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Is anyone else shocked that it's Saturday today?! Those two snow days have really confused me, I keep thinking I should either be in Uni, or that it is already Sunday! Of course, this isn't true because I haven't had my weekly X Factor tweetalong with everyone, and I haven't fangirled like a 10-year-old over One Direction yet this week ;) It rained overnight where I am, and the snow is mostly gone, leaving an unattractive trail of grey sludgy destruction in its' wake. It should be an interesting feat to balance my umbrella and bag, while I attempt to balance on the ice!

(Cardigan with floral insert, BESS Clothing;
Skirted jumper ress, River Island;
Knitted bow patterned tights, Primark;
'Stay and make my heart fly.' Necklace, Jewellery Shaped Things by essbeevee.)

Apologies for another recycled outfit! I haven't bought anything new in ages, and moreover, I literally don't own enough winter clothes. I much prefer to hibernate with a mug of hot chocolate, sweet snacks and a few DVD boxsets in the winter, so I'm always stuck when I'm forced to go out! My cardigan is an absolute staple in my wardrobe; it goes everywhere with me (i.e. on the rare occasion I visit home!) and is the perfect lightweight-but-still-warm material for all seasons.

My Mum picked this skirted jumper dress out for me a while ago. I never look in River Island unless I'm with someone else, because I find their clothes target a quite haphazard variety of people, if you know what I mean? Some pieces are v. dressy, some are quite office-like and some are downright chavvy! Forgive me if you think otherwise, I have spotted a few nice pieces in there recently like this, this and this. Anyway! I really like this dress, it is really cosy and warm, and a gorgeous bright-but-dull eggshell blue colour.

Kept jewellery to a minimum today for once! Wearing gloves means that no matter how hard I try, I just can't wear my huge rings underneath, and I'm so clumsy that I'm positive I'd lose a ring, and just get depressed! My necklace was kindly sent over to me by Sarah, from her new collection at Jewellery Shaped Things, and is so delicate and pretty; a butterfly hanging from an ornate heart charm. For 10% off your order at her Etsy shop, enter "DAISYBUTTER" at checkout ;)

Righty then, I had better get a move on and clean and tidy the flat! I'm popping for coffee with my kind-of-flatmate from last year, and then I think we're making Mexican food for dinner before X Factor tonight. How are you all spending your Saturdays?

P.S. I've added a new tab, for my Blogging Tips and Tricks if you fancy a read!


  1. I don't think it's a bad thing for fashion bloggers to recycle outfits sweet so no need to apologise! Mm, I think the clothes in River Island can be hit and miss. It's easier to find individual pieces in there rather than find a whole wardrobe kind of thing. Ooh, sounds like you've got a nice Saturday planned! I'll be spending my daytime not really doing a lot then watching X factor much to my disgust now that Uncle Wagner has left! Haha. Ooh, your tab would prove real helpful to new bloggers. I'll be sure to throw people your way if they start asking for advice! See you for tonight's tweet-along (:

  2. I've only just noticed the winter themed header, it's so cute! Love that dress, but i'm the same when it comes to river island - i look on the website and find some really nice things, but when i go into the shop i just always feel ill... the staff are always super rude aswell so i tend to just avoid it and stick to virtual browsing!
    I'm spending my saturday doing a few bits of xmas shopping, so then i'll only have tom left to do :) have a lovely weekend sweetie xxx

  3. If i'm rushing I usually recycle my outfits! no worries (: this outfit is v. pretty! I'm going to spend my night finishing m persuasion piece with hot choc, and jam some music until all the itv one saturday tv comes on! shame wagners gone now, my life is ruined! ):

  4. Completely agree with you about River Island, I tend not to go in too regularly these days because it seems to take a while for them to get new stock in. Maybe that's just me though!
    I'm excited for the X Factor tweetathon, it makes watching it so much more entertaining :)

  5. loving this outfit, it's so important to be warm this time of year!

    check out my blog!? x

  6. How did braving the great outdoors go? It rained all night here, and hasn't stopped all day!!! It's starting to flood slightly ;( Nice outfit, I actually love the colour of the jumper it's such a pretty blue :)

    L x

  7. ooooh i love your cardigan, and Mexican food sounds really yummy.
    thanks for the new tab its really useful well to me anyway :)

  8. Thumbs up to your Mum! I know what you mean about RI though, i always find it a bit hit and miss.
    I've really enjoyed having snow days this week, i've felt less stressed :) xo

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  10. your necklace is so adorable! i agree about river island, they have their hits and misses but i do like a few things there at the mo, and i love the 3 items you linked.
    have a great night making mexican food :) i'll just be watching x factor also as per usual! love how you've made your header christmassy :D xo

  11. Aah came back to see if there were any responses and just saw my last comment to you had a bit on the end that was a comment to Gem that I copied with my url because my internet broke down mid-sentence! I deleted the nonsensical waffle! Sorry! Anyway I was just commenting on your pretty necklace, the fact that gloves and big rings are a nightmare, River Island has some treasures among the tack and that the highlight of my Saturday is X-Factor! Sorry for messing up your comment space, but thought it sill to leave a comment with half another one attached to it!

    Burn the Blonde

  12. bee: awh thank you (: most of the time i mix and match my new and old pieces anyway, i think it's really unrealistic for fashion bloggers to constantly be wearing new dresses every day! oh same! i tend to find beautiful bags and purses, and then the odd top or dress in there that i like! oh you and your wagner affections ;) apparently he's performing in southampz in two weeks' time!

    heather-louise: thank you sweet! i only changed it this morning, but will probably be making a few tweaks to it tomorrow, as there's something a bit "off" about it! oh i've noticed that as well, especially in my local store at uni, everyone seems to be a bit snooty! thanks lovely, have a nice weekend!

    irene: aah me too, the days when i don't post an outfit tends to mean i've reworn an outfit from a past week ;) thank you my lovely! oh another wagner groupie eh?! i thought he was so lovely bless him, not a bad bone in his body! and he was a gracious 'loser' as well (:

    lucy: oh i find that too actually! and i always feel they're a bit... slack in their merchandising? most of the nice pieces share the same rail as a vile piece and it puts me off! aha x factor tweetalongs are the absolute highlight of my week!

    courtney: thank you lovely (:

    laura: it was horrific! not as cold actually, but a small child pushed (physically shoved!) me over on the ice in town which put me in an awful mood! his mum didn't even apologise, just let him continue! oh gosh, its been constantly raining here too ): thank you!

    tatteredflorals: thank you! omnomnom, nothing like fajitas to make a night worthwhile! you're welcome, i'm glad it has helped someone out!

    victoria: my mumma has the best taste, i'd love half of her wardrobe! mm river island tends to stress me out, horrible merchandising and the lighting is so flourescent in all of their stores! awh i'm glad you're less stressed, i hope you've been spending the snow days being productive miss ;)

    emma: thank you!

    sarah: thank you! sarah is so talented, her designs are adorable! stupid cold weather... if it weren't for the fact that i'd potentially lose my fingers in the cold, i would happily carry on with my incessant ring wearing! OH GOSH. stripper shoes?! i usually find RI shoes really nice!

    jennie: thank you sweety (: i really like their accessories, bags and shoes and the odd dress, but i just don't have the patience to sift through their visual merchandising under those horrendously bright lights! thank you lovely, hope you have a nice evening!


  13. Ah I'm so glad there's another One Direction fangirl! I get way too excited...and I'm far too old :P

    Really love the blogging tips page- so easy to follow, and an awesome guide to blogging, bravo!!


  14. danni: oh i'm totally in love with zayn! although in x factor male stakes overall, dermot o'leary and matt cardle completely win me over! thank you so much hun xxx

  15. I love river island bags, but you have hit the nail on the head with your description, their jeans fit me nice, but can't beat MOTO jeans from Topshop. I'm so glad I never fell over today, my weather/brolly/bag scenario was the same. Love that necklace, so dainty and cute. Off to read your tab xxxx

  16. Aww i really like the tunic :)
    I need more winter clothes too! Been trying to find big knitted jumpers and cardigans!


  17. lol, everyone in the UK seems to really love their X Factor !

    I wish it snowed where I am in Aus :(

  18. gem: i adore their bags, me and my mumma have the hugest collection of them between us! my river island jeans have been worn once, by my friend... i'm thinking i should give them up and ebay soon haha! lucky youuu, you must have excellent balance, i looked like bambi on ice for the first time haha! thanks sweet <3 xxxx

    anna: thank you! i actually do have a lot of jumpers and cardigans, but they just don't seem to be warm enough, as i really feel the cold in the winter!

    chelsea: oh gosh, we're addicted! i must sound so obsessed from a non-britain based reader's point of view :p awh, you should come and visit england and experience the freezing weather!


  19. gorgeously simple but lovely outfit! me likely the icy tones:) off to read your tips now miss:) xxx

  20. bows and butterflies: thank you (:

    belle: thanks sweety! thought the blue was nice and wintery aha!



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