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The Coca-Cola advert has officially been on the tellybox, Starbucks have their iconic red cups out, it is bitterly cold and it is finally acceptable to play Christmas songs (not that I care, I've had mine on for weeks!) - I believe it is also acceptable to have a Christmas list?! I thought I'd put some of my excitement into a special edition Wednesday Wants!

Firstly, I'm going to throw it out there that this list seems really beauty orientated. God knows why! I never go for beauty and make-up bits generally, other than the usual Benefit stash for my birthday! I'm still lusting after the Cloud Nine straightening irons, I was going to order them two weeks ago but I just cannot afford them at the moment ):

Something I've been lusting after for a while is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm! They've got a limited edition Swarovski elements one out for Christmas, and it just sounds like the loveliest product ever. I haven't tried any Clarins products though, so I'm not sure whether to ask for this or not! I also want the Vera Wang Princess gift set. 'Princess' is the sweetest, girliest fragrance ever, and the gift set looks beautiful, especially with the keepsake ring that comes on top of the bottle!

I'll be adding another Christmas edition of this next week, with a wider selection of wants! What are you are asking for this Christmas?


  1. yay for christmas!
    that leather wallet is gorgeos, i have a thing for leather purses and gloves!
    for christmas i would like some more pretty dresses please santa-mich:) xx

  2. I was so excited when I saw the Coca Cola advert the other day as, you're right, it is officially Christmas now! I am wondering how soon I can get away with putting my tree up now! I have been busy assembling my Christmas list too, lots of books, kitchenalia (now I am old and boring) and lotions and potions :] xxx

  3. you have expensive taste ;) i asked for a Tiffanys necklace from my boyfriend - dream on! xx

  4. I want the benefit sugarbomb, im currently using coralista but its nearly all gone. I also want a new purse but I've not seen one I like yetttttt! xx

  5. Niiiiiice choices, I love princess it smells like pina colada cocktail, and they are fit. Clarins rules. I want a tiffany key but you already know that :) xxxx

  6. belle: eee i'm excited! are you back in herts for christmas? we should meet up for drinks or something (: there's something really ladylike and grown-up about leather, which i really like! wish granted ella! <3

    rosie: me tooo! i even rang my mum while she was working to share the excitement, which i'm sure she appreciated! oh i'm going to put some books on my list, i have a list stuck in my organiser that i wanted to buy but can't afford, booo ):

    SJ: oh gosh i know! only at christmas though, my parents seem to spoil me because i'm not living at home for 50% of the year ;) oh i'd love a tiffany's necklace, wishful thinking though, i don't even have a boy to hint to this year! ):

    dan: i've wanted it for ages, but could just never justify that price, then i found my sleek rose gold blush! accessorize tend to have really nice, quality purses, and river island have an alexander mcqueen-alike in at the moment!

    gem: OH IT DOES! probably the student in me that has been drawn to the scent! oopsy! if clarins is good enough for you, then it shall do me fine, i'll be ringing the mother up tomorrow ;)


  7. The Cloud Nine straighteners are supposed to be awesome! I have some GHDs though, which haven't broken since I got them about 4 years ago haha.
    Oh the Vera Wang Princess set in Boots is gorgeous, you get the perfume, shimmery body lotion and a little lipgloss duo keyring thing xx

  8. Just found your blog and I really like it! It's so nice to see one that's well written as well as entertaining. I'll look forward to keeping up with it.

    Enjoy the Xmas tunage! Gotta love a cheeky Christmas tune!

  9. I love this post! it's very creative! :D

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


  10. kirstyb: (:

    sarah: oh i've never bought into the GHD craze, so i think cloud nine's will be a good investment for me! eee i really want the vera wang princess set!

    little scribbler: oh thank you so much, that means a lot! <3

    rosa and carlotta: thank you!



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