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Got a bit of a spin on the standard Wednesday Wants post this week! For the everyday, shopaholic fashion and style blogger like myself, I am sure that 90% of my readers have PayPal accounts. If you hadn't already seen/heard, PayPal are currently running a weekly prize draw to win £40,000, which is amazing opportunity. Think of all the things you could do with that... take me on holiday with you to New York, buy a lifetimes supply of Percy Pigs, splurge as much as you wish on the things on your wishlists... To be in with a chance of winning £40,000, all you have to do is buy something using PayPal as your payment method. You can read here for more details.
Now I don't know about you, but my PayPal account has suffered some serious spending usage recently: online shopping has totally been my go-to for Christmas shopping, because 1) it's far too cold outside and 2) my Uni workload meant I felt too guilty to venture outside to shop! Surely my chances of winning this elusive £40,000 have increased by at least 10x?! So, without further ado, this is what I'd spend my £40,000 on! (I wish!)
Ever since the Zara store opened online, I have found myself constantly browsing the store too. I was actually under the impression that Zara's clothes were aimed more at an older age range than myself, but have been pleasantly surprised, not only are their pieces lovely and classic, but some of their prices are surprisingly affordable too! This dress from the TRF range ('youth' range I believe!) is pretty much just what I'd love in my wardrobe right now, only I've been sticking to some of the £4 variety! Although I'm not a huge trouser/jeans fan, Zara (and Miss Selfridge) are the only brands that have almost tempted me to purchase. If I won that £40,000, I'd totally buy this pair of peg legs!
ASOS is another brand that I'm typically reluctant to part with my money for. I constantly hear 'horror stories' from other bloggers about ASOS' dodgy customer care and delivery, but have personally had okay experiences with. I usually order when they have free P+P offers on, but again, if money were no object, the first item on my hitlist would just have to be an aran knit cardigan! C'mon, you'd do the same! I'm such a cardigan lover, and this would make a lovely seasonally transitional piece! And of course, a Daisybutter Wednesday Wants wouldn't be complete without a lust for new tights! I totally wish I could justify spending £12 on a pair of tights!
Terms and Conditions of the PayPal competition here.
This post was a sponsored post!
What would you do with £40,000? Would you be sensible and save it, or would you impulsively splurge?
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  1. oh could you imagine winning that amount of money! how fabulous would it be! x

  2. I would save 30,000 and spend ten on clothes, bags, shoes and a epic holiday xxx

  3. I would go to NYC. I'd be all over the thrift/beauty/department stores like a flannel. It would be AWESOME!

    I'd like to be sensible like Gem and say I'd save the rest, but I know what I'm like! Heh.

  4. I reckon I'd save half for some sort of deposit on a flat and spend half. I'd love to fulfill all my designer dreams (handbags, shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup...), go on an AMAZING holiday to Shanghai & Hong Kong, probably a trip to New York and Milan thrown in there too.
    Oh, the endless possibilities...

  5. haha imagine having such an amazing budget!! I've mentioned you in my latest blog post :) check it out xxx

  6. Oh don't even tease me! What a life we'd lead if we had 40 thousand £££ spare! :) xx

  7. Wow, can you imagine?! I think I would probably treat myself to a facial/manicure/massage day at a spa!

    Loving the red topshop dress!!


  8. oh my gosh, that kind of money would do wonders wouldn't it?

  9. i really love the online zara store - it will bankrupt me x

  10. Kudos to you for making this article look good - I got ofered it but couldn't bear it! x

  11. eleanor: mm it would be absolutely amazing to see that in your bank account! desperately need to win some scratchcard money or something, cannot afford my rent at all right now ):

    gem: ME TOO. a holiday would be my priority, fly out my family too! £40,000 is so much money!

    konni: ohh that sounds lovely, i'd definitely splurge in the beauty section! i always lust after really nice skincare products! i probably would save quite a bit, i've gotten a lot wiser with my money and budgeting!

    lucy: nice and sensible, i like your train of thought! i would definitely put money towards an apartment in london or something haha! hong kong would totally be worth it, i love going there to see my family and spend lots on £4 dresses!

    influence: i know right! hardly a budget in my opinion ;) ooh thank you sweet, shall have a look at that now!

    jenny: mm i know, it would be perfect! i'd blow a lot of it on a mulberry alexa, chanel 2.55, percy pigs and save the rest most probably! living on a tight budget this year has made me completely rethink my ways!

    laura: awh that's so nice, would be perfect! ... CRAP. totally have the wrong photo up. oh bum.

    ellie: indeed!

    kirsty: me too! some of the styling can be a bit off, but i do like it!

    little scribbler: thanks (: i thought i'd give it a go, seeing as it tied in nicely with a regular feature of mine anyway! it's slightly too much of a hassle for me though, so i'm not sure if i'll continue with it!


  12. I think I personally keep pay pal running with my ebay purchases, so I better bloody win! I think I could squeeze in some percy pigs for you :)

  13. Ooooh, I love Zara and Asos! Even when I'm just checking other blog posts, I somehow always lead to opening those online stores and lusting over the things I can't afford! If only we won that money, huh? I'd for sure buy myself a Macbook because my poor laptop has commited suicide... then I suppose saving would be a good idea! School, a future apartment... yay!

  14. *Dreams* Ahh what I could do with that money! Pay off my loan first! hehe, take the fam on holiday and spend~~~!

    I've been buying loads online too, as I don't have time during the day and like you say it's way too cold!

    Yay for paypal! :P

    I love the faux fur jacket! xxxx

  15. emma: haha me too! i deserve to win ;) awh thank you lovely, such a sweetheart! <3

    aimee: me too! i have such an obsession with zara, i keep wandering into their store and finding hundreds of pieces that i want to buy with my christmas money, if i get any! oh, your poor laptop ): mine desperately needs a new battery - £48, ouch!

    vicky: oh gosh totally! i hadn't even thought about paying off student debts first! (:


  16. My asos orders are usually fine. I've never had any troubles and they replied to me really quickly. Even when i've returned items its all been fine. And don't they do free shipping on everything now?
    I really want to invest in a one shouldered dress but still haven't found the right one!


  17. my paypal account is currently suffering from all the things i'm buying from ebay! i haven't gone on ZARA's online store yet, (it's probably better that i don't! hehe) but i love ASOS!

  18. online shopping is my downfall. u buy buy buy and u don't see how much you guy right away so it doesn't seem like a huge blow to the wallet, when it is. haha terrible. love all the items

  19. £40,000 yes please! am loving that leopard coat! robs got me one for xmas but its so frustrating not being able to have it right now! xxxx

  20. ooo, love ASOS & Zara <3 ^__^

    I gave you a blog award :D check it out on my blog here~

  21. £40 grand would be unbelievable right now... I really would love an Alexander Wang bag!


  22. anna: oh really? i haven't ordered from them in a while, i might do after christmas though! yeah they have free uk shipping offers on all the time (:

    beverley: oh mine too! although i disconnected paypal from my ebay for a while because i can't afford to accidentally bid on random things at the moment!

    ania: i know, i've learnt that the hard way! you don't notice until your statement comes through haha! me tooo (:

    belle: i know right! oh you lucky girl, how nice of rob though! ps. stevenage is missing youuu!

    fiona: me too! aw thanks love, will have a look at that now!

    stylewhiskey: mm me too! i quite fancy a chloe purse, some marc jacobs jersey tees and a mulberry alexa!

  23. Topshop shoes are soo beautiful, but soo expensive!

    love this blog, say hello to your newest follower hahaha :) xxxx


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