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Another cheeky interiors post today! Honestly, if I hadn't decided to pursue my interest in fashion as a career, I would probably be heading down the interior design route. At some point next year - how strange does that sound?! - I'll pop a home bedroom tour in video form, as I keep getting requests for one (: Also because I have no idea what to film next and I feel that I've semi-committed myself to making more videos once in a while!

My room is currently an utter tip, as it always is when I come home because I only ever half unpack! It just saves me half of the job when it comes to packing up to leave again aha. Although I only had my room redecorated last Winter, my Mum is currently in talks to change my room around again, which I can only assume is due to boredom from not having my fabulous self around! *ahem* ;) My room was decorated in a shabby chic theme, but keeping it all quite classic and not too cutesy, as I'm expecting to be living at home for a bit when I'm graduated and all that fun stuff.

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RIGHT! Extravagently long intro over. These are some of my picks to add into my room to make it a little more classic and Blair Waldorf-esque! Yup, my mumabear also finds it slightly unnerving that my room is taking inspiration from a fictional character! As you can see, I'm going for neutral colours with a few embellisments, and not forgetting me trusty Yankee Candle.

In other exciting news (!!!), after a lot of thought and consideration, I'm moving out of my current flat with the girls, and into a 'new' house in July! Which means you won't have to endure my endless complaints of lack of money. Basically, to cut a long story short, the Student Loans Company, generous and helpful as they are, are reducing my maintenance loan again next year, as it is income-based, and the amount I get will leave me with just under £5 to live off each week - nice(!) I'm sad that I won't be living with the girls, but excited for another new/big change! Which means... another room to decorate! Here are some picks for my Uni room (planning ahead but hey, I'm bored and snowed in!):

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I'm not sure why all of these picks revolve around adorning the bed. I spend approximately 60% of my time in bed, 30% doing work (outside of the under the duvet!) and the rest eating and socialising. I'm absolutely 19 going on 90! My Mum is also buying me a set of star fairy lights to string around my bed, which are currently half price in Sainsbury's. You've got to love them marking products cheaply "just because" the festive period is already almost gone, when my own purpose for such items are well suited all year round ;)

How are your rooms decorated? Would you be interested in seeing a bedroom tour video?

PS. An uber-quick thank you to Irene for the wall decal inspiration! (:


  1. oh wow thats exciting news! I love the things you've picked I really want to do my room up because it's all mish mash of stuff and i don't like it. I'd be interested in seeing a tour :) x

  2. That rug's definitely my favourite out of everything. And I REALLY want some fairy-lights wrapped around my bed (or should I say mine and my boyfriend's) as well, but don't think the boy will appreciate it as much as I would x

  3. I absolutely love every single thing you've posted here!

    It used to really annoy me when I was a student that loans were income-based. Like seriously, how long do they expect our parents to support us financially? It's ridiculous and I could rant on about it forever, grrr but at least you're getting a nice new blank canvas to decorate!

  4. I have redecorated my room at home countless times! At the moment it's very neutral, cream and duck egg blue! I love it, it's simple and grown up, perfect to be used as a spare room for when I'm not here! Haha!

    I love the branch pillow and swallow wall things, it's like the birds could perch on your pillow!

    P.S That sucks about your loan but yay new adventure!

    Burn the Blonde

  5. I just turned round and exclaimed to Tom in an extremely high pitched tone that 'I NEED THOSE SWALLOW STICKERS!!' - luckily for him, he agreed haha
    Oooh that is exciting (but also a tad scary) news about the new house, who are you going to be living with? xxx

  6. Basically I need those swallow wall stickers in my life! Oh and the 'Please don't leave' doormat just made me go "awww" and fall in love with its adorableness! Your rooms will look lovely with all of this!

  7. rose: mm i'm really excited, stressed and sad all at the same time, its strange! thank you sweet (: mine used to be a crazy mixture too, and my current uni room has become an eclectic mess of my belongings, oops!

    vicky: mine too! i might have to buy it, even though i never really appreciate rugs much! haha i'm sure there's not much he could do once they're up and on!

    alison: n'awh thanks lovely (: YES. I KNOW. student finance is the most frustrating thing, but i won't go into that, i could talk forever about that topic!

    sarah: oh i adore duck egg blue! i don't think it's very "me" though, i think it could be a passing adoration ): haha that's the theme i was going for, i want my new uni room to be light and airy (:

    heather-louise: LOLLED! wall stickers are such a good idea! they won't peel the paint off the walls, and jazz up a room perfectly, which is what i need at uni really! v exciting ;) i'm living in a house with my best friend and one of her coursemates!


  8. I can't resist a bit of homeware either! BHS have some really sweet things in their 'vintage' collections at the moment too! Love the Swallow stencils :) xx

  9. Haha this sounds funny. I live in Herefordshire and whilst I was scanning your 'about me' bit I saw that you came from Hertfordshire as I had read it wrong, got all excited ^_^ I really love your blog Michelle, I love all the detail you put into everything and your always smiling; infact it has fast become one of my favourites! xxx

  10. emily: awh thank you lovely! gonna look at getting the doormat and some sort of wall stickers for my room (: need to make the place homely!

    jessica: oh really?! i've never lived near a decent BHS so hadn't though of looking really, thank you for the recommendation though!

    fern: haha oh bless you! i'd always assumed herefordshire was relatively near to where i am, but google maps tells me otherwise aha! thanks lovely, i'm a bit addicted to writing for my blog so it means a lot for you to say that sweet <3


  11. Hey, just discovered your blog, and love this post! I really enjoyed the blank canvas opportunity a new bedroom at Uni gave me too, esp as my home bedroom has been the same for 6 years!!

    The things you've picked here have inspired me to think about how I can up-date my room when I move back home properly in June :)

    Sarah xxx

  12. when i was about 7 years old, i started planning my future as an interior designer.
    mostly because i liked making pretty cushions and painting scenes onto my walls, and i thought that was all it was. and despite getting older and pursuing new endeavors, i still love the chance to decorate and create an atmosphere in a room.

    basically, i wish i had a lovely little house with empty rooms and bare walls, and unlimited money to make it into a home. x)


  13. sarah maria: thank you! and thank you following as well sarah (: i get a bit overexcited when it comes to things like this, my flat at uni is with a student company so we're not given much freedom with decoration but i'm excited to get to grips with it in july!

    chloe: i've always wanted to either be in interiors or fashion, always something pretty aha (: me tooo, that would be my dream to have my own little house as a blank canvas, and an unlimited budget!


  14. oh i love the branch pillows - they are really cute!

    our bedroom isnt all that decorated... i did a post on it once - you can check it out here :

    xx christie

  15. The swallows are gorgeous! Very romantic and dreamy. Lovely stuff. I would love them on my wall <3

  16. Love the swallows on the wall, so so gorgeous :) I think I'd like some of them
    I can not wait to move out, and decorate my own house- it really excites me. Although it won't be happen for a long time to come.
    I also love any pillows, I'm a bit of pillow freak. & I have the love hanger :)

  17. you're desinging is so good :)

    i love the flag cushion, if i ever redid my room I randomly want that cushion!

  18. The swallow decals are gorgeous and I love the Love hooks! Yankee candles are so nice and smell amazing too :)xx

  19. Love all of these! I've been waiting to get a new bed for like 2 years now, the perfect time never comes! I am forcing my mum to drive me to Ikea when my loan comes through though haha! My room was a tip this morning when I left for work, and when I got back my mum had tidied it up and it looks the best ever, bless her! It made me so happy. I have way too much stuff, I just need more storage and to sell all the crap I don't wear! I literally have a double wardrobe, chest of drawers and another storage system thing full to the brim with clothes and shoe boxes, and another two rows of boxes almost going up to the ceiling :( slap on the wrist! x

  20. ahh my god,the please dont leave rug is so cute

    i want :D


  21. kirstyb: thank you (:

    christie: they're really sweet aren't they?! nice and easy to DIY and make my own as well i'm thinking! ooh thank you for the link, will have a look at that!

    konni: they're so whimsical and fairytale esque!

    steph: oh by the looks of your room decoration, your own house would look absolutely darling steph! i love pillows and throw cushions too!

    lydia-lee: thank you! i'd have the cushion amongst some other coloured and ruffled ones, but the union jack would have to be my statement piece on the bed (:

    caz: thank you! my christmas yankee candle is already halfway gone, i'm going to have to get my hands on another soon, funds permitting!

    emma: oooh a new bed! i remember being SO excited to get my new bed last year, especially as i'd been at uni all autumn! me and my mum are equally as interested in interiors, so we both go a bit mad at ikea, habitat, etc. haha! n'awh how sweet of her! my mum would probably leave a well-worded note on my dressing table amongst my crap and make me tidy up haha! i ebayed all of my stuff last summer and decluttered the place (: xx

    kate: i know! making that a 'must buy' for my new room!


  22. perfecto! you're going to love having a room in a real house hun, you get to move it around!!!! not a built in room like m.point anymore :P who you living with? and where!? xoxo avs

  23. I've been meaning to pick up some fairylights too (: I love all your picks here! Ooh, a new house? Sounds lovely. I'd certainly be interested in a bedroom tour sweet ;) I didn't mean that in a weird way hahahaha

  24. alana: so beyond excited! already spoken to ye on twitter and that, but basically, we're gonna be neighbours once again haha, how weird?! (:

    bee: i've wanted some for ages, and everyone told me to hold out until christmas so that they'd be discounted (: yeppy, a new house with my bestest! getting contracts and things signed in january, i'm so excited, means i'll be able to afford life again!


  25. Love the 'don't leave rug' too cute! Everything I want/buy for my room revolves around my bed too haha, well it is practically the spectacle of every room! :) I hope you have fun in your new house, would love to see it all beautiful and decorated. Love youuu! :)

  26. this is such a cute and handy post! when i go to uni next year i'll definetly be taking some of the things in this post to spruce up my room! and i love the wall swallows :) xo

  27. The 'love' hooks and the union jack bunting are both adorable! Your rooms will look fabulous :) xxx

  28. Love all the inspiration pics for the new room even if it is in summer!

    But cannot believe you will be living of only £5 a week! That is so crazy...silly loan company.

    Fee x

  29. I loved this, I'm saving all the links, every last one, as I am doing my room in the new year, I've had my 25 quid a roll wallpaper sitting doing nothing for toooo long xxxx

  30. wonderfulll it...i see you completed an internship at eyeko hq...i've been given the chance to do the same from january 2011...yay...

    nilufar xx


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