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It feels like an absolute age since I last posted properly on here! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and ate even half as much food as I ended up eating. I spent Christmas Eve at work, then at a work meal, which was so good. Apparently Rupert Grint was casually shopping in my hometown while I was in London though, not cool Mr Weasley... Christmas Day was spent at home with my family: we had a traditional turkey dinner for lunch and then a Chinese hotpot and Korean BBQ for dinner (: I spent Boxing Day at my Granny's house for Christmas:pt3, which was really nice, my Granny still hasn't opened her presents though haha!

(Tri-marl long sleeved top, Topshop;
Camel shorts, Zara;
Heart print tights, Primark;
Key necklace, Forever 21.)

So foggy today in Stevenage... I thought it looked quite bright when I woke up this morning, but no! Crap weather conditions to take photos in ): I'm wearing this tri-marl top again, I love the burgundy colour of this, and thought I'd get another wear of it seeing as I probably won't wear it much once the weather picks up! I like the warm tones paired with the buttery warm camel colour of these Zara shorts. Had a tights fail this morning approximately 10 minutes after setting up my tripod and just before taking the photos - always the way!

I think I'm with about 100 other bloggers when I say that as part of my New Year's resolutions, I want to revamp my personal style. I definitely need to get rid of some of my wardrobe and start replacing it with some more S/S orientated pieces! I'm going shopping at Brent Cross Shopping Centre with my Mumabear on Thursday, and I'm getting paid tomorrow, so I'm planning to buy a skirt from Zara, some MAC lipsticks and hopefully a nice new dress if there are any around! We're also having lunch at Wagamama, eee, I'm still annoyed we don't have a Wagamama in Southampz!

I haven't "hit the sales" this year; last year I went to London with my friend Florence and was pretty disappointed by the sales, most of the items I bought were full-price pieces! Also I worked a 12-hour shift yesterday so I'm much more in the mood to laze around and eat myself into oblivion (5th day running!) instead! Have you picked up anything swish in this year's sales?

P.S. Thank you for helping me reach 800 readers, you lovely lot <3


  1. Rupert Grint lives in Watton-At-Stone, just up the road from Stevenage! I live there too and still haven't managed to spot him in the village shop...disappointing!


  2. cuuuute necklace.
    like the outfit too.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas.
    I got a gorgeous sequin playsuit for New Year's Eve (which you can see on my blog) from the Topshop sale. I didn't get much else I hate shopping in crowds.

  4. Cute outfit :) Love these Topshop tops (if I do say so myself) & love it with the shorts!
    Haha, oh dear- tight fail! Think I will start buying mine 2 at a time!
    Well done on you 800 followers- much deserved


  5. Gorgeous camel shorts! I can't believe my eyes! Glad you had a good christmas! :) xx

  6. Hannah: Oh gosh you live so close to me! My friend has seen him up at the golf club a few times too, I'm so jealous and a tad disappointed too. Meeting Rupert Grint would make my life haha!

    Hannah: Thank you (: The top is so cosy!

    Katie: Thanks sweet! Your post totally inspired me to whack this top out once more!

    Pssshhht: N'awh thank you :D

    Helen: Ooh really? I'm not doing anything spectacular for New Year's this year ): I don't fancy going to the pub and getting drunk, and no-one's doing anything at their houses, so I'm going to end up staying at home ):

    Steph: Thank you lovely! :D Haha yes me tooo, I'm going to try New Look's version next, hopefully they'll be better quality and at cheaper prices than the ol' Topshop ones! Thanks Steph, I'm so excited haha! <3


  7. I very almost bought this top yesterday! I have hit the sales, and spent too much :( most of which were vouchers though so it's ok! I've linked most of what I bought in my latest blog post :)

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas michelle! x

  8. you look so nice
    the colour of the tee is gorgeous :)

    hope you had a lovely christmas


  9. 1. Congratulations on 800!

    2. Don't think I've ever seen a pic of you without glasses. You look like a different person.

    3. Yes, definitely with you on revamping.

  10. Vicky: Thank you!

    Jenny: Thank you! Even better, they were bought in the summer sale, evidently before Zara realised camel was one of the biggest trends of the Winter aha! Hope you had a great Christmas sweet.

    Kim: Eeek they're so very wearable, I might pick another one up if I spy it in the sale, although I'm definitely not good with battling the sales shoppers! Thank you, hope you had a great Christmas too Kim (:

    Kate: Thanks sweet!

    Alyse: Thank you :D I'm so excited about reaching 800, it's absolutely crazy to imagine that amount of readers! Haha I know, I got a whole load of requests for outfit posts without glasses, so I thought I'd put one up. Weird request really because I wear glasses every day.. it's not like I style outfits around them...


  11. Rupert, nooo! He's such a cutie! Too bad you missed him. And girl, believe me, revamping my closet is my number one resolution! I see too many pieces in stores and impulse buy, only to take it home and have it not match anything in my closet! Terrible.

  12. Love what you wearing, so cute!
    Also, it's real foggy here too in Potters Bar (its like 15mins train journey from Steveange), so horrible to take photos in, definately can agree!
    I never hit the sales i hate all the havoc of having to queue and the business! Instead i browsed online, found some cute buys off ASOS, 2 shirts for my boyfriend, 2skirts, a pair of skinny jeans, and a dress, lovely :)
    glad you had a good Christmas xx

  13. congrats on getting to 800 readers miss, although im not surprised at all. you're my blogspiration girlie. i love that top, am thinking about getting a similar one to wear with my tapered trousers:) xx

  14. oh my i love your outfit!! you look different i think. not sure what it is :) but i love your hair in these photos. And congrats on 800 followers, i hit the sales yesterday and i couldn't cope it was just TOO much and too many people. All i bought was a top from topshop. but oh well! xxx

  15. Aimee: I know! Hopefully he comes back into town soon haha, clearly I'm not much of a stalker at all (: Oh me too! I'm just going to buy a few new pieces on Thursday and stay away from the sales goodies :D

    Courtney: Thank you! Ugh it's so random that it's foggy today haha! Online shopping is always the better option (: Ooh I've been to Potters Bar, my friend from college/sixth form lives there aha.

    Belle: Thank you darl <3 Oh you should, the green or blue would look fabulosa with your new tapered trousers! xxxx

    Rose: N'awh thank you! Oh my hair is grease central today aha, it needs washing and conditioning and all sorts! I've heard the Topshop sale isn't amazing? I'm still going to have a peek for some cardys, and then a dress from their new collection :D


  16. Lovely outfit Michelle, love the shorts! I have that top, it's so comfy isn't it!

    Well done on your 800 followers! Thats such an achievement, snaps for Michelle :)

    Stacey xx

  17. ahh rupert grint! how amazing.we have a few hollyoaks stars who live here haha. not quite as impressive really.

  18. Hello. Lovely outfit and I really need to revamp my wardrobe too but i don't think i'll be going anywhere soon. There's just too much snow to be getting around to far away places. :(

  19. Gorgeous outfit! I do love those topshop casual tops! You've got a great blog - New follower! :)

  20. i also love that warm buttery colour with the purpley top.
    ahh i love wagamama too! we have one here in canterbury.
    i'm off shopping tomorrow as the buses havent been running for aaaages! i really want to buy lauren conrad's book 'style' and some new lipsticks :)

    well done on 800 followers btw!

  21. awww love the colour of those shorts , not sometyhing that i wouldhave chosen but they work on you

  22. Helen: I know right?! A girl in my brother's sixth form class served him in Currys apparently. I'm such a Harry Potter fangirl, I was ridiculously excited when I heard they filmed scenes from DH: Part 2 near Stevenage!

    Eva: Oh no! About 95% of our snow has melted now, so I'm more than ready to venture out and start building up my wardrobe for the new season (:

    Shope: Thank you sweet! And thanks for following me, it means a lot!

    Carina: Thanks Carina :) SO jealous! My nearest one when I'm at Uni is in Bournemouth I think, it'd be a bit dangerous if we had one in the City Centre though! Oh I really recommend 'Style', it's a great read, especially if you're a Lauren fan. Thank you hun, so excited about reaching 800!

    Sara Louise: Thank you sweety (:


  23. Ahhh, I do love me a bit of Wagamama! Must go there soon. I also have completely avoided the sales this year. Completely. I haven't even perused online. For some reason I really cannot be bothered. I think it may also have something to do with the fact that I'm not sure where my personal style is headed in 2011. I need to figure that out before I purchase more items to add to my very confused wardrobe.

    Best wishes for 2011 Michelle! xx

  24. i really, really like the color combination.

  25. Ooh, sounds like you had a good Christmas. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Rupert Grint?! What I wouldn't give to see him sauntering down my high street ;) Yes, that was a euphemism. Korean BBQ? Nom Nom! You're looking as cute as ever. Gorgeous coloured top! I've not done any sale shopping yet. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough ;/

  26. Sofia: Mm me too! I'm getting a tiny bit too excited for Thursday (: I haven't looked online either, the only sale I usually pore over is the Urban Outfitters one but their website was down/had crashed when I went to have a look, so I'm taking that as a sign of fate! Wishing you all the best for the New Year lovely <3

    Raeven: Thank you! Camel is such a beautiful, classic colour (:

    Bee: HAI STRANGER! Hope NL hasn't been working you too hard sweet, missed your presence on Twitter! Hahaha that literally made me laugh out loud! I strongly feel you should come and see me, and we can embark on a non-stalkerish tour of the town for celebrity type people ;) Thanks lovely! I'm not brave enough to face the mad sales shoppers, hopefully the crowds will have died down by Thursday (:


  27. congrats on achieving 800 followers ^^

  28. hey there! you've got a very lovely blog! and that is so awesome being so close to mr. ron weasley! haha sucks that you missed him though, i hate when that happens! =D congrats on 801 cause i'm following now!

  29. Ah i usually buy loads of things in the sales but they seem to be really crap this year! I only ended up buying some lush christmas stuff which went down half price.


  30. Kylie: Thank you! (:

    Alyssa: Thank you! Just been on your blog and followed back, your photographs are so lovely! Oh I know.. I always seem to miss him by a matter of hours, so unfortunate!

    Anna: I haven't had a look yet! I'm sure I'll see the remains tomorrow though aha! Oh I don't live near a Lush store at home, but I got plenty of Lush goodies for Christmas to tide me over for now :p

    Lauren: Thanks lovely! <3


  31. love the top!

  32. As essay writer I can judge that you have style!


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