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Firstly, a huge thank you for all of your lovely comments on recent posts over the weekend! ♥ I feel ever so slightly out of the loop in the blogosphere at the moment, because in the living room where my laptop charger is plugged in (my battery is dead aha!), we now have our portable heater plugged in for extra warmth. Hm. I could easily go upstairs, but I've been taking the chance just to sit and spend time with my brother and sister (: My parents work 10am-midnight, so I don't really see them despite being home!

(Tunic, H&M;
Cashmere Cardigan, Mum's;
Thermal Camisole, Uniqlo;
Denim Jacket, River Island circa 2004!;
Leggings, New Look;
Fairisle Woven Socks, Tabio;
Snood, Topshop;
Boots, River Island;
Scrabble Bracelet, Victoria at VIPXO.)

There's something just so irrestistibly charming about knits and denim worn together in the winter. Granted, it isn't practical in the slightest - you don't think I really wore this out today, do you?! - and is quite Lookbook-esque (read: inattainable and for-photos-only) but it is a look that could easily be worn outdoors in the snow provided you layered up properly. Which I definitely didn't, brrr! I bought this denim jacket when I was about 14, and I don't plan to get rid of it anytime soon aha. I also wore a thermal vest, one of my trusty H&M tunics AND a cashmere cardigan to keep warm while shooting my photos!

For the first time on my blog, I've posted an outfit that I didn't actually wear in the day! I know that some bloggers wear an outfit purely for photo purposes and then change, but I'm so lazy, whatever is shown on my blog really is what I wear throughout the day! Just out of curiosity, does anyone out there change out of their outfit once they're done with blogging duties?!

Had work this afternoon from 12-3, but I did 11-2 instead "because of the snow". It was ridiculously busy: apparently when the snow hits hard, people can't get to work but can come for all-you-can-eat Chinese food! I was rushed off my feet, Christmas shifts are always so crazy and hectic! Planning to spend the rest of my day/evening relaxing, keeping warm and watching Disney movies. Because I really am 19 years old... ahem!

Just as a little pre-warning, as I'm sure you'll expect, posts will probably be lacking over this week! Got a few family gatherings planned, as well as meeting up with friends for catch-ups and present exchanging, provided the snow stops soon! For the first time in years, our restaurant will be closed on Christmas Eve, so I'll actually be able to see my parents at a decent time as opposed to at midnight! Then we're spending Christmas Day at home with too much good food, and heading to my Gran's on Boxing Day! What are you all doing over the Christmas period?


  1. You look lovely and I adore your scarf :) x

  2. That outfit is gorgeous, however impractical! I always wear what i wear in my outfit posts, unless it was a night out and sometimes i have to take the pictures after the fact!
    aw you're christmas sounds lovely :) i only get to see my parents on xmas day, then not again til new years eve :( coz of work xxx

  3. fern: thank you lovely! (:

    heather-louise: thank you! yesss, very impractical, i was so cold when taking the photos! i don't think i've shot an outfit for a night out before, i might attempt some next year ;) oh no that's awful! i won't see my parents on new years eve because our restaurant is open haha, they're totes gonna see the new year in while cleaning up the place ):


  4. that's a lovely outfit- i love the scarf!


  5. Lovely outfit but put a coat on brrrr!! Hehehe! Hope you have a lovely week ad enjoy the Christmas period despite working! I will be working tomorrow, Wed and Fri, then with my dad and god-parents for Christmas Day and my Mum boxing day!

    Kitty xo

  6. I've had my denim jacket for a good few years now, it's a staple in my wardrobe.
    I usually wear what I post, I might omit my coat as it could get boring seeing the same old coat in every post.

  7. love the colours and those boots look comfy as hell!

  8. I love this outfit!! and wow the snow looks so nice where you are. we just have ice/slush in Brighton. ooo your resturant sounds amazing could defiantly do with all you can eat right now! xxx

  9. im glad you said you wore it indoors because i was thinking put some gloves on! (i am an old lady) haha.

    disney films sounds like an excellent way to pass the time, make the most of the holiday from uni! im planning on watching cinderella and beauty and the beast before the break is over :) x

  10. I love the colour of your tunic, looks so lovely against the snowy background :) you must have been chilly taking these photos though!! xxx

  11. love love love that outfit :) ah happy to hear you'll be able to spend lots of time with your family all together :) xoxo avs

  12. you look lovely! and the snow looks so cute!

    most of the time after ive taken pictures I add or take away from an outfit.

  13. hannah: thanks sweet!

    kitty: aha i didn't actually wear that out, i had work so wore my uniform and i've spent the rest of the day indoors! oh gosh, i think i'm only working another shift before christmas aha! (:

    helen: mine too (: maybe, your coat is so lovely though! i don't tend to wear my coat in many posts, but i always wear one out haha!

    gem: thank you!

    rose: thank you lovely! yeah the snow is really nice and thick here, although its already started to melt in my garden ): haha me too, i left early so didn't get my employee lunch damnit! so gutted!

    emma: aha yeah i only wore it for the blog! i'm now tucked up in a cosy cardy, slippers and nursing a nice hot chocolate ;) oh my, beauty and the beast is such a good film, i loved that film but i don't have it on dvd!

    jenny: thank you! YES, it was so so cold outside haha, and i fell over 4 times when taking these, brrr!

    alana: thanks bubbaaa! i know, haven't spent the day togevs as the five of us in absolutely ages! last time was probs when i went with the brother and sis to drop something off at the restaurant which hardly counts!

    lydia: thanks hun! oh i seee (: i always add a scarf and coat of some sort before i leave, but always wear what i feature on the blog!


  14. Cute snood! & I agree, I love jeans & big knits- it just looks cute and lovely!
    You look lovely & snow like hunny :)
    I'm sure everyones posts will be lacking nearer the end of the week, I hope you enjoy all the family funness though x

  15. thank you steph <3 big knits are my faveee, shamefully even in the summer because i'm a summer scrooge :3 hope you have a really lovely christmas sweet! xxxxxxx

  16. I lovelovelove those boots and the snood is gorgeous!
    Have a fabulous Christmas week :)

  17. hahah i think i have that tripod! well, it has the green balance thing anyway :p, lovely outfit, the location is so lovely. i don't know why i don't own a snood, it looks so cosy! y'know i'm jealous of your shoes ;)and i'm probably going to be a gluten and eat all my mums christmas dinners!xxx

  18. Aw, look at the snow! This is the problem with this weather: when the temperature gets past a certain point I no longer care what I look like and pretty much live in my seven year-old parka!

    It's lovely that you get to spend time with the parentals. I am going home to visit the mothership (and the brothership) and this is the first weekend in about six years that I have the days between Christmas and New Year off work. HURRAH! x

  19. I've often changed my shoes or something but usually what I post is what I wear, I'd feel like a fraud if it wasnt lol. However sometimes I might need to 'recreate' an outfit if it wasnt photographed and I liked it. Anyway, your outfit is cute, love that snood
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  20. Cute outfit ^^ Don't get cold dear!

  21. You look lovely Michelle, the snood looks perfect for the snow :) Sally x

  22. can you walk on the snow in those boots? cus mine make me slip more than my flats!! xx

  23. perfect perfect perfect outfit.
    happy christmas :)



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