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Good afternoon ladies! Hope everyone is well and keeping warm somehow: I'm not looking forward to the Big Freeze that is supposedly on its' way to the UK this weekend. Tomorrow I'm wrapping up warm and spending the day with the Mumabear, hunting down this peter pan tunic from F+F at Tesco, finishing off our Christmas shopping, indulging in some good food and running odd errands! Isn't it always the case that you lust after more things when you're supposed to be spending money on your loved ones?! My concept this year has been to buy myself a little gift for every three presents I purchase! It makes the whole process more fun (and a bit more costly)!

Popped into the wonderful *ahem* town centre of Stevenage on Tuesday with my brother for lunch and to pick up a few bits. Much as I complain about the slightly extravagant prices of Topshop's basics range, I think they've really upped their game recently, and I am probably going to "splash out" on some of these buttoned sleeveless shirts when I get paid! The colours are all so dreamy, warm and... perfect. I also liked this range of scallop edged vests at TS but the quality did seem a little flimsy!

I guess in a way I'm "hopping on the blogosphere bandwagon" with this next want. My point-and-shoot camera is just not cutting it anymore I'm afraid! I'm currently using a Nikon Coolpix S51, which is pretty decent and can produce nice photos, but I think I've dropped it once too many on a night out now... I'm looking at saving - somehow! - for a Nikon DSLR, but I don't know which exact camera I want at the moment. I'll have to look at it from an economical perspective, and see what I can afford. I'm sure this'll start up the Nikon vs. Canon debate again!

These dresses are from Coco Fashion, an Asian wholesale brand. As I'm sure you've seen, I bought a LOT of sweet dresses, tunics, cardigans, etc. from Hong Kong when I last went to see my family, and wholesale stores like these are where the boutiques get their stock. I'm honestly gutted that now I'm at Uni, I can't afford to go back to HK, because I much prefer shopping there: the clothes are so much cheaper, they fit my 5"0 frame perfectly and are much more unique than those seen on the typical British high street. My green tunic was from Coco Fashion, and is my current favourite dress!

Finally, I'm sure you've all heard other bloggers singing the praises about Tesco's F+F range! They're even an official sponsor of London Fashion Week. I'm on the hunt for one of their leopard print peter pan tunics, as seen on Sarah, but this jumper also caught my eye today, while on the food shop with my Mumma! I'm excited to wear this stag jumper (probably just want to be Abby!) with patterned tights and little boots!


  1. WHOA! i wrote my www for today like 3 days ago and just checked yours out and we're so similar! teehee. although your camera is wayyy cool than what i'd like :/ darrrn. Coco fashion seems uh-mayziiing, so cheap and chic! whats postage like? xoxo avs

  2. Seriously you have to take a picture on how you styled that jumper. It's super cute and I have no idea how to wear jumpers like that without trousers underneath which I personally hate because I feel really boxy and short and yea it doesn't work for me lol!

  3. BECAUSE WE'RE TWINZ ALANA! ;) i really want a dslr, would make uni work so much easier, and i could pretend im a photographer type too haha! the postage isn't too bad, it depends on the weight of your items though (:

    thanks ally (: i'm going to post an outfit post later in the week most probably, so keep an eye out for it!


  4. love this weeks wants! i agree topshop have upped it with their 'basic' range, very fetching! completely loving those shirts. i've found a few things that i want, and since my xmas shopping is all finished hopefully i can get my mitts on some! and DSLRS are sexy fullstop. whichever you get i'll be looking forward to some sharp and fantastic photography! :)

  5. I love shopping in HK! When I'm converting the prices in my head I'm always convincing myself it's way cheaper than it actually is. I think there's a certain thrill of spending money abroad than in the UK haha.
    I've been reading loads of reviews for and some of them are really putting me off from ordering, even though the prices are so tempting but I may try coco fashion now! Popped into Topshop today as well and I want all of the stock! It's such a shame I'm not a millionaire :/ x

  6. i NEED a new camera too!!

    beautiful sleevless shirts from topshop, im in love too!


  7. i've been after one of those topshop blouses too :)

  8. Ahhhh I really want this peter pan tunic from F+F too! Have to wait til I'm back in England on friday. Goodness only knows what my mum would come back with if I tried to send her out to hunt for it for me! live near stevenage??? I'm not too far from there at all! xxx

  9. I nearly bought the stag last time I went home, but didn't for some reason. I enjoy antlered creatures at Christmas.

    My camera is a little point and shoot too, and I would kill for a DSLR. Thank heavens for Photoshop!

    I love your little Filofax, it makes me smile every time!

  10. I love asian fashion so you will find me on that site for the next hour or so! You're right, HK is soo much cheaper. You can get basic tops for less than £1! Quality isn't always that great, but it doesn't particularly matter as you can buy so many! Haha. xx

  11. I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    Enter my Christmas giveaway!

  12. Awesome wants! Can't wait to see your new purchases and yes...the idea of three gifts = one gift for myself? Love that. Haha. Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  13. I had the same issue with nikon vs. canon. I've always been a canon girl but when I chose my dslr I went with nikon, just because it had a couple of extra features that I wanted. But you can't go wrong with either makes, they're both amazing!! xxx

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE that stag jumper! Tesco really have some amazing items!xx

  15. irene: thank you lovely! i'm hoping to pick some up with any christmas money that i may or may not receive (: gosh i doubt i'll be able to afford one until about easter, and that's if i manage to find a job at uni! but yess, you can expect something of the sharp quality photograph variety when i do get one! eee!

    jade: me too! most of it is cheaper (especially food!) but i buy more than what i'd buy on an average shopping trip in the UK, so it works out about the same! oh i've tried a few wholesalers, but coco fashion have been the best for me, really nice customer service too! i know the feeling, i was in there looking for something for my brother upstairs in topman, but couldn't resist having a look!

    lydia-lee: they're so lovely! i really like the collars on them (:

    elise: i'm absolutely in love with the camel one and burnt orange! i'd love it in a nice dusty pink colour for the spring though!

    hannah: aaah i hope you're having a good time abroad sweet! me and mumma are popping out tomorrow in search for it! oh really?! stevenage is my hometownnn ;)

    konni: i really like them! i wanted a horse print jumper from new look but hated the fit as per usual with NL clothes, and then saw a stag print number on abby's blog! oh gosh, photoshop no longer helps the shocking quality of my photos, my outfit photos are really inconsistent!

    winny: i spent many an hour on there during my last order ;) I KNOW RIGHT! i bought three tunics for HK$28 when i last went, hey bargain! the quality isn't too bad, i'd say it's about the same as H&M quality (:

    missy: thank you (:

    michele: thank you! i'm so bad with shopping, and i do enjoy a bit of self-rewarding haha! you too lovely, hope you're having a good day/evening!

    influence: i've always used nikon cameras, and just cannot get used to a canon, even though that's what we're currently using at uni. i do like the few extra features on nikons, just that little bit extra!

    courtney: thank you! i know! went along with my mum for our weekly food shop today, and they have the nicest cardigans, dresses and jersey tops (:


  16. want the nikon and the off shoulder top too! :)
    nice blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  17. I tried all three of them topshop tops on the other day but didn't buy as I couldn#t decide which one I want haha xx

  18. Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    And next time I go to Westfield, I'll say I know his niece and try and get a discount ;) haha.
    I have that Topshop shirt in burgundy and LOVE IT.

    Rosie x

  19. theonlyfashionprincess: thanks sweet (:

    dan: aha BUY THEM ALL ;) i'm probably going to opt for a cream one, and the camel one!

    rosie: you're welcome lovely! haha i always do that, gimme free food plzzz! oooh you're making me want a burgundy one as well now!


  20. I love the topshop top its really affordable too unlike some of the stuff from their
    ! x

  21. That stag jumper is beautiful and looks way more expensive than it actually is! Woah, that dress and top is also rather bargainous (: I'm a technical idiot so I can't recommend cameras but I'm sure you'll pick a good one. My local Tesco doesn't have a clothing bit but I'm totally gunna have to find one that does because I've been pretty impressed by the items I've seen on blogs recently. Lovely post sweet.


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