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Christmas and the 'Party season' - ew, I absolutely detest that term - is fast approaching, which generally demands a specific wardrobe. Now if you know me at all, you'll know that I covet comfort and usually prioritise basics and layering above most other things when it comes to outfits, and that I like to accessorise instead for my "signature look". Tonight I am off to Kaos for my friend's housemate's birthday (: I haven't been out on a proper night out in over a month I think, but I am almost up to date with Uni work (bar my photography piece!) so I think I deserve a night out!

However, honestly speaking, not much else stresses me out more than choosing an outfit for a night out! I am always the one for overdressing or underdressing on a night out! As always, in a pre-night out panic, I have turned to the shops for "inspiration". I really like this Topshop ruched cut-out dress, it comes in a few colours, but the red is pretty much my ideal red colour. The only problem is I tried it on instore, and the waist detail is baggy on me ): Damn my awkward and short body shape!

I'm such a sucker for accessories; especially at this time of the year, I think a beautiful clutch bag, bracelet or statement necklace can "make" an outfit. ASOS currently have a really nice selection on the website, and their ASOS brand collection have a 20% discount offer on at the moment! (: I also think a going-out coat is essential during these utterly freezing months, again on ASOS, this hooded faux fur coat is such a glam and New York option! Someone hand me £75 ;)

So... Now I'm turning the question to you, my lovely reader! I'm sure you know my wardrobe well enough to be able to suggest an outfit for me to wear to a birthday night out! What should I wear tonight, bearing in mind I can only work with what I've got?!


  1. That coat, I WANT!

    Sarah XXXX

  2. the topshop shoes!

  3. you must get the leopard print coat - it is gorgeous
    i stole my faux fur jacket from my nan's and its the warmest thing ever:) xx

  4. my best friend has red topshop dress, she wore it with one shoulder strap tucked in so it was one shouldered. it added a little more without being too revealing. that coat is gorgeous too. xoxo avs

  5. p.s. outfit wise, i'm thinking that black skirt you have with the pattern (in gold methinks) with a kinda baggy top on top to balance out the bodycon? nice pair of black heels & clutch? xoxo avs

  6. Oh god, I'm in love with all the fabolous rings :3

  7. I'm on the lookout for a christmas dress.. but i love that red one!

  8. that red dress is GORGEOUS

    your blog is great,love reading it

    kate xxx

  9. mm the red dress is gorgeous, buy the leopard coat!

  10. The rings are really pretty! Forever21 stock tonns of this stuff at a very reasonable price much cheaper than TOPSHOP.

  11. Eee, that dress you've featured is the one I wish to buy as my Christmas dress haha (: I'm glad you like it too. Oh my gosh, a hooded leopard print coat? I am totally loving it. Although, my beau told me I'm banned from such things because it reminds him too much of his great Aunty. Boo! I love everything you've featured here. I hope you're having a good night tonight sweet.

  12. i luuurrrrve the red dress!
    and the coat, great choices hun.

    love love <3

  13. Ohh I love this weeks wants! Hope Kaos if fun! :) xoxo

  14. ps. following you on twitter now m'dear :)

    love <3

  15. Adorbs the red dress and hooded coat, so lovely. I really hope you feel better. xx

  16. I've been in love with that red Topshop number since it first came on the site! And I recently bought a leopard print like that one, but I love the hood on this one.
    And thanks for your comment about the bag: I'm just so lazy I hate moving everything around but for that beautiful bag, I will just have to haha,

    Rosie x

  17. vicky: it's lovely isn't it? comes in black and navy blue as well, but red is just so perfect and classy for christmas!

    sarah: me too! just need a money fairy now!

    jane: gorgeous aren't they?!

    belle: its so pretty, i want it so much, especially as it has a hood, its so different from everything else i've seen faux fur coat wise!

    alana: owh that would be so cute! i'm so tempted to buy it :3 was totally gonna meet you for coffee today sweet, but i couldn't at all ): maybe next week, bit of gossip over a frappucino?!

    chesnutcake: its lovely! awh thanks honey, i really like yours as well, been such a fail commenter recently though ):

    irene: eeep so tempted! xx

    mandy: i haven't ordered from forever21 yet, im really tempted to though! i might make a sneaky order after christmas, trying to focus my money spending skills on christmas shopping at the moment (:

    bee: oh its gorgeous! i'm gonna see if they have it in petite because the standard one fits so awkwardly on me ):

    emma: thanks lovely!

    katie: thanks sweet (: it was good until food poisoning got me about 20 minutes after i got there.. i passed out and had to be taken home, so horrible!

    gem: me tooo, i keep going back and looking at the coat!

    ariadne: (:

    rosie: i really want to try and find a petite version because im so short it just isn't right proportion-wise for me! (:


  18. This planner is such a cute way to organize your collection of thoughts!! Don't worry about a night out, I'm certain you'll be fine.

  19. Absolutely agree with what you're saying! And I love the way you use that planner thing. I wanted that red dress from topshop too, but personally, I found it didn't look as nice on as I thought. But that's just my opinion anyway!

  20. Your photoshop skills are absolutely insane!


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