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Went back to Uni today! I only had an hour's seminar, which was easy enough, reviewing and building upon the presentation we had to research for, put together and present at the end of last semester. It rained for the majority of the day... Suitable weather for such an occasion! These two weeks are pretty much just feedback weeks, where we go in for 10-minute tutorials to hear feedback about how we did in each assignment, which is quite annoying as I'm already struggling to fill my days up with things to do.

(Polka dot peter pan tunic, Topshop;
Cut-off jeans/shorts, George at Asda + cut up by moi!;
Black cardigan, Primark;
Ribbed tights, F+F at Tesco.)

I'm wearing that peter pan collared tunic that I featured on my Wednesday Wants last week. Just as a little disclaimer, I don't always buy the items I feature on those posts! I'd be totally bankrupt if I did! Most of the time, they just inspire me in outfits and/or buy one piece from the lists. Can you imagine my wardrobe (and state of my bank balance!) if I routinely bought 5/6 pieces of clothing a week?! Anyway, I did end up buying this tunic, along with a few other bloggers, like Kate, Emma, Lucy and Lily to name but a few! As predicted, it is taking the blogosphere by storm already! I decided to style mine tucked into some cut off shorts today, as well as providing that tiny of extra warmth, it made it look a lot different to it worn as a tunic (:

Had the nicest catch-up and lunch with Emily and Lauren today! Although I know I wasn't feeling the whole coming back to Uni thing at all yesterday, it's been nice seeing everyone again. If you really wanted to know, we ate at Pret a Manger, where I quite literally devoured a beautiful ham and cheese filled croissant, NOM. Yesterday I went to see Love & Other Drugs with my flatmates. I quite enjoyed the film actually, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal were amazing as expected, but it wasn't at all what I expected from the film! Also, J.G. = beautiful. For once, I'm glad things didn't quite work out for Taylor Swift! ... I take that back actually, I have a lotta love for the Swift as you all well know :3 ♥

Huge FANX to Gem for helping me out with my camera issues, not completely resolved but a whole lot better! Right, I'm off to do some reading for Uni (bleugh) and wrestle with my printer (installing a new ink cartridge, I'm just being dramatic!), so I shall see you all on Twitter for Eastenders?


  1. Ooooo that tunic does look lovely like that!! You have such a wonderful sense of your own style, its an awesome outfit!!
    I want to see Love & Other Drugs too, it does look good, and JG is yuuuum!!
    Have fun with reading and wrestling ;D

    Kitty x

  2. Aaah I'm going to see Love and Other Drugs tomorrow - is it a weepy? Should I be prepared and bring tissues? haha

    I do love that tunic - such a gorgeous colour. I wish I could buy 6 items (or more) a week - I could have a wardrobe on rotation on the basis of weeks rather than years! xxxZ

  3. I love your disclosure, do people really think you are some sort of millionaire at uni hahaha, brilliant. No worries for the help, thanks for being so creative ;) xxxx

  4. Ohno michelle you have made me want that tunic even more! + i really really wanna see love and other drugs hmmmmmm xx

  5. Im a new follower and I already love your blog x

  6. peter pan collar for the win!
    i am so ruddy jealous that you're still at uni. i'd give anything to go back! but alas, now i work. still, means i can travel a lot more i guess.


  7. that is such an adorable alexa chung-y shirt. i'm so jealous! x

  8. That tunic looks so cute on you x

  9. Kitty: Awh thank you! I'm slowly working out what I like and suits me (: I have quite an eclectic style though I think! It's a great film, I would recommend you don't see it with your Mum or something though hahaha (: PS. I haven't gotten round to that reading yet!

    Zsara: It isn't a sad film, I didn't cry and I'm the biggest wimp with rom-coms! Aha yeah that would be ideal, sadly it's more like 2 new things a month at the moment ): x

    Gem: Gosh I get a lot of comments etc. that make it sound like readers assume I buy everything featured! I wish! Just didn't want people to think I'm made out of money when I'm clearly not (: xxxx

    Lucy: BUY IT! You know you want to ;) I would really recommend the film, a lot of nudeyness though haha, don't see it with your Mum by any means!

    Sam: N'awh thank you lovely, shall have a look at your blog in a mo'. x

    Gem: I'm a bit obsessed with them at the moment, I usually don't like high-necked pieces! Oh lord, don't say that aha! I'm quite excited to graduate and earn some moneyz, I want to go "travelling" at some point as well (:

    Sofi: Thank you! (:


  10. I so want this tunic now, it's just adorable. Rainy here too, but hey, at least it's not snowing! haha.


  11. I was eyeing that tunic today! It's so pretty and looks adorable on you! NO, I can not cave in :P

    Ergh, really hating the storyline on Eastenders right not :(


  12. Your outfit is so cute, love the peter pan collar and the denim shorts, what a wonderful mixture.

  13. That's a great way to wear the tunic! Good luck with your uni reading, that always used to make my eyes hurt so much haha.

  14. Love this outfit- its great that you've teamed the tunic slightly differently (to how I've seen most wear it anyway) I have also jumped on that, bought it last week with le Birthing day dollar :)

  15. I love how your wearing the tunic as a top! :) it looks great! The colour is so pretty :)

  16. I've got that tunic too haha, I think everyone has it now! Your outfit is so cute and it's nice to see it worn tucked in though as most others (including myself) have went down the leggings and cardigan route! xx

  17. oh wowww (said a la cassie from skins) i LOVED love and other drugs. and yes JG was a major part of that! x

  18. Hannah: I know right! I just love the burnt orange colour, will still look good in the summer as well hopefully (:

    Vicky: Thanks lovely! xx

    Georgie: Oh you should invest! Was only about £26 I think, v reasonable and long enough to pass off as a dress, which is how I shall be wearing it next! Oooh indeed, I think I slightly prefer snow to rain though! xxx

    Vicky: Haha, stick to your NY resolution missy :p Although it is absolutely adorable (: Oh me too, I'm finding it quite hard to watch, God knows what'll happen tomorrow, Friday's episodes are always huge... xxxx

    Helen: Thank you hun :D I have a slight penchant for peter pan collars at the moment! x

    Helen: Thank you (: Bleugh I know, the words all merge into one grey blur after about an hour! x

    Steph: Awh thanks lovely! I knew I wanted to wear it slightly differently, got a few more ideas lined up as well for it, and it'll be a great "tool" in my styling kit for Uni. Oh how exciting Steph, can't wait to see you feature it on the blog! xxx

    Heather: Thank you! It did get ever so slightly uncomfortable post-lunch though haha!

    Charlene: Haha yep, anything peter pan collared and from Topshop seems to be a blogger staple at the moment! Ooh I thought mine looked a bit weird with leggings, probably because the tunic is crazily long on me though aha. xx

    Elle: Such a good film! Oh gosh, Jake was such a distraction for me in that film. Words cannot describe...! x

  19. you look lovely! the shorts are great :)


    The Flower Girl


  20. I love that Topshop tunic so,so cute x

  21. very cute. i'm loving the demin cutoffs + tights combo right now. it was finally chilly enough here to wear it on NYE!

  22. I may have to have a look at the tunic- i really like the colour and the peter pan collar :) x

  23. Becky-May: Thank you lovely! (:

    Vintage and Cake: It's so sweet isn't it? The prettiest colours as well, I have a serious problem with buying in these colours at the moment, my wardrobe is full of it!

    Oomph: Thank you! Oh gosh, on NYE?! It was still freezing here then, starting to warm up a little now though :D

    ForeverSweet89: Oh you should, its taken the blogosphere by storm haha, so adorable!


  24. Ohhh Jake what a babe. And whilst I too love Taylor they were such a weird couple and whilst the age gap wasn't that big the ages that they were, were completely different phases of their life. Not surprised that Jake broke it off, but hey ho more of him for us eh? hehe x

  25. Woo you got the tunic! It looks great with those shorts.

    I took a photo of me wearing mine this weekend. Gosh all bloggers gonna have it soon ;) xx

  26. Helen: Oh my, I know! I completely agree, Taylor's about to go on tour for 7 months, and Jake is still working forwards in his acting career, so a break-up/"relationship vacation" was inevitable in my eyes. I AGREE! (:

    Kim: Yeppy! Eeek I know, it's taken the blogosphere by storm like the last Topshop PP tunics! Such a lovely colour palette though!



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