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Hello lovelies! I'm currently sat in the warmth of my house, absolutely not enjoying the sight of snow falling outside. I had my driving test booked for this morning, and despite it only being about 3cm of snow on the ground and not on the roads (!!!), my test has been cancelled and rescheduled! It's so annoying and inconvenient, as now I'll have to put aside money for a few more lessons, AND to possibly get the train home, because it's more than likely going to be when I'm back at Uni. Bleugh. That is also the reason I've been a tiny bit MIA on the ol' Twitter: been trying to get practice in and prepare, in between long shifts at work!

(Coat, Topshop;
Stag jumper, F+F at Tesco;
Tunic, Miss Selfridge;
Tights, H&M;
Boots, River Island;
Scrabble ring, Dolly Bow Bow;
Rose ring (part of a set of stackable rings), Topshop;
Necklace, Jewellery Shaped Things.)

I braved the snow after driving home to take outdoors outfit photos. It's about -3 in Stevenage right now, and snowing on and off! I wasn't quite brave enough to whip my coat off though, so my "proper" outfit photos were shot in my bedroom! Don't you just love my mismatched bedsheets?! I bought this stag jumper after seeing a similar one worn by Abby. It was a tiny bit too short to be worn on its own, and I really still can't bring myself to wear trousers, so I popped a plain, vibrant purple tunic underneath! I like the little pop of colour, its a dark enough colour to be considered 'Winter palette' yet brings something new to the outfit.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback on my last post! I have some more DIY posts lined up, which I will post next year - how weird does that sound?! I'm now going to comfort eat my weight in food (hello huge muffin!), listen to Christmas songs and wrap *coughputingiftbag* presents for Sharon and Selina! Hope you're all having lovely Fridays!

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  1. aww that sweater is so cute, and your coat is amazing.

  2. sorry to hear about your driving test that sucks :( i love your jumper and coat though! wheres your coat from ? :) xo

  3. You look super pretty, rather jealous of your knitwear collection - your jumper is amazing ^_^

    Sorry to hear your driving test got cancelled, that must be so annoying! :(

    It's buggeringly cold in hertfordshire right now isn't it? I was going to venture into Stevenage today to raid primark but I've ditched that idea in favour of hot chocolate and rubbish tv :)
    Hah, sorry for how long this comment got - clearly I'm in a rambly mood :D xxx

  4. Aww that coat is out of this world! Love it, you look so cute!! xxx

  5. emma: thank you lovely! i really like the stag print!

    jennie: oh i know ): totes could be a pink license owner by now! thank you sweet, the coat was from topshop! nice and generic haha, but i love the fur trim and pom poms!

    jenny: n'awh thank you! get down to tesco sweet ;) yeah its frustrating because i was so prepared for it today! bleugh, YES, i froze yesterday aha! hot chocolate and daytime tv sounds like a plan, totally joining you!

    gem: thank you lovely! xxxx

    sarah: aha n'awh thankss lover xx


  6. That stag jumper is adorable, I want one! I like how you've styled it too :-)
    Shame about your driving lesson, if it makes you feel any better it isn't snowing here and is quite sunny outside ;-)
    Have a fun day being a fatty x

  7. You look adorabubbles in your coat! It really suits you... perfect fit and everything. I'm jealoussss.

  8. that is an AWESOME jumper.
    i expected it to be from primark not tesco. i need to get to tesco pronto!

  9. Hey, just wanted to let you know that i've sent on a stylish blogger award to you because i love to read your blog and love your style :) find it here: xo

  10. I really like your boots and the tights are sooo cute xx

  11. Thats shame about your driving test hun. I know how youre feeling, when iwas leaning, mine got cancelled 3 times before i was actually able to take it. One of mine was due to fog though. It made me so angry/upset. But it'll all work out in the end for you! :)

    I love your outfit too, the jumper is adorable, and even though youre wearing tights, you look so snug. :) xx

  12. naomi: thanks sweet! aha well get you ;) it's sunny here too now, but still freezing conditions, so the snow and ice isn't melting on the roads! thanks sweet, planning to devour all of my percy pigs today!

    alison: thank you! i buy coats a size bigger usually, so this is a little big when done up, but i like it unbuttoned! i suffer for fashion with my coat!

    lydia-lee: thanks lovely!

    gem: n'awh thank you! yeah i saw similar ones in primark and new look, but this one is the softest wool ever and so nice and cosy! (:

    jennie: eee thank you sweet! will try and post that soon aha, a few people have tagged me in that, SO lazy with reposting them though!

    foreversweet89: thank you lovely!

    steph: it's made me more nervous now that i have to wait for a bit, hopefully it works out for the best though! thank you (: the tights are so warm, they're knitted tights and really keep out the cold!


  13. Aw, that's such a cute jumper dress x

  14. you look really pretty, michelle. it looks like a really cosy outfit when the air is getting such a bitter snap. i do love those little boots. :)
    and thankyou for the mention, lovely. xx

  15. vicky: thank you lovely (:

    chloe: thanks sweet! i love the cold weather sometimes, it means i can get more experimental with layering and things!


  16. thank you for your sweet comment :) i love your jumper so much! perfect for christmas :)



  17. i love that jumper! i was eyeing it up in tesco last week and wasn't so sure but now that i've seen it on you i might go back and get it! xx

  18. awww i adore your coat! i'm new to your blog. and i love it. now following.

  19. becky-may: you're welcome lovely! i do read all of your blog posts but don't always get the chance to comment! thank you (: thought i'd get in the spirit a bit aha!

    charlene: thanks sweet! oh you should, it's seriously so cosy and warm!

    ching: thank you (:


  20. awwwwww i love this coat! so perfect for winter <3

  21. Looove your jumper! your outfit looks so cosy. I'm gettign into the christmas spirit too. my tree is finally up! just about to decorate it now yay xo

  22. aww what a cute snow picture. =D

  23. That really sucks about your driving. I had a similar things, mine was rescheduled because of flash floodings years back when I took it. It's so annoying and the extra lessons feel like such a waste of money. But it'll be worth it once you've passed :)
    Love the outfit, the jumper is so cute!! Enjoy the snow

    L x

  24. I bet it has, but you just have to have confidence in yourself and you'll be fine. My first test was cancelled because of the fog, second on one of the hottest day of the year and my examiner person was "ill" -yeah right!- and the by the third id bought my own car to learn in (it saved money as i wasn't taking any more driving lessons by that point, just going round with my mum) and they said my car had been recalled and i needed papers to prove it was all safe. It made me so mad. Luckily i passed when i actually got to take it! haha.
    I do love a good pair of knitted tights! :) lol. xxx

  25. Oooh I love the coat and jumper! I'm still at the stage where I'm finding the snow all pretty and exciting. In a few days I'll probably be fed up with it though...

  26. Gorgeous outfit hunny :)
    love the jumper- very a la Abby by any chance?
    Really love your coat too xx

  27. caroline: thank you so much hun! my sister has the same in navy blue, we are probably the biggest dorks in existence haha!

    rose: thanks lovely (: YAY for christmas tree times! loved reading about your fashion show by the way, v exciting about the brighton fashion week people too!

    yin: thanks sweet (:

    laura: bleugh, its annoying but it could be for the best to be honest as a few people have said! i'm probably going to book another two lessons before my test but not sure yet! eee, will be SO worth it, road trips galore! any snow where you are lovely? xxx

    steph: i'm actually more confident now that my test has been cancelled aha! oh gosh, what a disaster! hottest day of the year: he totally went to the beach instead ;)

    lorna: thank you! i'd probably enjoy the snow if it had fallen tonight as opposed to last night, i'm still a big kid when it comes to things like this aha!

    steph: thank you sweets! yesss! been on the hunt for one like abby's for ages (:


  28. ah thank you for including me in your follow list! i actually love you, michelle.<3
    the outfit is gorgeous, love the stag jumper! i wanted something similar from primark but my primark is like 2084 years behind every other one with jumpers haha. boo about the driving test! this is why the snow can be abit of an annoyance despite it nearly being christmas! :(

  29. Aww loving the outside pictures!

    I know what a pain driving tests can be, we have 2 main examiners over here and everyone dreads getting one of them who is just so so awful and fails everyone ha. Mine came over from the UK though so I was thrilled I didn't have to have the dreaded one. A friend of mine also had her test cancelled at the last moment because of snow so I know how irritating it is!! After all the practice and psyching yourself up you have to go through it all again!

    xxx (more DIY posts sounds fab btw!)

  30. You look gorgeous! Love that jumper lots <3
    That sucks about your driving test, although I must say I'm still jealous of the snow you got! It's still novel to me hehe xoxo

  31. I saw this coat in Topshop yesterday and thought it was amazing, alas my wallet didn't have the same opinion...wah! The stage jumper is amazing, subtly festive!

    Your *coughputingiftbag* made me laugh! X

    Burn the Blonde

  32. I love your jumper, I really want to get something similar now its so cold!
    I know how you feel about your driving test, mines been cancelled twice because of the weather and i've got to wait till January to do it again :(

  33. irene: you're welcome irene, i do love your blog (: thanks sweet, i saw a similar one in primarni too but the fabric was horrendous! this is much cosier and isn't too bad price-wise either! oh gosh i know, especially as most of it melted during the day, pft! we're predicted more over the weekend which should be interesting :/

    laura: thanks lovely! had an interesting time balancing my camera on our hanging garden pots ;) damn broken tripod! haha oh gosh, we have one notoriously horrible examiner that all my friends seemed to get! i'm more than ready to just get that pink license now!

    jennie: thank you lovely! we're predicted more snow tonight, and lots more fell after my outfit post! have you got much snow where you are sweet? xxx

    sarah: aha! i bought mine with the help of my mumma and student discount ;) its the nicest coat ever, and the pom poms make me feel about 5 again! i know right, i wanted a nice fairisle jumper but couldn't find any so this does the job nicely!

    caz: thanks lovely <3 oh no, twice?! i remember reading that your first one was cancelled, its so awful isn't it? i feel strangely more confident now that it's been cancelled though, quite looking forward to the actual thing (:


  34. Your hair looks lovely here. And i adore the coat! x

  35. Sucks that your test was cancelled, I guess you were probably psychologically prepared so it's rubbish you have to wait.

    Love the stag. And that hood just looks so cozy and snuggly :D

  36. Oooo ;D Looking forward to seeing youuuu. MISS YA <3

  37. Looooooove the jumper - it's tremendous!

    So sorry about your driving test. There should be a law saying that if your test would need to be cancelled they take you somewhere sunny to do it anyway then give you a cocktail at the end by way of congrats/commiseration because sitting it is stressful enough anyway without it getting cancelled and having to build up to it all over again. Very best of luck when it comes around!

  38. Loving the duffle coat - it looks fab on you. Plus it must be super warm in that snow :) Aw that sucks about you're driving test, but everything happens for a reason, so perhaps it's a good sign rather than a bad one :) Good luck when it finally comes round again though, I'm sure you'll do great :) x

  39. anna: thanks lovely!

    konni: bleugh i know! i was so ready to rock that test and get my license! thank you hun, was nice and cosy in the snow! (:

    gaby: thank you!

    sharon: ME TOO. <3

    little scribbler: thank you! haha there should be a law like that! why aren't you running the country?! <3 and thank you lovely, really excited for it strangely!

    lucy: thanks sweet (:

    helen: n'awh thank you! yesss, was lovely and cosy in the snow! mm that's what i'm going to think, nice and positive, i just wish i'd had the test and, fingers crossed, passed so i could drive for the remainder of the holidays aha!


  40. I love this top on you it's so cute. Sorry about your driving test, stupid snow! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  41. that is such a cute jumper! will keep my eyes out next time im in tesco, oh and loving the outdoor shots :)

  42. purdey: thanks lovely! bleugh i know right!

    emma: thank you (: going to attempt more outdoors shots as indoor lighting is just horrendous at the moment!


  43. Love your jumper - I find it so hard to find things that are warm but still look nice.
    That's so annoying about your driving test, good luck for when you do get a chance to take it - stupid snow! x

  44. hay :) i just saw your link on IFB new blogger's post and thought I would stop by. great blog you have here :) i am definitely following you now. the snow looks beautiful. have a lovely day/night! ^_^

    F. (

  45. lily: thanks sweet! yeah its so frustrating, hope i pass when the rescheduled date comes around aha!

    francesca: awh thanks sweet (: have followed you back, your blog looks really good!


  46. Ooh, sorry to hear about your test! Ooh, I love your outdoor shots. You look absolutely adorbz and I love love love your coat. Ooh, you look so good in that Tesco jumper too. Aww thanks for the mention sweetie. It means the absolute world! Have a lovely weekend.

  47. as i see the snow is just as terrible in stevenage. i hope it gets a bit better as im planning on coming back to the shire tonight. love the jumper! i must get town to tesco soon looks like they have really upped their game. xx


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