London Fashion Weekend - 27th Feb

Yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend accompanied by my lovely friend Tasha. London Fashion Weekend is the shopping event held for the public after Fashion Week. We both bought Gold tickets, which included entry to the event, a catwalk ticket and a showbag. It was a ridiculously long day but so so SO worth all the effort. I was up by about 6:30am to get ready for the day!

Once there, the event was so much smaller than the LFWE in September... I'm not quite sure why this was. Fashion tent was bigger though I think, but this time there was only one venue with several floors. And no wristband! :( The showbag was also a bit of a disappointment as well.

There was a huge collection of amazing goodies :) It's such a shame I'm low on funds (kind of) and couldn't afford to buy more than a few things.

Which leads me to my purchases ;) I bought an adorable Rubber Cow Company scarf from their Alice in Wonderland range. I do realise I have a slight obsession with AiW at the moment haha.

After looking at lots of stands with beautiful one-off jewellery, I was tempted to just splurge the rest of my money on necklaces I probably don't need. Then, Tasha and I wandered upstairs in one of the galleries and... LUELLA! I absolutely love Luella, and had actually told myself I wouldn't get another Luella handbag until I was out of my student debts. But um... THIS little beauty stole my heart once again.

Parker Shoulder Bag - Original Price £395 - LFWE Price £125
The Rubber Cow Company Scarf - LFWE Price £10
Apologies for quality of photos, I can't find my card-reader so had to take it on my phone.

This has been the best purchase of my life! I wanted this SO much when I saw it first in December. It reminds me of the kind of bag that Alexa Chung is typically snapped wearing.

Then we went into the Catwalk Tent to see the show. Tasha and I got front row! ;D This has been one of my favourite fashion shows that I've seen, along with Winter Wonderland at Clotheshow Live 2009. Showcasing four looks, including Candy Rock, Swallows & Amazons, Vintage Glamour and then Betsy Johnson's full SS10 collection, it was amazing!

As my Twitter followers will know, I've been working on a SS10 magazine project recently, so it comes as no surprise that the Candy Rock collection was my favourite.

After the show, we wandered to Covent Garden for a little look around. I discovered the most adorable interiors place, full of little charms and trinkets. The store was called Sass and Belle. Next time I'm in London, I am definitely stocking up on things for my room from here! Perfect for those with shabby chic rooms ;)

Then we had a look in Covent Garden's LUSH, which has got to be my favourite branch. Because the Covent Garden market hall is only small, the store goes underground, and lined with LUSH goodies, it looks like a treasure cove. So cute. Definitely worth a visit if you're there.

Did anyone else pick up pretty goodies this weekend?

I won't really have access to a computer until Wednesday, so I will hopefully see you all then. Turning 19 on Tuesday... what a strange thought!



Listening To: A self-made Big Bang and Jay Chou playlist. It sounds weird but it works; I'm currently rediscovering my old love for 'Lies' and 'Haru Haru'. And listening to Jay Chou always puts me in a good mood.

Eating/Drinking: Coco Pops accompanied by a HUGE mug of coffee. Still wish I had a coffee machine with me... making my own is such an effort and tastes funny.

Wearing: My 'I ♥ Paris' tourist shirt from last summer and checkered pink and black pyjama bottoms. OOTD anyone? Haha, I joke ;)

♥ Working on my fashion, culture and history essay at the moment. Although the deadline isn't for another six weeks, I am so organised and such a complete nerd that I had to get started on it. I'm seriously stressing that I'm going to fail... And I have a huge stack of reading to get through as well, which just keeps building up.

♥ Travelling a ridiculous amount over this next week and a half. I'm planning on a relaxation day, spent mostly indoors if possible, catching up on work and things. Tomorrow I'll be up at 7am to get ready for London Fashion Weekend, out the door by 9am to meet Tasha and get the train. Then I'm going home from London :D Thennn, on Tuesday I'm going to London for the day and back to Uni from there. And to add to the mix, next Thursday I'm off to Paris for a long weekend.

♥ I went to see 'The Lovely Bones' at the cinema on Wednesday. It wasn't all it was hyped up to be in my opinion haha. It was quite emotional in parts though. I also bought the book yesterday, and read a chapter of it this morning. The book > the film.

♥ I'm getting sick of running out of money. Hate budgeting, or attempting to budget. There are so many things that I want to buy but I have no money at all.

♥ SO excited for Alice in Wonderland 3D to come out =D I cannot believe my livestream of the premiere cut out last night. Even hearing the music and about all the surrounding products is making me happy!

♥ My birthday on Tuesday is officially being spent at home! Or part of it anyway. Spending the morning at home, the afternoon with Florence and the evening in Southy with the flatmates!

♥ Finally: love the colour schemes of the fashion glossies at the moment. Marie Claire, ELLE and InStyle currently all sport pastel purple and pink colours - so adorable.


Celebrity Fashion Lines: Yay or Nay?

What happens when... Celebrities think they are creative and want money.

Celebrity fashion lines. Every so-called celebrity has one, whether they're an A-lister (rarely) or a D-lister (as the majority of them are) I can't help thinking that celebrities are only turning to fashion now as an easy source of income. Many of these celebs have already explored the entertainment business and ventured into the many 'get-rick-quick' schemes available to them, such as launching perfume ranges, fitness DVDs and more. How often is it that such fashion collections that stem from these become popular in the fashion world?

Sometimes however, a celebrity fashion collections becomes a fully fledged label in its own right, take the following for instance:

Kate Moss at Topshop
(image sourced at Google images)

Many people, myself included, were sceptical about Kate Moss' then designing stint for Topshop, thinking it would just be an extension to her wardrobe with no additional designing effort. My my how wrong we were! Topshop paid Kate £3million for her work :O And as her first collection launched on 30 April 2007, all of us in the UK were stunned at her skills.

I personally love the Kate Moss range for Topshop. It is pretty much an extension of her wardrobe; you see Miss Moss flaunting her designs on herself everwhere! Although some criticise it as being 'made for skinny girls', the range is extremely wearable with a variety of day and evening clothing.

Sienna and Savannah Miller (Twenty8Twelve)
(image sourced at Google images)

Now I have never been a big fan of Sienna Miller circa 2006. I never really bought into the boho trend, therefore never bothered to think much into and of Sienna Miller. I'm not sure I'm even qualified to critique her, seeing as I haven't seen her acting or modelling work (Yes, she really has done it all!). She launched her collection with sister Savannah in 2007, and it has pretty damn well :O

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (The Row, Elizabeth & James)
(image sourced at Google images)

Followers who personally know me or already know me quite well will know of my pure adoration of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I absolutely LOVE these girls and have done since their Two of A Kind days haha. /endnerd. Watching these girls grow up at the same time pretty much that I have has meant that their style has rubbed off on me. I love their ability to go from a casual look to glam and gorgeous for the red-carpet; Ashley especially is always appropriate for events.

The Row is more of a high-end fashion line, but my favourite is their Elizabeth & James line, which is a "contemporary collection" inspired by unique vintage pieces from their personal wardrobes. If only I could afford to own a slice of Olsen clothing-pie...

Lauren Conrad (LC by Lauren Conrad, The Lauren Conrad Collection)
(image sourced at Google images)

I love Lauren Conrad perhaps a little too much but Lauren's venture in the fashion industry was a bit lacking in my non-expert opinion. Notice how I use the word "venture", when her all-along aim has been to design clothes?

I think overexposure in LA, on reality television and other endorsements has made me a tad overcritical of her designing... *sad face* Her pieces are gorgeous, if not ridiculously simple and overpriced. Lauren is a prime example of why I am critical of celebrity-fashion lines - she has now also endorsed make-up products and written her own books. *more sad faces*

Nicole Richie (House of Harlow 1960)
(image sourced at Google images)

And to end on a positive note (I was going to write about Nicole's former best friend, Paris Hilton, but I'd be here forever just ranting about her! :P) I LOVE Nicole's jewellery collection. As a reality TV starlet, it could have been so easy for Nicole to go down the route of endorsing every possible random product (Paris for BK anyone? Haha!), but instead, Nicole has designed a classy and beautiful range of jewellery named after her daughter, and she seems totally serious about the collection.

Whew. Long post, sorry about that haha! So, celebrity fashion lines: Yay or nay? Comments?


Catwalk Notes: Burberry Prorsum AW10

Picture the scene: it is Tuesday 23rd February 2010 in glorious rainy London, fashionistas are bustling around hurrying to catch fashion shows at London Fashion Week. Big Ben strikes four times for 4pm, the online stream countdown whittles all the way down to 0 seconds, a scramble to get to seats on time. It is a momentous occasion in fashion history. Burberry is back on hometurf in London.

Christopher Bailey, designer behind Burberry, said: "It is wonderful to do it in London, back in our hometown, in the heart of Westminster, Old London. We've found ourselves a dynamic building this year."

As the most important and influential names in fashion, including British editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour of course, descend on London for the "highlight of London Fashion Week", fashion lovers and bloggers alike hastily load and refresh the online streaming of the show.

Rain pours outside the fashion tent in greycast London and simulated rain pours on screens inside the tent, all the more reinforcing the quintessential British-ness of Burberry. In true style though, just moments before the show begins, models and celebrities are milling outdoors in classic Burberry trench coats and black umbrellas, posing for the press and giving brief interviews about their expectations for the most anticipated show of the week.

"I want to unite the world with this collection... It all comes from the foundations of Burberry and what we believe in, not just the clothes and shoes and handbags,"

Anna de Rijk, the opening model of last season's show, said: "There's a very chilled atmosphere backstage, very effortless cool with a good energy. I'm very excited, there are a lot of feminine and warm pieces."

Announced earlier today as the 'Burberry Cadet Girls' collection, celebrities and fashionistas hustled to their seats, put their Burberry 3D glasses on and waited as the lights dimmed and the music pumped.

Overall, it was an amazing collection, as could only be expected from Mr. Bailey himself. The first range featured olive green dresses, teamed with military jackets, and wool-lined brown leather jackets, with hints of gold.

My favourite pieces were the navy blue pieces. Skinny waist definitions and thigh high boots made for a sexy cadet look as promised. The shearling heeled boots are definitely the next BIG thing. Hair was kept long and flowy, very ethereal looking. Faces were nude and understated, with all the focus quite rightly placed on the clothes.

As the lights faded to black, a flurry of press scattered across the tent to get quotes from Anna Wintour and the many celebrities in presence, such as Mary Kate Olsen, Carey Mulligan, Kristen Stewart and Kate Hudson.

And to finish: what exactly was Kristen Stewart doing at a Burberry catwalk?! She was just tapping her foot throughout the show... so annoying.


Ins & Outs #2

Ins & Outs #2

♥ Went to see Valentine's Day at the cinema again with the flatmates to celebrate Steph's birthday. I was ridiculously excited when the trailer for Robert Pattinson's new film 'Remember Me' came on. Yes, girls, I am a Pattinson fan haha.

♥ Sam gave me a belated Valentine's Gift! :O Never been so surprised in my life! I got an adorable Hello Kitty Valentine's card, a huge box of Ferrero Rocher choccys and UP on DVD :)

♥ Been ridiculously productive all week. My first portfolio draft hand-in is tomorrow, so I've been cramming in layout research and drafts, interviews and photoshoot plans.

♥ Seeing two of my best friends from home on Saturday was so good! Had a nice catch-up and shop, and I bought a pretty purse amongst some other things ^_____^ I love purse shopping and matching purses with Kayleigh like I always used to.

♥ Woke up today to 4 adorable blog comments, and reached 59 followers. Nothing makes me smile more when waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, so thank you very much :)

♥ My Uni timetable has now been reduced to just 5 hours a week. Five teaching hours is absolutely ridiculous, considering the amount of work we've been set this semester. To be fair, the majority of it is creative work but paying £3225 for 5 hours is just... Ugh.

♥ The weather makes me angry here. On Friday, it rained, snowed, was sunny and then rained again all in the space of about 10 minutes. Wut?!

♥ Lack of money. Standard for a Uni student.

♥ Splurging on iTunes is the worst idea ever. You don't realise until your iTunes receipt comes through. Ew.


Shopping with the Besties

Hello all! I realise I've started blogging at pretty unsociable hours recently haha, it really is the only time I get to myself at the moment though :(

Today I met two of my best friends from home in Southampton for shopping and catch-up time! I honestly couldn't even begin describe how good it felt to see them in my lovely new "home". I've known these girls since I was 11 and it was so nice to see them, especially because things can get too much at Uni.

I didn't spend too much :( I'm saving my BIG spending spree for London next weekend, which I will probably photo blog for you all.

Even though I do have a gorgeous Gucci purse, I absolutely adore shopping for new purses :) I like unzipping all the little sections and finding nice clasps and weird places to put things. Anyone else? Managed to find this beautiful pale mint green purse in Accessorize for £12 ;) And like the cool people we are, Kayleigh and I bought matching ones... just like when we were about 14. *thumbs up*

I also got an adorable "China doll" style necklace from Accessorize, which was £6.

Thennnn, I went to Boots, where they had a couple of offers on.

Ruby & Millie have a 3 for 2 offer on their make-up brushes - win! I actually have been saving for MAC brushes, but thought I'd try these... I bought:

- Eyeliner brush 7mm
- Medium eye brush 7mm
- Eye smudge brush 7mm

They also had a half price offer on No 7 electricals, so I bought No 7 Heated Eyelash curlers for £7.49! Will be reviewing these shortly ;)

Hope you're all having fabulous weekends!


Review: Lush The Godmother and Honey I Washed The Kids Soaps

Long time no speak ;) Successfully filled an entire folder with my portfolio pieces and I haven't yet found the motivation to go and purchase a new one, so I have some spare time to blog properly at last. Also, I have now reached 51 followers and 600+ blog views :D Thank you thank you thank you! This means a lot to me :) Giveaway at 150 followers I think!

On Tuesday, I purchased 2 Lush soaps which I am finally reviewing for you!

The Godmother Soap
£2.65 - 100g

I bought a lovely big chunk of this soap! It smells unbelievably good; so nice and sweet! It is a pretty feminine soap, so I would recommend keeping it in your bathroom, rather than making your kitchen etc. smell girly :)

Unlike most of the Lush soaps, this one is made for your hands only. Clearly I'm a douche and have since attempted to use it in the shower. Complete and utter fail. It is really moisturising for your hands (definitely not on your body... copious amounts of cocoa body butter were used to counteract this!) It smells exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel, which is a popular Lush product.

Verdict? Slice it into little pieces and keep in your bathroom. I live in Uni halls of residence so my kitchen is chaos anyway, but I would generally presume that this soap would get erm, wasted(?) in your kitchen? So worth the buy.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
£2.95 - 100g

This is probably one of the most popular Lush soaps in existence! I had a lovely long 'heated discussion' with Heather (friend from Uni) about which soap was better; Porridge vs. Honey I Washed The Kids. Comments below with your opinion?

This smells like caramel and toffee and vanillary kind of things. YUM. It is one of my favourite Lush scents. It doesn't lather amazingly, and isn't the most moisturising of products, but it is so worth the purchase for the amazing scent!

What are your favourite LUSH soaps? Any recommendations for me?


Curiouser and curiouser...

Hello my lovers ;)

I have promised a few of you girlies that a Primark haul photo-blog will be coming soon, and I do not lie... I WILL get round to this eventually, I've just been ridiculously busy with Uni-related work recently.

My desk here in my Uni room is absolutely covered in magazine cuttings, A3 layout designs, photoshoot brainstorms, post-it notes and more weird things. It is an organised mess in my expert opinion :)

For more regular updates (probably more regular that you would like :p), follow my Twitter:

I've also just finished writing my fashion and beauty based feature on Alice in Wonderland. Although I'd been putting this off FOREVER, I finally sat down and did my research yesterday and busted out 780 words of it today. It's only a draft... when my final piece is done, I shall maybe upload it here for you all to have a gander at!

And from my Alice in Wonderland research comes my blog for the day. Not only have top designers, such as Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen (Rest in Peace), designed one-off Alice dresses, but Tom Binns has again designed a range of Alice inspired jewellery for Disney Couture! *squee*

These are some of my favourite pieces:

Mad Hatter Necklace

Silver Pocket Watch Necklace
Inspired by the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. So unbelievably adorable.

Gold ID Key Bracelet

Gold Clock Earrings

White Rabbit Cameo Ring

Red Queen Crown Earrings

Gold Curiouser and Curiouser Earrings

Glass Drink Me Bottle Necklace with Mini Cork

My life will be complete when I own a piece of Disney Couture haha. Cannot wait for the release of Alice in Wonderland, hopefully by then I'll be sitting in the cinema, made up in Book of Shadows make up, wearing a White Rabbit cameo ring, holding a Coke in one hand and a bag of pick and mix in the other :)


Review: Lush Space Girl

恭喜發財! 新年快樂~

I think I've come across my favourite LUSH Bath Ballistic of all time tonight! It was well worth suffering a tangerine and pomelo leaf bath last night to wait for this. Whilst I'm here, I may as well explain the tangerine and pomelo leaf bath situation :) On the day before Chinese New Year, you're supposed to bathe in a bath with tangerines and pomelo leaves. Yes, actual leaves. It is said that it'll give you good luck for the year? Needless to say, it isn't very cleansing, moisturising or comfortable! The next morning I always like to shower in sensitive moisturising stuff haha. Onto my review then...

Space Girl Bath Ballistic
£1.85 each

(click to enlarge)

This is hands-down, without a shadow of a doubt, my absolute favourite bath ballistic. It has literally only just been released into stores by Lush. I was ridiculously excited to spot this in the store, so I decided to purchase one to try. The bath ballistic is purple, shaped like a spaceship (or Saturn, as my flatmate likes to argue with me) and is covered with pink and iridescent glitter. Beautiful. Inside the bath ballistic is more glitter as well.

Not only does this product look adorable, it smells SO amazing as well. The website describes the smell as a "refreshing scent of blackcurrant sweeties" that "will make you hungry for your own space adventures". It was such a lovely smell, almost like parma violets :)

When placed in the bath, it turns your bathwater an incredible lavender colour - Michelle enjoys :D The glitter floats on the surface, making it nice and pretty, and it clings to you as well haha, making you look shiny! There is a crazy amount of glitter for such a small looking BB.

GO AND BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY. In copious amounts. I am definitely stocking up on this for my next return home. £1.85 is an amazing price for a Lush BB as well.

Ins & Outs #1

Ins & Outs #1

♥ Chinese New Year is here! Yay for spending quality time with the family receiving red packets, spreading good luck and fortune, and making Granny happy by eating lots of food at hers tonight.

♥ Quoting inanely from my favourite girly movies, "Mean Girls" and "A Cinderella Story" with the sister ;)

♥ My brother bought me some Vimto =D Yummy!

♥ I've now reached 30 followers! Thank you so much :) Am considering doing a giveaway when I hit 150 followers, depending on my money flow haha.

♥ Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland palette will be released in the UK on 28th Feb! *squee* This means it will be out just in time for my 19th birthday, shall be dropping hints to the 'rents when they return from work.

♥ Jedward tweeting 'Happy Valentine's' to Taylor Swift. So adorable haha :3

♥ Valentine's Day, the film. Went to see this in the cinema with my brother and sister, for lack of having a Valentine this year. It was quite a cute film actually, lots of sweet and funny parts in it.

♥ Not being in Southampton while my local LUSH store run their Valentine's events and have the Retro Valentine's range available for the weekend only :( Really wanted to buy a Butterball shower gel, a Fairy Jasmine and Luverly...

♥ Having to bath in pomelo... I hate this tradition with a passion.

♥ The girls who were ridiculously loud in the cinema. I officially hate you.

♥ Snow + ballet flats = fail. I wish I knew it was going to snow today :(

♥ Valentine's Day. Lack of a Valentine leads to me being quite uninterested this year I'm afraid! Happy Valentine's to all my beautiful followers though, love you ;)

Tag: Lots of Questions!


A questions tag stolen from Daisy Chain Adventures because I'm quite bored and have just started to gain more followers ^^ I figured this would be a good way to let everyone know a little bit more about me.

Blog suggestions would be really lovely as well! Thank you all so much for following me!

1. Where is your cell phone?
RIGHT beside me :) I'm a total nerd when it comes to my Blackberry, it is always with me whatever I'm doing. It's pretty much my lifeline to the world, especially when I'm at Uni.

2. Your hair?
My hair truthfully looks revolting right now haha. It needs a trim, which should be happening this weekend, and most definitely a wash. A lovely image for all you girlies ;) I'm considering dying it a lighter shade of brown over the weekend as well.

3. Your mother?
... is simply amazing. How she copes with me and my siblings is completely beyond me; our house is a madhouse at the best of times!

4. Your father?
... probably annoys my Mum just as much as we do. He's the biggest kid out of all of us. I love my Dad. I'm a total Daddy's girl.

5. Your favourite food?
Jaffa Cakes. No matter what my food shopping budget is for the week, I will not miss out on my Jaffas! I think I'm too much of a chocolate lover in all honesty, I also love Haagen Dazs Belgian Choc ice cream for the ultimate splurge. Haagen Dazs > Ben & Jerry's - please don't hurt me!

6. Your dream last night?
I dreamt that I worked as a fashion assistant at Vogue, and that I was just deathly scared of Anna Wintour and literally kept hiding underneath my desk haha! I have problems...

7. Your favourite drink?
Sainsbury's Apple & Raspberry juice is nommy =D

8. Your dream/goal?
To run my own fashion glossy magazine, to own a beautiful home with a pretty garden and to have a loving family. (Cheesy towards the end, I know :p)

9. What room are you in?
My beautiful bedroom at home <3 I intend to spend the majority of my weekend home here.

10. Your hobbies?
Shopping, reading, writing, cooking, spending time with my friends.

11. Your fears?
For some reason, I'm scared of alligators and paper cuts. The alligators part is understandable I guess, but I can't even look at pictures of them! Paper cuts make me feel faint after watching Jackass.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years time?
Hopefully living in London, or in a city abroad, with a successful career and a nice boyfriend/fiancee(?!) I only want to work full-time for a few years before starting another small business project and having a family etc.

13. Where were you last night?
At the flat in Southampton, pretending to pack but ending up sketching magazine layouts and scanning photoshoot ideas. Then I went to my flatmate's room for Desperate Housewives + hot choccy :)

14. Something you aren't?
A typical fashion student? I'm a pretty eclectic mix of things haha.

15. Muffins?
Blueberry all the way! Coupled with a nice mocha from Starbucks or Costa. Or failing that, a chocolate chip one would do nicely.

16. Wish list items?
Chanel 2.55 bag, LUSH Fairy Jasmine Bath Ballistic, LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel, unlimited £££ to spend at Topshop.

17. Where did you grow up?
Stevenage, UK

18. Last thing you did?
Replied to Lauren @ Paris Boutique on Twitter. We were having a lovely conversation about how much we deserved to eat entire packets of Jaffa Cakes!

19. What are you wearing?
A baby pink floral top from Topshop and New Look jeggings.

20. Your TV?
I don't have my own TV :O We have a lovely 47" in the living room though.

21. Your pets?
I have 2 goldfish :) Mum is terrified of cats and dogs, and my Dad won't let us have hamsters after we looked after the school's one... It went AWOL one morning and we had him crawl around on his hands and knees to find it!

22. Your friends?
... are the most random group of people you'll ever meet, and also the most amazing people I know :) I can always count on the girls for a good day and/or night in/out.

23. Your life?
Not turning out the way I thought it would, but I love it right now!

24. Your mood?
Exhausted but over-the-moon to be spending the weekend at home.

25. Missing someone?
I miss the Uni bunch :( You win some you lose some I guess...

26. Vehicle?
I still haven't learnt to drive yet :O *slaps hand* It's definitely on my to-do list for the summer though, and I really want a Corsa or Peugeot 306. In navy blue. Or salmon pink. Clearly I don't spend hours thinking about this!

27. Something you're not wearing?
A coat?

28. Your favourite store?
Topshop, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Primark.

29. Your favourite colour?
Baby pink, red, navy blue, cream, grey.

30. When was the last time you laughed?
Earlier when my brother came in my room, he always comes out with the funniest one-liners and then wanders back out :')

31. Last time you cried?
Some time last week I think... Uni was getting a bit much and I was considering quitting.

32. Your best friend?
I have a few best friends - they're beautiful and I adore them to pieces! Hate how we're all scattered over the UK at the moment though.

33. One place you go over and over?
My bed <3

34. One person who emails regularly?
Summer and Tess always message me regularly, I love keeping in touch with them!

35. Favourite place to eat?
Zizzi have the most amazing bruschetta and calamari EVER. I could happily go and just eat appetisers there. But other than that, I quite enjoy taking time to make a meal and just eat at home.

Tag: 20 Questions

Twenty Questions Tag!

Thought I may as well post one of these :) Seeing as I only have 9 followers at the moment, I tag all of you beautiful girlies!

1. Things you cannot leave the house without?
My Blackberry, which is probably my lifeline! Absolutely everything is on there, and I use it every minute of the day. Or close to it. And also, either my Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub or Benefit Lipscription, because my lips get really chapped and I hate people noticing :)

2. Favourite brand of make-up?
I would probably have to go with either Barry M or Benefit. Barry M has all the bright colours and I adore their nail varnishes. Benefit has the most amazing range of face powders, especially Dandelion, Hoola and Dallas. I love their Dr Feelgood range as well. Well worth the priceyness.

4. Favourite clothing store?
I'm a total Topshop junkie, even though I currently can't afford to buy as much as I used :( I also like Urban Outfitters and Zara. New Look has upped their game recently too. Last but not least, Primarni for the basics and recently their accessories.

5. Favourite perfume?
Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere.

6. Heels or Flats?
Adore heels but only killer heels for a night out, a low heel is fine for the day but I generally just dress down with a simple pair of flats.

7. Do you make good grades?
Yes! Despite the amount of time I appear to waste online, whether it be spamming you all with tweets, blog posts or playing FishVille (haha), I received all Firsts in my first semester of Uni, and had straight A grades at A-level up until my final exams, which was completely gutting, and I ended up with AABB.

8. Favourite colours?
Baby pink, grey, cream, red, gold and navy blue.

10. Do you drink juice?
Freshly squeezed orange juice is the best. I always prefer juices to fizzy drinks.

11. Do you like swimming?
I can't swim. Fail.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
Yes unless I've bought them at Maccy D's or something.

13. Favourite moisturiser?
Face:- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
Body:- Boots Cocoa Butter Body Butter
Hands:- Lush Handy Gurugu

14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
I would love to given I find the right person. I'm quite excited, in a weird way, to settle down and get a house and cook meals etc.!

15. Do you get mad easily?
Not really, I'm a pretty mellow person, it takes a lot to anger me.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
Erm, nope? LOL.

17. Any phobias?
I'm deathly scared of alligators and paper cuts.

18. Do you bite your nails?
I used to when I was younger, but I haven't in about 10 years now.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
No... I'm quite boring haha...

20. Do you drink coffee?
YES. I practically live off the stuff on Uni days! Without it, I simply would not function and I would be a sleepless, emotionless zombie haha :) Schmexy ;)

What Happens When...

What happens when... you arrive to a camera induction workshop an hour early ;)

Of course being a Writing Fashion and Culture student, I went on a Primark binge with my friend. I had actually gone into Primark with the sole intention of buying clothes for my photoshoot, but realised I still don't have a model, therefore no sizing ;) Instead, we looked at accessories and I managed to pick up:

- Tan Satchel (£9) - this is actually surprisingly roomy, I'll be able to fit all my Uni things, personal things and a make-up bag in this :D
- Floral Headband (£1.50)
- Hummingbird & Flower Necklace (£1.50)


I'm a little bit in love with this necklace I must admit :)
Primark have some amazing things in store at the moment - Uni student's absolute heaven in my opinion. They have some adorable sundresses from £5 as well, I was extremely tempted by these!

My favourite buy today was probably the tan satchel. True, it isn't buttery soft leather, but it comes pretty close, and was a perfect find after I'd been mulling over Mulberry (see what I did there? ;) ) for weeks.

While in the City Centre I also popped into Superdrug and bought GOSH's "Touch Up" Concealer in no.2. A lot of other bloggers have recommended this one, and I never actually used concealer before, so I'm giving this one a shot.


Pearls & Poodles


So while embarking on a blog reading spree, I got a little bit click-happy today and discovered a whole host of amazing beauty and fashion blogs ;) And of course, I'm going to have to recommend a blog to you all!

Milly at Pearls & Poodles (click for a link to her wonderful blog) is a beauty blogger from the UK. She is only a new blogger, but has posted some really good entries already, my favourite being her 'What's In My Bag' entry. I love that Mulberry handbag! Anyway, to see her blog, click on the link above ^_____^

To celebrate 200 followers, Milly is running a Girlie Pearlie Giveaway with some lovely goodies as the prizes :) Hotfoot it to her blog before Wednesday 3rd March 2010 8pm GMT to be in with a chance of winning, you won't want to miss out.


Eclectic Eccentricity

Eclectic Eccentricity (link here) is a vintage-inspired jewellery and accessories store that I "discovered" at the Clotheshow Live 2009 last December.

As you may already have noticed, I adore my florals and vintage style pieces, so this store caught my eye and never left it, to be quite honest! The stand at the Clotheshow was so adorable, with a simple table covered in floral fabric and with some vintage mirrors and birdstand for display purposes. I must have visited this stand about 4 times in the space of an hour! :)

The prices are quite expensive upon first glance, a necklace will usually set you back about £18, but it is all unique and eclectic looking! The store also sells earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, brooches, hair accessories and Exclusive Eccentricities, which are exclusive one-off pieces.

After a lot of dithering, and on my 4th return to the store, I decided on purchasing this lovely little piece. The tiny rose at the top of the heart fell off my one, like the total klutz that I am :( The little arrow spins and everything!

It is definitely worth a browse, I absolutely love this store and could spend thousands of £££ in there if I had that kind of money.


Review: Lush Candy Fluff & Sweet Lips

I went on another Lush splurge with Heather earlier (: Nothing like a good shopping trip to make you feel good about yourself! I was rather enticed by the thought of purchasing more lovely goodies for my weekend home, and ended up buying a few items ;) I bought: Candy Fluff Dusting Powder, Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, Space Girl Bath Ballistic (squee for new Lush prod!) and a Ma Bar Bubble Bar. Of course while I'm at uni, I don't have a bath so the last 2 products will be reviewed at the weekend.
I was happy with my overall purchase, although I wish I'd thought to buy another facemask, but I can always do that when my current one expires. My total haul came to £14.90 - bargainous times :D And also, the Southampton staff were very helpful today, even when the store was packed with customers.

Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
800g - £6.10

I was actually recommended this product by my friend Tess, and I am glad that I trusted her opinion and spent a whopping £6.10 on this. I will most definitely be getting a LOT of uses out of this.

The Candy Fluff Dusting Powder is a sparkly powder to be used all over the body. Apparently, fans of Snow Fairy over the Christmas period will be a fan of this, because it has the same scent. If so, I am gutted that I didn't buy any of the special Christmas products, because this smells so sweet and yummy. It reminds me of sherbets and parma violets.

Also, the girl in the store told me to sprinkle some on my bed before I sleep because it is super-absorbant, and would soak up excess sweat and oils, and leaves you smelling gorgeous in the morning. Definitely worth the purchase!

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
25g - £4.50

I suffer from seriously chapped lips, not just in the Winter, but all year round, so I was extremely happy to have tried this product in-store last week and to have found it worked really well on my lips. The product itself is pretty much sugar mixed with oil extracts but I don't care, the Sweet Lips one smells ah-ma-zing ;) All you do is take a little bit out of the pot, rub it between your lips and enjoy the results ;D

The only real downside to this is that it leaves sugar particles on your lips, so you NEED a compact mirror! Unless you desperately want to look like you've been eating cakes without wiping your mouth after. The best part? You get to lick it off after and it tastes better than ANY cake out there!

And as I said previously, the other 2 products will be reviewed at the weekend! Until then... happy Lush splurging ^___________^ ♥

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