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1. This week saw my return to Southampz! Semester Two and proper teaching doesn't start until the 17th, but we have to go in for odd tutorials and feedback sessions, hence the reason I'm back already. I've spent the majority of my week in bed, reading magazines and watching DVDs. Yusss.

2. This was taken on my phone, so apologies for crap quality! I spent last Sunday at my Gran's house, eating good food followed by Mini Magnum ice-creams, so adorable! I'm so gutted that I'm missing her birthday next week ):

3. My last, indulgent, Lush bubble bath at home on Tuesday night. I seriously miss having the option of taking a bath while I'm at Uni.

4. My lame attempt at unpacking. Throw it all on freshly washed bedsheets... Obviously a good idea... Not. It took me about 4 hours to unpack and put everything away in the end - FOUR HOURS. Took a well deserved nap right afterwards.

5. My MAC quad pro palette arrived! I haven't actually used either of my shadows yet, but the palette is put together and ready to be played with. Exciting!

6. This was the reading I told myself I would do over the Christmas break. Which I left at Uni. Clever(!) Attempted to read this on Friday, and I didn't finish the reading until about 8pm. Fun Friday night in anyone?!

7. Popped to the Uni library on Thursday with Emily and Lauren, to pick up some books, and found this in the Graphic Design section. A swatch book. Of typefaces. Amazing.

8. Missed The Big Bang Theory on Thursday due to my incapability to make my printer work! So I caught up on every Uni student's dream: 4oD. Sheldon just completes my life hahaha.

9. Had an amazing, overwhelming response to my post on Thursday! I just had to print screen it, the comments were so great to read and brought up lots of issues and opinions that are usually quite taboo and brushed aside.

10. My flatmates and I have an insane obsession with chocolate desserts! Currently 2 for £1.50 in the Co-Op and Asda, you should see the state of our fridge at the moment. Pretty much chocolate desserts, chocolate, Lush facemasks and some milk. For coffee of course. All the essentials!

11. I finally had a good hair day! Well, by that I mean I bothered to condition my hair and blowdry my hair! Pyjamas are from Topshop (:

12. Bit of Ed Westwick on my iPod wallpaper! Soz gals, it had to be done, I know I'm sad!

13. MEEE! I'm not sure why I took this... But I did...

14. Black cherry jam on toast! And breaded ham on toast. Saturday's breakfast before spring-cleaning and later popping into town with the gals. And I would absolutely recommend black cherry jam - so good.

15. Reorganised my shelves. This is my "interests shelf". Nerdy? Yes.

16 and 17. We baked brownies :D

18. SO unbelievably nice outside today. Our living room is an absolute sauna haha, and the views look lovely again as opposed to grey and dreary with rain.


  1. I love those Flake yoghurts! And those brownies have given my itchy fingers for some baking this afternoon!

    Penny x

  2. Oh my gosh, love your Eyeko nail polish collection. I think your food pictures will always be my favorite!

    Is that a ham and jelly sandwich?

  3. Your food pictures make me so so so hungry!
    And now that picture of ed has made me miss gossip girl even more... i can't wait anymore!! aha

    if you feel like baking brownies from scratch, you should check out my recipe on my blog ;) it's like the easiest thing in the world! x

  4. Penny: They're so good! Wish they were a tiny bit bigger like the Muller Corners though ): Oooh you should do some baking, perfect Sunday afternoon for it! And you should blog about it too, y'know... ;) x

    Alyse: Eee thanks sweet (: I have more in the tub behind the first row, along with my other polishes. Thanks lovely! Food photography seems to be my calling? Nooo aha, One slice with jam, one with ham. I'm weird like that.

    Heather-Louise: Haha good, it is lunch-ish time and all ;) Oh I think it's back next week? Got my fingers crossed that a new ep pops up on the website on Tuesday anyway! Oh I'll have a look at that now actually, I really want to get into baking!


  5. Great photos, I've had a rather lazy week too. Those brownies are making me SO hungry! and so are those flake yoghurts. i always have them ;) bit too in love with your i pod background i have to say xxxx

  6. Your hair looks so volumised on that picture, that's such a great picture of you! I love your week in photos posts!!! xxx

  7. I really wanna try out that chocolate brownie and cookie mix, it looks soo yummy !!

  8. There's me making an appearance, woo! And jam on toast AND ham on toast? Really Michelle? ;-) So much food in this post, fatty. Really want some of those brownies though yum.
    I was watching a bit of Ed on you tube yesterday *loser* his accent is just jksdhfsjkfh! I like your "interests" shelf too, looks pretty perfect :D Bazinga.

  9. Oh my god michelle! Ham on toast?!? HIGH5! All of my friends think i'm crazy when i eat it!
    Love the brownie picture. In fact i love all the pictures concerning food. Oh and chuck <3

  10. ngl, that breaded ham makes my life! <3

  11. i love ham on toast!!! Sounds like a great week!! enjoy this one x

  12. What lovely, incredible photos! I am kinda jealous over her... I want a pink bubble bath! :-)

  13. your wallpaper of ed is so hot! haha i love it :) di you make it yourself?

    ps the brownies also look amazing!

  14. Your bookshelves look so cute!

  15. Jam and ham on toast haha, brilliant, something I would do, I eat such weird combo's. You look stunning in your pic, love the volume of your hair, really suits you xx

  16. Haha love your ipod wallpaper, Mmmm Chuck Bass! And those brownies look delish! x

  17. ooooooh Flake yoghurts AND Ed Westwick . . . good week!

  18. Rose: Thank you! Next week will probably be equally as lazy to be honest, and then it'll probably completely reverse and I'll be too busy to blog once Uni starts again! Ee me too, was worth making the effort to put it on my iPod! xxxx

    Amy: Ee thank you sweet (: It's lost most of its volume today though, sucks to be me!

    Ifee: Oh you should, the Cadbury's ones are so good!

    Naomi: Yes indeed ;) Haha I know, I couldn't decide what to have, and it wasss my brunch! LOL his accent is so pretty, but nothing spectacular, he grew up in my hometown so he just sounds like my pals! Not complaining though...!

    Lucy: YES HIGH FIVE! My flatmates think I'm a little mad as well aha! (:

    Winny: Amen!

    Claire: Me too aha, I don't know why people find it so weird :p

    Louise: Thanks lovely! Haha get a Lush bath ballistic :D

    Holly: Nooo, I found it on a fan website somewhere and resized, changed the colouring a little (: The brownies taste so good!

    Chic Geek: Thanks aha (:

    Gem: INDEED! The jam was breakfast, ham was the lunch part - my idea of brunch on that particular day ;) N'awh thank you lovely xx

    Sam: I know right! I got sick of my preset iPod wallpapers and themes!


  19. Your ipod wallpaper is heavenly! Ed is so yummy :)

  20. lol @ big bang theory, love that show too =)
    and your ed wallpaper is HOT!!! haha

  21. Oh I have the pic of Chuck in his checkered shirt as my laptop wallpaper - great minds eh? hehe! Yum all this food looks super good! Good luck back at uni :) x

  22. I love these sort of posts!

  23. The view from your place at Uni always amazes me! Looks so pretty.

  24. cute collection of photos, & your hair looks lovely.
    sheldon is amazing :)

  25. You didn't put the two slices of toast together did you? That would be an interesting combo :)
    It's been really sunny here too and the snow has completely gone now.

  26. Fab pictures - love the one of the bath, I used to miss baths so much when I was at uni! x

  27. nom nom nom @ brownies, ed westwick, mac eyeshadows and the fit girl that keeps reoccuring in your photos! my bad, it's you! ;)

  28. I always leave my reading here, there everywhere, I have the organisation of a pea. And your hair looks gorgeous and full of volume :)

  29. Oo I missed your last post :( The'yre delayed coming up on my dashboard atm, guessing that's because of the new name.
    Firstly. *Dies* your phone wallpaper!! HOT!! :)
    You always have such lovely food pictures - makes me hungry!!

    L x

  30. This post made me feel so cosy! Must be so nice to have a view of the sea. You look gorgeous! And send some brownies my way please!!xx

  31. Great pics as always hun! Haha thanks for the heads up on the asda 2 for 1 offer, you can be sure I shall be visiting my local very soon :) Aww finally another person who loves cherry jam as much as me! Can eat it straight out of the jar, no joke :) This must mean you are a lover of the wonderful thing that is Blackforest Gateau too? ;) Yum!

    Aysh xoxo

  32. Omgosh I bought some of those Flake yoghurts yesterday! Am yet to try them, had my buttons one instead last night :) mmmm! Really want to get a quad or maybe a bit palette and start building it up! Did you just get the pans or the whole eyeshadow? I'm not sure what to get as depotting seems like a hassle and in the end it will be the same price to buy a lipstick as it will be BACK2MACing them! x

  33. I think i needed your life this week. The food has made me crave literally everything (minus the ham - i'm vege!). I would love to have a bath right about now, but our's is always skank. Plus the mac make up/nail varnishes/ big bang have just made me completely jealous.
    NOT FAIR! x

  34. I have such a lust for jam. It's one of life's greatest pleasures in my books. I best leave before this becomes even creepier :/

  35. Oh yum chocolate desserts and ed westwick looks like you had a great week :) xoxo

  36. 1. NOM those brownies

    2. i have major bath appreciation too

    3. your hair looks beautiful :D

    4.(od) = lifesaver


  37. What beautiful photos, really captures your week! Chocolate deserts are the best, and YUM love black cherry jam, yumyumyum!

  38. Ice cream in these temperatures?! Are you crazy woman! Haha.
    So jealous of your mac goodies.

    Hope you're well lovely. x

  39. I love all the food in this post! I really fancy a chocolate dessert now. :) Also, I fancy Chuck even more now. Yum, Chuck and chocolate. Hee!

  40. The MAC shadows look fun and the brownies are amazing! May have to pop into co op and give them a try.

  41. i <3 Sheldon.
    the big bang theory is wonderful.
    that bath looks pretty amazing !!! :)

  42. this is the most amazing thing ever!
    thos flake yogurts things are out of this world, but theyve gone up alot nowadays pricewise haha :)
    and what beautiful makeup youve got now, plus i want to steal your dvd collection especially the gossip girl stuff xxx do you do this often, if not do this often haha :) xx

  43. Hey hey!
    Just wanted to say im new to the blogworld, but i started reading a few a couple months back and wanted to let the writers know how much I love their blogs, and yours is one of my personal favs. U have great style and I always enjoy reading your posts!
    Keep up the good work :)

  44. Love posts like these, and how much do I want a Cabdury yogurt now! x

  45. That flake corner is seriusly making me drool right now and i adore you spotty top, too cute.

  46. Those Flake choccie puddings are such a guilty pleasure! And the brownies look yummy too!

  47. That shelf looks sooo organized! I envy your organization skills, really. And the fact that you have an opportunity to take a tub bath before uni starts. I don't have one at home and would KILL for it.
    Thanks for a lovely post darling! XX B.
    P.s. Black cherry jam RULES! LOL

  48. Hello there... ^.^ Visiting you here. I hope we could be good friends. Do you mind if we follow each others blogs? Take care. ;)

  49. i love the big bang theory!! haha xx

  50. Kate: Mmm I know, he is beautiful! Especially when suited and booted, rather dapper!

    Joanna: It's so good, I usually never miss it, damn Uni work... Don't rate Sheldon's galpal much though, she has the most annoying, put-on, monotone accent ever!

    Helen: Indeed! My flatmates always think its a bit weird to have him as my wallpaper, but hey, not gonna hide my extreme fangirl tendencies! Thanks lovely, I'm totally not feeling Uni this semester but gonna have to power through I suppose! xx

    Lauren: Thank you so much! I saw it on Abby's blog first ( but thought it would be a good way to post, yet not have it too wordy on a lazy Sunday! x

    Helen: Thank you (: It's absolutely beautiful at night, or in the day when its clear and sunny! I'll be so sad to give it up for my house in July!

    Elise: N'awh thanks sweet! Finally liking my hair now, a month after having it cut!

    Helen: Oh nooo! Had them seperately (:

    Lily: Thank you so much! Me too, I like to buy a Lush bubble bar to take home if I visit home on a weekend.

    Irene: The brownies were so good Irene! Even if I must say so myself! LOL'd at that last bit of your comment, you're so lovely and cuteeee! <3

    LC: Oh I can't cope if my things aren't organised in some form! Thank you sweet (:

    Laura: Bleugh, it is the domain name change... Can't find a solution for it, or a contact email either so I'll have to deal with it for now ): Hope you've been well sweet! xxx

    Emily: Thanks sweet! Yeah I love the view, so nice and relaxing (:

    Aysh: Thank you! Haha no problemo, I always share deals, including a £2 for Ben and Jerry's the other week! OH EM GEE. Black Forest Gateau is my faveee! I love M&S Black Forest cookies as well, so ridiculously good.

    Emma: Omnomnom, they're so good! I had a Buttons one last night too, followed by more brownies, oops! Oh you should, such good quality, and the quad palette looks adorable haha (: I bought pan eyeshadows for my quad, tiny bit cheaper and I can't be bothered to depot! Once I fill my quad, I'll probs buy a few whole shadows though. xx

    Katie: Haha you deserve a lazy and indulgent week after getting your dissertation and FMP sorted sweet (: We seriously need a MAC counter in Southampton, picking up my orders always makes me feel more guilty! xxx

    Bee: It really is haha! (:

    Kelly: Thank you Kelly. x

    Tattered Florals: Indeed! Choccy desserts are my ultimate guilty pleasure at the moment haha!

    Elle: Thanks sweet! We finished the brownies yesterday and now I'm craving more. Probs a pretty bad thing y'know...

    Courtney: Thank you lovely!

    Kim: Haha apparently so! I never eat, dress, etc. appropriately for the weather aha! Thanks sweet, hope you've had a lovely weekend! xx

    Sarah: I love food. And you. End. :D

    Mandy: Expensive Pink is the most gorgeous colour ever! Ooh you should (:

    Gee: Sheldon is my favouriteee! BBT makes me laugh a ridiculous amount hahaha!

    Char: N'awh thank you! Oh I know, me and the gals bought in bulk because they're on offer at the moment, our fridge looks absolutely ridiculous hahaha ;) I just need to get Season 3 on DVD and I'll be sorted! Yes I do lovely, I try to post them every Sunday, something nice and light for lazy Sunday "reading" aha. I love your blog by the way Char, so inspiring! xx

    SugarRush: Thank you (:

    Girl With The Golden Touch: Thank you! Haha go and buyyy! ;)

    Meghan: Haha, there aren't many chocolate varieties more yummy than the Flake, however ridiculously messy they are to eat! Thanks lovely xxx

    Sarah: Eeek I know, I should probably cut down on my chocolate intake at some point!

    Bere: Haha thank you (: Black cherry jam is so good, can't believe I hadn't tried it before in all my 19 years of alive-ness! xxx

    Lulu: Me tooo, best TV programme out there! xx

  51. big bang theory completely makes my life, although i've been bad and impatient and watched series 4 online
    also, we have matching bedsheets!

  52. Mmmmm those cadbury yoghurt's are the best things eveer! Also loving your ed westwick background.. have you seen the preview for that film hes in? Can't remember what its called but it looks really good :)

  53. so many thing i love in these photo's i dont know where to begin. i think ill start with having a nice warm bath! :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  54. Ed Westwick - <3

    Nice pictures. I absolutely loved the last one. Great view.


  55. Little Mittens: Oh me too, the absolute highlight of my Thursday evenings at the moment (: Haha oh I've been relatively good, haven't watched it online as I have so many other series that I'm watching online at the moment.

    Emma Jade: I knowww! SO so good! Ooh I remember seeing a trailer for that actually, it does look really good, going to snoop around for a fellow EW lover to accompany me to see that I think (:

    Emma: N'awh thank you Emma :D

    Dasha: Thanks lovely! ^^


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