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Two posts today for your viewing pleasure! I've been up forever, even though I basically have no plans, apart from a possible sneaky cinema trip, until Tuesday. I had to pop to the bank to sort out a huge problem with my account being frozen because a "suspicious amount of money" had been paid into it. Like my money for rent, perhaps?! Made a food shopping order to be delivered, which I stayed in and waited for for most of the day, and I'm currently filling up my days with some pretty regular blogging, on-a-whim shopping trips and day-long TV series marathons. Not all bad I suppose.

(Top, River Island;
Jeans, Vintage Chanel via Anita's Vintage Fair;
Heels, River Island,
Elephant necklace, Accessorize.)

I don't think many people have seen me in a jeans-and-a-tshirt outfit before. Even my friends know I'm having a lazy or off day if they catch me in an outfit that involves jeans! I find them quite uncomfortable to wear, and not very flattering, or very me? The exception I will make, however, is with this pair, that I nabbed at Anita's Vintage Fair. Perusing the rail of previously loved items, there were so many gorgeous sheer blouses, huge blazers that wouldn't fit me in a million years... And these: a pair of perfectly blue, drainpipe jeans... with a Chanel label?! I double-checked with the owner and she verified that they are genuine! So erm, yep, had to have!

I really wish I was the type of person who could get away with going about their daily business in heels or wedges. I think shoes with a bit of height just finish off an outfit really well, as well as giving you a confidence booster, but as a student, I can't see any way of wearing heels/wedges on a day to day basis ): I can dream, eh?! FYI, I wore my moccasins when I went out today!

No portrait photos as I usually have in my outfit posts today. I loaned a Canon EOS 500D from University for the weekend, just to give me something to do, and to improve my outfit photos for a couple of days. I dropped my camera again on Tuesday, and the quality is absolutely rubbish, despite it having really good manual settings and a decent enough amount of megapixels (9px I think?!), I just think its time for an upgrade. Aaand by upgrade I mean temporarily borrowing my Mum's camera or something!


  1. This is really cute, i love the jeans :] x

  2. Hello you beauty! I've never seen that top before? I really like it! Looks really nice and chilled with jeans too :)

    Every now and again i'll have a day in heels. Then i'll regret it and won't do it for months! Sometimes though you just need to add some height to yourself lolz!


  3. Your day sounds absolutely perfect! im jealous

  4. Extremely jealous of the jeans! I love the little Chanel logo detailing on the buttons.
    I would love to be able to wear wedges out in the day but I think I'd just get laughed at. If only I lived in New York or even London so I could pretend to be glamorous! x

  5. Great great outfit!=) Jeans are good for your closet just like eating veggies are good for your health hehe. Btw, I love your intro, daisy butter as a noun... genius^^

  6. I completely love the heels and the Chanel (wow!) jeans actually look like such a perfect fit on you.
    Gorgeous hair,

    Rosie x

  7. You look gorgeous even in the most simplest of outfits! Amazing find with the Chanel jeans <3 xo

  8. chanel jeans. amazing. i love a bit of understated designer. i want to take the little buttons off and make them into earrings! x

  9. I'm the same. I never ever wear jeans! i just don't like the way they look on me so i never wear them, but my college friends have bet me a cup of tea (lolz i drink too much of it now i'm betting with it!) i'll wear jeans tomorrow. so i'm doing it just for the tea. I think they look amazing on you!! dressed down but still looks great because of those heels. Lovely outfit Michelle, woah rambled on a bit haven't i! sorry haha xxx

  10. Your t-shirt is adorable :)

  11. Wow, your jeans are gorgeous! You really suit them despite what you may think (: I adore your cute tee too. I hate going to the bank. It's always so difficult haha.

  12. those shoes are cute! i wish i could wear wedges in the daytime too, i just feel silly! x

  13. i love the simplicity of this outfit,and i think jeans really do suit you! And they are of course beautiful, also i really love the top!


  14. Those chanel trousers are suuch a good find! Woop!

    I'm in exactly the same position as you camera wise- my compact is getting more and more rubbish every time I use it - i didn't want to give the uni one back when I borrowed it!


  15. I like the skinny jeans too, I can't seem to fit or wear baggy or bootcut jeans for some reason. They look good on you anyway.
    I love my heals, I agree they do give me a confidenc boost, but I do like the comfort of trainers and flats every now and then.

  16. That river island top is lovely!
    + don't be silly, jeans suit you really nicely!xx

  17. The top is lovely and I love your hair in the first picture, it looks all fluffy and cute!
    I keep a pair of heels at work under my desk and put them on whenever I feel I need that little heels boost! Plus I don't have to walk far at work so it makes sense that if I'm only swanning over to the printer I do it in style!

  18. Haven't seen you in jeans since I started following you !! I always find them a bit of an issue too, I used to wear them all the time, practically lived in them during 1st/2nd year of uni, I dunno what happened suddenly I just would rather not wear them!
    Lovely top, and those heels are gorgeous!! I wish I could live in heels too :P

    L x

  19. i love how the jeans have a pinstripe look to them! wish i could wear heels too but unless someone's willing to carry me around in sedan chair all day it's really not going to happen ;)

  20. Great find :).They are really nice on you :). Love the top as well :)

  21. Haha I love that you took out the camera 'just for something to do'. Solent aren't in my good books for saying these past two weeks are 'compulsory'. Definitely been spending far too much time on my DS...

  22. love the shirt & these jeans are fabulous! you look so pretty and the jeans are suiting you very well!! also love your shoes and i know what you mean about wearing high heels on a daily basis (can't do it either even if i wanted to, it would kill my feet because i have to walk to the subway and it's just a little too far...)
    PS: will send you an e-mail soon to catch up! ;)

  23. Steffani: Thanks sweet (: They were such a find! x

    Victoria: Owh thanks poppet, love you much! I featured it on the blog way back in possibly May?! Not something I wear a lot, but I thought it would do for a day when I could barely be bothered to get dressed ;) Haha! I don't think I've ever been out in the day in heels, would love to though! xxxx

    Meghan: Haha it was okaaay, not amazingly fun though! xxx

    Jade: N'awh thank you, it was such a lucky find, and I dithered for a good half hour before taking the plunge and buying them! Tonnes of vintage Hermes scarves there as well! Mmm me too, it would look OTT here, cannot wait for the day I manage to move to London! x

    Rocio: Thanks lovely (: Oooh thank you for noticing that! <3

    Rosie: Thank you! I KNOW! I was terrified they wouldn't fit, but tried them on and they are the most perfect fit ever, gives me motivation to hold back on the mayo at dinner etc. Oh lord, thank you for saying that, I had just been rained on though ): xxx

    Jennie: Thanks sweet! Thought I'd post my standard jeans and a T-shirt outfit that I rock once in a lightyear ;)

    Katie: Me too (: The pockets etc. have a quilted design, but I deemed it inappropriate to take photos of my derriere for the blog! I am absolutely never giving these jeans up!

    Rose: HAHAHA! Oh you cutie, I'd do it for a cuppa too ;) I literally wear jeans about twice a year.. So I guess, this is the first! (Totally quoting Mean Girls!) Thank you so much though Rose, you've made me feel a bit comfortable about wearing jeans! xxx

    Hannah: Thank you! They were £12 in the sale or something!! My Mum found them for me aha. xx

    Sarah: Thanks lovely (: x

    Bee: Eee thank you (: I quite like wearing these jeans actually. If/when I buy a sheer shirt from my Wednesday Wants post, I'm totally pairing it with these! Haha it was so awkward earlier: "Uh hey, my account won't let me withdraw money..." Natwest: "There's suspicious activity coming from it." o.O;

    Elise: Thank you lovely! Thought they were a cute take on those wedges everyone raved about in the summer, just in a mid-heel form! (: x

    Beth: N'awh thank you Beth! I think I accessorize a lot in other outfits, so sometimes its nice to go back to basics in jeans and a t-shirt (: Just tried to go on your blog sweet but that URL doesn't work? xxx

    Danni: EEP I KNOW! I'm crapola at thrifting, never really have the patience to look, but my friends were having a look so I joined in so I wouldn't look out of place... Good job I did, eh?! I'm probably going to loan it out next weekend too in all honesty! The quality of my photos is getting me down ):

    Helen: Thank you! Oh me either, my Mum bought me a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that fit me but don't feel very "me", I guess I like tighter fitting things on my legs and loose on top! Haha I'm a flats addict, I always opt for comfort (: xx

    Courtney: N'awh thank you lovely <3

    Rosie: Haha, that is my hair post-rain drizzle! Bleugh! Owh what an idea, I'm totally doing that when I get a grown-up job ;) xxx

    Laura: Mmm! The majority of my friends haven't seen me in jeans either, they seem to shorten my legs unless I wear them with heels like I did for this post (: Thanks lovely xx

    Emma: Me too (: It's quite a subtle detail which I like. LOL I'm relatively good with heel-wearing related pain, I just think I'd feel like a total idiot in them to be honest! xxx

    Amey Jane: Thank you Amey (:

    Victoria: Oh lord, I just get so bored on the weekends here. God knows what I'm doing here, I've been in Uni for about 20 minutes over these past two weeks: bleugh! I've spent the entire time in bed, in town or eating!

    Claudia: Thank you sweety <3 I wish it didn't look too OTT or I would happily wear mid-height heels around on a daily basis. Oooh OK lovely, I'll keep an eye out for that! xoxo

  24. Your hair looks gorgeous! :) And I wish I could wear heels, I agree they finish off an outfit sometimes, and the added height makes me feel so much more confident, but I just cannot justify wearing them to uni/general day to day stuff! xoxo

  25. Cool jeans! vintage ;)
    i love that top :)
    Eliza xxx

  26. very cute, props to your chanel denim! SO CHIC!

  27. I can't wear heels/wedges out all day either- I just do too much running around trying to find people during the days! But those shoes do look lovely on you!

  28. i adore your shirt! wow you have a lot of energy to make two posts?bravo.

  29. Katie: Thank you (: Mm definitely, I've seen a few people wearing heels to Uni and it looks so OTT! I'd love to wear them out during the day though. xx

    Eliza: Thanks lovely!

    Laura: Aha thank you sweet! x

    Sarah: Haha oh I know what you mean, they're hardly practical to be honest. Oh I can still dream though...!

    Ching: Thanks sweet (:

  30. This is lovely :) It's great that you can pull off even the most basic outfit of them all! And that is such a pretty top! I love it.

    Glad you got the other camera I take it :P The pictures look really good! xx

  31. Hi Michelle, just letting you know I've given you a Versatile Blogger award over on my blog ( I love that River Island top, I would buy that if I saw it.

  32. I wear heels every day, but I always switch to pumps when I go out for lunch and to drive in, so I don't really feel that glam walking the streets! (But it's the streets of Hemel, so that's kind of okay!)

    I love those jeans, can't believe you got vintage Chanel, that is AMAZING. I never wear jeans, they just don't suit me. Also I adore that top, it's stunning. I'm a sucker for cameos though, I just keep buying them! I look horrible in white but I'm not sure I'd be able to resist that top if I saw it in my local RI, lush.

  33. Vintage Chanel... wow I'm jealous. I really love the basic t-shirt and jeans combo x

  34. Abby: N'awh thank you! I don't wear the bare basics enough to be honest, I've got a bit of a thing about my tights, layering up and accessorising lately! YES, I can't handle mine anymore, and it's so fun to use all the manual settings on DSLR cameras, the settings on mine are pretty limited in comparison (: xx

    Lorna: Thanks lovely! I bought it in the sale, so I'm not sure if you'll still be able to grab one :/ x

    Sarah: I wish I could wear heels every day! They're so pretty, and they make me a relatively normal height! Oh I didn't know you worked in Hemel, my flatmate is from Hemel aha (: I KNOW! What a find, eh? Who would even give away/consign Chanel jeans?! The only thing with the T-shirt is that it comes up a bit short, which makes me look a tad boobalicious sometimes - not a good look on me ): xx

    Jade: Eeek, they're so lovely! Couldn't quite believe my luck. x

  35. chanel jeans... drool. especially vintage! were they expensive?

    and i'm madly in love with your shirt too.


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