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I still can't quite believe I had to be up and in Uni for a mere tutorial at 9am this morning. Blah! I've gotten so lazy and lethargic since being home for the Christmas break, and I still haven't quite gotten into a routine again yet. Needless to say, my outfit this morning was ridiculously rushed, and outfit photos were subsequently impossible to take.

(Dress, Pussycat London at New Look;
Jumper, Illustrated People at Topshop;
Oversized Jersey Waistcoat, New Look;
Tights, Primark.)

I went to Uni in this dress from Pussycat London that I bought for a Uni photoshoot project last year and never got round to returning. Decided to layer the dress with a jumper on top for some added warmth, but the dress is too bulky underneath, I was so uncomfortable! Popped to Topshop after my unit feedback tutorial (my current Mags + Market grade is a 2:1, although this is "subject to change") to try on my birthday dress of dreams, that turned out to be a playsuit. The playsuit is even more gorgeous when worn, I think I'll be buying that once my rent installment has come out! Thanks to all the lovely gals who helped me decide on Twitter from my Twitpic! Also picked up the Gossip Girl Season 3 DVD boxset at long last - can't quite believe it cost £25 in the sale... In hindsight, I should have gone to Topshop first, the boxset could have waited!

So, once home, I just had to change out of my dress and top outfit. I'm putting it down to sheer tiredness because I was up until all hours re-downloading Maplestory - a 2D RPG game, uh hai gamer gal - but nothing felt "right" on, and I just look miserable/fake-smiley in these photos? Quite like the loose fitting quality of this waistcoat on top of my dress though!

I'm completely intending to spend today watching Gossip Girl back-to-back, and looking at some recipes for tonight's dinner! Just wish Uni would properly start up again now, I'm so bored at the moment with nothing planned at all. How are you all spending this Tuesday? Did anyone remember to wish on 11:11 (11/01/11)? I definitely didn't, I checked the time at about 11:20am... Fail!


  1. oooh i love that white smock dress its so cute!
    eliza xxx

  2. I love love love that jumper!! I didn't wish :( but I won a giveaway at like 12am, so today has been very lucky for me :) That's so expensive, I don't know why you buy things from hmv, Amazon is way cheaper, I suppose the wait is the issue though, when you need a gg fix you neeed a gg fix, well in our case a Chuck Bass fix xxxx

  3. GG s3 is really good. My sister is always watching it, so i tend to watch it with her. We dont have series 4 though and are almost at the end of 3. :( xx

  4. Ooo the dress/playsuit lol is actually gorgeous and it really suits you!!! Also I didn't know you were a bit of a girl gamer!! Aha I'm a total gaming geek *Hides*
    Love the dress, and I like it looks great with the waistcoat, I hate when things get all bulked up under jumpers etc.

    L x

  5. That's a very cute dress! I can imagine how it could be a little bulky/uncomfortable though. Ahh I always find it really difficult to take outfit photos and I always just end up looking awkward in them! Glad you decided on the playsuit, it's lovely :) xxx

  6. I love layering dresses with jumpers and whatnot - you look lovely! Shame about the uncomfortable-ness.
    That seventies-style playsuit is so sweet as well!
    Enjoy Gossip Girl,

    Rosie x

  7. that love love love shirt is adorable.

  8. Oh god! Im dreading having to get up so early! Since i've been ill i've been getting up around 12pm :( I hate getting up so late but i just can't get up!

    I really like what you've done with the dress, it's really different :)

    Great choice on the birthday playsuit, i know what it's like when you see something and you HAVE TO HAVE IT! so i really hope you do!

    I gotta get myself started on CG, still never seen an episode! opps!

    BIG LOVE! xo

  9. Oooh, I love how you've styled the dress. Very cute! Oh, I didn't wish :/ I'm spending my Tuesday doing chores, watching things and attempting more goals (:

  10. Eliza: Thanks sweet! I thought it would be nice and versatile, but it's proving difficult to layer aha! xxx

    Gem: Haha ;) Bought it in Topshop sale like two years ago for next to nothing! Oooh get you, I've never won a giveaway haha, granted I don't tend to enter them, but I haven't won anything from a blog before. Oh shit. Should've probably checked Amazon first, but it was just sitting on the shelf looking all pretty! At least my collection is now up to date! xxxx

    Steph: I know! Probably one of my favourite seasons, along with the first, I'm such a GG obsessive. Oh season four is still airing lol, the boxset will probably be released in August, the other ones were (:

    Laura: I wanted to cry leaving it in-store ): Am totally going back post food shop to buy it if I have any remaining money! Haha yup, I go through phases though, especially cuz my consoles etc are all at home, and I'm at Uni! Thank you lovely. xx

    Hannah: Yeah it is a bit weird to layer, and I whacked a belt on underneath but it still didn't work, I was getting so frustrated! Eeek, so excited to possibly buy it this week, it's gorgeous!

    Rosie: Thank you hun! I'm a little too in love with the playsuit!

    Ching: Thanks :D

    Victoria: Ugh me too, aside from today, I've been rolling out of bed at a lovely 12:30pm and spent the rest of my day in bed again! I really hope you're feeling a bit better sweet <3 YES, my fixation on this dress is a bit weird, my friends are all on the verge of telling me to shut up about it (:

    Bee: Thanks lovely <3 Me neither, so saddd ): As Sarah and Gem said on Twitter though, we still have tonight! Ooh how lovely, that sounds a lot more productive than my day!


  11. well done on your 2:1 honey. enjoy GG, 3 is a good season :) xoxo

  12. So so pretty! I love how you can just pop a jumper over the gorgeous dress and cardi combo and it still looks fab! You is fiiiine ;) (not coming onto you) aha.

    I also loveee the playsuit /dress lookalike on you :) Have a wonderful day miss! xx

  13. Love the jumper layered over the top of the dress...even if it wasn't very comfortable x

  14. I adore this dress, it looks so lovely and with that jumper it's cosy as well! Have fun today, enjoy GG and cook something delicious! I have an exam (the last one) on Friday, so I'm learning at the moment. How funny that you've gotten bored of your free time and I'm still looking forward to do absolutely nothing :] Xx

  15. LOVE the layering of the jumper and dress hon!

    im having a Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway on my blog if you think youd like to check it out hon x

  16. That dress looks lovely on you! And it looks great with the jumper imo, I really should try this! I always end up juts layering long sleeve tops underneath my dresses for winter wear, maybe I should try jumpers too! :) And congrats on the 2:1! What do they mean subject to change? Will they change their opinion, or do you have more work to hand in that can influence it? xoxo

  17. Alana: Cheeyurs sweet (: Hope your many presentations went well! Oh I know, the Bass gets his good hair and good outfits at long last! xxxx

    Abby: Thanks lovely! I generally just whack on whatever I can grab if I have an early start at Uni. Eee thank you, think I will finally buy it after my rent installment comes out on the 14th! You tooo (: xx

    Vicky: Thank you! Guh, it's my worst annoyance being uncomfortable! If only we could wear pyjamas outdoors and to Uni eh? ;) I'd totally make that a law if possible! Well done on the ELLE internship competition so far by the way, I'm so jealous but I can't afford to take time out of Uni etc.! x

    Christine: Thanks sweet!

    Cintia: N'awh thank you for your comment! I've taken the jumper off now and it's much cosier, although I've now popped my heating on. Think I'm opting for a sausage and vegetable pasta bake tonight! I totally forgot to buy potato wedges and other bits for a dinner I'd planned ): xxx

    Lydia-Lee: Thanks lovely! x

    Katie: Eee thank you :D I have a strange affinity for this jumper, always thought it might look good paired with this dress, but the bulkiness is just working! Thank you, we have another 2 assignments for the unit, which will either bump it up or downgrade it, as well the fact that our self-review counts towards the grade! Hoping for a First!


  18. Lovely dress, it looks great layered with the jumper and with the waistcoat.
    It's my second week back at work and I'm in the swing of things now, infact I don't even remember Christmas break now :( The next thing to look forward to is Spring & Summer :)

  19. Yeah, where the heck did Christmas even go? I am not down for the early starts again. Stupid work. I want to go home and sleep in until my mum brings me a cup of tea at 9:30 :D

    I love the jumper too!

  20. the dress is really sweet :) i've seen quite a few things i like from the pussycat london at new look range. i didn't wish on 11.11, wish i did though :( i do nothing with my days! my biggest adventure is to morrisons or asda to grab some food thats about it haha! xo

  21. That dress is so adorable, suits you very much! xx

  22. Both of these looks are so different, but so adorable! I really love it paired with the vest. I've been boho-induced lately haha. And OMG the dress you twitpic'd... didn't see it but OH MY GOSH it is absolutely fab!

  23. Oh gosh, I'm having GG withdrawals at the minute. Must. Watch. Soon.

    Love the dress and the jumper sweets!x

  24. No, i love the dress with the sweater, it looks so cosy! and i seriously envy you; id loveto watch gossip girl back to back, but i have so much work its a impossible

  25. That dress is beautiful! They sell a lot of pussycat stuff at work and I'm usually not a fan, maybe we just get all the tat! xo

  26. I love both outfits here! Gossip girl is a good way to pass time!


  27. Helen: Thank you! Oh I completely know what you mean, crazy to think Christmas was just over two weeks ago really. I'm not a fan of the summer in all fairness, looking forward to being home again for holidays though!

    Konni: Haha! Oh gosh you lucky gal, my Muma never makes me coffee or tea, it's always the other way round!

    Jennie: Lol (: I'm still gutted that I missed it to be honest! Haha my biggest adventure was Uni... Fun...!

    Courtney: Thanks lovely :D

    Aimee: N'awh thank you! I'm a leeeetle in love with the dress, so will probably buy it in the very near future! (:

    Eleanor: Me too ): The episodes start up again on the 24th I've heard: TOO FAR AWAY. Thank you Eleanor!

    Meghan: N'awh thank you! Oh don't you worry, come next Tuesday and I'll be absolutely inundated with work, so I'm making the most of my free time at the moment! Daily blogging will probably also not exist either!

    Jennie: No, I'm not usually a fan either, now that you mention it. It sounds a little 10-year-old, but my Mum picked this out for me when we went shopping ages ago and I loved it!

    Anna: Thanks lovely :D


  28. i love this dress, both ways you have worn it. the thought of going back to university bores me ever so much! i just want to do my bellevintage, but i may be having a gap yah at some point to try it out full time. xxx

  29. These outfits are so sweet, i love the little lacey skirt bit, very pretty!!!

  30. that dress/shirt combination is just dreamy :)
    i love gossip girl too..chuck and blair are adorable!

  31. I love love love your love love love sweater :] xx

  32. Your dress is cuuuuuute :)

  33. Well done on managing to get up for 9! I hate being forced back into routine after getting comfortable again - I've been out of uni since last May and I'm starting up again in September - really not looking forward to the early starts! x

  34. the jumper is so cool, absolutely love it. hope you managed to make a wish this evening instead? the playsuit is gorgeous xxx

  35. that playsuit is super cute! :) great blog!

  36. Belle: Thank you sweet (: Ugh I know.. I now have an empty week until Tuesday morning, when Uni starts properly, and have considered quitting so many times today. Just feels like I have so many other opportunities at the moment! Oh I think Belle Vintage will go far for you Ella, fingers crossed for more success! xxxx

    Caroline: Thanks lovely! I'm not usually a huge fan of lace, but it adds such a sweet touch to this dress in my opinion! xxx

    Hannah: Thank you! Mm I know, they're so perfect for each other, can't wait to see what they have planned for the rest of Season 4! x

    Lucy: Haha, thanks Lucy ;) xx

    Tat: Thank you :D x

    Little Mittens: Just about, mind you! My make-up looked horrendous and I had to skip breakfast ): Haha oh that'll be killer, I remember struggling to get up for leccys in September as well!

    LC: Thanks sweet! Yesss, Sarah from Burn The Blonde reminded me and we had a bit of a geeky countdown and wish togevs! Thanks lovely, I'm excited to buy it! xxx

    Emma: Thank you (:

    Jenh: I know right! Thank you sweet. xx

  37. i loooove that Topshop jumper! :)

    Mollie from x

  38. I love that jumper its so sweet and compliments your perfectly !


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