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Feeling ever so slightly uninspired and guilty at the same time for not blogging yesterday or on Saturday. I actually have a few posts planned and unwritten but I've just had no motivation to write recently, I think my brain is recovering from those 9 assignments I handed in! Excuses and apologies aside, this week is a busy one for me: I'm finishing up the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, working a bit and seeing pals! So, bearing in mind that I'm working a few evenings this week, outfit posts may be lacking a little, as I wear an ever-so-fetching XL uniform to work ;)

(Dress, Miss Selfridge;
Cardigan, Topshop;
Belt, Primark;
Grey polka dot tights, Primark;
Nude snood, Topshop.)

Just a casual outfit today, as I had a 'spare' day in which to shop with my brother, wrap some presents and catch up with blogs. Hadn't worn this black panelled tunic from Miss Selfridge in ages, so I packed it in my suitcase on a whim, as my LBD back-up for any last minute Christmas party appointments. I'm not one to distinguish between clothes to wear in the evening and in the day, I just interchange between pieces to accessorise an outfit: adding an oversized cardy and belt dresses the LBD right down.

Despite starting my Christmas shopping a good month ago, I still haven't finished it all. I wrapped a few presents today, and just to need to buy some bits for two of the girls, my brother and Dad. I'd like to think I'm done with it because I know what I'm buying... I just need to motivate myself to battle the ruthless Christmas shoppers out there. Made my Christmas tags this afternoon too (: I've made my own gift tags since I was about thirteen, when my crazy graphic design interest began, I just think it adds a nice, 'me' touch to the presents, especially as I haven't had time to make my own wrapping paper.

Seeing as I missed last week's Follow Friday links, I thought I'd link you to some of my favourite blogs with festive, Christmas related posts that I've come across recently: Lyzi, Danni, Jessica, Sarah and Eleanor.

How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping? Or did you opt away from the traditional rush in the shops in favour of the online option?


  1. You look amazing, the simple style is so cute :)
    I've done majority of my christmas shopping online, but trawling through many sites is so time consuming! xx

  2. you look so cosy in your outfit post! i really love that outfit. Great tags! i wish i could make things like that i'm just too lazy haha. I've still got so much shopping to do :( xxx

  3. i'm loving your fringe hun! soo nice :) and those pressie tags are so cute and personal, i'm so uncreative wouldnt be able to make em lol.. xoxo

  4. I need that outfit!
    Most of my shopping is done now, just putting together a stocking for Tom :) we're such losers haha. even wrapped everything now, which is the hardest part for me!
    those tabs are adorable, lovey xxx

  5. Love the stripes! I only started my Christmas shopping today, and it wasn't as bad as I thought (probably because I knew what I was looking for) x

  6. courtney: thanks sweet! i can't be bothered for anything other than simple at the moment, and now im in sweatpants and my dressing gown! *lazylazy* oh i agree, and it's so hard to keep track of packages!

    rose: thanks lovely (: aha i make different ones every year! i love little things like tags and making presents look pretty to open!

    alana: cheeyurs sweet! i'm sure you could, so easy to make!

    heather-louise: :D awh that's adorable, i haven't had a stocking in years!

    vicky: thank you! oh its always better when you know what you're buying! i made lists before i set out, but battling the swarms of crazy shoppers puts me right off the whole affair!


  7. aww cutest tags :)

    love your belt xx

  8. Ah you look so cosy in that snood! You have inspired me to make my own christmas gift tags this year cos these are so cute! xxx

  9. You are too flippin cute for words!

  10. You look so cozy and cute! Great look, as always. I love your little tags, that really is such a great touch to make it your own, you know? I'll be done with my Christmas gifting as soon as I've wrapped everything!

  11. your hair looks lovely :) i really like your cardi, and the christmas tags are so cute! i feel inspired :) xo

  12. I love your cardigan! :) I've done pretty much alll my xmas shopping online this year, I'm either at work or at a dance lesson so I never have the time to go to the shops! The tags you made are gorgeous by the way :) xx

  13. lydia-lee: thanks sweet (:

    hannah: i love my snood! i wish i'd made my own though, my mum's just bought the loveliest, warmest wool ever but i don't think i'll have the time to knit one before the coldest of the weather is gone! ):

    lauren: haha thanks ^____^

    aimee: thank you lovely! yeah i like to make them my own, rather than a generic set bought from a shop (: it gives me a bit of a chance to be creative too! awh yaay, i just need to pick some bits up at the weekend once i've been paid, and i'll be done as well!

    jennie: thank you! having a bad hair day as it goes, it is now propped up in a topknot and hidden away in my hooded dressing gown! oh that means so much, i'm glad it's inspired you! (:

    spookshowbaby: thanks sweet! i bought the cardigan about two years ago when it cost me £16 and not £40 ;) oh i know what you mean, i've done most of mine at the shops this year though, was nice to get into the christmas spirit! thank you (:


  14. cute outfit, tags are just gorgeous though! my christmas shopping is almost done yayyy:) xxx

  15. Wow I was gonna ask you where you bought those tags, and then read that you made them, how did you do that? Please tell me, hope you're having fun at home and your sisters cookies were yum xx

  16. I love your outfit! It looks so comfy and cosy :3
    Those tags are gorgeous, I've always like the crafty stuff, and have always wondered how to get into design and stuff...i'd love to be able to design my own headers and stuff! :D
    I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping...I'm still stuck with what to get everyone! :O

  17. The tags are beautiful! Like Gem said, they look super professional and shop bought! :D

    It's a very busy time of year, I'm struggling to keep up with everything myself!

  18. loving the stripes! great look :)



  19. That cardigan is beautiful! Definitely looking out for that. x

  20. Lovely cardi, and those tags are so cute! I might have to give those a go myself...

    Penny x

  21. You are beyond cute! I love that cardigan!

  22. Cute outfit! :D
    Wow pretty xmas tags! Well done you, I've been inspired by everyone's handmade xmas tags/packaging that I will give it a try next year hehe.

    Christmas shopping is all done, most of it was online as I couldn't be bothered to go out in the freezing cold and because I was busy with work :P

  23. You blog so mch i dont understand how you manage that on top of university work! What are you studying? The tags are sch a good idea but mst take time :( xx

  24. belle: thanks sweet! i have so many gift tags, made about 1933047 too many aha! oh yay! i have a small list of things to pick up on thursday and then i'll be done with christmas shopping for the year (:

    gem: just with some card, nifty stamps and scissors! i'm posting a DIY post (at long last!) on thursday because it's such a quick tutorial and great for last-minute-ers! thank you gem, the cookies were amazing aha!

    broghainmay: thank you lovely! i think i've always had a keen interest in graphics etc., i studied graphic art at school, and just pursued it outside of school in my own time! good luck with the rest of your christmas shopping!

    konni: thank you! i never warm to shop-bought tags so prefer to make my own every year! it's a 'must-do' at christmas for me (:

    becky-may: thanks sweet! i don't wear this cardigan nearly enough!

    winny: thank you (: i bought it 2-3 years ago, so you won't be able to find it haha! i'm sure there are similar cardigans around though!

    crafty nell: thank you hun!

    kirstyb: thanks sweet (:

    emma jade: n'awh thank you! me too, its so cosy and warm!

    vicky: thank you (: me too, everyone's handmade paper has made me so jealous.. my own tags are about the extent of a handmade christmas! they've definitely inspired me for gift wrapping in general though!


  25. winnie: i'm a journalism student, so writing comes with the territory haha! (: an extra blog post each day is nothing compared to a 2000 word essay about history of art and all that jazz ;) thanks sweet, they only took me about 45 minutes to design + make! xx

  26. i love your snood, looks so cosy! i've done most of my shopping in the shops, hatred at the way some stuff is picked over and mauled by people but its nice having bags of stuff you've picked yourself!
    also i love your gift tags, very personalised touch to pressies! xx

  27. I love this outfit on you Michelle. You look so so snug! I really like the cardi (: Wow, those give tags look so so cute. I wish I could get off my bum and be creative like that. I still haven't finished shopping :/ Boo! I've been doing it all online though. Have a lovely week dear.

  28. Thanks for the link sweet! I wrapped my pressies tonight, makes me feel so festive :) in love with your gift tags, I will definitely be getting some stamps and card to do that next year *notetoself*
    You suit your fringe so much, welcome to the club haha. It's weird at first but I love mine! xx

  29. thank you emma (:! oh me too, especially when there's only one, extremely battered and half opened box left of something you desperately needed to buy! i agree, half of the fun is carrying lots of bags of goodies around the shops with you (:

    why thank you bee! s'all about the comfort now that i like to spend my days off hibernating at home with lots of food! hope you've had a nice week so far!

    you're welcome sarah, i loved your gift guides! aha i had one this time last year too, but let it grow out by my birthday because i was so lazy with it! let's see how long this one lasts! :p


  30. I love your outfit !!
    and same with the christmas pressents !! its really frustrating me now !!

    I love the christmas tags they are cute !!

  31. Thank you so much for the link lovely!

    Those gift tags are beautiful! Well done you for making your own, so much nicer! x

  32. ifee: thank you! i'm hoping to get everything bought tonight and wrapped over the weekend if i get the time to!

    eleanor: you're welcome sweet! thank you (:

    mandy: thank you!



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