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(My camera is having issues today apparently!)

It is so cold today! I don't know about where you all are, but in Southampton, the temperature hasn't gotten out of the minuses all day. Therefore, I haven't bothered with a particularly interesting outfit! I ventured out for an hour earlier, and managed to limit my falling over which is good! The City Centre was surprisingly busy considering the amount of ice everywhere, and the German Christmas market looked so picturesque under a huge layer of snow!

I have finally finished all of this semester's Uni work! Hallelujah! So excited to go home and see my Mumma next week. Before that though, I'm spending my last weekend in the flat on my own, as the girls are visiting home again. Three hand-ins stand between me and celebrating my Christmas properly! Also, my Christmas giveaway ended this afternoon, so I will be picking the winner of that tomorrow after going through and checking all 173 entries (:

Also... I filmed a video today out of sheer boredom. It's at the bottom of this post if you wish to see! I keep getting requests on Formspring and via emails to vlog and make videos, but I'm a technophobe when it comes to editing videos, making sure I'm in focus (which 40% of the time, I'm not in this video!) and all that jazz. I'm so awkward in front of the camera too, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Finally, I hit 700 GFC followers yesterday! Eeek!

Follow Friday: Becky-May, Sarah, Lini and Laura.


  1. Ah I would have loved to see the German market in the snow! Congratulations on all the followers! :) Loved your video too :) xoxo

  2. i adore your dress! its so peter pan/wendy-ish imo. and looks beautiful on you!

  3. i like what your wearing, tis cute :) x

  4. Firstly, you don't look awful at all (your tweet) you look amazing. Your voice is so listenable...if that's a word!! That colour really suits you, I want your LUELLA BAG yesterday. I'm soooooo jealous you have a golden snitch and erm Good Luck with your hand-ins, have fun at home, you should have a Christmas card there wink wink xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I have that dress too, it's so lovely isn't it? I'm in love with the colour! xx

  6. i love that 'what's in my bad' thing. :)

  7. Awww, haha you are so cute. I laughed at the Golden Snitch keyring and how organised you are, your little blogging schedules and stuff! Please make more videos, you are great xxx

  8. love the video! your accent is too cute for words. love your outfit as wel! congratulations on 700+ followers, girly!!

  9. Congrats on your 700+ will hit 1000 very soon!

    If you get bored over the weekend drop me a message since my weekend plans are crushed :(

  10. katie: it looks so gorgeous! i didn't manage to snap any photos though, i was too busy attempting to stand/walk upright! thank you lovely, i can't quite believe it!

    christine: thank you sweet! haha i totally know what you mean (: ps. peter pan is one of my absolute favourite disney movies aha!

    courtney: thank you lovely!

    gem: bleugh i look awful! but thank you anyway gem <33 haha listenable ;) thank you sweet! owh, even more excited to get home now! lovelovesss xxxxxx

    emma: me too! such a nice, warm colour! shame the blimmin' weather isn't!

    susanne: thank you!

    vicky: thank you hun! (:

    amy: haha :3 i'm such an organisation fuh-reak! and lulz, people always make fun of me for my golden snitch keyring, i happen to love it ;) thank you sweet! <3

    brittnee: haha thank you!

    mandy: eee i'm excited! thank you (: awh, if i'm not busy, i will drop you a text to do something over the weekend!


  11. I actually really like what the camera has done! It's a nice effect :) Hella cute video too miss!! <3

  12. Cute video hun, you come across really well on video!
    Love the dress you're wearing x

  13. victoria: i have no idea why its happened! fingers crossed it doesn't do it tomoz/in future, or my outfit posts are doomed! thank you sweets <3

    steph: awh thank you! i'm so awkward and nervous in front of the camera! thank you lovely xxxx

  14. those peter pan collar dresses really do suit you, and that amber one in particular. :)

    (i know people say this a lot when they hear people they've never met talk, but still,) you sound so different from how i imagined. x)
    it was a nice little video, would be nice to see more in future. :) xx

    we could go anywhere..

  15. You have a nice voice, lol! Love you outfit hun


  16. Love the videos sweety, please keep doing them! I've subscribed :).


  17. Congrats on all the followers sweet. You certainly deserve them. I adore your Luella satchel! I love how you've got lots of little organised bits in your little book. It makes me feel a lot less guilty for my organisation OCD haha. Ooooh, Rupert Grint. Yum Yum! N'aww love how you keep a golden snitch on your keys (: I want to go to Paris! You should do more vlogs. Have a lovely weekend sweet.

    whole new level of respect ;)
    haha, i have the exact same picture on my phone :)

  19. 700 followers, wohoo, that's awesome, congrats sweety! & very adorable video!! looove your keys :D i have a huge key holder thingy too (i guess there's more random/souvenir things than keys on it, haha ;)
    & PS: the Peter Pan dress suits you so well, pretty!

  20. Ahhh such a sweet video huni! Love that Luella bag!! Keep making more :) xxxx

  21. chloe: thank you lovely! haha i always think that when i see other people's videos! i do sound really different in this video which is strange! (:

    tesh: thank you aha (:

    georgie: aw thank you sweet! means a lot, so crazy to see people subscribing to me!

    bee: thank you <3 gosh i am freakishly organised, you haven't seen my post-it note collection yet! i might be going to paris with the bestest for our joint birthday present, SO excited!

    urwa: ME TOO<3 everyone keeps lol'ing at me for having him as my wallpaper ):

    claudia: thank you! i used to have a lot more keyrings, but they never fit in my bag so i took them off! (:

    claire: thank you sweety <3 that means a lot, i do love your videos xxx


  22. Gahhh love this post so much! So glad you did the video in the end sweets :D
    I NEED that Luella bag, it's gorgeous!
    Congrats on hitting 700 followers, you deserve every single one of them!! xo

  23. Love this post! so glad you did a video blog i love them :) your bag is gorgeous, congrats on hitting over 700 followers, you deserve it!! jealous you went to Fashion week too! my mums been like 4 times when she was younger, i really want to go :( xxx

  24. jess: thank you lovely! hope you're having a good weekend at home!

    rose: awh thank you! it was really good, ive been twice, but can't really afford to get into london again for the next one! i might apply for press passes if i get the time for the february one (:


  25. Love it! Your super cute and really liked your small satchel and tote :)


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