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"What do you think of those American baseball/varsity jackets for girls? Is it too much/ridiculous, if someone wears this, even if he/she is not American?"

I'm not sure which trend the varsity jackets fits into, but I really like it all the same! A key prop in any corny US teen movie, and a timeless piece, an American varsity style jacket is an understated chic way of updating an outfit in keeping with the 'trends', yet keeping a very 'retro' feel at the same time. It definitely isn't too OTT (over the top!) for an everyday look, provided you style it accordingly. What's more, the varsity jacket trend isn't one that is confined to a certain sex, the baseball jacket looks just as good on a guy as it would a girl. The style is generally more suited to a preppy look, but it can easily be styled up or down to create a whole different look!

(Angels Baseball Jacket, £29.99, New Look;
Camel Peasant Tie-Neck Dress, £32, Dorothy Perkins;
Suede Pumps, £28, Topshop.)

Pair an unzipped, coloured varsity jacket from New Look with a girly, whimsical dress to ease yourself in to the new Spring/Summer fashion season. The baseball jacket is the perfect way to toughen up an outfit, without stretching as far as a leather jacket. I personally would buy it a size smaller where possible, and push the sleeves up, to add a sweet, girly touch to the piece. Don't be tempted to wear plimsolls, pumps or trainers, but go for a simple flat.

('A' College Baseball Jacket in Navy, £29.99, New Look;
Ruched Side Batwing Top, £8.99, New Look;
Panelled Leggings, £7.49, H&M;
Off-White Chuck Taylors, Converse;
Ditsy Charm Necklace, £7 in sale, Miss Selfridge
Glass Station Bead Necklace, £7 in sale, Miss Selfridge.)

For the dress-phobic, wear with black panelled leggings - or cut-off denim shorts! - an oversized sheer jersey top, a couple of long necklaces and keep the jacket oversized too, as a statement piece. This makes for the perfect 'I'm-wearing-my-boyfriend's-jacket-and-I-look-good' outfit! Finish off with a pair of off-white Converse.

And for the guys... Well, the world is absolutely your oyster! Whether you pair your jacket with jeans, chinos (LOL at that garment name!) or your typical gym attire, this is the perfect preppy, "American jock" look. I personally love the red or black styles, worn with a sleek, V-neck grey T-shirt underneath. The varsity jacket should be the statement of your outfit, so don't distract with garish logos or graphic designs. Wear with a pair of battered military boots for a more polished look, although, to be honest, anything goes!

I hope this piece inspired some of you to think a little outside the box when styling up the sweet varsity jackets on the high street at the moment! Although they still look perfect with a pair of straight-leg jeans and simple jersey tees, they are so versatile and understatedly chic, a worthwhile investment for the upcoming Spring/Summer season (if the weather ever warms up!).

Keep your Fashion Q&A's coming over Formspring, and I will pick out the best questions to feature on my blog next week!


  1. Great post I love the first outfit they're great jackets I must say x

  2. I love what you've teamed the girls jackets with! I think pairing them with girly dresses and fabrics looks great. It hardens them up a bit! x

  3. I have the most beautiful H! by Henry Holland varsity jacket which goes perfectly with pretty, girly outfits. I love your #1 styled outfit.

  4. i think those jackets are soo nice (depending on what you wear with it! XD)

  5. i actually have a leather varsity jacket for sale on my shop! when i get it launched i may have to link to this girlie:) i must say i prefer the look on the boys nom! xxxx

  6. Rebecca: Thank you! I really like varsity jackets at the moment, I'm doubtful that they would suit me but I love them on guys (:

    Eleanor: Thanks sweet (: Mm me too, it's a sweeter way to toughen an outfit up without opting for the obvious leather jacket option!

    Kayl: Oh you lucky girl! I saw those when they were first released, so gorgeous!

    Kylie: Yess definitely, they're so versatile, they suit almost everyone to be honest!

    Belle: Eee really?! Haha yes definitely do ;) I love varsity jackets on guys, I don't like them too styled though!


  7. i love those topshop pumps!

  8. Totally agree with everything you said about the basball jackets, can be dressy or casual,and works with both sexes, perfect!
    The two little outfits created are great, definately a way to wear the baseball jackets, or how i would anyways :0
    I had my eye on one frmo Topshop for months, and mumsy fianlly bought it for me for Christmas, fell in love. was £40, but so worth it!

  9. Sarah: They're so sweet aren't they?! I love Topshop flats, not much of a shoe person but I always look to TS for a nice pair of flats or brogues (:

    Courtney: Thank you for your comment sweet! I don't think I'd personally wear them, but varsity jackets are SO versatile, I'd love to style an editorial shoot focused on them!


  10. ahh I love these, saw one I liked the other day - I'm not sure if it'd suit me though! xx


    They have awesome Varsity Jackets!!!

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