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taken on blackberry curve 8520 by michelle chai.

taken on canon eos 500d by michelle chai.

1. Started the week with a yummy egg tart (蛋撻) from London Chinatown! My friend went to London on Sunday and brought me back so many foood goodies! I think this was the only thing I ate that constitutes as breakfast all week, oops :/

2. I went out to complete the first task for my Styling portfolio on Monday. These are some outtakes that haven't quite made it into my portfolio: the task was to take a "client" shopping, restyle them and write a short, informal report. Sheer cape top and tan cupro shorts both from Topshop.

3. Gave in with my coffee house ban and bought a mocha flake from Costa. This gave me the worst headache evz, and I actually ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in bed! Think I'm starting to get a caffeine intolerance?!

4. Attempted to redesign my blog header but it just wasn't happening! Quite a few of you including Gem mentioned on Twitter that you prefer my current header anyway? Either way, the current header is staying until my creative flow returns!

5 & 6. I met up with another blogger, Alana, for sushi and a girly gossip. Omnom! Although Yo! Sushi probably isn't my favourite sushi place (My favourite is Ikkyusan, in London's Chinatown, for the record!), it's cheap and cheerful and fun to pick your plates from the carousel.

7. Taking photos with your v. dodgy camera > Uni work and writing up reports.

8. Made this for dinner on Wednesday night(?) Just some cubed herby roast potatoes, garden peas and salmon with a herb and cheese topping! It was so so good! Thank you BBC Good Food, haha!

9. Toasted pitta bread with chicken salad filling. Possibly the nicest lunch ever!

10. I started using my old Tumblr account again this week (: It seemed that a lot of people on Twitter were using it, so I hopped on the bandwagon, and its safe to say I'm already addicted again! If you have Tumblr, follow me @ & I'll make sure to follow you back! Atm its just reblogs, outfit posts and other odds and ends that don't "fit" on my blog.

11. My friend Jess alerted me to these beyond beautiful shoes on Saturday! I'm on the tightest spending ban and budget that I've been on in my life, but am hoping that with some persuasion, my Mama will buy me a pair. Moccasins are the comfiest shoes ever!

12. I like sitting in rooms lit by candlelight. That's all <3

13. It's so sunny today!


  1. Ah i love your photos of the week posts. you always have THE nicest food, that pitta looks amazing hahaha. And the way you styled the clothes in the second pictures is really nice. she looks lovely! I've tried banning myself from getting my usual chai tea latte in starbucks but it's too hard,especially as my college is SO close to starbucks. It's just too hard isn't it! it's so sunny in Brighton today as well! but i'm stuck indoors doing work :( looks like you've had a lovely week xx

  2. I love those Miss Selfridge shoes. I really like your current header too, it's cute. I didn't drink coffee while I was travelling and since getting back every coffee I've had has made me feel ill...guess I should be pleased at the amount of money I'll be saving in Starbucks but I kinda miss having coffee in my life! x

  3. yay i always look forward to your week in photos ^-^
    i had dim sum and egg tarts today! oh and char siu baos :] xx

  4. egg tarts <3 yum. Love the outfit you styled :)

  5. these posts always make me hungry! the food looks so good! nom nom. xo

  6. Those shoes are blummin gorgeous! I've seen so many beautiful ones like... now it's just the never ending, ever so hard decision of deciding which ones to purchase!

  7. Rose: Thank you, I'm just a massive foodie to be honest! Oh my coffee ban is straight back on now, and I'm not spending ANYTHING aside from Uni expenses and essential food shopping :/ Hope your college work is going okay today sweet. xx

    Lily: I really want them ): There's an offer on them too which makes it even worse! Thanks lovely <3 I think it's just a shock to the system or something to be honest... I might cut coffee out of my lifestyle, will make me feel much healthier! x

    Lucy: Haha thank you (: Whaaaa did you?! I haven't had dim sum in forever, hopefully going next week when I'm home to see my family for CNY though! xx

    Fiona: I love egg tarts <3 Thank you lovely!

    Devs: Haha ;) I love food + taking photos of food... Must start taking photos of other things for next week's post! xx

    Alison: They're gorgeous, right?! I'm not even a huge fan of shoes really, but I feel like I absolutely need these moccasins in my life! xx

  8. Aw looks like you've had a fab week. I'm so jealous of all the yummy foody treats you always take pictures of - they literally have me drooling all over my computer ha! And love the moccasins, I hope you're Mum gets them for you :) I've seen a beaut of a pair that I'm hankering after in M&S of all places lol! x

  9. those shorts are awesome! i've been wanting some suede paperbag shorts for ages - good job with the styling by the way :)

    Mollie from

  10. your week looks lovely! you always have the nicest pictures :) and those shoes are perfect! x

  11. Ooo nom nom as always with the foody pics darl! You do good :) my bro lives near chinatown & is always telling me about these illustrious egg tarts...think I need to get on down there & get me some! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  12. Helen: Thank you! It's been okay I guess (: Aha I just seem to spend a lot of time cooking nice things lately! Oh gosh really? I never get a chance to look in our Marks and Sparks, its a little bit out of the way in the huge shopping centre we have! xxx

    Mollie: Thanks lovely! I really want those shorts as well, but could never justify spending £36 on them right now. xx

    Hannah: Thank you (: x

    Aysh: Thank you! Oh does he?! I'd love to live in London someday. You definitely do! I could reel off a huge list of things you must try when you go to Chinatown! xxx

  13. love the outfit you styled! it looks like a good week - the candle photo is beautiful. Is that the new site design?

  14. I love cooking out of BBC Good Food! And it has been bloody freezing this week, hasn't it!

  15. I'm hungry now! xD
    I love China Town, yummy food all around. Ikkyusan is one my favourite restaurants around there, delish food, if only their service is as great!
    I also love the little indoor market place filled with CUTE stuff :D
    You've also tempted me to browse Miss Selfridge's site :P

  16. Ellio: Thanks lovely! Well, it was going to be, but there's something not quite right and a bit clinical about it, so this one is staying for now (:

    Rachel: Me too! Yep, been struggling to wear enough layers, and to get out of bed in the mornings!

    Vicky: Me too (: The service is... average, it usually takes ages to be seated even if there are empty tables which annoys me. Ooo the one with the purikura machines?! xx

  17. You always make me so hungry with your week in photos posts! That salmon especially looks really yummy.
    I have about a million of those Ikea candles, I go through them so quickly! I found out recently that TK Maxx have a really good candle range in their home bit so I've been buying lots of Pecksniffs ones from there, they last ages.
    It has been a really nice sunny day today hasn't it? I will have to save all these pictures you keep taking of my flat and make a collection ;)

  18. always love your week in photos :D
    the food looks so good

    Ive just picked up a pair of brown moccasins exactly like the ones from miss selfridge for £3
    didnt realise they were back on trend :)


  19. i loveeee ikkyusan! but i recognise those coloured plates anywhere haha yo sushi is good. oooooh love the out takes, please put your portfolio up when your work is all done and dusted :D the header you have now rocks, definitely keep it... although if you're having creative urges to make a header i know this blog called shutterbug which really needs a makeover...
    haha only kidding ;) glad you had a good week! xxxx

  20. Oo another tumblr account, everyone seems to be using it right now, I have an account I've just never got any further than that :P All the food looks yummy!! It has been sooo cold this week hasn't it, am really hoping for it to warm up a bit :) Oh and I like your current header too :)

    L x

  21. you have made me so hungry ahhhhhhh D:


  22. howww did i not have you added on twitter before now!? added you (as minielle) :)

    also, i'm now starving hungry. thanks michelle ;p

    elle x

  23. What a cute week in photos! Lovely,
    Totally agree with how toasted pitta with chicken salad filling is the best, yum!
    Rooms lit by candle light make me feel so relaxed!

  24. Rosie: Oh the salmon dinner was so good, I want to make another (: They do burn really quickly, I'm probably going to pick some more candles up from Primark or something in the week, because I've been burning candles so much recently! Yesss, it's been lovely, although I've not ventured from the flat today! xxx

    Kate: Thank you Kate :D WHAAA!? Where did you find those badboys? £3 is a lot more affordable than blimmin' £32! xx

    Sian: Me tooo, they really have the nicest food & the restaurant is adorable inside too! I'll probably put it up in the summer, my deadline isn't until May and I don't want my portfolio out there just yet ;) Aha email me if you want a header designed sweet, although I have a huge backlog to make at the moment! xxxx

    Laura: I know, I've never really understood it but I just like making it all look pretty! Yusss, I'm hoping for warmer weather too! x

    KLEE: Aha soz sweet ;) xx

    Elle: Followed you back lovely! No problem aha ;) I'm quite peckish now actually, had an early dinner which was a pretty big mistake! x

    Courtney: Thank you lovely! Mm I might have to make another one this week! xxx

  25. these photos are so cute! what a great week!
    i really like that second outfit...that flowered shirt is so cute!

  26. Oh I want that yummy coffee, it looks so good! Love the pics as always :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  27. Leigh: Thank you! (:

    Emma: Haha it was, whipped cream and everything! Calorific! Thanks lovely! <3

  28. I love the brown shorts a lot!! And food looks so good!

  29. That coffee looks too delicious to give you a headache! All of the food you posted looks so yummy, sushi is (L). And the outfit in #3 is lovely :)


  30. stunning photos :)))


  31. Michelle, I love you. We must go out for sushi! You're the only person that I know who likes it and i've only ever tried one little thing before, not even sure what it was called but it was yummy! <3 xx

  32. Oooh they are lovely shoes. I bought these online from new look and I am so disappointed that they hurt my feet. How is it possible. I tried them for a few mins in the house and felt crippled so back to the shop it is for them!

  33. Hmm so much yummy food in one post!

  34. Ok, firstly,
    I am a new follower :)
    I followed for these reasons:
    -You like sushi
    -You are BBC?
    -You like to take photos of food
    -You like 'dan tats' - my really bad pin yin of Egg tarts
    -You love shoes!!

    :) xx

  35. oh and also you mentioned harry potter <3

  36. I love chinatown! I went there on Saturday and had a luuurvley chinese cake called Gai Mei Bao (or chicken bottom bun according to the boy!)

    I'm a new follower...your blog is great!


  37. Phuong: Me too, they'd look so good with different pieces (:

    Monica: Blahhh, I think it's because it was a mocha, half espresso and half chocolate probably wasn't such a good idea! Thank you sweet!

    Minnja: Thank you (:

    Abby: I love ya tooo Abby! Yes indeedy, we must! I can see our meet-up being food filled and just generally a money-wasting day ;) Hope you're well missy! xxx

    ScienceGeek: Oh they're lovely, but I've always found NL shoes cut my feet up ): I usually invest in insoles and try to wear them in with socks on for a few hours before I actually leave the house! xx

    Helen: You know it! These posts really need to be renamed to something generic about food!

    Viv: Thank you so much for following Viv! Yeppy, I'm a BBC, I take it you are as well? (: I'm always taking photos of my food, not sure why really! xx

    Sarah: I haven't been in absolutely ages ): Going to London on Thursday though, so hopefully I'll get the chance to pop over for foood! Omnom, those are lovely, my Mama buys them for our breakfasts etc. when I'm home (: Awh thank you for following Sarah, really means a lot! x

  38. I absolutely love your "week in photos" posts :) Great job styling your 'client' - that outfit is gorgeous! xo

  39. Laura: Thank you so much sweety! Means a lot to receive good feedback about my work and blog! <3

  40. Lovely pictures, and blog, I just came across it and its great now following X


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