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1. My dodgy tripod casually hanging out in the snow for outfit photos! One of the legs is broken so when I extend the tripod, it doesn't balance ): Oh well, for shots at this height, it totally does the job! Also, the top attachment for my camera went missing, absolute tripod fail aha.

2. Me on Christmas Day, just chilling in my pyjamas and showing off my Scrabble mug! I love my brother a little for this little present, he was originally going to buy me a Marauder's Map (!!!) but it was a tiny bit expensive!

3. My sister, Louise, and I on Christmas Day! We colour matched just for the occasion ;) Sister's dress was by Reko for Topshop, and mine is from Coco Fashion.

4. Taking to the sofa post-Christmas lunch!

5. Then we made (or attempted to!) make flake-covered chocolate truffles. Apparently our mixture wouldn't set, so we moulded them into caramel chocolates instead. NOM!

6. 30/12/10: Was supposed to snap some outfit photos on Thursday for the blog, but it was such a packed day, this little Blackberry photo was all I managed to fit in. Still love my Topshop cobweb knit snood (:

7. In the car and ready to go shopping with Muma at Brent Cross!

8. We stopped for some frozen yoghurt :D I can't physically eat frozen yoghurt without chocolate of some sort haha.

9. Did an outfit post on Friday while my brother was getting ready. Inevitably, he saw what I was doing, and hijacked the shots! Pft!

10. Amused myself by RSVP'ing to Harry Potter related events on Facebook aha ;) Next one after Freshers is a house party at Hermione's house!

11 & 12. Handmade dumplings with my sister yesterday! We arranged them all nice on the plate... and then realised we still needed to cook them. What a fail!

13. A peek at my dressing table and some of the products I have at home right now. Room tour will be filmed when I next visit home (February) just because the lighting should be a lot better!

14. I like to hoard my favourite things on my bedside table...

15. Got the last Lauren Conrad, LA Candy book of the series for Christmas! And the sweetest (and brightest) mini book light as well, because I always read before I sleep; this means I don't have to get out of bed to turn my main light off anymore!


  1. i just love your week in photos:) you are your sister look so sweet and festive in your matching outfits! seems like you have done lots of cooking this break! i still need to get to your restaurant. im back in stevenage next week (my term doesnt start til the 17th!) so may have to take a detour. xxx

  2. There is too much good food in these photos. your making my diet go astray! let me know how that lauren conrad book is, i love her! x

  3. I love your photo posts. They're always so interesting to go through x

  4. Belle: Thank you! We always match our outfits at Christmas, I'm not really sure why! Yess indeedy, I complain that I miss home cooking, and then once I'm back, its all I fancy doing aha! Ooh are you? I go back to Uni in a matter of days, but you should totally go to the restaurant, I will let my Muma know (: xxx

    Katie: Ooops aha ;) Just you wait until we're back at Uni, all I seem to do to put off Uni work is knock up random meals! Her first two were quite good, a good enough storyline but the writing could be better to be honest, but I'll let Lauren off because I love her as well (:


  5. just read your about me, i didn't realise that you live in hertfordshire! i live in the beautiful(<i joke!) hemel hempstead,xxx

  6. All the food looks scrumptious, and I LOVE the scrabble mug- your bro done good! hehe, the marauders map sounds incredible though... maybe after saving some pennies?!


    p.s. congrats on getting the domain :)

  7. Loved this post, I love the mishmash of pictures. Love the scrabble mug.

  8. Haha I'm going to Hogwarts Freshers too! See you there ;) And snap - I have the same piggy bank as you! Mine's got no money in it though, sad face! Mmm tasty dumplings? I'm useless at even helping my mum make dim sum things, let alone make them myself. I'd much rather eat them! x

  9. Holly: Aaah do you? My flatmate from Uni is from Hemel Hempstead as well, only about 30-40 minutes away from me aha (: I can't really remember what Hemel is like though, been there about twice in my life?! xxx

    Danni: (: Thanks lovely! Oh gosh, I am determined to own a Marauder's Map one day! My Mum keeps telling me I'd regret buying it, but I totally wouldn't! Thanks sweet, I'm so excited about having a dot com and all, makes me feel important, which I'm absolutely not :p x

    Helen: Thank you!

    Jade: Meet you in the Great Hall for a Butterbeer and pumpkin pie? ;) Aha mine's stuffed full of pennies, should really take that to a coin machine and get my £2 or something stupidly small's worth! Yesss they were so good (if I must say so myself!), oh I agree, the eating is more fun than making them!


  10. N'aww, poor tripod. You look so cute and I love your Scrabble mug! Omgz, you're attending Hogwarts Freshers too? High Five! Mega Lolz at your brother highjacking the photos. Hope you're well sweetie!

  11. Ah i need that mug in my life, well an E not an M obv,Ha!
    You and your sister look super pretty with your matching Chritsmas outfits, so cute!
    Oh and i am mega Jeal ( ah i have watched far too much the only way is essex, cant stop using that word now,ha)
    that you have the 3rd LC book i totally forgot it was out, i will have to nip over to Amazon to get my copy asap!

    And thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog too. Your blog has definitley become one of my faves, its always so great, can't wait to keep reading it in 2011!

  12. Your poor tripod! Love the scrabble letter mug, looks so cool :)
    Oh and I saw your post on twitter, this did show up in my feed :)
    I didn't do my domain through blogger, it was an old one from years ago. Not sure I'd be able to get a domain called 'half dressed' imagine the amount of pervy men I'd get :P

    L x

  13. I love these posts, they are so cute!

    Stacey xx

  14. aww I really love your weekly photo posts hun :) all that yummy looking food's got my tummy rumbling! Haha lol at your brother! And your mug is awesome!! Can I ask where its from hun?

    Aysh xoxo

  15. Love your photos <3
    Those cream knit tights are really cutee, are they from topshop?!

  16. I love your posts :D u seem to be very optimistic person. And i adore youre hair cut!

    dumplings are traditional polish dish :D we call that PIEROGI

    will u post more photos of your room?

  17. Haha, I love the shot of your and your brother!! I always love these posts. Oh and those dumplings look YUM.

    Happy New Year! xx

  18. I can't help but lol at your tripod, mine has nearly ended up like that so many times. I spent half a week not realising mine extended to a taller height, I blame no instructions!! You look beautiful in every picture, and I'm drooling at dumplings, even if they are un-cooked!! Happy new year, and good luck moving in to your new student house xxxxxx

  19. Hahaha I remembered when you tweeted your bro hijacking your outfit pics, made me laugh :')
    you and you're sister are so equally beauts, and I can see she's going to be v. stylish like yourself Michelle! Oh arrr! ;)

  20. I LOVE these photos! is there still snow where you are?! your week looks like a very very lovely week xxx

  21. Those dumplings look so, so good. I love that mug too!

  22. Love that mug, I want one! xx

  23. freashers @ hogwarts <3

    your the cutest thing ever!

  24. Laura: I know aha, I totally didn't mean to break it! I have the other half of that leg so hopefully it's still fixable! LOLZ I absolutely loved this comment, had a bit of a sneaky giggle while reading it earlier ;) Maybe you could use your name as a domain URL? xxx

    Stacey: N'awh thank you! I propose we go for drinks once Uni is back in swing? Totes going to feature you on one of these hahaha ;) Hope you're enjoying Soton! xx

    Aysh: Thank you lovely :D Oh gosh I know, the photos were too funny not to feature on here and embarass him behind his back! I'm not actually sure where the mug was from as it was a Christmas present! Think he ordered it online somewhere though (:

    Carina: Thank you! My tights were from H&M (:

    Cynamonka: Thank you so much! ^^ Yep, I've had quite a few requests, so will try to film a bedroom tour and get some photos up when I'm home again next month!

    Sarah: Haha, the shots came out SO hilariously failed that I had to put some up on here! Needless to say, it was next to impossible to shoot the others! Happy New Year Sarah <3

    Gem: :( My poor fail-pod! Mine did extend... once upon a time. And I now use a huge blob of Blu-tack to attach my blimmin' camera to the thing! Thank you lovely <3 Can't wait to move and start a whole new "adventure" (:

    Irene: N'awh I shall pass that message on to her! Hope you're well Irene <3

    Rose: Nooo, those were from just before Christmas, but they didn't quite make it into a weekly photos post at the time! Thanks hun :D

    Chic Geek: Thank you :D

    Dan: Aha me too, the bottom of the mug says 'Triple Word Score' which is so great, like a mini reward for finishing your drink!

    Lydia-Lee: <3 Hope you were there, drinking Butterbeers in Gryffindor common room ;) xx


  25. I hope you had a great holiday break :)

  26. i adore you house! it so bright and happy :)

    those dumplings look amazing!!

  27. some lovely photos! I've just ordered sugar and spice, I hope it's good! I'm really into the story after reading the first too, and I've now ordered her book style! I'm LC obsessed!! x

  28. larvely photos.
    just stumbled on your blog, its so cute + you are look lovely!!
    everyone looks so happy. :)

  29. Love the photos dear! The accidental caramel chocolates sound yummy!!

  30. Jean-Pierre: Thank you sweet, it was lovely, I don't want to go back to Uni now though ): I'd much rather stay at home in my pretty room and blog forevz!

    Yvonne: Haha thank you (: They were so nice once they'd been cooked!

    Kim: N'awh thank you! The third book was really good - yep, already finished reading mine ;) - although it was a tiny bit rushed, and I kept expecting a fourth book. Me too, Lauren can do no wrong! xx

    Jess: Awh thank you!

    Charlene: Thanks lovely! Oh gosh they were so good, I ate a record amount of those babys on Boxing Day ;)


  31. Love the pictures! Your house looks so cosy.

  32. I really want some frozen yoghurt now!

  33. Aw, looks like you had a lovely Christmas Michelle! I've been having withdrawal symptoms from missing your blog! Hope you had a lovely holiday back home!
    I was wondering what the hell all those chocolate shreddings were! The idea of chocolate truffles sounds amazing though, MM! And wow, we have frozen yogurt in England? I did not know that! I've yet to get the last LC book, but I've pretty much forgot what happened now anyway :-( Happy New Year honey!
    PS. I love your new mop chop!

  34. Oh and thank you for telling me my blog posts disappeared from the face of the earth (or dashboard)!<3

  35. Lula: Thank you lovely (:

    Helen: Haha, frozen yoghurt is so good! It always gives me brainfreeze though!

    Naomi: It was so good to be home! LOL, we were going to cover them in chocolate flakes as opposed to cocoa dusting, but they completely failed ): Yep! Yog do them, and SNOG which is in Covent Garden and Westfield Shopping Centre in London! Thanks lovely! And I think your blog posts stopped showing up because you changed the URL :/ x


  36. what a well put together and creative xmas uve had !
    these photos make me soo hungry ! it all looks amazing !

  37. ahhh michelle! I LOVE THAT SRABBLE MUG. any idea where your brother got it from? it is sweeet. x

  38. Sara Louise: Awh thank you so much sweet! Christmas was so nice this year, probably one of the best I've had actually (: I hope you had the best Christmas and NY's!

    Elle: Thanks lovely :D I'm not sure, he bought it online as far as I know!



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