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I can't believe 2010 has come to an end already! I'm not going to lie, I'm probably one of the few people who has really enjoyed this year haha. I think it's so funny and overdramatic when everyone - Facebook addicts, I'm looking at you! - is convinced that as the clock strikes twelve, everything will magically be well again. Reality check guyz! I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed by New Year's this year: I can't afford to spend money for any events, and all of my plans have just been cancelled, as of about 20 minutes ago! Never fear, I shall now be seeing in 2011 with my family, chocolates, Baileys, champagne and my pyjamas!

(Sheer pale tunic, H&M;
Black bodycon skirt, H&M;
Cardigan, Bought in Hong Kong at an unnamed boutique;
Cable-knit snood, River Island Men's;
Tights, Primark;
Rings, H&M and Dolly Bow Bow.)

"Living out of a suitcase" is something I have always struggled with. Whether it has been for a holiday, or as now, for short breaks home from Uni, I am absolutely awful at packing light and packing to formulate real outfits. This tunic was from H&M, and I accidentally left it in my wardrobe when I went back to University in September, so I thought I'd give it another wear, as I simply can't find anything else to wear! The tunic is really sheer, so I popped a Uniqlo camisole underneath (LOVE these, I have quite a few!) and carried on the "sheer" theme with some patterned tights! It was really cold when I went out. Guh, damn tights...

The black cable-knit snood I'm wearing is so so cosy! It's actually my brother's, and I bought it for him about 2 years ago. He hasn't been wearing it lately so I thought I may as well whack it on! Why oh why are men's clothes so much comfier than womenswear?! I did also pop a thick Winter coat on top of this ensemble by the way, I know a lot of people comment and FS me wondering if I ever get cold haha! It's England: I am almost always armed with a coat or jacket ;)

Right, well I should probably wrap this post up now! (: Desperately need to start packing my things up again, how depressing?! I have a half-written, predictable, New Year's post for tomorrow, but just a real quick and huge thank you to all my readers for amusing and compulsive X Factor tweetalongs, sharing my love for Harry Potter, and for helping me reach over 800 followers on here (crazy!) and I shall see you all in the New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Lovely tunic! Sorry to hear your plans got cancelled, but what you're doing instead sounds perfect. Happy New Year! x

  2. Oh shoot Michelle; you just rained on my parade... when the clock strikes 12 doesn't everything magically change for the better? Really? Aww. Damn.

    Hehe. Congrats on your 800+ followers lovely. Well deserved and here's to a brilliant year of blogging ahead. Have a fun night tonight & I'll look forward to checking in for your New Year's post tomorrow. Much love, Sofia xxx

  3. I'm glad 2010 has been good to you too! I am a hater of new years too, I'm just spending it having a small 'gathering' with friends this year. People think that whatever they do will have a reflection on the rest of their year so they need to do it in 'style' but really it's just the marking of the end of a calendar year! Nuthin special. Haha.

  4. Happy New Year, love the tunic xxxx

  5. Gorgeous rings. Hope you have a lovely evening and a great 2011 :) x

  6. Your way of spending New Year sounds great! It's so overrated, I think, and I'm choosing to stay in rather than go out. I'm a bore but oh well! Happy New Year! x

  7. Love your outfit! :)
    Happy New Year!
    Nicole xox

  8. Vicky: Thank you hun :D Aah I feel much more "me" when I'm not queuing for hours at the bar and paying up to £25 just to get in somewhere, cannot wait for chocolate and champagne at midnight! Happy New Year sweet, wishing you all the best for 2011! xxx

    Sofia: I'm sorry Sofia, no fairy godmothers ): I blimmin' wish aha! Thank you so much <3 Happy New Year, hope you have a great night whatever you end up doing tonight! xxx

    Helen: (: Awh that will be good! I would much rather have two Christmases :D I prefer small get-togethers as opposed to huge nights out as well (: Oh gosh I know, everyone's pushing the boat out for the end of the decade though aha!

    Gem: Happy New Year Gem, lovessss xxx

    Lily: Thank you lovely (: Happy New Year!

    Jade: I'm such a sucker for cosy nights aha, totally going to watch the countdown on TV and pretend that I did manage to get to London today haha! Hope you have a great night, and Happy New Year :D x

    Nicole: Thank you (: Happy New Year!


  9. lovely outfit! <3
    i have that is so comfy.
    have a Happy New Year!!!

  10. I have that blouse too :) i must be subconsciously copying your style! I love your outfit and i love your blog. Happy new year Michelle! xx

  11. Gee: Thank you <3 It really is, I want to buy a slip dress or something to wear underneath it for the Spring and Summer aha (: Happy New Year lovely. xxx

    Lucy: Aha we must have similar style, I loved your last 'haul' post! Thank you so much Lucy, Happy New Year, hope you have a great night whatever you're doing for it! xxx

  12. Ahh my plans got cancelled as well! So im in with the family, and make-shift fireworks! Haha, love the tunic - very simply but i like it! Great blog - im now following :)

    Happy New Year!

  13. that tunic looks lovely!
    i'm awful at packing too, it's always that one cardigan i didn't bring that would look perfect with the outfit haha x

  14. Such a cute look! Happy New Year lovely!


  15. This is gorgeous :)
    Happy new year hunny lovely!
    Love you & your blog lots

  16. That tunic is beautiful hun, really pretty! And can I just say your hands look fab too?? Lol! One thing I wanna do more next year is accessorize!! Have so many rings lying gathering dust, this will not do! Haha am gonna be such a granny & see the new year in with my PJ's too, love it! Happy New Year doll, looking forward to more fab posts next year! (lol, feels weird saying that...)

    Aysh xoxo

  17. Shope: Aha excellent ;) We don't even have fireworks this year, they terrify our neighbour's pets! Thank you sweet, hope you have a lovely NY!

    Elise: Thank you! I can imagine it styled down with a simple slip underneath for the Spring/Summer! Oh gosh, that's exactly my issue at the moment, I only brought three cardigans home with me, so I've stealing them from my Mum, sister, etc.!

    Georgie: Thank you lovely! Happy New Year :D

    Steph: N'awh I love reading comments from you Steph, they always make me smile (: Love you lots too! Happy New Year lovely, hope you have a great one, and a sneaky little Happy Birthday to you also! <3

    Aysh: Awh thank you hun! Ahh I'm such an over-accessoriser if that could ever happen, I like rings in large quantities, multiple dainty bracelets and long necklaces - at the same time! Thank you sweet (:


  18. oh man you have one awesome scrabble ring! i also am a bit underwhelmed with the new year, but i'm seriously trying not to be. i really want 2011 to be a good one so i'm trying to be positive about it coming on.

  19. Happy New Year!

    Though you plans were cancelled, it sounds like you had a cosy eve with the family :)
    Hope the new year was just as good (or even better) than the last

  20. happy new year to you girlie! your new years plans sounded pretty lovely to me. i only ended up having dinner with rob, few drinks in the pub then back at midnight to watch the fireworks on tele and cuddle before bed! nye is so overrated anyways. i love your outfit, especially the rings, ive been into them big time lately xx

  21. Yikes! I typed as if I was drunk!
    Though *your plans
    Hope the new year *will be just


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