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my auntie bought the sweetest puppy / went to chiquitos with mumma when she took me back to uni / it was my nineteenth birthday in march / went to paris with the girls and uni / fell in love with beautiful one-off nicholas kirkwood shoes / visited the palace of versailles with marie antoinette once lived / watched editors, models and the fashion elite going in to the christian dior show at paris fashion week in the jardins de'tuileries / shot a romantic inspired shoot for uni / went home to make roast chicken salad pittas and take photos with the sis / went to bournemouth randomly with heather / started up outfit posts on the blog

*realised i need to start taking more photos*


  1. aw these photos are all brilliant! that puppy is the cutest thing i've ever seen. and that cake wow! i want it now haha. Great photos of Paris too! looks like you've had a great 2010! ah i love this post :)

  2. 1. I can never get enough of your food pictures. They always make me really hungry.

    2. Cutest puppy ever!

    3. Fantastic mac coat. It's the perfect length, cut, and color on you.

  3. that puppy is so cute I squealed! xx

  4. that puppy is the cutest! :o
    all the pictures are so cute as well x

  5. god that puppy is adorable & your food makes me so hungry! :P i look forward to another year of Daisy Butter posts :) xxxx

  6. aww such a lovely post, looks like you've had a great year :) xx

  7. i am so jealous you got to see versailles, if i ever go to paris its on the top of the list! and that puppy is the cutest thing i think ive ever seen. i love your random/weekly photo posts :)

  8. why must you always make me so hungry with your food pics lovely! what a nice collection of photos:) i need to take more too! xxx

  9. Oh my goodness those nicholas kirkwood shoes are so so amazing! Love this post :) xx

  10. That puppy is so adorable <3
    I remember the Alice In Wonderland theme in Paris, I went there in February :D Xoxo

  11. aww, what kind of puppy is that?!

  12. that puppy is so cute, it made me go aww. all this food looks delicious too! cute post
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  13. i'm a cat person but your puppy is SO CUTE!

    and the alice in wonderland alexander mcqueen (my favorite designer.. rip <3) display is.. dreamy. beautiful. breathtaking.

    seems like your year was pretty spectacular!

  14. these are seriously some of the most amazing pictures ever! i've never seen a cuter puppy, nicer looking food and more amazing paris and fashion photos :) xo

  15. The puppy is adorable!!! Great pictures, you should def take another random trip to Bournemouth :)

    L x

  16. Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to go to Paris, ahh <3 xo

  17. rose: thank you! i know, he's so sweet isn't he?! oh my mumma always buys me the most epic custom, handmade birthday cakes, i can't wait to see what she has planned for my 20th! thank you, paris with the girls was absolutely amazing xx

    alyse: aha, more to come fo' sure! i love taking photos of food (:

    SJ: eee i know, i was so excited when she bought him for my little cousins!

    lily: thank you!

    sarah: aha thanks sweet (: got lots lined up and planned for next year, hopefully uni workload won't be too bad and i'll be able to struggle through again!

    gem: thank you! 2010 has been really good in hindsight, so excited for the new year though, i'm ready for new things and more changes!

    emma: versailles was absolutely beautiful! it is so worth the visit, the buildings are beautiful on the inside and out, and the gardens were amazing! thanks lovely! (:

    belle: sorry sweet ;) <3 i'm an absolute foodie, there's nothing i like more than a nice meal out with good company and long conversations! oh me too, been taking a lot more since i started these posts, i might make it a new years resolution!

    jenny: i know! cannot believe they were one of a kind ones ): thank youu!

    tess: he's such a sweetie pie, getting really big now though! awh niceee, i went at the beginning of march, just after my birthday, it was so lovely!

    kirsty: erm i'm not sure about the breed! sorry!

    emma: he's the cutest thing ever! thank you emma (:

    kat: haha i know! i can't decide if i'm a cat or dog person, as we don't have either at home ): i really want a kitten when i get my own place. his design was the most beautiful dress ever!


  18. The puppy is super cute and she looks like tula when she was a puppy - is it a shih tzu?

  19. jennie: thank you! paris was so amazing, absolutely beautiful in march as well, and i'd never been to versailles before!

    laura: thanks! me and the girls are planning to go there in may or june, when it gets a bit warmer! only costs me about £7 to get there, bargain! (:

    laura: thank you! you'll love it, its so pretty and romantic there!


  20. What! I thought that puppy was a teddy!!! SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! Loving your paris pics and yellow coat :) xo

  21. Oh my word, that puppy is adorable!!
    I really like your festive header xx

  22. aaahh that puppy is super cute. I was in Paris last summer, it's the most beautiful city ever. You made me hungry (:

  23. that birthday cake looks amazing! x

  24. the food in this post has made me ridiculously hungry, especially that cake yummm! x

  25. awww that puppy is so beautiful! aww lol, I so want one but the folks will probably kick me out the house... Such gorguz pics of Paris honey, I may be going there for my friends hen weekend in march ;) hopefully will have time for a bit o'sightseeing...

    Aysh xoxo

  26. Looks like it's been a good year :) that puppy is adorable xx

  27. Great pictures the cake is amazing! x

  28. mandy: thanks sweet! i think he may well be actually!

    victoria: I KNOW RIGHT! cutieee (: thanks sweet xxxx

    gem: aaah he's so sweet isn't it?! thank you lovely! trying to get my thinking cap on for a new years header aha!

    cintia: thank you! i went with my mum in the summer, its so nice in the summer!

    elise: thank you <3

    caroline: aha thats what i like to hear ;) xx

    aysh: thank you! yeah my mum is terrified of dogs so we don't have one ): awh that'll be lovely, hope you have a good time in paris!


  29. beth: (: thanks sweet!

    steph: thank you, 2010 was so lovely! can't wait for 2011 though aha xx

    rebecca: thanks lovely!


  30. Such a sweet little puppy! I really want a Chow chow cause there just as cute :) And the cake looks delicious, is it a Valerie patisseri cake?


  31. great photo choices! especially the adorable puppy and the foodporn! XD

  32. Love this!!! Don't think I could do one of these, I have far too many pictures to choose from, I'd be there all day haha. That cake is immense, and I'm not even getting started on the dog!!! Beautiful coat! xxxx

  33. OMG CAKE. God I'm hungry now.

    Paris pictures = fabulous. Love the Alice window, it's just magic.

  34. Omg your auntie's puppy is SO cute! I think my heart just melted.. I have a puppy, and not long ago he was that small too - that was until he turned into a complete mischief and now resembles a lion cub as opposed to a cute little furball. Also, happy birthday from March!

  35. ohmygoodness, I want to eat that little doggie up - so cute! I also want to eat all that delicious food :)

    Rosie x

  36. Aww, your auntie's puppy looked like the sweetest thing. All these food photos have made me absolutely marvin'. I'm so jealous that you went to Paris. I really wanna go! Can't wait to see more posts like this sweetie. I hope you're well.

  37. Thanks for following.
    Adorable puppy, I've just introduced my doggie to the blogging world.
    The food looks yummy and I would love to go to Paris.

  38. Gorgeous pictures, it looks like a fab year (that puppy is adorable!)so far x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  39. that dog is the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen! ♥

  40. oh my god. i went to paris this past summer and looking at your photos makes me miss it so much.

    i love your mustard coat. so cute :)

  41. oh my, your aunts puppy is SO cute. Ahh I want one now!
    I love your outfit in that last picture. That skirt is adorable.

  42. what a lovely puppy! looks like a good year for you.

  43. gorgeous pictures, oh my I'm so jealous you went to Paris!! eek!

  44. winnie: thanks sweet! n'awh i want a maltese puppy, so adorable! nope, it was from a chinese pattiserie in london!

    kylie: thank you! oh my photos post wouldn't be complete without food snaps to be honest! more to come next year though, trust me!

    gem: thanks lovely (: i barely took any photos in the first half of this year, i'm gutted now that i look back, most of the photos were nice drunken snaps from freshers year at uni aha! gosh i miss that coat, it got ruined by rain!

    konni: (: i'd love a nice slice of cake right now haha!

    sophie: he's adorable isn't he?! awh how sweet, i'd love a lion-esque puppy!

    rosie: aha he's the cutest pup! thanks sweet!

    bee: he is! thank you lovely, next edition is up on sunday, going to prepare and schedule it haha! i'm good thanks, hope you had a nice weekend with the boyfriend!

    kirsty: he's not mine aha, he's my cousin's! (:

    lace n coffee: you're welcome, your blog looks really good!

    lydia: thank you hun!

    purdey: thank you!

    alice: aha i know, he's so adorable!

    yvonne: aaah did you? me and my mum like to go in the summer, had such a nice time there with the girls though! thank you sweet (:

    haylee: he's tooo cute! thank you hun!

    ellio100: thanks, 2010 was great aha, excited for the new year though!

    michelle: thank you! was so good to go back, ive been a few times with my mum but never with my friends!


  45. Wow, Paris looks beautiful. Did you visit anywhere else besides the Eiffel Tower? I love the yellow peacoat :)

  46. i need those shoes!!! XXX such a fab blog! X

  47. Wow, I love your blog, you're the year above me in WF&C, I was already excited to go to Paris in March but seeing your photographs has made me even more excited if that's possible.


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