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Evening my blogging lovelies! Bit of a late post today, but oh wells ;) Totally worth it for the extra hour and a half I had in bed, and for the lovely day I've had. I went into the City Centre (of Southampton, for those who don't know where I am currently located!) to meet Mandy of Pink Dolly for coffee, some lunch and to meet with the manager of my local Lush store. It was really nice meeting another blogger - again! - as I do feel like my followers are friends as opposed to a face on the Internet. I would love to go to a blog meet-up and speak/fangirl with other bloggers!

(Cardigan, Hong Kong;
Top, Topshop;
Shorts, George at Asda jeans but cut off!;
Tights, Primark.)

Wore this today, even though it was pretty chilly out! I have such an affinity with tights, I'm just not going to let the wintery weather beat me ;) I have already featured this leopard print top on my blog before, but never as a top in itself, only worn underneath a sheer top! I've had it for over two years, but have probably worn it more over the past two months than I ever have. I quite like it as a statement top, and it is a satin type material, which makes it quite a dressy item too. I like that it is nicely fitted at the waist, and flowy to cover up your stomach as well (ideal for dinners!)

The ever-present black cardigan is in this outfit of course! It's my sheer one from Hong Kong, which I like because it is so comfy and versatile! Wasn't very warm though ): Over this outfit, I wore my Topshop pom pom duffle coat, but took the hood and pom poms off, so it looked more like a classic pea coat. Also wore a chunky knit scarf in an emerald green colour to keep myself warm! Sadly, I didn't have time to snap photos before I left, on account on having to half run as I was running late.

I'm having a night in with the girls, the hugest selection of party food and X Factor tonight! Despite me saying last week that I was on an X Factor strike, I can't help but tune in and get annoyed all over again! What is everyone else doing on this wonderfully cold Saturday evening? ♥

P.S. Don't forget to keep your Fashion Q&A's coming in on my Formspring, so I have something to write on Monday ;)


  1. Very jealous of your party food spread; I always say one of the best things about Christmas is all the miniature food on offer in the supermarkets! Your outfit is lovely, I bought those tights from Primark about a week ago as I bought the pair with bows and bought my foot through them when I first went to put them on! I do love Lush, hoping I get one of their giftboxes for Crimbo!

  2. Seriously, can I just rob your closet? Really great finds. That top made me do a double take.

  3. wow, you shorts are cut from jeans,
    im going to give that ago.

    beautiful xx

  4. looking lovely! i agree with you, it would be nice to meet some people from blogger, although i'm dead shy i'd still be up for it!

  5. I'm also watching X Factor & I'm still annoyed that Wagner is still there, he gets right on my tits!

    Love the outfit, your legs must have been freezing!


  6. I love this outfit and I'm refusing to give up my tights too despite the weather! I'm now following you :)
    Sophie xxx

  7. brrr this outfit looks way too chilly for me now! i hope you wrapped up well ;) haha. the tights are so cute though, i keep trying to wear my sheer polka dot ones when i can.

  8. love your top!!! happy weekend & xoxo from california, gabbie

  9. rosie: oh we got tempted by them in asda! it smelt like a christmas party up in the flat tonight ;) oh gosh, that's why i buy them in primark, although the quality probably doesn't help much either! i have my eye on a few of the christmas gift boxes now actually, they're so nicely packaged!

    alyse: haha thank you! i'm holding a wardrobe clearout sale soon (when i get round to photographing everything!) just to let you know! everything is in good condition!

    char: yep! the jeans were a horrendous fit on my legs, so i cut them up! and it was seriously hot this summer + i had no money for new shorts haha! love the journals on your blog by the way sweet, i did mean to comment earlier!

    irene: awh thanks sweet! i'm really shy in general, but i feel like i already know you all as i talk to everyone so much (:

    tesh: blimmin' heck, all that drama with wagner and cheryl tonight was mad! i wanted to give wagner a hug, but he is pretty awful compared to everyone else! they weren't too bad today actually, but i won't be wearing those again for a while ;)

    sophie: i'm determined to suffer for my fashion! thanks for following lovely xxx

    helen: i did wrap up nice and warm! my coat and scarf are lovely and warm (:

    gabrielle: thank you! hope you're having a lovely weekend, long time no speak ):


  10. You look so lovely Michelle :) You always do!
    I love that top, I'm always after tops that shape as my belly is something of a problem area for me!
    Hope you had a fun X Factor night! Can't wait for tonight's show... Get Wagner out FFS! And oh my god, Katie's new hair! Don't like her, but she did look adorable. If a little bit like little Tom from Hollyoaks.

  11. emma: thank you! oh me too, i've been doing a lot of that recently, as i haven't bought anything new in so long!

    gem: thanks gem (: it was lovely, so much food was eaten last night! oh gosh, wagner needs to go, but cheryl was so horrid to him last night! haha my cousin said she looked like she belonged in a tree which was a little harsh, there was something not right about her hair though!


  12. Corr you're lucky to have done another blogger meet up! I totally think there should be some meet up/fun event! You're brave for going out in tights (; I get so freezing so I've been in jeans/jeggings for months haha. I love how easy it is to drag pieces from years back out the wardrobe. It's nice to be able to re-style them. Gotta love forgiving flowy tops ;)

  13. bee: its crazy how many lovely people i've met through blogging! oh me too, i'd definitely go to one if i had the money and if it wasn't too far away! (: xxxx

  14. I hate snagging my tights! I bought a new pair the other day and as soon as i put it on, they snagged.
    I got peed off so i wore them anyway.


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