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I'm going to put my hands up and admit that I can be a bit of a high street snob at times. I generally stick to the stores and brands that I know and love, and rarely venture in to other places unless I'm with a friend. I noticed this when looking back at the archives of my Wednesday Wants, and I'm just such a Topshop lover, although I rarely buy from Topshop at the moment.

I popped around the shops yesterday, and was strangely, consistently drawn to pieces with batwing detailing or capes. At 5"1, I hadn't even thought about buying in to the cape trend the season, because I just assumed they would drown me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few cape-trend inspired pieces! Mostly from Topshop, as you can see, we didn't go into many stores! I seriously love the Topshop Flower Print kimono style cape top, it's made of the most perfect loose, jersey material! I also quite like Zara's sweatshirt cape, it errs on being a little chavvy, but it is lengthy enough and a gorgeous colour!

Then, we went to New Look, while I'll admit is not my favourite high street brand. I find the clothing in there hardly suits me, and is getting a bit overpriced? Damn those rising cotton prices! But I saw this adorable little wool blend cape coat, tried it on... And I'm in love. SO much want. But sadly, that is all it'll come to, as I can't buy another winter coat right now!

P.S. On the (extreme) other hand, how horrendous are these cape sleeved hooded jackets?! I'm ashamed of ya Topshop!

P.P.S. I've just hit the point where I've used the word 'cape' so many times, it doesn't sound like a word anymore. Ooops.


  1. not a cape fan unfortunately :( I don't think i will be turned!

    I am however going to go to to[shop this weekend and forrrrrrce myself to buy something yummy! :) You should be so proud! It is after all, your fault ;) xx

  2. oooh capes :) i really want one but the ones i like all seem a bit too pricey for my liking :/

  3. i agree with everything you've written, we are too alike :) xxx

    lol at your last pp.s ;P

  4. It`s everywhere in the shops but I am not too keen on it tbh - worried it won`t keep me warm (coat).

  5. I'm a massive fan of Topshop, too!

  6. The Dorothy Perkins one is adorable

  7. I know what you mean about repeating words to the point where they don't sound like words? Do you say the word after and then second guess whether you're saying/spelling it correctly? neither.

    I really like that pink Dorothy Perkins cape.

  8. i am not sure if i like capes yet. i am on the fence.
    i just dont think they would look good on me..but i have seen some girls looking beautiful.

  9. capes are lovely, but i dont think they'll suit me! lovely picks sweetie:)

  10. I like capes and wanted one before, but being a freak who HAS to keep warm I think of my arm that could get cold :P
    But I am really REALLY liking the DP cape, I am now swayed by this post! :) xxx

  11. Sorry to digress from the subject of your post, but I have tagged you for an award on my blog :)
    But I do like the Dorothy Perkins one and the Topshop kimono style top! They're just so expensive though! x

  12. I looooooooooooooooooooove that pink cape! Wish it wasn't £65 though :( xo

  13. hmm, the zara hooded cape top is nice, but not as its styled in that image imo..? but i love all the others :) xoxo avs

  14. abby: awh no! i'm tempted by the zara sweatshirt and new look coat, i tried the coat on and it was beautiful beyond words! yaaay for topshop spending, i really love their autumn/winter collection at the moment!

    laura: (: keep an eye out, i'm 97.5% sure that internacionale, H&M and etc will be bringing out more affordable versions soon!

    sarah: oh yes we are! ;) i'm attempting to hunt down industrie magazine still, so intent on getting a copy to "aid my studies" hahaha! gosh i hate overusing a word, it always happens during essay writing ):

    pink dolly: that's what held me back from buying the new look coat! when i tried it on, my arms just didn't feel warm enough!

    lauren: i don't know why i'm so drawn to it! so many lovely goodies (:

    nicole: (:

    alyse: i actually do! i sit and question the spelling of things i've copied down as well haha! me too, it's such a cute colour and the buttons are so nice!

    gee: i think the length of the cape is a huge factor of whether they suit people, as well as the colour! the new look coat is quite cropped/short, and really suited me compared to the longer topshop versions!

    irene: thanks lovely!

    vicky: try one onnn! i do know what you mean about the cold arms though, mine felt rather chilly in the store nvm outside!

    jade: awh thanks lovely, shall have a look in a minute! (:

    victoria: me. too. i actually have my fingers crossed for an asda or tesco version, weird as that sounds, i can really imagine george at asda bringing something similar out!

    alana: oh the zara website's styling is slightly dodgy! want. the. topshop. top.


  15. I'm loving the DP cape, I keep seeing it online and in mags but I don't think it would suit me at all! xxx

  16. i love capes.
    i have a black one.
    theyre gorgeous.<3

  17. yeah i think im going to get a cape in winter. theyre just a bit more edgy then a normal coat. cute blog.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  18. Haha this made me chuckle. I don't think I could get a cape, I'd be scared the wind would blow up my arms to easily and I'd be freezing, although I guess with a jumper...hmmmm xxx

  19. girl with the golden touch: it's really worth having a look in store and trying it on! i thought capes would completely drown me, but i tried one on and quite liked it (: xxxx

    julianne: awh do you?! you should feature it on your blog sometime missus! <3

    emma: yeah i quite like them being a bit edgier too! after all, in the winter, your coat is what people see from your outfit! thanks lovely, have just followed your blog! (:

    gem: the arm situation is what i'm worried about! HOWEVER! while sitting in seminar, i figured armwarmers of a cute variety may just work with a cape?! glad your laptop charger is with you so you can return to us in the blogging world! xxx

  20. i love how proffesional your posts always look !


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