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I'm finding it ever so slightly difficult to concentrate on writing this blogpost for you today, I'm currently watching the sixth installment in the Harry Potter film series in preparation for tonight, as I'm seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! I might eventually shut up about Harry Potter, or I most likely won't haha! I'm so glad that I'm not the only fashion blogger who has a penchant for a Weasley, been having some of the best Twitter conversations about the films over the past week!

(Tunic, H&M;
Skirt, H&M;
15 denier tights, Primark;
Cream socks, Tabio;
Navy socks, Topshop;
Rings, Topshop and Dolly Bow Bow;
Necklace, Handmade by me.)

Today I was in Uni for an hour, for a Fashion & Styling seminar, as I am every Friday morning. My lecturer even mentioned Harry Potter and its' cinematic cultural impact on fashion! I didn't think that was very realistic or well researched, seeing as none of us wander around in robes, Hogwarts crests and a hat, but nevertheless, it added a nice touch to my morning!

I wore a simple outfit (as usual) today. I don't like to go overboard when I'm just at Uni for an hour! Wore my H&M tunic and skirt, 15 denier tights, which were an extremely bad idea in the weather today, and two pairs of socks. I don't think it was cold enough for two pairs of socks in hindsight, but I liked the contrast between my cream wool "lace patterned" socks, and ribbed navy blue socks! Also wore my compass necklace and a huge selection of rings, so the outfit wouldn't be too plain.

Anyway, I'm off to finish off my film, grab some gyoza dumplings for lunch (omnomnom!) and prepare for yet another driving lesson before meeting Stacey for Harry Potter timez. Gonna love you and leave you all with my Follow Fridays of the week: Leanne, Aney, Marie, Kim and Jennie. Hope you all have lovely, Harry Potter filled evenings!


  1. You'll have to let us know what the new Harry Potter is like. x

  2. cute simple outfit (as said) but i still love it. grey and black always win, love the socks and boots too.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. I'm seeing it tonight as well, in full costume (well, robe, scarf and wand) :D so excited!

  4. Enjoy, I'm stupidly excited about seeing it as well, but wont be seeing it tonight due to me being an idiot and not booking! xx

  5. steph: oh i shall of course (:

    emma: thank you! i'm so uninspired in the early morning, i'm getting frustrated because i can't seem to pick any decent outfits!

    danie: awh yaaay! i'm not dressing up ): enjoy!

    dan: thanks lovely! oh i booked tickets for tonight eeee (:


  6. What!? It's freezing in the UK! Well, that's what I'm saying because I am ill ha-ha. Everything's cold to me at the mo!
    Btw, I love your clothes, when I found your blog I found several items of clothing we both share hehe, it's interesting to see how you wear them and you spark some of my outfits in the process! I have those boots too >;D

  7. I have seen Potter :P It is good, but we'll talk when you get back :) xxx

  8. I saw harry potter this afternoon and thought it was so good but im biased ! aha :) I cant wait for the second installment and ohh yes! I fancy ron, the twins and now bill weasley! Its the ginger hair! aha :) xx

  9. Lovely outfit! Have fun at HP, I've always had a crush on Ron Weasley! xo

  10. Looks like such a comfy outfit :) I'm not seeing Mr Potter til next week, hopefully it'll be less busy (I'm such an OAP) xx

  11. Lovely outfit. Have fun at the movie tonight!

  12. i really enjoyed harry potter!! hope you had a good time :) thankyou very much for recommending me! your outfit is so cute, and i love the necklace :)xo

  13. I love this outfit, you look lovely :D
    I thought Harry Potter was sooo good, can't believe we have to wait so long to see the next one now though :( xo

  14. i really need to go see Harry Potter! my Auntie animated the film so she got to see it early, was very jealous! love the grey t-shirt, such a cosy outfit xxx

  15. I could never get bored of Harry Potter talk haha. Hope your driving is going well sweet.


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