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I was surprisingly "organised" with my choice of outfit today. I usually wake up in the morning (feelin' like P Diddy...), get ready, and pick out one item to style around for my outfit. For example, one day I'll wake up and really want to wear a chunky knit cardigan, and I'll just rummage in my wardrobe for bits that will match or maybe even not match with it to wear. Although I love reading blogs and flicking through Lookbook and Chictopia, I still think my style is very true to me: a bit of a mishmash in eras, cultures and colours! But yeah, to cut a v. long story short, I was well prepared with this outfit, I picked it all out yesterday night while unable to sleep!

(Black PP tunic, Topshop;
Camel shorts, Zara;
Belt, Primark;
Tights, Tesco I think!)

I actually... don't like this outfit. You know when you put an outfit and just feel really 'blah' about it all? That's how I feel now about this one. I'm wearing my black Topshop PP tunic, and my camel shorts from Zara, with a belt to cinch it all in, but there's something not quite right about it all in my opinion. Hmm. Maybe I'm just having an off-day, been in a relatively crap mood for most of this morning!

Two lectures and a seminar currently stand between me and my Christmas break. I can hardly contain my excitement to see the mumabear on Thursday for good food, a haircut (!!!) and to go home to see the house nicely decorated! And this brings me to the next point: my hair is driving me absolutely insane at the moment! Does anyone have suggestions of what I can do to my hair on Thursday?! Or shall I be reckless and let my hairdresser do as he pleases?

I've just finished watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl, and I have to say, season four has had some real highs and lows! I can't stand Serena anymore. At all. And the whole episode felt a bit forced to me. Oh well, it was worth watching for the Bass. Blair's outfit was absolutely wonderful as well, I want a short, full skirted skirt in my life right now.. Also, while I'm here, I have scheduled posts (get me!) for tomorrow and Thursday, because I'm not sure how busy I'll be with packing etc.! I tend not to schedule posts, because I like the regularity of sitting and writing each evening, but sometimes it has to be done!


  1. I love the tunic and shorts. I know what you mean about feeling "blah" about an outfit though, sometimes what I think will look good together just doesn't feel right when I put it all on. I think your outfit looks good though! I hope your day improves... Lucky you going home this week, I've still got a week and a half left at uni! As for the hair, I think it depends how much you trust your hairdresser... I let mine do what she wanted when I last had my hair cut, and it turned out okay though a bit shorter than I was used to :-)

  2. Well I think your outfit looks really nice. But I do no what you mean, when there is just something not quite right about an outfit.
    Ooo haven't watched this weeks GG, I normally wait til tomorrow so I have GG, 90210 and OTH to watch all at once :P I def know what you mean about serena though not feeling her right now

    L x

  3. i love your boots!

    and as for the yankee candles, fleur de force has done a video on them and if you type fleurdeforce at the checkout on you get 10% off apparently. i am on it like a car bonnet! xx

  4. Yep, I get the outfit "blah" as well. I totally get you with Christmas break. I can hardly wait OMG

    I watched that episode last night. Everyone on that show is so self-centered! Can't stand Serena either. Is there ANYONE she won't try to sleep with?

  5. amazing outfit, I love your shorts and tights!! I just watched the latest gossip girl too. Can't decide what I made about Juliette getting away with nearly killing Serena!! xx

  6. I love the outfit, don't feel blah it's ace! I'm about to watch gossip girl too :) And Serena has always annoyed me!x

  7. it's not a crap outfit. i think you look spiffing ;) I, haven't seen anybody else pair the tunic with shorts. Looks lush. Damn my boobage.. I want a pp tunic!

    I hope your presentation went well miss!! Lotta love <3 xx

  8. It was so annoying how Serena just totally let Juliette off the hook!? SHE.DRUGGED.HER.AND.LEFT.HER.FOR.DEAD.
    Absolutely sick with cringe when Serena was swaying around the room to Soulja Boi. Gross. She seemed like a horrible mess when she was younger, and still it! Despite her constant, 'oh woe be me I wish people could see how I've changed!' well no, she still screws everyone around to suit her.
    Don't want to wait until January though!! xx

  9. great tunic! lusting after it so much.

    love the boots too xxxxx

  10. vicky: thank you (:

    lorna: thanks lovely! i think my crapola mood just reflected on everything today to be honest, 9am lectures (especially where presentations are involved!) oh boo to having to stay a bit longer! eeek, i'm nervous but i just want something a bit different now!

    becky: thanks sweet (:

    laura: n'awh thank you! i'm totally getting changed before i go out for dinner tonight haha! aha good plan, i totally fell out of watching 90210, might have to pick that up again!

    emma: thank you! oh i watched that yesterday, absolutely on that deal!

    alyse: i was so up for wearing a tracksuit-esque outfit for the comfort! serena just kills me. i may prefer little j over her!

    influence: thanks sweet! GOSH I KNOW! they could make it a bit more realistic, the producers make serena look like such an idiot haha! ;)

    beth: thank you lovely <3 bleugh, i liked her up until midway season two, and now i think i prefer little j over her! WUT?! ;)

    abby: why thank you! it's quite awkward, makes my bum look a little on the large side when it rolls up! thank you, presentation went well, loving you miss xxx

    victoria: I KNOW. PUSHOVER. ahahaha nice touch with soulja boy i thought, it was a bit of an out-of-body experience, the music used to be good in gossip girl!

    kirsty: thank you!


  11. lydia: thanks sweet! going to try and work on your headers for a bit in a minute lovely (: xxx

  12. i really like this outfit sweetie! i know what you mean wen you say it's like a blah outfit. i get them, alot! :)

  13. Everyone posts about Gossip Girl and it makes me sad I haven't kept up with the season! I only saw the first two episodes :s Shame on me, I know! Have you decided what you'll do with your hair? I think it's perfect just the way it is, but change is always good!


  14. irene: awh thank you my love (: oh me too, they usually fall on sundays or a day when i don't aim to post an outfit haha! oh well! everyone's allowed an off day once in a while! hope you've had a splendifirous day!

    aimee: haha oh nooo, you should totally watch it and catch up ;) i'm not sure yet, i quite want it just neatened up and a few layers whacked in! i want a new colour but mamabear would never allow it and i'd regret it after a day!


  15. Ohhhh i love those shorts! :D
    I usually try and sort my outfit out the night before, cos i know i'll be in a panic come the AM.

    You feeling like p diddy line made me laugh xo

  16. I love your shorts and you're just being fussy! I'm getting my haircut on Thursday too, yey. Have you ever had a full fringe? I think it'd look cute especially at your hair length! Hope you have a lovely christmas at home :-)

  17. I think the outfit looks great!! Especially the shorts. <3

  18. The outfit looks great! I know what you mean about feeling blah in an outfit, puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day as shallow as that sounds haha :)


  19. Sad to hear you're having an off day but I love the outfit and think it works really well. I have that tunic too - might have to try it tucked in now :) Sally x

  20. i have yet to watch the new GG episode! but serena also annoys the hell out of me too. i mean HOW MANY bad decisions can one person make?! and talk properly! open your mouth and speak without whispering!

    anyway, hah. i love your shorts! and boots! where are they from? didn't notice the place of purchase listed.


  21. victoria: cheeyurs beauty! oh i don't know WHAT i do the night before, generally get into bed too early and refuse to get out to organise my life! i always leave it til the early hours and complain some more ;)

    naomi: thanks sweet! yaaay for haircuts! i actually had a full fringe for the first 2 months of this year, but they so high maintenance! i'm quite tempted to get one cut in again though, thanks for the suggestions (:

    brittnee: thank you!

    nic: thank you! haha i know, i felt like that when i wrote it! totally could be taken the wrong way! clothes mean way more to me than anything should!

    sally: thank you ^^ its quite an overworn piece at the moment, so i just thought i'd try something different aha!

    gem: I KNOW! lily isn't much better either to be honest, what a crappp excuse for a parent! and ugh i totally understand where you're coming from, her voice is so "i've been through so much in life and i'm tired blahblah" aha! thanks lovely, boots were from river island!


  22. love those shorts, and the boots too!x

  23. I really like this outfit, I understand the blah feeling though, when I plan outfits in my head they usually look amazing, then in reality there's sometimes a bit of an 'off' feeling! Anyway...!

    I love how your header changes from snowman to gingerbread man!

    Burn the Blonde

  24. This outfit is one of my favourites of yours! You look so gorgeous in it and I think all the pieces compliment each other so well and bring a new texture to the outfit. Corr, hark at me, eh?! Your hair is gorgey so I don't know what to suggest :/ I'm getting mine back to my lovely red on Thursday after wait for it...4 months without a hair appointment!!! Hope you have a good time at Spoons tonight bubs.

  25. The outfit is beautiful to me, but i know what you mean. there's no point in wearing something if you don't feel comfortable/confident in it! (no matter what other people say about it)
    i'm just like you when it comes to hairdressers - proper excited to go and have no idea what to get done! you should just let him go mad :) xxx

  26. I love your shorts! been wanting a pair of camel shorts for so long! there loooooovely, Great outfit <3

  27. elise: thank you sweet! they were so heavily discounted, bought them for £17 or something from zara in their summer sale! apparently SOMEONE didn't know camel would be huge for the autumn/winter aha (:

    sarah: oh thanks lovely! mm i hate that feeling! the cold is not motivating me and my outfit choices in the slightest though ): aha thanks sweet! i'm such a graphic designer nerd when it comes to things like that! my uni lectures notebook is full of doodles and sketches along the margins!

    bee: thanks cutie! i think i've worked out why it felt so blah: my shorts are two sizes too big for me at the moment, and loose bottoms is never good! blimmin' food poisoning! EEE it's gonna look so good on you, i really want red hair, had this discussion with the mother last night and she said strictly no red though ): thanks sweet, have a lovely evening xx

    heather-louise: thank you (: yeah that's how i feel! changed out of it now, and my mood has surprisingly lifted! no doubt due to all the lovely comments too though! i think i shall, i'm not very adventurous otherwise, other than letting him cut my hair into an above-shoulder do last christmas which i loved!


  28. rose: thank you sweety! my flatmates informs me they also have some in new look and H&M if you're after some! (: xxxxxx

  29. This is a super cute outfit :) I really love it! the shorts, the tights, the boots & to top it off peter pan tunic- my fav to see outfits with them at the moment
    Gorgeous girl- amazing outfit xxx

  30. I need those shorts! expect to see me in a similar pair very soon! im saving gossip girl for tomorrow now too much work to do:( hope packing goes well xxx

  31. steph: n'awh thank you sweetheart! that means ever so much (: thought i'd put a bit of a different spin to it, as they're everywhere right now! did my last post with a PP tunic featuring accessories, and this one with shorts!

    belle: i can totally see you in a pair of camel shorts! hope your uni work goes well tonight m'love, don't stress yourself out over it (: thanks cute, gonna tackle it all tomorrow i think, and get my room fully cleaned before i go!


  32. hahahaha! I always do the Ke$ha-feelin'-like-P-Diddy Joke too! ;D
    I love the outfit, it totally sparked off ideas for me as well! I have camel coloured trousers from Zara and the same boots as you, I'll put on a black top and I'll be good to go hehe

  33. tracey: ;) thanks sweet! ooh i'm glad it 'inspirational' in a way haha (: i really want camel coloured trousers, but i really don't like trousers/jeans on me ): xx

  34. I think you look really cute and I love the boots x

  35. sarah: thank you! oh i'm a little obsessed with my boots to be honest with you, i wear them in 80% of my outfits at the moment xx

  36. I can reply now, cause I've watched GG, which was Ooooo drama, last one wasn't it? What are we going to do??? Eat Christmas fooooood yey!!! How was your meal last night?? Love the new Christmasy header :) Loving the outfit, I love planning mine, but never get time :( or I just can't be arsed, I need more winter clothes xxx

  37. gem: eee good :D yep, last until january! i don't understand these winter hiatus, what am i supposed to watch?! (obvz christmas films) serena is such an unbelievable character at the moment, so hard to watch in my opinion! it was lovely, opted for a beer and burger, beer battered onion rings and choccy fudge cake haha! not really a christmas dinner in the end, but hey ho! thanks sweet (: hope you're having a beautimous day <3

  38. I totally agree with you GG season 4 was defo not as good as the previous seasons, but been a loyal GG junkie i watched it anyway.

    Huda xoxo

    P.s cute boots

  39. I love, love, love your boots. They are seriously cute and I like this outfit it's very chic :) And yes I've just watched the latest GG too and completely agree Serena really frustrates me although I don't think she deserved the tricks that were played on her x

  40. huda: mm its gotten ever so slightly lacklustre! i'm always going to be a huge GG fan, i've been addicted ever since i read the books, but the characters just all seem to be lacking energy and any decent/relevant storylines!

    helen: thank you sweet (: no-one deserves anything like that, but HOW on earth did serena just forgive juliette?! gawd. what a drip hahaha!



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