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It's my last day at home today ): I can't believe how quickly the past three and a half weeks have gone, they've quite literally flown by for me. Much as I enjoy the "independence" of living away at Uni, there's nothing quite like the luxury of home in comparison to crap heating, ugly curtains and rations of food. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been (failing at) packing for about a week now, but at long last, I'm about 97% packed! *sob* My bedroom is looking seriously messy... The mess was shoved aside for the purposes of this post, as I feel I owe you all an outfit post before I'm back in my other room.

(Cream and black heart print t-shirt, Topshop;
Gold chain patterned bodycon skirt, H&M;
Tan skinny plait belt, Primark;
Black ribbed tights, Primark;
Silver and diamante key necklace, Forever 21, as a gift from Mandy.)

Just wearing a basics outfit today, as the majority of my clothes are now squeezed in amongst my Harry Potter books in my suitcase. I snapped up this heart print T-shirt in Topshop back in May for £10, when TS had their summer sale on! It was such a find, because as I wandered over to the till to pay, I noticed a rail of these FULL-PRICED in the normal clothing section! Don't you just love it when that happens? I always find myself reaching for the same skirt-tights-belt combination recently, can't wait to eBay/donate my old clothes, and make room for some new clothes.

Today's outfit was an absolute mission to shoot! As you all well know, I have a love/hate relationship with my camera: sometimes it shoots in great quality, and at others, it is absolutely horrendous. Today was somewhere in the middle, acceptable quality, awful colour, producing photos that mostly needed a lot of touching up in Photofiltre. I do hope to buy a new camera, if I ever manage to snap up a coveted PT position in Southampton - the city is home to two Universities, where part-time jobs are like golddust - so hopefully you won't always be stuck with mediocre photos!


  1. I love how this outfit is simple yet chic! You've made me want to buy a shirt like that now!

  2. you make me wish i could wear skirts!
    i'm the same with my camera, desperate for a new one now x

  3. lovely outfit :) even though you say its basic the patterns make it really interesting! xx

  4. Oh i remember wanting that tshirt when i saw it at TS. That belt is so cuteee. I enjoy your outfit alot!
    + i think your photos are just fine :) you have the prettiest room xx

  5. aw you live in southampton? i just graduated and moved away! i miss it x

  6. cute outfit !
    i have just found your blog and love the way its set out
    please could you check out mine and give me some tips ?

  7. gorgeous outfit:) that top was a steal, its the exact kinda thing i love wearing! hope you have a safe journey back to southy xxx

  8. Chic Geek: Thank you sweet! The shirt is a great spin on a basic, not too plain and not too patterned either! I often wear it paired with floral culotte shorts too (:

    Heather-Louise: N'awh I'm sure you would look good in a skirt ;) Me too, I'm debating asking for a DSLR for my birthday, and failing that, I'm going to budget even more and slowly save up for one! x

    Sian: Thanks lovely!

    Lucy: I wanted the Eiffel Tower printed one as well aha (: Awh thank you! Going to be so sad when I'm back in my Uni room tomorrow night...

    Klee: For Uni, yup! Aaah really? What did you study? I'm sure I'd miss it once I've graduated, I go through phases of missing it and not missing it aha.

    Ashley: Awh thank you! I have a static page under my header with all my blogging tips and tricks, but if you want more specific "tips and advice", just email me and I'd be happy to help you out (: xx

    Belle: Thank you :D Oh I know, especially for blimmin' Topshop! These VAT increases mean I'm going to be straying away from TS again, hoping to finally get into thrifting etc. in Southampton this year (:


  9. Pretty outfit! I really love the top, as your skirt/shirt combos! They've provided excellent fashion help for me and my sad wardrobe!

  10. oooh I love your hair here! Wish I could help with the camera issues xx

  11. Aimee: Thank you sweety! That means a lot to hear that I've helped you along a bit!

    Beth: Really?! Eee thanks Beth, having the worst, bad hair day known to man at the moment! N'awh you're too kind, I do just think I've dropped the thing once too many times, might get my techy Uncle to take a look at it for me though. For someone who enjoys nice photos on a blog, my own cam situation is dire right now! xx


  12. This post didn't show up on my dashboard - I only saw it when I saw you tweet about it! Just a glitch, do you think?
    Really like that t shirt! May have a go at trying to recreate it with some fabric pens :) wouldn't look as good as the original though, obviously! x

  13. i love what you've done with your layout, been a while since i caught up on blogs so just noticed :) congrats on the .com! x

  14. Oh, never mind, it just came up now! Better late than never :) x

  15. Love this outfit! very simple but lovely at the same time. I've been doing the same I always rely on my top,skirt and belt outfit!! it's just comfy and good in my eyes hahah xxx

  16. Aww I think the photos look fine! Cute outfit. Those tees sold so well, can't believe they ended up in the sale! Result!
    Good luck returning to uni life! x

  17. i love that t-shirt, very cute.

  18. Jade: I think it's because I bought a domain, and it's all still transferring over, a few other bloggers have said this usually happens if you get one! Awh thank you, that's a pretty good idea, might do the same at some point actually, with a different pattern (:

    Susanne: Thanks lovely (:

    Emma: Oh thank you for noticing! Just made a few changes to it, although I'm never completely happy with it aha. Eee thanks Emma, I'm like a proud mother hen! :D xx

    Vicky: Thank you! I don't tend to wear T-shirts but I like where the collar cuts/sits on this one!

    Rose: Thanks Rose :D I love simple outfits as well, I feel I'm quite minimalistic with clothing (obvz not in a "I wear next to nothing" way!) and prefer to accessorise and style outfits up (:

    Gem: Thank you Gem! I know right! It was just this one, the others were all fully priced so I was like, "IDC IF ITS BLAND, IM BUYING". Eeep thanks sweet, second semester is always my downfall ):

    Helen: Thank you Helen! x


  19. This outfit is cuuuute! I love the mix of patterns.

    SO funny about your whole packing situation - I'm like that too - My room will be a MESS and I just push it aside to make it look clean. Hahaha.

    KF x

  20. Oh I adore the heart print t-shirt, so cute.
    I've just sorted loads of clothes for the charity shop and had a good clear out ready for a New year and new additions to my wardrobe (hopefully)

  21. Love this! I love heart print.

    As for your camera, have you tried moving to better lighting? I've found that my camera focuses and shoots a lot better when I have good lighting as opposed to terrible lighting. Maybe that will help or have someone take the pictures for you!

  22. I love this outfit it's really cute, the skirt is a beaut :] xx

  23. KenzieFaith: Thank you! I'm a serial pattern clasher/mixer, and people don't always like it. I quite like clashing patterns and keeping similar colours though! Seriously, you should have seen the state of my bed, behind the camera and by my dressing table aha!

    Helen: N'awh thanks Helen (: I'm going to have a good ol' clearout this weekend! One man's trash is another's treasure and all that!

    Alyse: Thank you! Yess, no matter what lighting I tried today, my camera was just playing up :/ I may borrow my brother's HD video camera soon if he doesn't desperately need it, strange as that sounds, because it takes photos too, and the quality is super good!


  24. Even though its plain its beautiful! really love the heart print top. i makes me realise that i need to get more decorative tops as i have so many plain ones and the decorative ones can make an outfit look really nice !!

  25. the t shirt is cute, and what a great bargain! x

  26. Love the top, and hope you have fun at uni with your stylish curtains... xxx

  27. Aw! I'm not looking forward to missing home, trying to enjoy being at home as much as I can before September. Being a student sounds rough!
    I love this outfit and the top is so cute! I think the quality of your outfit pictures are quite good considering! Which Nikon are you going to get? :D<3

  28. Ifee: Thank you! I actually don't have many plain camisoles now, used to live out of them but I'm slowly getting more adventurous with patterns and my personal style!

    Elise: Thank you (:

    Meghan: Thanks lovely! Haha oh I shall... I try to put off drawing my curtains for as long as possible haha, they're revolting! xxx

    Naomi: It's not too bad haha, I've just loved being home with all the Christmas decorations up and our swanky new kitchen! I'm excited to get back into a routine and see the girls again (: N'awh thanks hun! Looking at Nikon D60 at the moment, but we shall seee!


  29. super cute! I love your blog - keep up the great work!

  30. Beautiful post, love your outfit!

    Was just wondering about the layout of your blog, how you created the headbar etc as i was thinking of re-vamping my blog, but wouldn't know where to start!?
    Perhaps you could e-mail me and let me know, would be greatly appreciated,

  31. the outfit is very cute!!! wish i could say i knew how you felt about leaving home, but i've been at home for all 4cough5 years of my university life haha really wish i knew how it felt, maybe in a few years i'll know. =D

  32. im just loving heart print right now, so cute and fun

  33. Love the top its sooo cute! x

  34. i love this top and skirt! the patterns work so well together :) i'm the same, if i dont know what to wear a skirt tights and belt combo is always an easy option!:) xo

  35. i love the different prints, totally going to steal this idea (don't worry i'll credit you ;P) it really works! on and i'm also going to start doing my belt your way all wrapped up, how burberry-esk! love it xxxx

  36. Temporary Secretary: Thank you so much (:

    Courtney: Aah thank you sweet! I made my header on Photofiltre, I'm not really sure how to explain it aha, I've been making graphics etc. since I was about 13 so it's just using techniques I picked up and developed over the years! xx

    Alyssa: Thank you! Aha really? I sometimes wish I'd stayed closer to home for University, I'm fine now that I'm back at Uni, I hate leaving my Mum though!

    Emma: Me tooo (:

    Natalie: Thanks lovely!

    Jennie: Thank you! Aha I just whacked on any old thing and crossed my fingers that it didn't look too atrocious to be honest :p

    Sarah: N'awh thank you :D Haha, I shall keep my eye out for that! YUS INDEED, very Burberry and Chloe-esque! Although I may have to size up belts if I want to knot them properly in the future! Uni and midnight cravings are not good for the waistline ): xxxx


  37. You're absolutely adorable!!! I love love love your whole look! I found you through that new FB blog group!

  38. Lisi: Thank you so much lovely <3 Oooh, I haven't had a chance to post on there much yet, but thank you for letting me know (: xxxx


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