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1. Swapped cough sweets and remedies for homemade sushi with a friend on Sunday. Seemed like a fair deal to me to be honest! One day I will master making my own sushi, but for now I'll have to deal with dining at Yo! Sushi, and the cute little Japanese restaurant in town.

2. My adorable little package arrived from Wallpaper Rose on Blue Monday, which cheered me up to no end (: I'm such a sucker for nice packaging, and thought the gold and purple was really well suited to my Golden Snitch necklace that was inside! Nice and Hogwarts-esque, I'll be wearing this to see the film in July aha ;)

3. This week saw the imminent return of Creme Eggs into our lives ;) Mostly reminded by Abby, who has done well in eating many more than I have haha! I believe the Co-op cashier people know me as the "Creme Egg gal" now... Probably not a good label!

4. Snapped this ultra-blurry (and crap) photo on my Blackberry, of my nommy chocolate ice-cream that I devoured at Nando's on Tuesday evening! I met up with some of my old flatmates for a natter and catch-up over Portugese chicken, and had a nice evening. Forgot to take any other photos though!

5. Went back to Uni this week & received all my assignment briefs and semester outlines. Let's just say that I'll be working my bum off this semester! It does all look really interesting though, just need to find myself some more motivation... three 9am starts does not look ideal to me!

6. From left to right: Lucy, a friendly cow on campus, Emily and I! God knows how we end up in these situations... Emily decided it might be nice to have a photo taken with a dressed-up cow aha. Aaah I love Solent sometimes!

7. Some of the goodies for Wednesday evening in with Florence, my friend and ex-flatmate from last year. Spent the evening watching Laguna Beach, having a good ol' gossip and eating an obscene amount of food!

8 & 9. Went out to Yates for an evening of drinkies and music. There was a ridiculous amount of ice in our Blue Lagoon pitcher, but erm, for £4.50 or something ridiculous, what can you expect?! Quite aware that I look asleep in this photo...

10. Spent a lot of my Friday eating chocolate, filling up my diary, pretending to do Uni work and generally recovering from a packed few days. I didn't even get the time to Tweet properly throughout the week! I then popped to my best friend's house for pizza, films, popcorn and Baileys, but definitely forgot to take photos ):

11. Had lots of fun adding items into my Paperchase basket. My total basket came to £78.25! I was browsing the site for a suitable notebook and editable A3 portfolio for my Fashion & Styling portfolio, but I think I'll have to just look in-store for something suitable!

listening to: owl city - the saltwater room
drinking: coffee with not enough sugar...
eating: nothing
wearing: miss selfridge jeans, topshop t-shirt, hollister chunky knit, secret garden key ring, owl ring
should be: reading for university >.<


  1. I hate Creme Eggs but the rest of these phots please me greatly! :D I haven't had a Blue Lagoon is ages, nor have I had my picture taken with a man dressed as a cow, though I did see one over Christmas! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Burn the Blonde

  2. i'm so glad Creme Eggs are back! Looks like you had a lovely week.xx

  3. You always make me crave sushi/some sort of lovely food!! Looking beautiful. Love that pic of your friend shlurrpin on a cocktail! I really don't like cream eggs, I'm not a bog fan of chocolate, so anything with extra sweetness is a no go for me xxx

  4. That blue lagoon and the sushi looks so yummy!!
    Wallpaper Rose packaging really is the cutest xxx

  5. A Golden Snitch? I'm such a Harry potter fan I really want one of those now!

  6. That sushi looks so yummy! :) xxx

  7. I can only manage about 1 creme egg per year! They're far too sickening :( I'm so glad that the Malteaster bunnys are back though!!

    I've said this before but I really love your hair! :) xx

  8. duck sushi?!? thats a genious idea!! :O
    i always love your week in photos.

  9. I love love love creme eggs! I am craving one right now haha! xo

  10. oh my that sushi looks laaaavly! i went to yo sushi yesterday and am planning my next trip (did you know its 40% in january from sunday-thursday)! creme eggs already! although rob bought an easter egg from asda on the weekend cause it was only £1! good luck with all that work xxx

  11. L.Dufie: Creme Eggs are my favourite part of this time of the year! (:

    Sarah: Oh gosh, I couldn't imagine not liking Creme Eggs haha! I hadn't had a Blue Lagoon in forever, I always manage to get blue lips after?! Haha I can't say taking photos with a dressed up cow is something I do on a regular basis ;) xxxxx

    Jade: Me too! Although I have to stop being tempted >.< Not good for le waistline at all haha! xx

    Gem: I think I'm just a huge foodie! Pretty much all I think about while I'm at Uni! Owh I'm such a sweet person, love a huge slab of chocolate! xxxx

    Heather-Lou: It was indeed! I don't eat sushi with raw fish though aha, so these were perfect, beauty of handmade sushi! xxx

    Rachel: Yeppy! Keep your out aha, they've said they're hoping for new stock to come in really soon!

    Hannah: It was so good!

    Charlene: Oh I know what you mean, I ate 5 in one sitting (don't ask!) last year and vowed never to have one again! I've not tried Malteaser bunnies, but they sound so cute (: Awh thanks lovely, it needs a cut already! xxx

    Lucy: It's BBQ eel (: But duck sushi would be amazing hahaha! Thanks lovely. xxx

    Chic Geek: Me too! They're really hard to bite into though >.< xx

    Belle: It was so nice! Oh my, I'd forgotten about that deal! My friends at Uni aren't really big sushi lovers though so I'd end up going on my own ): Eee, I also forgot about the amazing deals at Asda! Amelia and I used to buy them on breaks at college! xxxx

  12. Those cream eggs are selling like hot cakes in the store I work at haha! The sushi looks delicious! I'm starving marvin at the moment so I'm pretty much drooling!

    Katie. x

  13. oh wow all the food looks amazing! lovely photos :)

    The Flower Girl


  14. Beautiful week in photos! Sounds like you've had a good yet busy week! Is sushi nice, i've never actually tried it and im curious? + YAY for creme eggs! yum :) xx

  15. gorgeous. Creme Eggs...nom nom nom x

  16. I really enjoyed these photos :)
    Obsessed with Yo! Sushi! Lovely blog :) x

  17. Ah, I need to get me some creme eggs! I love the 6 packs, they always do a good offer on them in smiths :) x

  18. haha - I love how easy it is to spend a fortune in paperchase..everything's too buyable!

    Glad someone else eats chocolate while pretending to do uni work too...and I even kid myself that I need the energy to be productive. Productive ends up meaning staying on twitter for many hours...oops!


  19. why are you post's always filled with the nicest food?! it just makes me jealous! x

  20. Oh my gosh, I just had the biggest urge to run to the shop and grab a handful of creme eggs! x

  21. reading this post has now made me crave those chipsticks (the holy grail of all crisps), creme eggs AND dairy milk! THANKS! x

  22. Hope you've had a good week sweety! Judging by these pics I'd say so :) Haha I really do love looking through these, one reason being I know there will always be a pic of some yummy goodness that will kick in my cravings & have me running down to the shops for a fix! Mmm the drinks look good too, I have a particular fondness for brightly coloured beverages...I'm just weird like that ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  23. Wow Papaerchase is amazing! Thanks for sharing (:

  24. Ahh I need a creme egg right now! YUM!
    You always have such tasty treats in these weekly photos! Way to make me hungry michelle :) haha. Hope you're well sweets. x

  25. ooooh its cream egg time again - exciting x

  26. it looks like you've had a pretty damn good week love! i'm jealous. it sucks when work takes up most of your time. x

  27. Oooh! You've made me want creme eggs! lol your shirt looks lovely by the way :)

  28. Oooh, that sushi looks yum! Eee, the necklace is just so gorgeous isn't it?! It's my precious little baby, haha. Mm, gotta love Creme Eggs (: Ooh gotta love girly nights in with Laguna Beach! They always put too much ice in pitchers :( You've had a rather fun week!

  29. A post that features creme eggs, paperchase and someone dressed as a panto cow is just right up my street! Ha! Oh and is that krispy kreme donuts, if it is then seriously this post is the dream! Nothing is better than those unfortunatly though the don't sell anywhere in scotland which is crazy, so i only get them like twice a year, Ha!

  30. oooh creme eggs! i haven't had one yet, think i ought to soon.

  31. just visting, to tell you i'd like to give you the stylish blog award, because i love your style (:
    follow the link for more info.
    Nicole xox

  32. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like creme eggs. Soo sickly! Mini eggs all the way! One of my best friends has some serious sushi making skills- so jealous as it looks amazing when she does it.xx

  33. Looks like a good and tasty week. Bar that blue drink - ew! Urgh, you know you're old when lurid coloured drink make you think 'ick', rather than 'mmm'! xx

  34. corrr youve been busy!
    sushi, creme eggs, krispy kremes, this post is an absolute dribble fest! they always fill pitchers to the brim with ice :( its so annoying. especially because you get splashed when you pour it if you're not careful, haha.

    i wish i could spend £80 stationary shopping, i absolutely love stationary (geek!) xx

  35. Katie: Haha I can imagine! There's always a huge rush for them once they come back in stores! It was really nice, homemade sushi always tastes good (: Soz sweet aha, I always seem to feature a LOT of food in these weekly photos >.< xx

    Becky-May: Thanks lovely (: x

    Courtney: Thank you! It's been so busy, a crap week for blogging haha but have loved seeing all the best girls this week. I like sushi, but its a bit of a love/hate thing to be honest, I'd really recommend trying some though! xx

    Milly: Thank you my sweet <3

    Melanie: Thank you Melanie (: Me too, especially their soba noodle dishes! x

    Sophie: Ooh you do ;) I'm on the hunt for the mini versions to put on top of some cupcakes aha. Because a cupcake isn't a cupcake without some sort of extra-sweet topping! xx

    Danni: I know! God knows why I'd need so many sets of teatowels either :/ OH GOD, I've eaten an entire large bar of Dairy Milk today. Despo need to start my healthy eating plan this week! I've been relatively productive today: read and made notes on 2 chapters of my reading, planned out the pages of my portfolio... :p xxx

    Katie: Haha! I'm such a foodie, I really like preparing food etc. (: x

    Harriet: LOL do it Harriet, you know it makes sense ;) x

    Kate: YES! I don't like crisps on the whole, but it's a whole different situation when these badboys get involved ;) I've probably put on about a hundred stone over this week, Krispy Kreme donuts, chocolate, wine, pizza, popcorn... Oops! xxx

    Aysh: It's been lovely thank you, seen three of my best gals so it's been niceee! Aha, I have my food shopping coming tomorrow, so there shall only be more on the way ;) Oh I'm not a fan of coloured drinks on the whole, bit of a wine or Corona gal myself, but I can never resist a pitcher in Yates'! xxx

    Miranda: You're welcome lovely (:

    Kim: Aha ;) I may just rename my weekly photos post into something like "MISH HEARTS FOOD A LOT" hahaha, I seriously eat way too much food to be honest! I'm good thanks lovely, hope you're well <3

    Kirsty: Yesss indeed, so early this year it feels though!

    Gem: It's been really nice actually despite a crappy start and some lame moments! Uni has been good too surprisingly, just quite draining. xx

    Heather: Thanks lovely (: Nothing wrong with a cheeky Creme Egg or three! xxx

    Bee: It was so nice, I'm not a fan of raw fish aha. Yesss, I want to wear it all the time! Laguna Beach is so good, always been a favourite of mine, the young Lauren Conrad was so naive! Hope you're well Bee, feels like I haven't spoken to you in forevz! ): xx

    Emma: YES INDEED! Panto cows all the way ;) Yes they are aha, been such a junk food person this week, oops! Oh no really?! They have them in our local Tesco Express which is rather dangerous in my opinion: Krispy Kremes go so damn well with a shiny new magazine!

    Helen: (: You should Helen, they'll be gone before you know it!

    Nicole: Thanks lovely (:

    Emily: They are quite sickly! I'm the reverse to you, I don't like crunchy quality of Mini Eggs ): So sad because they look really nice perched on top of a cupcake! xx

    Llara: Thank you! Haha I hate coloured drinks usually, but a Blue Lagoon is always good on a Yates' night out (: xx

  36. The sushi looks yummy. I could spend hundreds in Paperchase...all their stuff is so gorgeous! x

  37. Sian: I'm never normally busy, I like a chilled life! Aha, I know right?! So annoying ): Eee me too, I have to buy 2x notebooks and a new A3 portfolio for one of my units and I'm stupidly excited over picking out a nice one! xx

    Lily: It was really nice! (: Me too aha, if only! x

  38. i love that you posted sushi! i just had sushi yesterday.. if it is worthy of being classified as such. it is vegan sushi -- i got it at this great little fusion place... but anyway, thank you so much for following michelle! it's so weird to have a blogosphere celebrity such as yourself follow my little musings. <3

  39. ah paperchase <3 bought an apron, aluminium flask, notepad and pen from there last week simply because I felt like it. I end up just wandering in there when I'm in Newcastle...probably not the best thing for my bank balance!

    Also, totally read Adorned in dreams for my fashion essay! My uni has ridiculously few fashion books on offer and only had two of glad I managed to snap one of them up early!

    I feel we should go see Harry Potter with our related necklaces. Snitch and Timeturner wearing coolness that we are!

  40. Me & my friend Grace bought one of those Blue Lagoon pitchers last week while we were out, it reminded me of being about 14 and drinking too many blue WKDs and thinking I was so cool, but I guess for less than a fiver, who's gonna complain?!
    I saw some Creme Eggs in Morrisons earlier, 6 for £1.49 - it's all about the bargains isn't it - but they reminded me of you, aha.
    Also, just to add to this already epic comment, the little 'currently' thing you have at the end of the post is so cute - love it :)

  41. Mmm, sushi ♥ Yo Sushi is so expensive though; even with the 40% discount this month! Wasabi Bento need to branch out of London ): That would complete my life :D

  42. Your week in photos posts always make me hungry - I'm craving a creme egg and a krispy kreme doughnut right now!

    I absolutely adore paperchase too, they have some fab stuff.

    Hope you have a lovely week, and good luck with all your uni work too xo

  43. Kat: Awh that sounds nice though! I rarely eat sushi with raw fish aha (: You're welcome Kat, I really like your blog, and I couldn't & don't class myself as a blogging "celebrity" at all! xxx

    Natasha: LOL <3 That sounds like something I'd do! I need to pop in there for some bits and bobs and I'm terrified I'm going to wander out with £100+ worth of items! Adorned in Dreams is actually an interesting read, I'm getting really into it (: YES. I'm planning on going to the premiere in London if you fancy it?! xxx

    Lucy: Eeww, alcopops make me cringe too aha. In fact, anything remotely coloured is usually a bad idea! But yes, for under £5, you can't complain, we ARE students and all that ;) Aaah thanks Lucy, think you're the only person to have noticed that :O xx

    Sharon: It's not that bad compared to my other favourite sushi place in Southampz ;D IMY <3

    Jess: Oops haha! I always feature a crazy amount of food in these posts for some reason? Thanks lovely, hope you are well, have a great week <3


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