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Pinch punch, first of the month... It's Advent Calender Day, which means there are just 25 days until my favourite day of the year (even more so than my birthday!) Unfortunately, this also signals the turning point when people, or generally I do anyway, panic about Christmas shopping. For the first time in my nineteen years, I have already gotten most of my Christmas shopping out of the way. So to mark the first of the last month in 2010, I thought I would compile a condensed gift guide for y'all ;)

I haven't been "familiar" with Yankee candles for a long time, but my flatmate has a couple in her bedroom, that she always burns, and I have only heard good things about them, other than the price. Personally, I think the prices are reasonable for the quality and scent that you get for a Yankee candle! I heard about the Christmas range of candles on Emma's blog, so popped down to my local Yankee candle stockist, and was pleasantly surprised by a 25% discount offer on the Christmas Cookie candle! I think these would be perfect gifts for your Mum, Auntie, or even your best friend.

Now I don't know about your mumabears, but my Mumma works six 10am-Midnight days a week, so Christmas is her one, complete relaxation period of the year! Boots' Soap & Glory ranges never fail to please, and this year there is a huge selection to choose from, coming in at a range of prices that won't break the bank, or that you can splurge on to pamper a parent! If for some maaad reason your mumabear doesn't like the retro packaging and sweet scents of Soap & Glory, I also adore Boots' Sanctuary Spa range and would really recommend their Pamper Heaven Collection.

If my followers and readers are anything as money-lacking as me, I am sure you'll be stuck for ideas of presents for your best friend. I am a firm believer that presents shouldn't be about monetal value, but about sentimental value with friends. I am probably going to be buying a selection of these adorable friendship bracelets for my best friends this year: Rock N Rose stock a huge selection of these, in different charms, which are sure to evoke particular memories with your friends. I also like these ones at Dolly Bow Bow!

Got a techy nerd pal? ;) My Uncle has one of these sound sensor T-shirts, and they are the funniest thing ever, as well a er, "great" conversation starter. They are sound activated, and the graphic is made up of lights that change with loud sounds! Highly amusing, trust me! I always struggle with gifts for guys, but I honestly like the idea of a jacket as a present. Especially these Varsity jackets, I love them on a guy!

Finally, I thought I would mix up my Wednesday Wants a little by throwing a book into the action! Cupcakes are now the food of the generation and blogging population, so what better to purchase for your sister/Mum/baking mad friend than a cupcake recipe book, full of "funny and imaginative ideas" for the kitchen. It's always good to throw a sneaky hint towards having some cupcakes baked for you as well ;)

What are you all buying for your loved ones this Christmas?


  1. Lovely gifts to choose from! I love yankee candles, and the sanctuary set.
    Hope you're keeping warm lovey xxx

  2. I'm not allowed an advent calendar because I find it too tempting and eat the chocolate on the 1st. Boo, I only have myself to blame! I've just got half the boyfriend's prezzies to buy then I'm done. I feel organised. I really want a Yankee candle but I'm skint and can't justify spending so much on wax hahaa. I've got my mamabear a spa day, fish pedicure and a special edition Bambi DVD. Lucky her! Mmm, I love Varsity jackets. They've got a red female one that I'm lusting after. Hope you're having a good week so far.

  3. I think the friendship bracelet thing is a really cute idea. I was already thinking of getting one for a friend. Ahh I really want a yankee candle, but I don't think my bank account would agree at the moment! xxx

  4. Soap and Glory rules!! Alas I do love Yankee Candles, but the best thing to buy is a tart burner and yankee tarts, as they smell much stronger and are easier than getting your hand in a jar all the time XXxxxxxx

  5. love this post! definately lovely gifts to choose from!
    courtney xx

  6. That tshirt is so funny haha.
    I love the boots gift sets. I'm thinking of getting my mum the no7 protect and perfect intense collection for xmas. I was also swayed that you get a free gift set if you spend over £22 on no7 products so its even more worth it.


  7. Love this post!
    That cupcake is on my Christmas list :D Looks amazing!
    Those friendship bracelets are such a good idea! I have 4 best friends so Christmas time can start to get a little expensive. Definitely going to check them out! xo

  8. heather-louise: i swear by sanctuary spa's mande lua(?) body souffle, so moisturising and sinks into the skin amazingly! v excited to start burning my yankee candle soon! currently burning my ikea ones which just pale in comparison!

    bee: aaah no! i don't even have an advent calendar this year, sad faceee! might pick one up in town tomorrow if i get the time ;) oh you are little miss organised, totally putting me to shame, i have my mumma, sister, best pal and brother's presents done so far! aww i adore bambi, that film always makes me cry!

    hannah: me too (: i think i'm going to buy two sets, and put one in a card, along with some nice individual wrapped choccys from thornton's, and a christmas card with a message in! haha i took the splurge and bought one yesterday!

    gem: i agree completely ;) their hand food cream is so niceee! i have one of the motherpucker lipglosses and it is pretty much a lip plumper in a tube! oh ive had bad experiences with the tarts, i prefer the jars because they look nice too! xxxxx

    courtney: thank you sweet!

    anna: i know! my uncle wore it once and we spent the whole evening shouting and then whispering at him so the shirt changed ;) oh no7 products are always well worth it, boots always have those £5 vouchers as well!

    jess: thank you lovely <3 i might buy it for my friend, she is a cupcake obsessor and fabulosa cook! (:


  9. i found this so so helpful! my family have got to be the toughest cookies to buy presents for, i'm going to try pick things up along these lines this weekend! lovely post as ever michelle!(L)

  10. Great post, finding Christmas shopping seriously hard this year, just don't have the brain power to think lol. I love Yankee candles though, I'd end up buying them for someone else and keeping them though :P

    L x

  11. Great post! given me some ideas for some prezzies i need to buy so thank-you. and what am i getting my loved ones for christmas? GOD KNOWS i am so stuck haha, but i'm sure this post will help alot xo

  12. irene: awh i'm glad it helped you lovely! i feel like i've already bought my family all the "good" presents every year aha! thank you darling, you're too sweet! <3

    laura: thank you! oh me either, i just need to have a sit down tomorrow and write a list of what else to buy, as well as remembering to buy gift wrap and bows/ribbon! i've bought one for myself... and will probably buy another for my muma!

    rose: aaah thanks sweet (: i always leave christmas shopping to the last minute but have been relatively well prepared this year, i've totally shocked myself!


  13. Mmm Yankee Candle! I currently have the scented car gel in my car in that exact scent and it makes me so happy and cheery when I go places! And I miss Soap and Glory... they moved out of Target and Kmart here! Soap and Glory no more :( I'm so sad because I didn't get the chance to buy any of their products!

  14. Ooo that soap & glory pamper box looks amazing, i love their range!!
    Thank you for all the lovely gift ideas, i still have shopping to do! :)

  15. Oo, lovely gifts. I'm actually falling in love with candles, I just love the fact that it's makes the atmosphere very relaxing and calm.


  16. awe so precious! you are so adorable, new follower dear (:

  17. yay to advent calendars! i braved the horrendous snow just to go get one ha. i haven't panicked too much about christmas shopping so far because i like to do it online but i am sure i will be panicking soon! but this gift guide is just adorable:) i must grab some yankee candles i have heard so many good things about them! My mum loves soap and glory too by the way. Oh and I managed to get my hands on a vintage leather varsity jacket on ebay the other day for a right bargain price! i am home on the 19th dec so will try and see you for a christmassy drink or even in the new year:) xxx

  18. such a pretty blog here!

  19. meg: i really like their gift sets, nice and affordable with the 3 for 2 offter as well! i'm glad you found the post useful (: i have quite a bit of shopping to do as well!

    tesh: oh me too, i've been burning them all morning! so relaxing and warming!

    maddy: thanks lovely! i'm already following your blog, i love it!

    belle: i still haven't bought mine, boo ): i was planning on getting a reduced price one in town after uni but i'm all snowed in at the moment! i'm in panic mode now, lots more to buy!

    greer: thank you!


  20. Great post! i'm currently planning my Christmas present shopping list and your post is very inspiring! thanks <3

  21. I have that cupcake book! The people behind it have also done another book but I forget what it's called :S I could spend all day just looking at the pictures... some of the designs are just so clever :) x x

  22. angel in this dress: oh do you?! i'm so tempted to buy it, but i have no money at all to spend on "extra gifts" aha (: your blog is lovely sweet xx


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