined person, I refuse to leave anything uncrossed for 2012 aha! Hope you had a lovely New Year's sweet.

    Jennie: Eeek I hope so! I'm sure I'll get lots done over my abnormally long breaks from Uni! And thank you so much Jennie, I'm so excited haha :D xxx

    Gem: Happy New Year lovely! Awh thank youu (: xxx

    Helen: Happy New Year hun :D The phrase 'New Years Resolutions' always leads me to fail at them by the end of the week, and a To-Do List is always achievable in my eyes, I absolutely swear by them! x

    Katie: I hope so tooo aha! Happy New Year xx

    Rose: Thank you sweet, hope you had a lovely New Year's! What did you decide to do in the end? Eee I know :D SO geekily happy haha! xxxx

    Milly: Happy New Year Milly (: Aaah I'd been planning to buy a dot com since about November, and my Muma just told me to go for it! Exciiiting! Oh yes indeed, hopefully we shall get the chance to meet up again! Hope you're having a great day lovely. xx


  10. I wish you luck in achieveing all your goals !! happy new year !!

  11. Happy New Year Michelle!
    Congrats on your new domain! <3
    Good luck with your resolutions, one of mine is to budget more. I spend too much :P


  12. that's a good resolution/to do list!! Now good luck stick with them :p There are so many things there that I should do too!

    Happy New Year!


  13. Happy new year Michelle! Your list seems very realistic so I'm sure you'll do well with it :) Best of luck for 2011 and congrats on the .com! x

  14. Ifee: Thank you lovely, happy new year :)!

    Vicky: Happy new year Vicky! Aah thank you sweet (: Yes, you do! I'm always so jealous of your haul/purchases posts on your blog!

    Emilie: N'awh thank you! Oh I hope I do manage to stick to them (: Going to be printing a copy off and sticking it in my wardrobe door and on my mirror! Determination is key this year ;) Happy new year lovely!

    Caroline: Happy new year Caroline :D Aah I hope I do! Thank you lovely <3


  15. your to do list is very inspiring i need to do virtually the same things :)

    happy new year and good luck with everything


  16. Happy New Year Michelle! A huge congrats on the! Some fab goals there (lol! I deffo need more than one starbucks a week!) Hope you achieve everything you want this year! I would so love to meet other blogger babes too! A meet up would be so much fun :)

    Aysh xoxo

  17. Congratulations on getting dot com!! Good luck in achieving your list, I am sure you can do it!!

    Kitty xoxox~<3

  18. Happy New Year Honey :) Nice to see a blogger from the UK :D

  19. Kate: Thank you for saying that, that means a lot (: Happy new year, and good luck to you too!

    Aysh: Happy new year lovely! Haha I have the worst habit of having too many and whittering my money away on them ): Thank you! Oh I know, I would organise a meet-up but I don't think it would be too popular in my kind of area?

    Kitty: N'awh thank you lovely! :D

    Tugba: Happy new year sweet! Aha indeed, I love reading British blogs!


  20. I don't think you need to develop your style anymore at all, I think it's already pretty established! So much, that I have said to myself in h&m a few times "Oooh, that's so something Michelle would wear!"

    Congrats on the dot com, keep going with this brilliant blog, it's my favourite! Happy 2011 :) xxx

  21. Amy: Awh thank you Amy! I always find myself shopping for other bloggers aha, it's a really bad habit, my Mum found it a bit weird when we went shopping on Thursday :p Thank you, that means so much to me, I'm glad you like it (: Happy New Year sweet. xxxx

  22. Nice goals! I would also like to develop my personal style a little further!

  23. Yay congrats on the new domain! Totally jealous that you actually got it to work :P I had massive issues with mine and gave up :P
    Hope you had a lovely new years

    L x

  24. Congrats on the domain!! :) Hope you had a wonderful new year michelle. xxx

  25. Chic Geek: Thank you! I think 'develop my personal style' is a relatively fun resolution aha, means I can shop to my heart's content provided I find and get this fabled PT job to fund it all!

    Laura: Eee thank you :D Oh no, did you do yours through Blogger? I did, and mine went through fine at the simple click of a button or three (: xxx

    Kim: Thanks sweety! My NYE was lovely, spent it sipping Baileys and then later, champagne at home then didn't manage to sleep until 3am aha! Hope you had the best New Year's Kim!


  26. Oooh, great 'to do' list. I think I might publish mine now even though I still need to add loads more :/ I hope you manage to accomplish them all sweetness.

  27. Bee: Thank you (: Ooh I shall go and take a look at yours now!

  28. Happy new year- I love the idea of a todo list rather then resolutions, I always end up setting myself redic ones that fade towards feb lol btw speaking as a fellow starbucks fiend I have to also limit myself to one a week you also go loco when the red christmas cups are used? Is it me or does the coffee somehow taste better in the red cups lol

  29. Chevy: Happy New Year lovely :D I think resolutions is just a trick word to make you never complete your goal aha! YES, Starbucks tastes better in the Christmas edition cups haha (: Finally someone who understands what I mean! ;) xxxxx


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